Low Profile

Yesterday I didn’t post.

It was Friday the 13th. Seemed safer to just keep a low profile. You just never know when it comes to such things.

Besides, I didn’t have a lot going on. It was a rest day in every which way.

Ever since half marathon training started back in January, I’ve used Friday as a recovery and rest day so Saturday could be super kick-ass.

This seemed smart in theory. Not so sure if it always worked. But I’ve decided to keep up with the trend- even if the race is well behind me.

Plus, after a long week of work, there is nothing better than walking through the door after a stupidly long commute and just collapsing on the couch.

My roommate was not far behind. We bond through our sheer laziness.

At some point, I got hungry. There was chicken defrosting in the refrigerator, or a burrito at my local mexican joint with my name on it.

The cooking of the chicken won out. Mostly because I didn’t feel like putting my shoes back on to venture outside.

Plus, you can’t really walk down the street or into a restaurant with an open glass of wine.

I mean… what if you dropped it?

On top of that, there is quite a bit of food in my refrigerator that needed to be used up. And if I wanted to still have that kick-ass workout this morning, a burrito bomb with extra guac and sour cream might not be overly helpful. Counterproductive, to say the least.

We’ll save that for late-night after-party snackage. :)

So I was a good little girl and made myself some chicken with a side of brussels sprouts and the last of some sweet potato fries.

Stewie was a little nervous about Friday the 13th, too...

It was then a swift retreat back to the previously mentioned couch to watch The Descendants.

Definitely worthy of all the Oscar attention it got. However, not really a “feel good” movie. Makes sense, being as how it’s about finding out that your comatose wife cheated on you.

Yet worthy of a tear or two.

I know. What is going on with me?

We also rented Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Since it didn’t get watched last night, we’ll get to it at some point today, I’m sure.

Even if I will probably feel the need to purchase another dead bolt and sleep with the light on for a few days/weeks/whatever.

I’m not mature enough for “R” rated movies.


See what I mean?

Old Woman Habits

One thing about going out on a Thursday…

… this old woman will absolutely NOT go out the next night. Seriously- who can do that??

Kids these days…

Granted, I don’t normally go out a lot on Fridays anyway. At the end of the week, I just really want to come home and collapse.

And catch up on my DVR. Because I need to watch my “programs”. Like an old woman.

That’s right. I think I’m getting old.

I’m constantly the only one cold in the office. I’m frugal. I fell in love with a picture of a cat my friend sent yesterday.

Dag nabbit. I’m a lost cause.

And I imagine, if there were such a classification of “old woman food”, this may be it:It’s no secret I’m a brussels sprouts fan. And can eat half a bag in one sitting, no issue when I simply cut and roast them.

But… there are other options…Like if they’re sliced/shredded. It deceives me into thinking I’m eating more this way. Sweet. Because being painfully stuffed afterwards is never a good thing.

Really, I saw this on a few other girls’ blogs and only wanted to do it to save time. It’s much faster. Which is good. Because I have no patience.

Plus, it’s kind of pretty.

Maybe that’s a stretch. But the shredded went well with the artichoke pasta I paired it with.And it went REALLY well when I just decided to mix it all into one mess. Just sayin’.

Because old women fall asleep on the couch by 11:00 at night, they often wake up pretty early the next day.

And because they often feel the need to be productive, there will be a grocery shopping trip and a 6-mile run at the gym. Most likely all before noon. This provides plenty of time for an afternoon nap.


And because old women such as myself often feel the need to pretend they’re younger than they really are, this old woman will be attempting her second night on in a short period of time.

Send help. Or a sweater. I’d hate to catch a chill.


But before I go… does anyone have a butterscotch?

Lean Green Fighting Machine

Before we get into it, I wanted to announce the winner to the Manna Organics Giveaway from last week!

Should I have done it yesterday? Probably. My bad…

Congrats to Emily B!

Hey Emily! Please send me your mailing address so I can pass along your info and get your prize to ya! Yay!

Moving on…

It happened again, folks.

A long weekend. A long recovery on Sunday.

And then Monday rears its ugly head and forces me off my butt to once again become a productive member of society.

Probably a good thing. At least I know the set agenda by heart.

First thing is first- waking up.

Check. Yay me!

Second on the list- reintroduce things that aren’t fried or found in a candy bowl back into my diet. Oh and possibly apologize to my friend Mary for my and Laura’s ability to completely take down her leftover Halloween stash during our stay…Green is the color of the day. And week, if we’re lucky. Brussels sprouts may also be my vegetable of the week. I’m very streaky with food phases. They usually last about a week or two at a time. So I probably should have bought two bags of them at the grocery store instead of just one. (Good bye sweet potatoes and beta carotene, hello brussels and vitamin C!)

I also opted for tea in the afternoon instead of coffee or Diet Coke (a favorite as of late- whoopsies). Our office has really stepped it up with the tea selection, so I went for Tazo “Awake” black tea.Did it do the job?

The magic 8 ball says “it’s decidedly so”.

