Smaller Goals

So there were quite a few of you who were all about the unpacking and grocery shopping immediately to ensure normalcy will once again be restored after a holiday weekend.

I’m a little different. Yes, the grocery shopping happened, but I absolutely HATE unpacking. So much so that I’ve resorted to pulling a trick my mom used to use to make sure my brother and I were keeping our rooms somewhat clean.

Putting away 10 things every day until it’s done.

If I weren’t such an overpacker, it’d surely be done by now.

I have high hopes I’ll be done unpacking by the time I need to pack again to fly to DC in a few weeks. Such a vicious cycle.


Now that things have started to slow down again and I’m looking for ways to procrastinate more unpacking, I can start focusing once again on getting back into some sort of routine with my exercise.

However, since I tend to get distracted easily (ooohhh… what’s that? Soooo shiny…), it helps to have something in the future to work towards.

My friend Annie found this race that benefits the continuing research on breast cancer. With my family being affected several times by the disease, I could not have been more excited to say yes to this one...

But, because I often get stressed out by training for long distances, I’ve settled on a few 5k’s. Not that another longer race won’t happen later this year (New Years Resolutions are still in the back of my head), but for the time being, shorter is better.

I feel this is the only context you’ll ever hear me say that.

My cousin contacted me about doing the half together and is excited about it being an all-women's race. I said "woah there, I just finished a half marathon, but would love to have you come to visit and could run the 5k while you do the half..."

Anyhoo… both races are in June and if you happen to be in the Chicago area, definitely check them out (just click on the logo)!

Which means there are approximately 2 months to get into super speedy shape. Or whatever “super speedy” is for me.

During half marathon training, the “success” of the run was more about getting the distance in and less about how well the run actually went. Quantity vs. Quality. Runs were almost always completed. But some were just plain UGLY.

Now, I’m going to start keeping my eye on the pace of shorter runs.

Work it harder. Make it better. Do it faster. Basically, just listen to what Kanye tells me to do.

This probably means more interval workouts. And, for goodness sake, getting more strength workouts involved.

I always say that about strength training. But this time I mean it.

No really… I do…


24 Responses

  1. Haha I’m the same way…or I guess was. I was really bad about strength and cross training until I got injured and HAD to do it.

  2. I really want to sign up for a 5K this year, but I haven’t run in forever. I was really getting into it last year, even regularly hitting around 4 mi (which is a lot for me) but then all of a sudden I fell off. You’ve inspired me to get back into it though… at least for the next 5 minutes…

  3. You are crazy all these races.

    I unpack instantly when I get home. I think it’s a hold-over from when I lived in a TINY house and if I didn’t unpack right away, I would have to walk over all the clutter and it would make me bonkers.

  4. “I’m a little different.” Yup, story of my life. I love how often you do races. You inspire me. Thankfully I am signed up for one next Thursday!!

  5. I’m the worst about unpacking, I never do it in a timely manner. You love your races, lady. I hate 5ks haha, the haul ass for 3.1 miles thing makes me want to cry.

  6. I take a couple days to unpack as well. I just don’t like to deal with it right away. I’m with you on taking a break from the half distance. I’d like to get a sub-25min 5K time at some point this year!

  7. Yay, speedwork! 5K training is fun! It’s so funny, I trained for a 5K for 12 weeks then 4 more, and everyone in my club was like “You are training for a 5K”? with a “huh?” look on their face, but I was working my arse off (literally then not literally as I started eating like crap again). Races don’t have to be long to count!

  8. First of all, unpacking sucks. I usually just dump everything into the laundry basket, even if it’s will avoid it until I absolutely can’t anymore.

    Second, I want to do a 5k race this year. Mostly because I want to be able to google my name and have my results come up. It’s weird, I know.

  9. TECHNICALLY Daft Punk told you to do that, not Kanye- his version was a cover. Just had to be an asshole and point that out. ;) Those look like good races- and I think the shorter distance is probably good for your sanity, too. Lord knows there will be plenty of other extra-curriculars this summer to keep you busy!

  10. My husband’s carry-on is in a perpetual state of packing and un-packing. Sometimes I think he just zips it up and takes off again…with the same clothes. Over and over!

  11. Yuck, unpacking is the WORST. I may or may not have my cycling shoes and dirty socks still in the bag from my last tri training a few weeks ago………..I’m such a dirtball.

  12. I just got so excited about the flying to DC part. Can’t wait!

  13. I feel like I need to cut back distance training too, seeing as I hate it so much.

  14. I want to start running again this summer, but I need to start from scratch. Slow and steady…Hopefully, I’ll be able to run a 5k again one of these days.

    I have to unpack right when I get home. I don’t truly feel home until I’m unpacked.

  15. Way to stay motivated! I should probably sign up for something over the summer just to force myself to run more regularly, but I feel like I don’t have a clue what my schedule will be. Maybe after I sign up for classes…

  16. I’ll have to check out the 5K! I haven’t done a race in a very long time but it could be fun. My sis did a Nike women’s race a few years ago and loved running with such a massive group of women!

  17. I could use a 5K in my life. My big event is in early June though so I don’t know how much speedier I’m going to get with the pathetic state of my training these days…It happens. I will definitely check these out though and let you know if I sign up!

  18. If I don’t unpack right when I get home, it never happens!

    I like your idea to do shorter distances. Interval training will get you in fiiine shape.

    I’m actually doing the same w/ shorter races this year.

  19. I love this plan- it’s always great to take a short race break post a big, shiny accomplishment!

  20. I hate unpacking too..I suck at it. I usually throw the whole suitcase in the closet so I don’t have to think about it. Out of sight..out of mind!

  21. I wont be in Chicago but I may possibly be there in September, keep you up to date!

  22. I hate unpacking too! I just take everything in my suit case and throw it in the laundry. Because at least my unpacking is done. But the only thing I hate more than unpacking…is laundry.

  23. I like your idea about signing up for a 5K to increase my speed. I never pay attention to speed when I run but I dont want to just finish a race, I want to finish with a good pace. I am looking around for some new races to do (because I’ve already got that “itch”) and this 5k looks like a great one!

  24. I hate unpacking too – but I have to say, just getting it all done seems less painful to me than spreading it out!

    Not that I don’t procrastinate about it, becaue I do. Oh, I do.

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