Leftover Week

A conversation via google chat:

Lauren: I have exciting news!
Me: ?
Lauren: I get double Thanksgiving leftovers this year.

At this point, I thought she was just rubbing it in that she was getting even MORE turkey to my none. I did my best to not call her a jerk right away.

Me: That’s awesome! Leftovers from grandma are the best!
Lauren: Yes. So that’s why I’m getting double. Because she said to “give some to your poor friend Amy who doesn’t get Thanksgiving at home this year.”

My friends are not jerks. I take that back. They’re the cutest things ever.

Thanks to a fondness of running, eating, wine, gossiping about boys, and book club, Lauren and I have been hanging out on the regular.

Because really… what else is there in life?

We decided to do a swap. I, of course, graciously accepted the Thanksgiving food made with love and packed by Lauren’s g’ma and mom.

They even sent individual packets of butter… everyone go “awwww”

And, in turn, I invited Lauren over for a mini friendsgiving to close out Thanksgiving weekend.

Seemed like a fair trade. Or close. Being as how my cooking skills are limited, I may have come out ahead. But who’s really counting?

All I know is…

…I have good friends. And they have families who know how to throw down in the kitchen.

This is why I haven’t had to cook pretty much all week.

And this is why I’ve been busy running over 4 miles every morning this week.

Worth it.

The end of the leftovers are being consumed for lunch today.

Who wants to cook for me next?

21 Responses

  1. So nice of your friend!
    Food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it!

  2. What an awesome swap ;) And that sounds like good motivation for running haha.

  3. Ah, that is why we are thankful! How amazing – and a great idea:)

  4. So sweet! And you got your turkey – even better!!

  5. How sweet of your friend and how awesome not to cook!!!

  6. bring me some of those leftovers now.

  7. Aww that is sweet! Grandmas rock.

  8. That’s awesome! It’s like you’re reliving T’giving over and over again!

  9. That is the sweetest thing ever. If I lived closer to you, I would have given you some turkey leftovers as well :)

  10. AWWW!!! That may actually be the sweetest thing ever. :)

  11. I’ll cook for you! I’m really good at it too. Seriously. Taco casserole tomorrow night if you can get to Philly : ) haha.

    Wait I thought you found someone else to cook for you recently?!!?!?!?! wink.

  12. You know I would happily cook for you! You do have some amazing friends! Lucky girl!

  13. That’s awesome. Friends are great. So are grandmas. :)

  14. Yummmmmm! That looks fantastico. Plus, very very sweet of Lauren and her fam to think of you.

  15. Why does thanksgiving food have to be so good? Would be easy to eat in moderation if it were gross. I had a rough go of it during my first day back to training, so I hope it was easier for you!

  16. That’s so kind of your friend! Definitely something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

  17. You have the best friends…not sure why nobody will cook for me?

    I personally love leftovers, they make my life 100 X easier.

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far Amy!

  18. love this! so sweet! leftovers are always good…but even better when they’re thoughtful like this!

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