A Month Left

Oh hey there, everyone!

Since it’s now December, and instead of just concerning myself with everyday stressors, I’m also now taking on the holidays and “oh yeah, those new years resolutions” and the sinking feeling that comes with them.1293795564417_8876790

For a good laugh, let’s see how I’ve been doing:

1. Cook some sort of fish. I never have. For some reason or another, it freaks me out.

I totally did this. I’m too lazy to hunt down the post, but it was a salmon filet from Trader Joe’s and it turned out mediocre. It didn’t kill me. So it still counts.

2. Go on vacation somewhere. Did this last year by hitting Vegas. Twice if you count the bachelorette I attended there, too. Enjoyed myself a little too much. Need to make taking time off to travel a regular thing…

I took a few extended weekends. Does that count? There was a trip to Washington DC and Boston with the sister wives. A wedding weekend in Indianapolis. A race in Geneva, Wisconsin. Maybe if you merge them all together, it counts? Almost win.

3. Beat my 8k time. It was so frustrating to have a goal of breaking 40 minutes and to finish my last 8k in 40:00:00. Now the question is, who’s doing it with me???

I did not do one 8k this year. Not one. However, I PR’d with a new 5k and half marathon time. We’ll call it another almost win.

4. Figure out my new iPhone. This could take all year. Tech savvy I am not…

I love love love my iphone. And I sort of hate myself for it because I feel so cliché. But it’s true. I love it. And I’m getting better. Win.

5. Bake with yeast. I’m more of a fan of the quick bread variety. Yeast seems like a temperamental ingredient. However, if I really do want to claim to be a “baker”, I should probably grow a pair and man up.

I have not done this. Yet. I still have almost a month. And this seems much more likely to happen than the 8k thing…

6. Run two more half marathons. Thought I had figured out which ones I’d be doing. Now I’m not so sure. Either way, two decent ones shouldn’t be hard to find.

I ran 3, bitches!  The Chi Town Half Marathon where I was totally miserable with stomach cramps. The Chicago Half Marathon where I PR’d like a boss. And the ZOOMA Half Marathon that was one giant hill. BOOM.

7. Master the crow pose in yoga. Not that I’m planning on being a yoga master any time soon, I don’t really even enjoy it, but I bet the crow pose would be an impressive party trick…

I have done yoga maybe twice this entire year. And it was Jillian Michaels yoga. So you decide if that counts. I do not see this happening. I should really just give up. I hate yoga and need to admit it.

8. See a Chicago Bulls game. I heart basketball. The Bulls are my favorite NBA team. Why hasn’t this happened yet?

Took my brother for his birthday. Two birds with one stone kind of deal. WIN!

9. Eat more cookies. It may be hard to beat my consumption from last year. But I’m willing to try.

I’d call this a toss-up. Probably didn’t bake more… but that doesn’t mean consumption was down…

10. Marry a Prince. Kate Middleton did it. Why can’t I?

Well… I’m still in my budget friendly apartment in Chicago, so this clearly did not happen. I’m not so upset about it. Prince Harry seems like a handful who can’t keep his clothes on. What a hot mess. And I’m dating someone who I like better anyway. Win.

All in all, I’m proud of my accomplishments. Especially since the list was practically forgotten about a week after it was written…

Happy Friday, folks!

28 Responses

  1. Averie Cooks has some good yeast recipes you may want to try as a first project…or make an english muffin bread. It’s easy and no-fail!
    Happy weekend.

  2. I would say you kind of dominated things! And I don’t really think Jillian yoga counts as true yoga, but you did kind of make an effort? Give the new boyfriend a Burger King crown and call the whole “prince” thing a win. Much easier.

  3. That’s a pretty good number of wins. I’m impressed. I am seriously on the hunt for cookies right now. I used to hate all the holiday treats when I worked in an office, but now that I’m home, I get ZERO holiday treat. Sucks!
    Anyway… good job on all the races and good luck with the yeast. (I’ve had a yeast bread recipe I’ve been wanting to make for about 6 months now. It’s sad, really.)

