The Diamond Dash 5k

I’m always one to give myself plenty of time when trying to go anywhere.

This is Chicago. I mean… you could try to drive down the street and it will take anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour.

Think I’m kidding? Don’t.

The roomie was a volunteer for the Burdeen’s Diamond Dash, so we had to make sure she was there at 7:30. We got there at 7:05. Whoopsie. Way too early.

At least we saw a double rainbow on the way. It was decided to be a good omen. Thanks to YouTube.

And it started to rain. Which KILLED me. Annie worked her ass off and has lived and breathed this event for the last 6 months. The last thing we needed was rain. She smiled the entire time anyway.But the rain came and went. So there was still plenty of time to get ready for the race and stretch…My creeper was back. Oh Mon…

So back to the race…

It was a smaller one. But 140 participant for the first year? Pretty impressive.

My lunchtime running buddy, D, and I, along with my girl Laura ran the 5k. After a long night of watching Mizzou football and listening to the awesome party my neighbors were having, we were all feeling a little ragged. But were determined to run this thing balls to the wall.

The horn went off. My guy friend pushed ahead as soon as he was off. I told him I would stick with him for the first half mile at least. I lied.

The first mile was a rough one. My calves were tight and I was tired.

Excuses. They’re like belly buttons. Everyone has one.

So I sucked it up. And kept truckin’.

My stride finally came at mile 2.

The sound of my breathing may lead you to believe otherwise, but I found a dude and set up my pace behind him. For almost 2 miles. And then I passed him. Which was right at the last .1 miles of the course.

Enough energy to pass one. But not the girl in front of me. It wasn’t happening.

Did this bother me?

Eh. Not really. Because I somehow ended up placing second and getting a sweet medal and gift certificate to Fleet Feet!Perfect timing. Because this chick needs new running shoes!

My final time was 24:25- just under a 7:53 pace. I missed my fastest time by about 18 seconds. Awwwwww shucks!

Final impressions of the race? I won’t lie- there’s a lot of bias on my end. Being as how one of my best friends organized the thing. However, I will say she went above and beyond the call of duty. No small detail was left unattended. And the course was perfect for the size of the race. Even the narrowest part of the trail was saved for the end when everyone had thinned out due to pace.

Plus there was a bouncy house. What more do you need?

I’ll be back next year to try and claim my spot as first place female.

Or at least attempt to keep up again… ;)

How did we celebrate the finish of the race?

With beer, of course!Oh and buffalo chicken. Because my weaknesses are buffalo sauce and mexican food. So clearly one or the other would happen.

This is Sunday Funday, afterall.

And because it was Sunday Funday, and because we were at Goose Island cheering on the Bears (we’re not talking about it), I had to get the flight of Goose Island beers…I have had all the beers but the Honkers Ale, but it was a decent deal, so why not?

The Honkers Ale was delish. However, my heart will always belong to the original 312. Holla’.

We ended the night with a mad dash in the rain and some wine from the liquor store down the street and the Emmy’s.Sorta reminded me of when Laura and I lived together in college.

I’m sad she’s leaving this morning. And she may hate me after being stuck in rush hour on her way home to St. Louis.

Oh well. We had a good weekend. One for the books. Yeah- I’m calling it that.

Happy Monday kids. Don’t mind me- I’m gonna go fill up on caffeine and get a little salad detox in. Laters!

Packet Party

Happy Wednesday, kiddos!

Ok. So the “!” was probably pushing it.

I know. It’s freakin’ Wednesday. Let’s all congregate again tomorrow and be a little more excited since it’s Thursday instead. Ok. I’m down with that.

Sorry. I’m sort of in a weird place between tired and wired on coffee. But it’s cool. Us girlies got a LOT done last night.

Packets stuffed for the Burdeen’s Diamond Dash 5k?CHECK! This is the first year for the race and already you get twice as much swag as any of the other ones I’ve done as of late. What’s that about?

More cinnamon roll sugar cookies inhaled by me and my associates?Check! Check! Check!

Along with other awesome finger foods, of course. Yes, there were 5 of us. And yes, Annie made sure we were WELL fed with a spread bigger than what I’d serve at a house party. So yes, she’s twice the hostess I will ever be. I’m cool with that.

Even a bottle of wine was uncorked.

I really need to start volunteering to help out with more races if this is always the case. Because we had fun. And between the gossip and girly chit chat, we actually got all the bags stuffed and ready for this Sunday!

