A Better Day

Yes, I’m still gonna talk about it two days later.

You know I don’t like Tuesdays to begin with, but this one was killer.

So unenjoyable that all I could think of doing when I got home was to lay motionless for about an hour in front of the telly (yes, I think I’m British now) and then drag my worthless and defeated carcass upstairs to bed.

You would have done the same. We were short-staffed at work all day before a major convention. Usually lunch hour provides me a break from the crazy. But, to be honest, I don’t even remember when that should have been. And I wouldn’t even remember what I ate if I didn’t bring salad to work 80% of the time.


I didn’t even get to check the Cards game before leaving the office and driving out to the ‘burbs for my haircut.

My friend Mon and I were going together, so I picked up some food for myself and drove to her place. I beat her there. Instead of waiting patiently, I just did what I felt like.Dug in while sitting in my car. Probably creepin’ the neighbors out.

Oh well. I’ve probably done worse things.

It was a delicious turkey sandwich with a side of steamed veggies. There are now two-day-old carrots on the floor of my car somewhere.

But like I mentioned earlier, after the haircut and realization the Cards lost, I was of no use to anyone.

But never fear! Yesterday was better!

Mostly in part because it wasn’t Tuesday anymore.

But let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we?

Yep. A birthday cupcake from the break room. That’s all it takes. I’m cheap like that.

Don’t tell my man friend I said that…

Actually, there are quite a few other things. Like we weren’t AS short-staffed. I actually got a lunch. Traffic didn’t suck so bad. I got to run 6.1 miles like a bad ass. The Cards won and forced a Game 5. Modern Family was on. I’m now over the hump of the work week (humpa humpa!).

You know… the usual.

Even the weather! We are having unseasonably gorgeous weather. Like really- high 70’s through this coming weekend. Amazing! We all feel so lucky.

Wait… what’s that you say? As I’m enjoying my coffee, waking up out of my haze, you’re going to run a report about how it has been predicted that Chicago will have one of the worst winters they’ve had since God knows when and we need to be prepared because it’ll be the worst winter weather in the nation this year.


What a buzzkill.

I think I need another cupcake…

Seatbelts Please…

I wish I had some amazing and exciting post to fill you with laughter and entertainment.

I don’t.

Unless, of course, you think my stepping in dog poo last night in my favorite sandals is comical. In that case, you have come to the right place. 

I need to learn to stick to sidewalks. That and a certain dog owner in my neighborhood really needs to clean up their shit. Literally.

Anyway, not much new to report here. Expect this to go in about a million different directions. Buckle your seatbelt and hold on.

So news… um…I mean… it’s raining… does that count?


Whatev. It’s Tuesday- which seems fitting. I don’t really care so much because there are no plans other than to work and make a stop in the gym.

Sorta like last night. There were a few scattered people running outside, reminding me of what I SHOULD be doing, now that I’ve got this 15k in November and all.

But there was rain in the air yesterday as well, so I kept my lame butt inside.

Why run outside when you can watch That 70’s Show on tv?

That’s complete sarcasm. I’m awful when it comes to concentrating on an actual show or news while running/working out/etc. Running seems to be my “la la” time and focus on one particular thing is usually not going to happen. However, it is some visual stimulation and is good for at least 10 or 15 minutes of distraction.

Which helped last night. After an indulgent weekend, the 4 miles seemed like a good way to rebound back into healthier ways. Even if there are meetings in my office with an abundance of catering to go along with it.

Good food that is free. Life is so harrrrrrrddddddd.

Hopefully, our new recycling bag at home will help to keep my eye on the prize instead of that bagel smothered in cream cheese:We really need to figure out a new system for recycling other than just bags hanging out in the corner of the kitchen. It can’t be very sanitary.

Anyway… we’ll see how that particular image of motivation works today. In all the frantic buzzing around in my house to locate an umbrella, other than the two already in my car, in order to brave the downpour, I seem to have forgotten my meticulously packed lunch (a massive salad).

Luckily, because of the meetings, there’s always a sandwich to grab. But knowing me, why end there? There will also be cookies. And cheese and crackers. And more cookies…


Oh Tuesday… you win again!


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