Planning for St. Pat’s

I was on the phone with my little bro over the weekend.

This is a pretty big deal. Mostly because I hate talking on the phone and prefer texting. And some because it takes about 10 “I’m going to call you” texts back and forth before we actually do.

There were several reasons for the call.

Firstly, I needed to wish him a Happy Birthday and, as his big sister, facebooking him just wasn’t going to cut it.

I've had this recipe in the back of my mind for a while. However, the deciding factor was the "good buy" I got at Target had an expiration date coming up. Talk about just under the wire...

Secondly, we needed to discuss the logistics of his upcoming Chicago trip.

That’s right. My brother is coming up to visit me. All weekend.

My mom is freaking out.

I like to think I’m a really cool older sister. Who’s always a lot of fun and can always thing of something silly to get into.

Maybe that’s why she’s freaking out.

The original recipe calls for white cake mix, marshmallows and white chocolate chips. I was limited, so I subbed yellow cake mix, semi-sweet chips, and the rest of the white chocolate chips from an earlier recipe. The lack of marshmallow cut back on sweetness- a good thing since not all the boys I hang with have the same sweet tooth I do. Oh and there were sprinkles. Duh.

Luckily, since my bro decided to come through over St. Patrick’s Day, there’s plenty of shenanigans to participate in.

Seriously Mom- stop freaking out.

I also used a 9x13 instead of a 9x9 pan. Still thick enough to make them a good size.

But anyway, I’ve never really been big into St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish. Nor was I an engineering major. Most years it was a miracle if I even remembered to wear green. It’s not really my favorite color.

This year is different. Chicago gets really into it and there are a lot of traditions I want to participate in.

I chose to use simple buttercream icing to top the blondies off. Because I love it. But, if it makes you feel better, I cut some of the fat by swapping out some of the butter for skim milk. I personally think it makes the icing easier to work with and it's skim milk- so it's healthy. Obviously. Also, dye the icing green. If it's a treat for the holidays, the calories don't count.

Like watching the river be dyed green. This requires getting up early. I’m bribing my brother with pancakes in order to make this happen.

There may also be a parade involved, but rain keeps slipping in and out of the forecast, so we may just skip out on that one to secure a spot in line to the nearest Irish pub.

Because that’s the festive thing to do. And if we insist on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we have to do it the correct way. Go big or go home.

It’s going to be a great weekend. And since I don’t get to see my brother as often as I used to, I’m really geeking out about his arrival.

As in, I’ve texted/facebook messaged/annoyed him every day this week.

Add more sprinkles. Because it makes them way more festive. Which is what we're shooting for.

I don’t care. Because I’m his sister. And that’s what I’m supposed to do.

These cake batter blondies far exceeded my expectations. And as a girl who’s a bit of a dessert snob, that’s saying something. Also, as a girl who prefers brownies/cookies over cake, this was a perfect balance. Because you get the texture of a cookie. Plus icing.

What more could a person ask for?

My friend and I taste tested these the night before for quality control... we decided they go well with a dry white. Or good enough...

These were made for the champagne brunch last weekend and were a big hit! I also made sure we brought a veggie tray. To balance everything out. ;)

I once again stalked Cookies and Cups for the recipe. Just in case you feel the urge to whip up something delicious. She does good work. Promise.

Plus, the recipe is easily customizable. Throw in anything you want- the possibilities are endless!

Not kidding guys- these were so easy and so good. Make them.

The only mistake I made? Not leaving more than just one behind for myself for the next day.

So you have two takeaways from today’s post:

1. Always save a few cookies/bars behind for yourself. Being selfish is ok.
2. Call your sibling. Like now.

23 Responses

  1. For some reason, I am especially excited about this St. Patrick’s day. I can’t wait, and I hope someone brings me some festive treats like those :)

  2. Another reason I can be bitter about being an only child…

  3. I am so glad to hear someone else does not think facebooking or texting a love one is enough. Seriously, pick up the phone for that one. I need to do something festive for St. Patrick’s Day too. Green icing is always a winner in my book though, it’s my favorite color!