This was the main reason for my trip back out to the ‘burbs after work. But since moving into the city in June,  there always seems to be random reasons to go out there every other week or so. No complaints.

Because I also always make sure to visit Mon. We’re not neighbors anymore, so we spend a little more time planning our together time.

Like before the Packet Stuffing Party started- Mon and I took to her apartment complex gym (my old gym- *tear). And, because it’s how we roll, we ranted and raved as we ellipticalled our little hearts away.

If you don’t have a friend that you can hang out with and all you do is rage or complain, I don’t know how you survive life. Seriously. I’m not an angry person (ahem- usually). But I need an outlet. As does she. It’s a silent mutual agreement we’ve entered. 

Anyway, after all the cardio, packet stuffing, and even an oil change (holla’- I’m a multi-tasker), I headed home way too late and now you may understand the “wired on coffee” autopilot mode I’m in.

Hopefully the buzz lasts until at least lunch time- my guy friend and I have a run planned.

Maybe I should have another cinnamon roll sugar cookie, too. For the energy. Obviously.

The Nothing Goal

Running around is all I’ve been doing as of late.

It’s not so bad I guess. Today is Friday and there’s a pretty relaxed weekend ahead of me. And when I say “pretty relaxed”, I really mean there are only plans for one night.

As of right now. The planner seems to magically fill itself faster than I can keep up. There are worse things, I’m sure. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy the thought of a partially empty weekend.

I’m tired.


Several runs happened during lunch with my guy friend. Who is not getting any slower (like what I’m doing). Instead, he seems to thrive off of no sleep and staying out until 2:30 the night before. Stupid boys.

A 5k run with my girl Miss Annie. Which was also our chance to go over the race course for the Burdeen’s Diamond Dash 5k run/2k walk coming up in a little over a week!And yes- there’s still time to register or donate- all proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation and would be greatly appreciated!

Back on track- after all this cardio, Jillian Michaels reminded me how important it is to continue strength training on a regular basis or she’ll kick my butt. She did this as the plumber was 10 feet away from me fixing the sink (yes, yet another thing we’ve had leak in this house). I used to feel funny about the roommate watching me do workout videos. This was a whole new level of weird.

 I also hit the elliptical for 20 minutes on top of that because I just didn’t feel “done”. Blame the coffee at 3pm. Whoopsies. Thankfully, it’s easy now to walk down to the gym for just 20 minutes if I feel like it. Starting to slowly love that. And sorta take back how angry I was the first time I visited

Clearly I was a rockstar with the workouts this week (or at least I think so, don’t tell me any different!). And the laundry. And the grocery shopping. As to free up my weekend even more. So I can, that’s right, do nothing at some point. That is the goal.

However, it will not be tonight. Because tonight is a nationally televised Mizzou football game- my alma mater.

The bar has been chosen. The Bud Light has been chilled. I am READY.

Have a good weekend, kids!


Wedding Weekend Begins…

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Don’t be jealous that I’m off work for the 2nd day now as I am in St. Louis for the wedding of one of my best friends.

To be completely honest, I have no desire to live in St. Louis, but I love coming back for visits. Most of the time, my family will make the drive to meet me. And pretty much every time, I am welcomed by the open arms of two of my favorite girls:Together again! Like three peas in a pod. Which is way better than only two peas in pod. I like my peas. :)

I also really like my dress:Anyway, as we finish up wedding stuff here and there, I’d really like to give a shout out to another one of my favorites- Annie is amazing and ever since her first 5k and new love of running, she’s been wanting to do something big. Her company is very generous and spends a lot of time and money helping out the Make a Wish Foundation.

So this year, she’s combining two passions and is pleased to present the First Annual Diamond Dash 5k and 2k walk!For the last few months, a main topic of conversation between us has been this 5k. She’s so dedicated and I love being able to help her as she bounces ideas around be a helping hand when necessary. I know September is a little way down the road, but if you’re in the Chicago area, you know September is a gorgeous time of the year around here and would be perfect for a lil’ 5k run or stroll on the trails.  :)

Hopefully, I’ll see a few of you Chicago kids there?  :)  I’ll be volunteering and racing, so hit me up via the twitter or email if you’re thinking of signing up!  Woot woot!

Ok, enough blogging… must get back to my maid of honor duties…

Sssshhh… don’t tell Mary I was here.  ;)


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