Exit Sign

The goal for the day is to beat some of the traffic going out of the city today. It’s the first time in the few years I’ve worked for my company that the office is closing at noon for the holiday, and I’m heading straight from the parking lot to the nearest interstate exit labeled “You’re heading to Missouri, you crazies! Are you sure you wanna do that? Are you lost? Are you aware how boring this drive is? You should really fly more. Get a Frequent Flyers Card.”.

Or at least that’s what it would say, but not all the words would fit. So they just came up with “Exit, St. Louis”  instead.

Either way, that’s where I’m heading for the night to stop and visit my gal pals before finishing the trip to Mid-MO on Saturday morning to celebrate Easter with the fam.

I have not a clue what I will be doing tonight. My luggage holds a pair of sweat pants and a pair of sassy heels. *Probably* not to be worn at the same time. We’ll see where the night takes us.

However, I already know where the weekend will take me. Straight to a basket full of chocolate molded into fun springtime shapes.

If it’s shaped like an egg or a bunny, the calories cancel out.

Don’t give me that look. I don’t make the rules.

But just in case, I’m bringing along some Jillian Michaels “The Shred” and “Six Week Six Pack”.

It’s probably going to take me longer than six weeks to get that six pack, being as how the dvd only gets broken out maybe once a week. Shoot.

This morning I participated in strength training in the form of hauling all of my crap from the apartment to my car. The one bright side to being an overpacker.

Sigh. I’ll never learn.

Later, peeps!

19 Responses

  1. Loading the car is definitely a workout! Oh are sweats and heels wrong? If anyone could pull that off it would be you Amy. Have a safe trip and a great Easter with your family!

  2. Have a safe drive and a fun weekend!

  3. Drive safe and have fun! I’m jealous of your 12 pm closing. Hmm maybe our office will close early.

  4. Loading the car is for sure a workout! Enjoy the half day and have a safe trip. Happy Easter!

  5. Love that ecard. Long drives are when I catch up on all my neglected friendships and old podcasts. I’m not going home this weekend though. I can’t sit in my car for that long, I’m feeling too antsy!

  6. Have a safe drive and say hi to everyone for me! :) Oh, and if you pass a Sonic on the way- they have sweet potato tots now. I’m just saying.

  7. Have a great trip back home! I’ll be headed out the door at the crack of dawn tomorrow to make it back to my parent’s house for two hunts so my daughter can be really hyped up on sugar!

  8. Have fun this weekend lady!
    And please don’t wear the sassy heels with sweatpants. Please.

  9. Have fun! If the heels come out with the sweats – I think we all need a picture.

  10. In a way, I’m kind of glad Oklahoma isn’t within driving distance, because those Midwestern drives can be killer. The end result is always worth it though. Have fun!

  11. Have a good road trip!!!! :) That ecard is funny. I’m totally guilty of calling my grandma when I’m in traffic. But she gets scared when I talk on the phone and drive. So I just pretend like I’m home. shhh

  12. You are pretty much my hero for taking Jillian home to Missouri with you. I have no plans for working out this weekend. I’m dedicating all my time to chocolate consumption. Have a great weekend!

  13. Have an awesome awesome weekend Amy! I remember taking that dreadful I55 drive to college. Not so fun. Cornfields could only be so interesting for like 2 minutes. haha

  14. Have a fun weekend!

  15. I hope you have the most fantastic weekend Amy! I totally should have packed some Jillian for my trip … especially seeing how I’m eating here in NYC.

    Have a great time!

  16. If it’s shaped like an egg or a bunny, the calories cancel out. — ha ha. Yes m’am!

    Heels and sweats – that would be very Jersey Shore of you.

    Safe travels and Happy Easter!

  17. Hope you had an awesome weekend Amy! :)

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