How To: Prepare For Celebrating St. Pat’s

Oh hey there. So last week I taught you the finer points of celebrating Champagne Brunch. How about learning how to prepare for St. Patrick’s Day weekend?

1. Take a day. Having Friday off of work was one of the smartest things I’ve done in a while. Originally, the day off was just to make sure everything was done and wasn’t stressed the whole day before my brother arrived.

It also meant that, as soon as he did arrive, we could sit and watch the Mizzou game.

And no, I’m not talking about it. Like ever.

2. Enjoy the fresh air. Before my heart was ripped out and stomped on by Norfolk State (seriously, who are they?), I spent a lot of time outside.

Because a good chunk of my morning was spent running 10 miles. Or at least trying to. This was my first long run outside. It was expected to be difficult.

And it was at first. 2 or 3 miles in and along the lakefront, I didn’t feel so hot. And wondered how long my stamina would last.  Finally, I said “screw it” and in attempts to get away from the wind, veered off the lakefront and into the city.

I zigged. I zagged. I found myself along Lincoln Park Zoo at one point.

This was a good call. The sights distracted me and the lack of wind made it much easier.

3. Don’t duck into a Starbucks during your run. If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know I am NOT a fan. However, I had to go to the bathroom and needed fast energy (er- sugar). Low and behold, there it was on the corner (not surprised).

I got my mini donut (I’ve had better) but this Starbucks didn’t have a public restroom.


Unacceptable. This is yet another reason to add to the list of why I don’t visit them.

Moving on…

That was at about 6 miles in, so the last 4 were just a matter of zigging and zagging my way back to my ‘hood. All in all, I was very happy with how the 10-mile run ended. My confidence in the upcoming half marathon had started to severely decline.

And I can’t speak for my leg just yet (it’s so finicky), but one more solid long run and I’ll be down to conquer the race. Thank goodness.

4. Enjoy some holiday treats. Since the run happened, I can feel much better about eating this:My boss’s birthday happens to be on St. Patrick’s Day. So this week we went all out with the cake and ice cream. Do you see the cake to icing ratio right there? Obviously, I would never complain, but damn- that is QUITE a way to get through an afternoon at the office.

But anyway…

5. Have a chill night before the festivities begin. After the Mizzou tragedy, my brother and I hopped on down to the United Center for our first NBA game ever.

Gotta love a good photo bomb...

Yeah, we’re both mid-20’s and this was our first game. Missouri doesn’t have professional basketball. It happens.

This was our only entertainment of the night. St. Patrick’s Day eve requires mostly rest. Because we had to get up early.

Nothing says "Happy St. Patty's" like my snowman mug...

6. Fuel yourself. Bonus points if it’s festive. Turns out you can put green dye in almost anything.

And with that, we were off to conquer the streets of Chicago and celebrate St. Pat’s properly. On a nice patio. Surrounded by 1,000 strangers and large quantities of green beer.

Just how it should be.

It was a great weekend with the lil’ bro. Sadly, he’s already gone. And now all that’s left of the weekend is a sink full of dishes and some leftover weirdly-colored pancakes. Yesterday they were festive. Today they’re just a little weird…

31 Responses

  1. I think Matt was a little homesick all day yesterday, He only said about 10 times, “we gotta go see the parade next year!” I loved how the Bulls wore green uniforms, I bet that was a fun game to be at! (And the Cubs wore green hats… “BRING YOUR GREEN HAT!”)

    We’ve seen the Bulls play here a couple times, but I’ve never seen them play at THE United Center. It’s funny because the Pacers have the 2nd worst attendance in the league so there were almost more Bulls fans than Pacer fans. haaaaaa losers.

  2. I’ve lived in the Chicago area my entire life, and I’ve never been to a Bulls or Blackhawks game. The closest I came was going to the circus as a kid at the Chicago Stadium, where the Bulls/Hawks used to play.

  3. sounds like a great time- have fun!!!