    I know you’re going to have a great weekend, just don’t freak your mom out too badly!

  4. Those look yummy. I’m sure bro will love ’em. I am really in the mood for some baked goods today. It’s our monthly office party, which I usually despise, but since I have to miss it this afternoon, I suddenly have the desire to participate. And by “participate,” I mean “eat cake.” You always want what you can’t have.

  5. I saw a version of these yesterday. They look amazing.
    I actually have plans for St Patricks day this year. I decided yesterday that I didn’t care anymore how much homework I have to do this weekend, I’m going out and getting sloppy drunk. I don’t even care how bad of an idea it is. Its happening.

  6. i have a younger brother, too! And stalking/messaging him all week before I go back home for the weekend or when he travels to see me sounds allll too familiar! ;)

    Have a great weekend with him!

  7. YUM! I’ve recently become in LOVE with blondies.. cake batter blondies. OH. My. Geez!!!!
    St. Patrick’s shenanigans! I entrust you shall entertain your little bro with some day drinking and other sorts of fun things :)

  8. Sounds delicious, and my roommates and I are dying EVERYTHING green this week. Like everything. It’s going to be great.

  9. Those are adorable! I can’t wait for this weekend! I doubt we’re going to make it to the river but maybe I’ll see ya out at the pubs!

  10. Very cute! That frosting reminds me of the stuff they put on top of those super fluffy sugar cookies. Sooo good!

  11. I can vouch for those being extra super delicious. I had…a few. :) You guys should definitely skip the parade- I will already be several drinks in before that thing even starts.

  12. My brother and I have probably talked on the phone fewer than ten times in our lives. Sad. But we make up for it when in person.
    Those look amazing! Oh, and have fun this weekend with the bro!

  13. I thought Chicago celebrated St. Patty’s day last weekend? And the river dying was last weekened too? Looks like I’m confused.
    Either way, that cake is a fantastic way to celebrate :)

  14. Do people talk on the phone anymore? I didn’t think that was going on anymore…So exciting that your brother is coming to visit. This is definitely the perfect weekend to be in Chicago! Skip the parade. Ive gone a couple of times and never stay long.

    Also, Cake batter blondies = yes. And thank you for the wine pairing suggestion as well. ;)

  15. Have fun with your bro! It’s awesome that he’s coming for the weekend, even if it is stressing your mom out.

    P.S. I love the cooking instructions in the photo captions, leaving you to talk about whatever you feel like in the post. Brilliant!

  16. I’m the texting queen. Not sure when I transitioned from the phone princess to this, but I’m fine with it. Love me my texts!
    Have fun this weekend – siblings can get into a whole mess of shenanigans when they’re together (not that I would know, of course)!

  17. How festive! If I was nice, I’d share the entire pan of Baklava I made for the Hubby and I. But I’m not. So I saved it ALL FOR ME!

  18. I used to bring cakes to potlucks in the pan I cooked them in until I realized the secret – cut them ahead of time and no one will know if there is one (or a few) missing.


  19. haha I dont know why your mom is worried..she doesn’t think you can be a bad influence on the little one, does she? haha. Impossible.

    I am SO excited for this weekend. Let’s be honest, Chicago is going to be one huge bar crawl. Lots of people. I dont know how I feel about that. Thankfully, I am a lot more calm and collective with a little booze in me hah

  20. Oooo goodness girl, I email, text, tweet and FB my sis all day long, but talking on the actual phone is not on a daily…or even every other day, funny, huh??

    These little cakey goodnesses look AMAZING!! Please can I have one? Or 4?


  21. We would have so much fun if we were sisters! My sister is a bore and we barely talk. We are VERY different. I hope you have fun St Patty’s weekend with your bro!

  22. When I lived in Chicago, I missed the river being green (darn that getting up early), but I definitely made it for the parade and bar-hopping all day!! Have fun, Lassie!

  23. I am super close with my little bro too. I can’t imagine not calling him on his bday. It was just my older brother’s bday this week and all he got was an email. He knows I love him but I still haven’t forgiven him for the years of torment.

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