  4. I ran 3, bitches! — You CRUSHED 3! That’s an awesome goal.

    This is a great post – cool how you documented everything, very smart.

    Don’t be afraid of fish! :)

    Can’t wait to see what you dominate in 2013.

  5. I say keep the cookie one on the list for next year too!!

  6. I think you’re doing a great job on that list! Do you make you’re own pizza dough? That’s an easy one to play around with yeast bread in the beginning. Really, you can’t mess that up. There’s still time on the cookie one too. This is the perfect season to crush that goal too! Have a great weekend Amy!

  7. Great job on these! I need to come up with some fun resolutions this year. Screw always focusing on being healthy!

  8. Sounds like you got some wins in there! Fun ones at that. Cheers!

  9. Solid and well-done, you.

    Also? yoga sucks and I admitted it, but I’m still going to try to get back into it….next week. Ugh, but I dread it. Jillian yoga probably doesn’t count for the hard-core yogis, but for mere mortals like us probably need someone to be all in your face during yoga. Which is counter to all yogic principles, but again, we’re mere mortals.

  10. Cooking with yeast isn’t too hard – and the bread usually turns out DELICIOUS!

  11. Yay for crushing goals! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for 2013.

    Yeast…yeah, I’m all for avoiding that one too. Yeast scares me! Never baked with it either. Maybe that should go on my 2013 list.

  12. The crow pose took me forever to get, but once you get it, you never lose it. Like riding a bike made of your arms…? That was an awful analogy. Anyways, well done with your goals :)

  13. Haha, I was just thinking about NY resolutions and how I probably have only ever done about 50% of them.

    One of my fave life experiences is sitting courtside at Bull’s Game…i heart tall boys ;)

  14. Hahaha those are some awesome resolutions ;) Can I take on the cookie resolution with you??

  15. I didn’t even bother making New Years resolutions for 2012. My year started off awful and the theme remained to this day :/ WIth that said, I absolutely cannot wait until 2013!!

  16. great list of accomplishments!

  17. I think you did pretty well on this pal- and one day, you and I will have a good long talk about how I changed my mind about Hating Yoga. :)

  18. I am terrible at cooking fish…I think I over cook it every time. I’ve had better luck with shrimp. You may want to take a stab at that instead?

    The iPhone…I need a new one but I am hesitant at trying to figure out the iPhone 5. There is something to be said about being married to a nerd though!

  19. haha love that first quote – so fitting :) Looks like you’ve had a great year! If you’re ever needing yeast-bread inspiration, I’m happy to help :)

  20. I think you just might be my hero. Awesome accomplishments!

  21. I would say your year was basically a win! That’s why I love having a blog – How many people can really go back and check out their new years resolutions??

  22. Haha, you did great! I have no idea if I even made resolutions this year. This is kind of a problem…

  23. hahah I like the one about eating more cookies. Sounds like a tasty goal but maybe not the healthiest goal ;)

  24. I very much enjoy this resolution list. You did a pretty kick ass job too. And as for the iphone – having one makes me feel so much cooler. I avoided it for so long, but now I don’t even know what I’d do without it.

  25. I have to say, I do like the fact that you are strong enough to keep making resolutions! I have given up on those, it’s almost like as soon as I say, “I’m gonna get my ass to the gym” that my ass is like, “did somebody volunteer me for something? no way, bitch”. Yeah. It’s pretty much like that.

    Came by way of Parita :) First timer, but following now!

  26. Ahhh! I love cooking fish! You got this girl, trust me!!

    Kris | iheartwellness.com

  27. I wish eat cookies was on my list but it’s not however I’m still kicking it’s butt (I blame the girl at work who brought me a tin of homemade cookies).

    I never wanted to get an iPhone because everyone who I talked to and had one talked like it was a life changing item…..and it is!

  28. Ha! I want to master side crow also! And purely because it would make me cooler than a city breakdancer. You don’t need yoga! Just crow in the living room :) <3 Good luck!

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