Forced Rest

I’m not even sure where to begin.

I guess we could start with how my gym routine had been going.

Lackluster. The theme of last week.

We all know when it’s time to take a few days off. When you need more than just the obligatory rest day of the week. A break of a few days. Maybe because your body is showing signs of exhaustion. Maybe because your motivation is nonexistent.

I was going through all of that. However, by being a creature of habit, admitting it wasn’t likely.

Then Friday happened.

That Amy carries herself with such grace and poise. Said no one ever.

Clumsy. Accident-prone. Hot mess.

I pretend these things are “endearing”. “Adorable”.

Don’t tell me otherwise.

So when we called Friday a “night in” and changed into lounge pants and hurry down the steep hardwood stairs in my apartment?

How I made it 18 months without doing it is beyond me. But you can imagine the spectacle that happened to cause 3 matching bruises, one for each stair, that my backside slammed into in one spectacularly grand motion.

I’m personally partial to the bruise on my booty. It’s a prettier shade of purple than the rest.

At least a cracked tailbone didn’t occur like the last time I flew down stairs in socks.


Maybe. My lower back seems to have gotten the worst of it. Needless to say, I haven’t seen the inside of my gym since last week. Nor have I lifted anything heavier than my work bag.

Whether I like it or not, it seems to be this is the chosen week for a break from exercise.

I’m a little perturbed I wasn’t allowed to make this choice on my own, or just taken 2-3 days instead of 4-5. But it’s time to stop dwelling on it.

At least, since it’s the holidays, I have plenty to do.

And now that I’m in two book clubs, hilariously since I can barely keep up with one, there’s that.

And all the friends I can meet up with for foodie dates with awesome bloggie peeps. Especially awesome peeps who live in my neck of the woods and our meetups (although a rare occasion) are nonstop gab fests.

Got adventurous and went with the Healthy Parm with chicken and quinoa. A possible new favorite...

Got adventurous and went with the Healthy Parm with chicken and quinoa. A possible new favorite…

Now that I think about it, that extra hourish of sleep in the morning has been nice…

Don’t feel bad for me just yet.

Now if this stretches into next week…

… someone may lose their head…

27 Responses

  1. I’ve fallen down stairs and once cracked my tailbone. The other time I ended up with a bruise that covered my entire backside!
    Rest up and make sure you do some stretching!

  2. Well, due to overuse and an unfortunate stair incident myself, I’ve had a deep foot bruise for A MONTH NOW that has stopped me from doing anything more than the stationary bike and light weights. No Jillian DVDs, a hard time even walking far, etc. As someone with exercise addiction, it’s been hell, as dramatic as that sounds. I know it was pretty much my fault, but still…

    However, sometimes you just have to accept the fact you can’t control your body–especially going down stairs–and enjoy the rest. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. UGH, I feel so bad for you! Trust me, the tailbone being in tact after that fall is definitely a win! I broke mine years ago and still get a hint of pain from time to time. Take it easy and heal up. Hugs to you my friend!

  4. OMG, what a nightmare! I feel for you. At least you have a nice, hot boy to take care of you, though, right?? :)

    • hahahaha… this is true. It’s funny because he was there when it happened and I believe he was more shaken about the incident than I was. Guess when it’s a regular thing, I start to just go “meh” and move (or limp) on with my life…

  5. you’re attempts at covering up your new 50 shades sexcapades don’t fool me for one second ;)

  6. Ug. Poor thing! I guess I am glad to hear that you are at least taking the time your body needs to heal! Too many people don’t even do that (I used to be one of them). However, since getting SERIOUSLY injured 2 years ago, my perspective on taking it easy a few days a week has changed. I now WELCOME the break and do stretching and yoga to boot (used to think it was too easy…just wasn’t doing the right stuff!). I feel so much better and the tension I used to have is also SO much better!

  7. One time, I was invited to a sleepover for my high school dance team…and I was a sophomore on varsity so I was always nervous around the beautiful juniors and seniors. Welp, I was one of the last to arrive to the sleepover, and I proceeded to fall down her entire wooden stairs thanks to my fuzzy socks. After crashing down with a loud thud, the stairs like, spit me into the room where the entire team was gathered, sitting on the floor. I was beyond mortified. Everyone just stared at me. No one even laughed which at least would’ve made it better!

    So I sympathize. Hope you heal up soon!

  8. Good excuse for a rest week :) Here’s to quick healing and more quinoa bowls, my friend!

  9. I too am on forced rest and it’s driving me bonkers.

    I too fell down the stairs a month ago and bruised my bee-hind. Arent they pretty, those bruises? Wait til they start to turn that awesome yellowish green color. That’s hot.

  10. You poor thing!! I am glad you only got a couple bruises though. I have a large flight of stairs up to my condo and whenever I walk down it with a lot of stuff, I get nervous…especially when I have heels on.

  11. Gah! That sucks. I’m glad you aren’t hurt more than a few bruises. Try to enjoy some R&R!

  12. Sorry to hear about your fall. Ouch! Can you get carpet on those stairs?! :-)

  13. I’m so sorry about your back girl. I hope it heals up fast!
    Also, there is a Protein Bar opening across the street from my work soon. I can’t wait to try it!

  14. Feel better! Take care of yourself!

  15. Ugh! I hope you feel better asap! I am always worried I will fall down our stairs (and have once!) so I hold on to the railing. But you can sometimes still slip!

    Keep enjoying that extra sleep ;)

  16. Ouch – I hurt just thinking about that. I have issues with stairs as it is – hardwood stairs would just be deadly.

  17. OOOH, Amy!! So sorry, that’s the worst. Icy hot? Heating pad? You take it easy – it’s a good time of year for this to happen – you aren’t missing much but the cold:) Feel better, sweets!!

  18. Ouchies! I’m glad you didn’t crack your tailbone, but even a little bump hurts like a motha! Heal up soon my dear.

  19. Eek! I have a fear of falling down the stairs and going through the wall. Our stairs in our house are curved around a corner and I am always afraid I am going to fall and smash into the wall leaving one ginormous hole! Hope you are back to normal next week!

  20. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog through IHeartVeggies. :)

    Sorry to hear about your stumble. Hopefully you’re able to take it easy and get some rest this weekend. I have a nightmare of falling down my stairs – my house was built in 1913 and the stairs are SO narrow! It’s especially nerve wracking in the early morning when there is little light.

  21. OW. I am wincing at “cracked tailbone”. :( :(

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  23. […] Forced Rest December 12, 2012 […]

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