Better Than Anticipated

A week from now, I assume I’ll be getting over a Sunday of celebration. A celebration spent with a finisher’s medal around my neck and a drink in my hand. Hopefully eating a few seriously amazing meals.

Until then, I’m getting through the last few days of putting in the hard work for this half marathon. Saturday was the last long run of training and I was doing it outside, rain or shine.

Or… fog…It’s like I was running in a horror film. At 10:30 in the morning. Wouldn’t it have been cool if M. Night Shyamalan popped out and yelled “CUT!” at some during the trip along the lakefront and around Lincoln Park? I was totally waiting for it.

It was foggy and dreary and threatening to rain. But I didn’t want to push the run off a day. My Saturday night plans were not going to make a Sunday morning run overly pleasant.

I armed myself with a windbreaker, a hat and my bus pass. Just in case. Because sometimes I’m prissy.

10.6 miles happened pretty easily. Or as well as 10ish miles could possibly go (we’ll never call it “easy”). I didn’t hit a wall at any point- another promising sign that the race this weekend should go somewhat smoothly. And maybe better than anticipated?

Surely another 2.5 miles won’t completely break me. My pace, according to the MapMyFitness app, is rivaling the pace of my first half in 2010. Let’s not get our hopes up, but to beat it would surely be amazing.

Again, let’s not get overly excited. Chillax, Amy. Chillax.

I also armed myself with my debit card to pick up a few things from Trader Joe’s.

A word of advice? Do not go into a Trader Joe’s after running 10.6 miles. You’ll be gross. You know it. The workers know it. And every customer in there knows it.

Sorry guys. Just needed some wine… carry on…

Why? Because I had a hot date.Aren’t they sexy?

After our long walk last week, Mon, Annie and I decided it might be nice to have a little low key social outting. And who doesn’t love trying out a new BYOB restaurant? Out to the burbs I went!This pic was before my eyes started watering from the spiciest pad thai I’ve ever had in my life.All three of us ended up getting the same special- pad thai with glass noodles. Only difference is I had chicken, Mon went with tofu, and Annie chose the pork. Mon and I said we wanted “spicy” without questioning the level of heat.

It may have been smart to inquire about that part.

Seriously. I love spicy food. But this was almost out of control.

Even an hour after eating, we were still filling ourselves with water and wine to put out the fire.

A good meal, however, when it comes to Thai, I think we all realized it’s important to find a favorite spot and stick to it.

Because of the long run on Saturday, I kept it low key on Sunday with some ab work and a stretching of the legs on Michigan Avenue.

Seriously guys- This is my third trip to Michigan Avenue in a month, but I swear I’m not shopping myself into credit card debt. I just happen to be on the search for a nice dress to wear for Easter and it’s nice out. Why not use window shopping as a way to be active and move around?

Also, it was justified that if I walk to and from the custard shop, buying the actual custard is acceptable and even encouraged.


29 Responses

  1. Nice run – you’re gonna spank it!


  2. I had some delicious Thai food this weekend too, but sans wine as it was only 2pm. Who am I kidding, it was because we didn’t have any with us. I still haven’t tried Pad Thai yet though, what’s wrong with me? And you will do GREAT next weekend! Maybe Mon and skype me in so I can cheer you on?

  3. Sigh, I miss the BYOB restaurants that littered my home town. They keep meals out so much cheaper. I also now want Pad Thai.

  4. Running in the fog is something you get pretty used to around here. My area gets super foggy around this time of year. I kind of love it.
    I love Thai food so much, but it does get really freaking spicy. There’s this amazing place not too far from me that I used to go to all the time, but then they gave my Grandma salmonella, so obviously I’m not going back there. Such a shame though, they were the best.

  5. You know, there’s a Thai place by my apartment that has incredibly hot pad thai, too. I think it’s the dry spice mix they use- it assaults the tongue. Good job on the run- I’ll be there to help celebrate afterward!

  6. We finally have some BYOB places in Cleveland – it’s about time!! But I can’t handle spicy. Not one bit. My nose starts sweating just thinking about spicy. Seriously – it’s so weird.

  7. I need to find where the BYOB restaurants are near by. Because that is simply an amazing thing, when you think about it. And I love me some cheap TJ’s wine. Duh,

    Good luck on the race!!!! I’m sure you’ll be fantastic!

  8. Seriously spicy? Good thing you brought some drinks! :) Love the idea of BYOB.

    Great job on the run. I know you’re trying to chillax and all, but I think you’re going to show that race who’s boss.

  9. I think that looks like a beautiful place to run. I don’t know that it felt great to be in the misty fog, but it is beautiful.

    I know you’ll do great at the run! You have it in you!

  10. Yay! I am glad the long run went well…I could not say the same for me when I did my 11 last week (although I blame the 90 degree heat lol).

    BYOB restaurants are the best inventions on this planet..seriously. Whoever thought of that is a genius.

    P.S. next sunday we all should meet up afterwards to get some celebratory beers!! :)

  11. Woohoo, the ten-miler is tough! You’re so close to victory :)

  12. Nice work on the 10 miles. It sounds like you are ready. Fingers crossed that you PR.

  13. Awesome job on the rainy run! I probably would have talked myself out of it. This is why I’m not training for anything right now…
    The Thai place sounds bomb. Super spicy and BYOB? Count me in.

  14. I made buffalo wings last night using Franks Extra hot. I was feeling daring when I picked it up at the store, but sounded like I was going into labor during the whole meal. So. freaking. hot!

  15. Great job on the run! I’ve never had Thai food…. I need to try it soon!

  16. I love BYOB restaurants! Sorry about the spice. I hate sweating when I eat so I can’t handle any amount of spice. I probably would’ve exploded if I ate your meal!

  17. OMG pad thai. LOVE

  18. By custard shop, are you referring to Scooters? And if so, have you tried the minty moore flavor they have right now? It is damn good.

  19. Taper time!!!

    Thai food is delish but I cannot do the spicy, no thank you. Wine and custard, yes please.

    Send Michigan Ave my love!

  20. You’re going to rock your half! Excited to read about how it goes!

    And I always say mild at Thai restaurants because I learned my lesson the hard way…let’s just say that there was lots of couging, watery eyes, and actual water involved.

  21. YUM! That pad thai looks fabulous!
    Unfortunately, I am a spice wimp. But if it was spicy for you, I am sure I’d be dying! ;)

  22. We must see pictures of your Easter dress!!!

    That food all looks so good!!! Where did you go?

  23. Would you believe that I have actually never had Pad Thai…although I hear it is delicious!

  24. you’re going to do great on the run!!!

  25. If you can do 10.6 you can do 13.1. Piece of cake. I’m already jealous of your medal. I’m pretty sure you don’t get a medal for completing the 10K. I’ll buy you a beer if you let me wear yours for a few minutes… ;)

  26. Woohoo, 10 miles!!!
    And I hate when I go shopping after working out… they KNOW you smell. YOU know you smell. Ew.

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  28. Hey, I don’t know if you saw, but I’m trying to do a little blogger meet-up before the race: Hope you can make it!

  29. Love the BYOB restaurant thing; If it exists in Michigan, I haven’t found it. Also, love the eye watering pad Thai.

    Best of luck with the half marathon coming up. Make sure we get the obligatory post with you holding up the number.

    In all my runs, I felt better and ran harder on race day than I ever did on a training run, and that 10 mile run will be plenty. Rest those legs, eat that custard and enjoy!

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