Spring Routine

I know a lot of people have already said “Oh happy day, spring is here!” and things of the like. Most said it yesterday. I’m saying it today. Because way back when, I was told the 21st is the first FULL day of Spring. I remembered this because it is also the birthday of a friend that I have known longer than any other (happy birthday, Nathan!) and it just stuck. Don’t tell me otherwise. It’ll be in one ear and out the other.

However, due to confusing weather and efforts to keep myself out of the winter blues, some of my Spring Routine has started early.

What’s my Spring Routine?

So glad you asked. The agenda includes:

1. Walking being added to my normal exercise routine. Whether it be on the trails or around the neighborhood. An extra mile or two a few times a week is rejuvenating. Make the comment “isn’t today just glorious?!?” to your roommate/friend/strangers no less than 5 times during your stroll. It doesn’t count if you don’t.

2. The hair becomes lower maintenance. Whether it should or not. Blow dryers and curling irons are “like oh my gawd totally super hot”. My coworkers have learned to expect to see me with either a natural wave that happened with a little towel drying and gel or blow dried (but not curled) straight. Time, energy, and money are conserved while not sweating my makeup off. BAM.

3. My toes get prettier. Relatively speaking.

It’s no secret I hate feet. Especially mine. They are runner’s feet and they are fugly. But because flip-flops are just so much more comfy (and cute), out comes the pumice stone and bright toe nail polish. We’ll at least make an attempt at sexifying the built-up calluses.

4. I drink better beer. Mostly on patios.

The best part of living in a so-called walking neighborhood is the access to so many bars within a one-mile range that have patios for when you’re looking to have a drink on a warm and lazy evening.

And no bud or miller light allowed. Treat yo’self.

5. The sunglasses stash goes up. Mine are super cheap because I lose at least 2 pair within the spring/summer seasons. By losing one pair over St. Patty’s weekend, I’m already ahead of the curve.

Pretty sure I made fun of my mom for half of my childhood for glasses that were of the same design. Turns out she was just ahead of her time. Touche, mom.

H&M $9 shades? Hellloooooo…

6. Ice cream once again becomes a part of my life.

Like duh.

(This is where the extra few miles of walking every week helps.)

7. I start taking a peek at two schedules. One being the upcoming races in Chicagoland. The other being the Cubs and Sox schedules to see what kind of fun will be involved in my weekends.

8. Eating becomes “cooler and lighter”.

My couple of days of the week of salad for lunch turns into an all-week thing:

Hmm... what's all in this? Um... shredded carrots, peas, corn, sweet potato, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Also, I've worked my way through the first half of The Girl Who Played With Fire (second book in the series). I'm officially obsessed.

Asparagus and pepperjack cheese is an interesting new combo I've started to like. And yes, asparagus will be in every other meal I have until the season is over and the prices go back up. Sigh.

In other words, the garden is my friend.

9. The start of apartment hunting.

Oh wait… that last one isn’t necessary.

My roommate and I just signed an extension to our lease to stay put for another year! As a girl who’s house-hopped almost every year since the beginning of college (ahem 8 years ago…), this is a welcome change to the routine. Looking for a new apartment is stressful and moving is expensive. So I’m happy to not deal with THAT.

Plus, now we can take all the money we saved in moving expenses and use it towards more productive things.

Like good beer and ice cream.

But not both of those things together. Obviously.

35 Responses

  1. It’s strange how my taste for things switches automatically when “spring” weather hits (uhh…85 degrees today in Michigan, which is 40 degrees above average. WTF?) Anyway, hot foods are often replaced with cold ones and I start praying to the dirt mound that is my garden to grow, dammit (not unlike what I do with my chest.)

    At any rate, I just requested a few hours off in the next couple of weeks for Opening Day and the subsequent afternoon games. Priorities people, priorities.

  2. I have heard of beer floats, though I’m not bold enough to have tried one myself.

    I consider “patio drinking” a hobby of mine. A legit hobby. Not to be questioned.

  3. I love when spring finally rolls around. It seems my routine changes, too! lighter eating, more walking or being outside in general, checking out events that come with thte good weather, farmers markets!!!! I’m most excted about that last one!

    Happy Spring!

  4. 1. Totally agree. I’ve been walking outside more because the weather is so great.
    2. As I type this my (wet) hair is in a headband and ponytail. Too hot to blow dry.
    3.Just painted my toenails a lovely shade of ORANGE.
    4. BEER!!! What else can one drink in this heat?
    5, 6, agreeeeeed

  5. I could copy and paste this entire list, because I do all this also. Except apartment hunt. There isn’t much “hunting” here in this small town. Unless you’re talking deer and turkey and ducks. There’s a whole lot of that.

