New Year, New Chapter

Well this is awkward.

I’ve been gone for a bit. Two whole holidays went by and I didn’t even check in to discuss my lack of exercise and abundance of indulgences. I apologize.

And as I contemplated all the different ways to post about how nice it was to hang with the fam, sneak in some Jillian dvds during my stay in Small Town, USA, declared salad detox as soon as I got home, and snuck one or two drinks too many over New Years, I had an epiphany.

Ok, fine. Epiphany seems way too epic.

I had a deep thought.

Ok, fine. I was thinking.

Yes, thinking. For at least a fleeting moment.

– I’m not training for anything. Or even signed up for a race yet.
– Work rumors are that January and February are going to be slammed. After writing for a full 8 hours every day, the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen at home. Or at least look at a computer screen and be productive. Facebooking doesn’t count.
– A lot of my free time has been spent with a person of interest. And although I sometimes enjoyed poking fun at bad first dates in the past, I’d rather not jinx myself by discussing something that’s going well. Plus my mom reads this. Let’s be serious, guys.

So here we are. I have nothing I want to write about at the moment.

We could drag this out a little longer with random posts that have nothing to do with anything of interest. Or maybe a few meaningless surveys or lists that you don’t really care to read, but would anyway out of the kindness of your hearts (you guys are super sweet like that).

But why waste your time and mine?

So I’ll get to the point. This is what we call a hiatus. A break for Miss Amy. Maybe I’ll check in from time to time. Maybe I’ll be back in full force in a month or so. I’m not sure. The element of surprise seems fun. ;)

Until then, feel free to follow my snark on twitter (@amysrandomness). Or instagram (same handle).

Soooo…. Happy 2013, everyone!

Excuse me while I go now to eat egg whites and salad all day and plan out the next week of working off the excess that was New Years Eve/Day.

Peace out, kids. I’ll see ya soon.

49 Responses

  1. I feel you, sister friend. I feel you. As long as you stay on Twitter so I can stalk, er, correspond with you, I shall accept this news peacefully.

  2. Aww! I am going to miss you! But damn, if you are about to be super busy at work, I know how that consumes your life! And the relationship with person of interest is important to nurish too. ;)

    LOL! Thanks for sparing the surveys and lists LOL LOL LOL.

    P.S. Is it possible to see people’s Instagram feed w/o being it on yourself? I have often wondered that. I don’t have it on my phone and wondered if you can access it online.

  3. Oh man, lunch for sure soon if I won’t be able to catch up on the internet :) Enjoy your hiatus, pal!

  4. “You can follow me on instagram” This still makes me giggle :) Enjoy your break my love!

  5. I hear ya, brah. So often these days I sit down in front of WP and just stare at the page for an hour, then give up. I was a better writer when I was drinking more. Bukowski and I had that in common.

  6. I am so with you right now! Enjoy what you have going on right now. I’m so happy for you with all the good changes you’ve made this past year. Happy New Year my friend! I hope it’s a great one for you!

  7. sometimes a blogging break is SO needed… can’t wait till your return!

  8. I know the feeling, but I miss you already. :)

  9. Definitely need to up the lunch dates if we won’t have your thoughts spilled out here!

  10. I’ll miss you and your funny posts! Come back soon. :)

  11. Happy New Year and enjoy the break!

  12. I appreciate bloggers who take a break when they have nothing of interest that they are willing to write about. Instead of just … dragging it on. Enjoy your blogging break!

  13. We’re totally in the same boat. I only blogged the other day to let people know I was still alive. Lol.

  14. I suppose I’ll forgive you for this ;) But come back anytime!

  15. Just as long as our email relationship doesn’t suffer.

  16. Good for you!! :)

  17. I hear you. Don’t force it, and go get some. Some what? Welll…you know. ;)

  18. happy new year, amy! glad to hear things are going well in your life!!!! will miss your sweet rants, but i totallyl get it! good luck with the new boy! enjoy your 2013!!! xo

  19. Aww do what you need to do! We’ll be here when you’re ready to come back :) Best of luck with everything!

  20. I’m going to miss your posts!!!! But I shall be sure to twitter-stalk you all the time so I still feel like I know what’s going on in your life ;)

  21. You did too have stuff to say:)

    I stalk you on Twitter, so don’t stray far.

    Wishing you a good New Year – busy but good. Hang in there sweets!!

    Tell Chicago hi for me!

  22. Happy 2013! I hope you don’t get too slammed at work.

  23. Enjoy your break! Sometimes you just need a break to start back fresh or realize you don’t want to blog anymore. I had alot of breaks in 2012 and now in 2013 I am feeling blog-refreshed!

    Happy New Year!

  24. Well this is awkward….it took me 8 days to read and comment on this post. Glad that I can still find you on Instagram! I’m addicted.

    Enjoy your blogging break Amy. I think we all need one from time to time. It’s exhausting spending so much time on a “hobby” when there really isn’t time to be spent. I can relate!

  25. hope things are going well!

  26. I miss you already, but I hope all is well…and we do still need to meet up!!!

  27. Lol I love your style of writing its so funny. Ran across this on the 20sb forum and thought I’d check it out. I totally know what you’re saying about not wanting to look at a computer screen after working all day (I work in IT). Have a fun break!

  28. […] a link here letting Amy know we miss her. Prose before […]

  29. Oh no, this is sad! Love your blog. Hopefully you come back soon. Enjoy the break and the new love interest ;-) Take care.

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