Dent In The Couch

I missed a high school friend’s wedding this last weekend.

An unfortunate consequence of me moving a state away after college. I can’t go back to my hometown as much as I’d like for such things. It sucks sometimes. Sure, I’ll see pictures and hear all the stories. But it’s not really the same.

I’m not writing about this to start a pity party. I love my life in Chicago. And my weekends as of late have been full of so much fun! But with my traveling to Mid-MO for Easter and with my trip to DC this coming weekend, it was decided to stay home this last weekend for the sake of saving some cash and sanity.

Or at least salvage the last of both. Whichever.

So, as promised to myself on Saturday, I did turn down invites out. And had myself a nice little night in. Sweats. No makeup. My spot on the couch.

Everything but the kitchen sink was in this pizza. Or at least everything in my refrigerator- mushrooms, green peppers, onions, pepperoni and black olives. Topped later with mozzarella and feta cheese. Because one type of cheese is never enough...

And nothing says “lazy night in” like a glass or two of wine and some pizza.

That's the ticket. Notice how light it is- because dinner happened at maybe 5:30. Apparently, when deciding to stay in this weekend, I also became a senior citizen in the process
Oh and you're crazy if you think I didn't go back for another two pieces. It was that good.

And proceeding to fall asleep on said couch by 10:00 that night.

Sigh. That hasn’t happened in SO long. As much as I enjoy being a social butterfly, it was nice. Really nice.

What does a person do after 9 hours of sleep? They have a nice little run to Wrigleyville and back. The only people out were me, taxi drivers, and a few people stumbling into the area brunch spots. So every few blocks, there was a rotation between the smell of bacon and eggs, then stale beer. Gotta love Wrigleyville in the warmer months…

3.2 miles and a shower later, I was back on the couch. Where I belonged. Making my dent.

And here I am now- my weekend unfortunately over, watching the headlines, and getting ready to leave my dent in the couch for work. Sadness. At least I have pictures of the missed wedding mentioned earlier to look forward to when I get home and retreat back to my dent in the couch.

It’s important to ease your way out of lazy weekends slowly. A little known fact… ;)

32 Responses

  1. I was really sad to leave the dent in my couch this weekend too! So much so that I skipped my long run after my training buddy bailed yesterday. I’m really looking forward to running tonight, I need that energetic feeling that a run gives me ASAP!

  2. Yesterday was one of the nicest, laziest days I’ve had in a long time. I even managed to take a 2 hour nap. Getting old is awesome.

  3. I did not spend nearly enough time on my couch this weekend. I felt like I was hardly home. I can’t wait to see you Fridayyyy!

  4. That sounds pretty nice to me, I applaud your Saturday night in, my friend!

  5. This was such a lazy weekend and it felt so good! We did the pizza thing on Saturday night too…it just seemed so fitting. Sorry you missed out on the wedding, but I’m glad you got in some relaxing before the next weekend. I know you are going to have a blast!

  6. I am jealous of all the rest you got this weekend! I’m back in town but not feeling well rested at all. That’s what weekend trips will do to you! :)

  7. I feel the same way! I moved to Virginia but a lot of my old friends are still back in Ohio, and it sucks that I can’t always go back for weddings/birthdays/etc. :(

    I was soooo lazy yesterday ;) I just couldn’t get motivated to get off my bum!

  8. I love weekends like that. I pretty much spent all of my Saturday night on my couch doing nothing and it felt amazing.

  9. Sounds excellent. My husband asked me what my favorite meal would be recently. He was actually surprised when I said pizza. Ummm, hello? Doesn’t he know me? haha Plus – it tastes best when eaten in sweats.

  10. I would KILL for a lazy weekend!
    Hopefully next weekend will make up for the senior citizen status you experienced this past weekend. :)

  11. That pizza looks amazing!! I’m glad you enjoyed a relaxing weekend, especially with the trip this week. Sometimes there’s just nothing like it.

  12. After spending all day Saturday outside in the cold and then not sleeping a wink in the loudest hotel room ever, my ass was so firmly planted on the couch yesterday that it’s kind of sore today. It was very needed. I’m glad you rested up, because this weekend is going to be action-packed!

  13. I love dent in the couch weekends! It’s really smart to take one between guests and travel!

  14. Pizza does not qualify as lazy when you make it yourself! I have to say, though, those toppings do look pretty tasty.
    This sounds like my Friday night – except I was in bed by 8:30, hahah. Exhausted is putting it mildly.

  15. I miss my couch and lazy weekends.

  16. I am such a homebody. I tend to be passed out by 11pm on the weekends and sleep in until 10am when possible. I just love love love sleep and need to try and get more on the weekdays.

  17. My gosh, I absolutely adore you. There is NOTHING better than a nice night by yourself, comfy and cozy. I woke up like a spring chicken this weekend for no good reason and I must say my day was pretty productive.

    Seriously, I might have to make a visit to Chitown!

  18. aw, i can relate! i missed out on a hometown friends wedding this weekend too. it’d be nice to make it to them all but i guess the tradeoff of living in a big city is worth it :).

  19. sometimes you just need a weekend like that!

  20. I don’t think there is anything wrong with becoming a senior citizen. ha. I have many early dinner nights. My friends actually nicknamed me grandma.
    That pizza looks amazing, btw!

  21. we live out of state from both our families and it’s always hard to miss events

  22. I would like some homemade pizza now!!

  23. Don’t feel too guilty. Sometimes you have to say no to things in order to keep your sanity. I’m sure they understand.

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