  6. Have you had the Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale? They had some on tap in DC the other week. Very floral and tasty but drinkable. I think they’re the up and coming Chicago Brewery, which is good because somebody’s gotta challenge Goose Island.

    • Their brewery is actually not too far from our neighborhood- and yes, that Daisy Cutter is good shit. I didn’t honestly know they were popping up outside of the Chicago area? Fantastic!

      And Goose Island is dead to me since they sold out. Ok, that’s not true- but I’m on the hunt for a new favorite local brew. Half Acre is up on my list, but I’m really loving a few others, too….

      • Yeah, we have a really good ( kinda snobby but good ) beer bar in DC called Churchkey. The Beer Director gets a lot of beers on tap that are hard to find on the East Coast. Half Acre isn’t distributing here yet, but hopefully in the future. You guys also get Three Floyds out in Chicago, and they’re the number 1 rated Brewery in the World. A little jealous. I haven’t had much Goose Island, but there IPA didn’t change my life so that’s my barometer.

      • I love beer bars, and am always down for a beer tasting- SO fun!

        I’ll agree that Three Floyds is good stuff. We’ve also got a really small distributor called 5 Rabbit to watch for- they’re getting really good reviews, but still don’t have the ability to branch out much yet. Just tracking them down to score a 6-pack has become a major adventure around here…

        I’m jealous of your access to Yuengling, so I guess we’ll call it even?

  7. I will argue with anyone who says the 20th is the first day of spring. I don’t care what the calendar says, the first day of spring is the 21st. It is also my dad’s birthday, and that is the only way I can manage to remember it.

  8. I love that I can walk again after work, especially because Mac is so much more well-behaved after a long stroll. And I second the outdoor drinking, it’s just makes you feel like you’re actually doing something since you’re not on the couch.

  9. Spring = pedicures, ice cream, tank tops and shorts :)

  10. Drinking on patios is officially my favorite spring actvity, for sure..

  11. Good post idea! I might just have to steal it ;)
    and I , too, always notice myself switching from wine to beer. Or maybe beer *and* white wine…but red wine ends when the temps hit 70.

  12. Ohh icecream – I hadn’t even thought about that yet – amazing! Yay to not having to move this year – moving is the worst. Enjoy your first technical day of spring!

  13. Agreed. Ice cream and beer are always priorities, but especially in the summer.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the first day of spring varies from year to year, but you probably won’t read this part of the comment anyways. :)

  14. I used to be so embarrased by the sunglasses my mom wore and now I totally rock them! So crazy!

  15. Did you change something with your comments? I keep having issues trying to post to your blog :(

  16. I totally am in agreement about the lack of blowdryers and straightners. Not happening when it’s 90 degrees outside. Frizzy hair here I come! haha

  17. YES. The first day of spring IS the 21st! All the seasons change on the 21st and I don’t give a shit which experts fight me on that. 21st FTW. Let’s take a stand against these ’20th’ weirdos.

  18. I get my sunglasses at Target and The Dollar Store. I’m all about the bright colored ones that all the kids are wearing these days.

    I want to start walking more too. I’m so lazy after work though!

  19. It totally SNOWED here on the first day of spring, but the rest of the week is supposed to be glorious!

    I definitely look forward to bowls of fro yo that don’t leave me freezing cold when I’m done! My husband thinks I’m crazy for getting it in the winter.

  20. Love your spring list. Dammit I’m under the equator right now which means I’ll be going into autumn. Argh why is everything in Australia BACKWARDS?!
    I’m totally going to try asparagus on a sandwich…never would have thought

  21. Patio drinking = YES. Hopefully this awesome weather will still be around on April 1st and we can find a nice patio to occupy for our celebratory beers!

  22. Ice cream and good beer are MUSTS for when the weather gets nicer!!!

  23. love this post! it makes me pumped for spring! Also I just recently posted about the girl who played with fire and i hope that inspired you to read it ;) I liked it soooo much better than the first book! tho now i’m on the 3rd and having a really slow start again…

  24. I REALLY hope I don’t move again next year. I am SO over it.
    And yeah, sunglasses must be cheap because I lose them in break them on average once a month.

  25. “Like good beer and ice cream.
    But not both of those things together. Obviously.”

    Spoken like someone who ought to try a guiness float.

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