  4. Love it!!! Don’t forget to drink lots and lots and lots of water! <- My saving grace yesterday.

  5. Don’t hate on Virginia schools just because one beat your candy asses. Mizzou hasn’t been relevant in postseason play since Kareem Rush left a decade ago.

    • Oh I definitely wasn’t hating on Virginia schools. If anything, I was only hating on one specific one that I didn’t even know was located in Virginia until about a week ago. Apologies for my ignorance. It’s just that, statistically speaking, any 2 seed (especially one that was ranked #3 overall) should wipe the floor with a 15 seed, whether it be Mizzou or any other team of equal talent. Nothing personal there. I believe they said this was only the 5th time in the history of the tournament this has happened. Not a statistic I am proud to be a part of, but I do believe it adequately explains the reasons behind my disgruntled statements.

      And yes, Kareem Rush. Sigh. He was pretty talented. And took us far. We miss him dearly. But we’ve done solid work since him with a visit to the Elite 8 just a few years ago. I’d hate for that season to be forgotten.

      Who knows? Maybe Norfolk will go all the way. Which would at least make our loss seem a little less sad. I wish them the best of luck in the rest of the tournament. And will even openly cheer them on if they go up against KU this month. Goodluck and cheers!

  6. I didn’t go to my first NBA team until a few years ago. I am from Ohio( we only have college also)and now I live just outside Chicago now. We were in New Orleans and we went to a Hornets game. Still haven’t been to a Bulls game.

  7. Those pancakes look delicious. I went to my first MLS game, which was pretty fun.

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend with your brother! It was nice spending time with friends here too and staying up way past my bedtime. Hopefully you are recovering today. I am hoping for an early bedtime…is now too early?

  9. LOVE the photobomber…..and that’s so cute how it was your first game.

    I was going with Missouri for awhile in my bracket all b/c of you but that got screwed up this past week. My whole bracket has gone to hell so now I’m just relying on Kansas, cmon Kansas!

    And now I want cake….thanks.

  10. I’ve never been to a pro basketball game. I live in Austin. This city is too obessed with the Longhorns (The Aggie in me loves it) to care about any professional sporting team.

  11. Love the photobomber! I’ve only ever been to one NBA game, and I sat way up in the nosebleeds and could barely even see the players. Maybe one of these days I’ll “know someone” and actually get some good seats so I can see what’s happening!

  12. Fun times! I too am soooooo glad I took Friday off from work. (Somehow the weekend still flew by too fast!)

  13. Bahahaha I love that photobomb.I’ve only been to a college basketball game once, and no others!

  14. I love the photo bomb guy.
    I’m glad you had a good weekend with your brother. It’s nice that you can actually spend time together and not want to kill each other. :)

  15. Haha, I can imagine how green-dyed food might be a little suspect the next day. But so preeettty. :)

  16. Ahh you finally made it to the Bulls game!! How much fun did you have??!

    I agree, Starbucks sucks. How do you have the nerve to charge 3 bucks for coffee but not offer bathrooms?? Makes so much sense.

  17. Nicely done on those 10 miles. I wish I could say I did the same, but you already know that I didn’t. Lame, I know. No half for me but I’ll be waiting at the finish line for you and Julia – and then we must get beer STAT.

  18. Wow 10 miles, way to go Amy!! Oh my gosh, my friend is from Chicago and would have love to see the bulls!! I definitely would love to see an NBA game except we live in a small town and it would be way too far to drive. So glad you had a great time with your brother. Beautiful family!! :)

  19. I feel ya on the NCAA losses. Purdue went out last night after leading the entire game against Kansas. I kind of want to cry.

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  21. I love that your bro came to visit! Changing the run to a zigzag one to make it interesting is a smart move. I am so surprised the Starbucks did not have a bathroom! What else are they good for?! LOL, just kidding – love my chai lattes!

  22. I’ll still never forget my st patty’s in beautiful chitown! So glad you had good family time. holy photo bomb!

    And wtf Mizzou?? I was pulling for y’all!

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