Sometimes… (Round 2)

…I can’t help but be completely enthralled in the NASCAR race being watched by my friendly seatmate on the commuter train. I didn’t even understand what was going on, but it lulled me to a nice state of relaxation as I stared at the cars going around and around and around and around- oh there I go again….

…when I make an honest effort to clean, I only make it worse. Like when just a weeeee bit of pledge was used to assist in dusting the spiraling staircase to my room. Walking down said stairs in my knee highs will be the death of me. You heard it here first.

… I’ll attempt to get a head start to all of my errands by going to Target at 8:30 in the morning. “Ma’m, it’s Sunday. We don’t sell liquor until 11 on Sundays.” Sigh. Nothing like being judged first thing in the morning.

…I’ll insist on loading up on veggies and being über healthy at the beginning of the day:roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflourin order to load up on the roomie’s crockpot creation of loaded baked potato soup at the end of the day. loaded baked potato soup

Perfect Sunday family dinner. And I didn’t even have to do anything.

…it’s truly unsettling to see signs like this. 12215_10151173421517613_342323037_nBecause I just don’t understand who could not love that song. It makes me weep for the patrons of this mystery bar.

…it’s a struggle to force myself to break out the Christmas decorations. But when we’re done, it’s always worth it.6226_10101171787655100_1229117807_nThis is the reason we will have glitter on EVERYTHING until at least May.

…I don’t really want to get up at an ungodly hour to go to the gym. But after some quality time with the elliptical and stairmill, my booty feels much better about life in general.

…it’s ok to wish away the week when all I can think about is HOW EXCITED I am for a holiday pub crawl this weekend. So, let’s hurry up and get through this Monday, shall we?

Laters, kids!

36 Responses

  1. You already have presents under the tree????! Impressive.

  2. Ooh! Your decorations are most certainly festive. I have a glittered pine cone thing in one of my centerpieces and even though it’s one TINY small stupid thing, I feel like I’m constantly covered in glitter. ‘Tis the season!

  3. Love the exposed brick in your apartment! Too cute. And that Wagon Wheel sign seems so dead serious…who doesn’t like that song?!

  4. I put my tree up over the weekend too. While listening to the Packers WIN. Boo-yah.

    Did you know that Bob Dylan wrote that song? I heart it with all my….heart. Ahem.

  5. Are you going to T-box?! Sounds like it. Have fun! :)

  6. Who could NOT like that song? Seriously? Where is this terrible place?

  7. Laughing at trying to buy liquor so early on a Sunday. You rock!

  8. You know, if they’re going to carry liquor, they should just sell it all the time. It doesn’t feel right to say just because it’s not 11am yet, that you can’t have it.

  9. WHERE was that sign posted? Very sad. I would have thrown a fit. :) The decorations look good!

  10. T-Box?? Are you dressing up in something silly? Have fun!!

  11. Brussel sprouts FTW always!

  12. I love how you “balance” everything. My kind of gal. :)

  13. I love your holiday decor! So cute!

  14. Where. is. the. recipe. I LOVE loaded bake potato soup. I have to make it in secret bc the hus says it’s too “rich.” pffft. So freaking good.

    LOVE your decor! This time of year is the bestest.

  15. No booze before 11 AAAAAND no Wagon Wheel? Ugh. Not cool. At least there’s a pub crawl to look forward to. I’ve actually registered for a pub crawl this weekend too. Can’t wait!

  16. Is that a Chicago thing? Or Illinois thing? I don’t know that I’ve ever tried to buy liquor in Target on a Sunday morning (totally not judging – obviously :-P)

  17. Never heard of Wagon Wheel. Where is that sign?

  18. aww I love breaking out the xmas decor! It’s one of my favorite things to do!!

    I also always start the day with the best of intentions health-wise…but when there are treats in the house…it’s a hard thing to do! I try not to bake when I can help it :)

  19. Love it all! Such cute decorations!

  20. Hahaha I love a love-hate relationship with glitter. I LOVE it. Obviously. But it does stick around for forevvvver!

  21. I know what you mean about the Christmas decorations. I should have been more excited to bring them out. Once I got going though, I enjoyed it…until you have to take them all down. ;)

  22. Agreed. Breaking out the holiday decor seems like a huge endeavor but I’m always happy that I finally get it done! Love yours.

  23. I love your Christmas decorations! I’m unnaturally obsessed with my tree this year.

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