Which sounds about right.

Even with a few days off to run rampant travel, the next step on my list, the workout, went swimmingly.

Or runningly? A 3-mile run and 20 minutes on the elliptical. It’s like the weekend was sweating out of my body.

It probably grossed out everyone around me. *Hanging head in shame.”

All in all, the day was a healthy start to the rest of my week. Quite similar to many Mondays before it.

If only I wouldn’t tend to expel so much activity into my weekends and have more days like this “just because”.

Then, I’d probably continually look like the lean, green (not mean) fighting machine I’ve always attempted to be:

Instead of this:Lesson probably not learned. But at least I recognize the issue. And that counts for something, right?

Old Habits

As adventurous and random as I try to be, there are certain habits that just don’t stop.

The serious caffeine addiction. (I am not looking to fix this one anytime in the near future.)

Cracking my knuckles.

Awkward jokes at even more awkward moments. (Do NOT let me near a funeral home.)

Unexplained/unneccessary purchases at Target. (Stupid endcaps.)

Letting my nail polish chip to embarrassing levels before doing anything about it.

Finding one new food to make and eating it over…

and over…and over again…Well… at least brussels sprouts are good for you. And I added something new- it has been quite some time since an asparagus wrap has graced my plate. So that’s not SO monotonous… right?

Moving on… more old habits:

Letting my competitive side get the best of me. The male friend of mine and I are in our third week of a little mileage challenge. He won the first week. I won the second week. And if you think I’m going to let him win again anytime soon, you’re just as crazy as I am. After last night’s 6.5-mile run (I even pushed it with a sub-8:20 pace!), I’m currently at 8 for the week. He’s at 5. Bring it.

And finally, letting my frugal ways beat out common sense. I used to get my hair dyed on the regular in college (how did I afford that???). Then I did it once on my own a few years ago because surely it’s not that difficult…

Yeah. I looked emo for a few weeks. Oops.

The blackish/dark brown combo finally grew/faded out and I’ve pretty much let it go to my natural color ever since. I swore to never attempt it on my own again. NEVER!

Well. I was bored with it. My color seemed flat. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jaime, a friend/coworker/former stylist, convinced me it was possible to succeed at the do-it-yourself. So after her taking me to a professional beauty supply store, walking me through the steps, then walking me through them again, I’ve attempted the impossible. She believed in me. I could do this.Crossing my fingers and praying the entire time…

You’ll see pics eventually. It’s not expected to be a drastic change either way (more just getting rid of the highlights I acquired in the summa’ sun), and there’s something about not washing my hair for at least 48 hours that has me not feeling sexy enough to be postin’ pics all up on the interwebz.


My oily hair and I are gonna check out now. Laters!

Too Bad, So Sad

It seems we all agree.

Cupcakes are awesome. Duh.

So much so, that I could not believe my eyes when I saw them in our break room refrigerator the next day. How are there still some left?!?!

A few hours of my morning was spent avoiding the breakroom, trying to justify a second breakfast of cupcakes, waiting to get hungry (as to further justify consuming one at 9:00 in the morning), etc.

Oh and I did some work, too.

By 11:30, I was willing to cave. An appetizer before lunch? Bring it…

So I slinked into the break room.

None left.

Too bad, so sad.

I pouted for a minute. Then remembered the little number I’m supposed to also be slinking myself into for an upcoming wedding. It’s for the best.

There are better options for me to be consuming. Or at least there are things in my diet I shouldn’t be replacing with sugar. (Too bad, so sad)

So I took it as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone (only a bit!) and attempt roasting brussels sprouts on my own for the very first time!Yeah… some people get excited about going out to happy hour on a Thursday night.

I’m excited over preparing the bad boy veggie no one thinks they’d like. Talk about wild and crazy.

I made them pretty much the same way as Megan taught me (Megan- aren’t you so proud of me?!?!?!). Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little heat (she used cajun seasoning when we made them, but I just used straight up paprika).A turkey wrap (yes, I’m on a kick with the turkey) that included lettuce, cheddar, salsa, and a bit o’ ranch.

According to the bag, I went ahead and had somewhere between 2 and 3 servings of brussels sprouts. But when there’s less than 50 calories in a serving? I’m gonna go ahead and not sweat that one…

My timing last night couldn’t have been better. All this was done after some weights a la Jillian (15 minutes) and cardio a la stairmill (25 minutes), yet before my stint as a sub for my friend’s softball team.

Again, I’m happy to report no broken face or unsightly bruising. Whew…

However, some would argue the more important factor is if we won or lost.

We lost. :( Too bad, so sad.

But with my 2 hits and an RBI? Yeah- I’m walking away feeling like a winner. I never play anymore and will take anything I can get.

I’m also happy to report it’s finally Friday (like you didn’t know) and the weekend is being welcomed with open arms!

And crossed fingers. Let us all take a moment to think about Mizzou football and St. Louis baseball and send good thoughts their way.

Don’t question it. JUST DO IT!

Happy weekend…


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