100 Words Saturday- Cards Win Edition


The Cards are moving on to the NLCS!

I went to a friend’s house to watch last night. They had no toilet paper. Clearly it was an all boy household.

TP arrived at some point in the night. Whew!

But that’s trivial. Because CARDS WIN!

Anyway, I kept it chill because college football is taking over my afternoon.

That and I’ve got a 6-mile run planned with my friend beforehand.

So I’m awake and psyching myself up.


Coffee and catching up on Jersey Shore.Oh Snooki, you need to get it together.

Vince thinks so, too.

Later, ya’ll!

100 Words- Lethargic Edition

Energy has been lacking for the last few days.

Not sure why. 

I’ve cancelled the last two days of workouts. And sat on my couch instead.

Or laid on my couch. Either/or.

Friends tried to get me out last night.

I politely said I had plans.

With a couple of Red Box movies. And a bottle of wine.A new wine. Because I was feeling mischievious…And leftovers. Because that was a lie. I was actually feeling quite boring.

Hopefully this lethargic feeling goes away. It’s driving me nuts.

Plus my friend will hate if I cancel our run… again. Ugh.

The Nothing Post

Last night I did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I turned down plans. Ignored texts.

Because it was an exhausting week. And I’d rather be here: Besides, I need to redo my pedicure before another night out. My feet are gross.

Correction: All feet are gross. Not just mine.

So instead, I rented Cedar Rapids.

Is it weird that Ed Helms has mannerisms in the way that he talks to remind me of an ex-boyfriend?

Yeah, you’re right. That’s weird.

The movie was good. I laughed my ass off.

While drinking and eating this:What’s better than carry out woon sen?

Nothing. But leftover woon sen is a close second.

Yes, that’s the Jersey Shore marathon playing in the background. What? I hadn’t started the movie yet…

Then I passed out on my couch went to bed at 10.

Lame? Yes. But I’m on my second cup o’ joe and am about to meet up with a friend to kill a run.

So I don’t care.

Because I do what I want.

Happy weekend!

100 Words Saturday- That Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling you forgot something?

It just pops into your head?

I did while running my 3.5 miles on the trail by my old place before cleaning and turning in the keys.

Did I unplug the coffee maker? The coffee maker without an automatic shut-off? While my roommate’s out of town?


Did I?


I still had to pick up my bridesmaid dress.

45 minutes of cleaning before picking up the dress- decided to finish the rest later. I’m not burning down my new house…

Rush home…

It’s unplugged.Some things never change.

(Sort of like my salad habit.)

100 Words Saturday- Impulsive Edition

Stayed in last night and had a girl’s wine night with my friend Mon.Mommy bottle and baby bottle?

Also had the brilliant idea of making pizza at 9:30 when we were a couple of glasses in.

From scratch. Oh yes. Does this make me impulsive? No? Let’s pretend it does.

This morning I got my 7 miles in as according to the training plan. 8:49 pace for the whole thing. I didn’t want to push. I just wanted to run…

I guess now it’s time to clean up the huge mess I made in the kitchen in all my impulsive glory.

Happy Saturday!

100 Words Saturday- Anti-Social Edition

Happy Weekend! I hope your Saturday morning is going well!

I’m about to go climb some stairwells with Megan to prepare for Hustle Up the Hancock (oh yeah- remember that stair climb I’m gonna do? I almost forgot, too.).

Last night it snowed.

It was Mon and my justification for being anti-social. And watching a crappy movie.Knight and Day. We knew it wouldn’t be the greatest going into it. 

We were so right.

After a couple of vodka clubs, we didn’t even pay attention.

And gossiped instead. Sounds about right.

What’s the last bad movie you’ve seen?

100 Words Saturday- Thumbs up, Thumbs Down

Another Friday night in.  Big thumbs up!  I was tired and had a cake to finish!

First, off to Whole Foods for eats.  Usually, we seek out Whole Foods in other areas.  Why?  Because the WF by our apartments is lame.The expression says it all.  Poor selection. Poor service.  Wilted lettuce.  Veggies looked like they sat out all day.  Thumbs down.

I’ll never go back to this one again.  I mean it this time.

Let me stress- “this one”.  I still heart WF.

Can’t show the cake (the baby mama is a reader!).  Sneak peek of cake bites:Happy Saturday!


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