As we are all busy, we try to be organized/efficient and do things like use lists.

So here’s a list of things.

They are listed in no particular order.

I just really like lists.

1. I have found this week to be more relaxing than my last weekend. Please don’t get me wrong- the weekend was great. This can sum it up:

Snickerdoodles with a white chocolate center and chubby hubby truffles. Excuse the truffles, they need tweaking. However, I don't even love cinnamon that much and totally went gaga over the snickerdoodles. You should make them. Like yesterday.

Marathon baking on Friday night. With wine. Duh.

Chicago running bloggers meetup. More wine. Don't worry- it was noon. Almost.

Chicago running bloggers meetup. More wine. Don’t worry- it was noon. Almost.

We're a total party.

We’re a total party.

Date night! Just us and thousands of strangers...

Date night! Just us and thousands of strangers…

A bloody mary to kick off Sunday Funday for the Bears/Packers game. I can barely look at this photo... ugh

A bloody mary to kick off Sunday Funday for the Bears/Packers game. I can barely look at this photo… ugh

2. My roommate texted on Saturday night that she was dvring Cinderella for us.  After the Bears/Packers game (please refer to the bloody mary picture above), we fell asleep on the couch watching it. And then she accidentally deleted it. Worst. Thing. Ever.

3. I’m back into the gym routine now that my old woman back is feeling better. At least for this week as I am heading home at the crack of dawn on Saturday (that is, if the world does not end as it originally was supposed to). Run 2 miles and do 20 minutes on the elliptical or stairs seems to be my chillaxed routine at the moment.

4. My work holiday party was Tuesday. Several things to be noted:
– My boss quoted Beevis and Butthead Do America. This seems so wrong, but was sooooo amazing.
– I tried duck pâté for the first time ever and didn’t hate it.
– Snuck out early so I would still have energy for the gym the next morning and wouldn’t smell like liquor at work. More people chose the other option and looked miserable. I may have been a little smug about it.

5. The roommate and I exchanged gifts.bazinga socks
Socks with a cape. This means I am now a super hero. BAM.

The dude and I exchanged gifts, too. But I like to be more discreet about such things. No matter how much I love them. :)

6. In order to not enter this mentality: winter-weight

I’ve been doing this for every time I’ve gone out/drank/celebrated the holidays:

winter salad

We call this “let’s throw all the vegetables in the refrigerator onto some lettuce and see what we end up with”.

It’s a half-win.

7. Convicts escaped the correctional facility in downtown Chicago on Tuesday and only one has been caught. I honestly had no idea my place of employment was so close to a prison, but it has made going out for lunch seem that much more thrilling. I like to live on the edge.

8. So I guess the world is supposed to end at some point today? Isn’t that what all this crazy buzz is about?  Just in case, the roommate and I decided to make a “one last roomie date” by staying in and watching a movie with some drinks last night. She got a sweet bottle of cabernet from a vendor at work and it seemed to be a shame to potentially waste it. So we drank nice wine and watched Home Alone. Naturally.

This list is getting too long. I should end it now. And because this is probably the last day of work before Christmas for a lot of people, I just want to say enjoy your holiday and travel safe! xoxonoooo-aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

19 Responses

  1. Stupid snow. My parents’ flight got cancelled yesterday, so they’re driving to NC from KS. Crazy daisies.

    I too plan on staying in tonight with wine, lasagna, and even Home Alone. Great minds, I tell ya…

  2. I hope you have safe travels and that the weather all works out.
    And have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Pretty sure I would need a bottle of wine to get through Home Alone again, but I guess I shouldn’t talk. Last night it was tea and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. YOLO!

  4. I was shopping for my nephew and saw little t-shirts with capes. Those socks would make for quite an outfit.
    Safe travels and Merry Christmas.

  5. cinderella and home alone are prob 2 of my all time fav movies! throw in some wine. sounds like a perfect combo to me! happy holidays!!!

  6. What a fun week! I am dissapointed we don’t get to see the presents from the boyfriend though… ;)

    Hope you have a great holiday!

  7. dude, I am so worried about this convict thing!! Can you please go out and buy a taser or something?? Safe travels love!

  8. I need more salads in my life. I’ve been doing good on the gym thing, until today. I’m too hung over to move. This does not bode well for the following festivities.

  9. snickerdoodles! those look delicious. Also the convict thing is scary… Although maybe they hightailed it up to Canada by now? Happy holidays :)

  10. Ok, those socks are the bomb dot com. Must get a pair!

    And the convicts. One of my students is cousins with the one who is still on the loose! How crazy is that???

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Amy!

  11. I haven’t had a snickerdoodle in ages…they look delicious. And totally on the salad thing right now. I’m feeling a bit…over the top with the sugar and bread intake?

    Happy Holidays Amy. Enjoy the socks!! Stay warm.

  12. Mmm cookies! I caved and made a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night and proceeded to eat half of the batch. Thank goodness my measly salad balances it all out right? We both share that belief!

  13. Those socks are amazing! The fact that they have a cape makes me unreasonably happy. :)

  14. marathon baking w/ wine sounds like a great combo!

  15. The meet up looks like a blast- good group!! I am a huge fan of marathon bakin w/ movies and music blasting. Love a good bball game.

    Sounds like a good holiday. I wanted a white Christmas!

    Happy early new year!

  16. The holidays can be full of so many obstacles. Snow. Party after party. Too much wine. Just kidding…it sounds like overall, there were some pretty amazing things in your list! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. Have a very happy and blessed new year!

  17. OMG I want to know where to get those socks they are amaaaaazing!! ~ nerdwithtaste.wordpress.com

  18. Those socks are AWESOME.

  19. Your blog was recommended to me. This is the first post I read and I am just envious that you live in my former home town and favorite city ever. *sigh*
    Looks like you had a fabulous party!

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