100 Words Saturday: Rainy Day Edition

It’s about to rain.

It’s been raining for the last 2 days.

It bodes well for sleeping (awesomely so). But Amy running in the rain? Doesn’t happen extremely often.

What? I’m sort of prissy.

Come on. You knew this.

Luckily, I have my trusty gear to help a sista’ out.

I'm really not a hat person. My ears stick out weird.

And no, I will still not talk about the Mizzou game or the NCAA tourney.

Still hurts my heart.


Somewhere between a 10 or 11-mile run. I figure if I can at least get to 5 or 6 without the skies opening, I should be in good shape.

I’ll keep ya posted.

10 Responses

  1. Good luck! I got stuck in a torrential downpour yesterday. I actually moved today’s “long run” up to yesterday afternoon because I thought I’d be able to squeeze it in between showers. Instead, the skies totally dumped on me. And now it looks like the rain is supposed to hold off today until noon! Typical.

  2. Good luck! Sometimes rain runs can be nice if it’s not like… pouring.

  3. Good luck! I’m prissy as well but I used to looove running in the rain!

  4. Good luck on your run Amy!! At least it’s not the 90 degree weather I did my 11 miler on haha

  5. Good luck on the run! I got caught in the rain last night… but it was on the way to a wine bar. So you better believe I kept on walking ;)

  6. Good luck on the run! Hopefully the weather will do what you want so you can enjoy it. Have a great weekend Amy!

  7. I actually kind of like running when the rain is really light and it’s not to cold out, but downpour is yucky.

  8. I like running in a bit of sprinkle or mist however I always seem to get caught in downpours and come home looking like a drowned rat. Which is as sexy as it sounds. Hopefully you made it through all 10 miles wihout a drop!

  9. Great Job! Exactly 100 words and it was actually readable! Congratulations for running in the rain, that is a feat in itself! You inspire me!

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