Curiously Different

Hey guys!

The weather is beautiful here. Breaking records all week.

Isn’t that amazing?

Wait. I’m inside. All day. Staring out the window. Slightly chilled because building management can never get the thermostat  under control.

If I were to ever have advice for anyone joining the corporate world- dress in layers.

You’re welcome.

But anyway, the change in weather does funny things.

It makes me a happier person. Except for in rush hour when I’m just that much more annoyed and impatient to get home and outside.

Not important. Let’s ignore that part.

It’s made me much more active this week. Not only am I doing my normal gym thing (weights/elliptical/stairs/etc), I’m also taking long walks with my roommate around the neighborhoods. We’ve discovered a nice 3-mile loop.

Three miles. That’s a lot of extra hungry.

So really, it’s not surprising the carb cravings came in stronger than usual:

Scooped out the middle near the end to mix in sharp cheddar before topping it with lite sour cream and black olives. It's a beautiful thing.

How is it possible to forget how wonderful baked potatoes are? I usually never buy regular potatoes but for when I’m making something in the crockpot. Lesson learned.

Uh… but I have a confession. Ahem… it wasn’t baked. It was zapped in the microwave.

My stomach doesn’t handle waiting around hungry for over an hour.

Instant gratification. That’s what it’s about. And it was still delicious.

Another different thing? My obsession with deli sandwiches as of late.I find something good and repeat until bored. Then drop it like a bad habit.

Just like what I do with boys. Interesting.

Also, I was sent this new tea to check out by Sokenbicha– an environmentally friendly company that serves up six different blends of herbal teas. Given that I love everything about iced tea and have a stockpile of green/herbal tea at home, I said why not?They sent jasmine tea, which I’ve never tried, so that was something new. And to be honest, it’s not really my favorite. Also, from trial and error over the years, I’ve learned I’m not the biggest fan of bottled tea and will always go for the taste of brewed over convenience. A personal preference.

But it was refreshing in its own right and seemed to help spark some energy to get through the rest of my day. Maybe not something I could drink as often as green or black tea (it’s like water to me), but smooth, nonetheless. Curiously different.

My friend tried it over the weekend while she was visiting. It was on Sunday morning when feeling less than 100%, and she swore it was what did the trick  in energizing her for the rest of the day’s shopping and her drive back. My boss also grabbed a bottle for himself and asked for more the next day. I’m apparently the tea dealer now.

I wasn’t the biggest fan, but pretty rave reviews from the peanut gallery.

And even though I just professed my great love of tea, which will surely be consumed at some point today, I’m reaching for the coffee this morning. Sleep alluded me once again last night.

But don’t worry. I fully expect the coffee to get me through the afternoon or at least until cake is served for an office birthday.

Remember the scene from Office Space where they lamely sing in a crowded space and pass the pieces of cake around?

Yeah. That really happens.

And I cannot wait.

17 Responses

  1. Horray for office birthday cake! Haha, I can totally picture that scene from office space. Awesome. We’ve had warmer but rainier weather here which I’ll take because it doesn’t take 5 minutes for me to put on all my pre-gym layers!

  2. I am loving this weather too! I wore a skirt yesterday!! And the layers are key – it was only 40 when I walked into work, so I had on tights but I got to strip those bad boys off around noon. Yeah. Awesome!

  3. I totally imagine your work place to be like Office Space every time you talk about it. I get a little chuckle at your expense though, my apologies.

    Potatoes are under rated. I absolutely love them and the addition of black olives…I’m so doing that! Have a great day Amy, just one more to go!

  4. I’m bummed to be inside all day, too. And neither of my offices have windows…wth! I love that you’re a tea dealer, that’s hilarious. My address is… :) And I’ve been hitting up the walking, too…well, last night anyways. Those 4 1/2 miles after my 3 mile run…I feel’em today!

  5. I hear ya on the weather. It’s awesome. I keep a sweater and blanket in my office for emergencies, or every day use more accurately. I miss office birthdays we don’t really do them here.

  6. Bahaha, I love your view on boys :) And I abide by the saaaame rules!!!
    Crazy what this weather does to a person!

  7. Funny… I have yet to be in an office where management can get the temperature right. It’s like their job to make it freezing cold.

    Glad you are having good weather! I think it’s colder here than over there which is just…odd!

    Happy Thursday Amy.

  8. It’s just plain torture to be inside today. Torture! At least you have a window…Or maybe that makes it worse. I love baked potatoes. I could live off them. Well, as long as there is cheese involved as well.

  9. Brewed tea is by far superior to bottled. Also, I only bake potatoes if the rest of my cooking is going to take a while, or if my apartment feels chilly.

  10. I actually have a heating pad that I keep at my desk that I put on my lap!
    Baked potatoes are fantastic. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so delicious……

  11. I TOTALLY had office birthday cake today. I only had a tiny slice, but it was cheesecake, so it was crazy dense. I probably couldn’t have eaten a whole piece.

    Ha. Who am I kidding? I probably could have eaten the whole cake. But I didn’t.That would be a “career limiting move”

    It’s freezing in my office as well. So I totally understand.

  12. Um, I SWORE those were chocolate chips on your baked potato. I had to look three times before I read the caption.

  13. I do love baked potatoes- that looks great!

  14. Mmm, I love coating the skin of potatoes with canola oil and “baking” them in the microwave. Put a little butter and salt. I’m good to go! I love chewey potato skins.

  15. I have been on a Jimmy John’s kick lately…deli sandwiches…yes please!!

  16. Mmmm, I love nothing more than a sandwich. Hope you enjoy your Friday, my friend!

  17. When I worked in an office, I was always freezing too! A lot of the workers there would have sweater or blankets.. lol

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