Is it appropriate for a 25-year-old to throw a fit about not getting a snow day yesterday?

No?  Fair enough.  I didn’t.  But considered it on multiple occasions.

And according to Shelby, I’m allowed to complain about it. She did a little research and came up with a guide to complaining about the weather.  I dig it.

Plus, it was Tuesday. And since I dislike Tuesdays, I’ll complain just because I can.

So mature…

Although, I did have a very un-Tuesdayish event occur.  Tosh.0 is back on Comedy Central!  It made my day. Is anyone else a fan? Is it possible I’ll have something to look forward to on Tuesdays for a while?  Yes it is!

Another way I attempted to combat my Tuesday blues was with carb deliciousness.Surely the pretty colors would make me happy. 

Actually, the taste did.  But we’ll pretend the colors helped.

I mixed whole wheat pasta, peas, and spinach together (the spinach at the very end after draining so it wouldn’t get too wilted) and topped with marinara and the leftover chicken sausage and red onion I had sautéed for dinner the night before.

My only sadness is the unused red chili pepper flakes.  I pulled them out to sprinkle on top, but inhaled the plate before that happened.  Maybe that means I didn’t *really* need them.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t want them. (insert pouting)

Most likely, you’ll be seeing me get semi-creative with whole wheat pasta in the near future. Yes, this is the stuff I’ve mentioned before.  The expiration is in February.  So we’re working on a deadline, folks.

The dinner was just what I needed for a laid back walk on the treadmill.  I’m on a walk “kick” after dinner these days.  Mostly because I’ve had a lot of energy as of late and can multi-task. It’s when most of my phone conversations happen.

But don’t worry- I’m not rude about it.  I try to find times when the only people there are ones that don’t mind (er… friends) or when it’s empty. And if someone walks in, the conversation gets cut short- because I’m not about to be that girl spreading her business around.  It amazes me what people will sometimes say on the phone in public.  I mean… we can hear you.

This morning I woke up and did a little more of my newest Jillian dvd- No More Trouble Zones.  My triceps are not happy about this, but I assume they’ll thank me later when I’m letting them run around naked in the warmer temps (the constant snow dump lets me know this will be a LONG wait). My arms have never been a “trouble spot” for me, but it was quickly realized that they were weak little puppies before my Jillian phase.

I realized at this point, I’m just rambling and should probably end it before it gets weird.  Too late?  Dang…

Any ideas for my pasta?  preferably something that is for only 2-3 servings? I get bored easily…

Keeping My Pants On

It really is unfortunate I turn into such a wus when it comes to the cold. This is one main reason why I’m not huge on running outside unless it’s at least 45-50ish degrees.  Feel free to judge- I still don’t care and won’t do it!

And that’s when I’m fully dressed in cold weather gear.  Imagine how much whining would occur if I’d be wearing less.

Which is one reason why I contemplated and inevitably declined participating in this:

Yes.  A Pantless Subway ride. 

Chicago is one of the many cities to participate in this tradition that was started in New York by a group called Improv Everywhere. I’ve actually discussed them before- I find them highly amusing and would love to participate in one of their little stunts one day (preferably one where I wouldn’t freeze my tookus off- like synchronized fountain swimming?). 

Pham was the one to shoot the above video and also to throw a text my way about it.  I told him it was pretty ironic, because at the time I was reading the book Causing a Scene by the creator of Improv Everywhere.Has anyone ever seen or participated in a thing like this or something similar?

The closest I’ve gotten is probably running into the Free Hugs Campaign when my brother and his friends came to visit a couple of years ago.Joke was on these dudes- it was one of the hottest days in March ever and we had been walking around all day.

We were probably stank.

Either way, I guess my point is that I think it’s really cool.  And maybe I should just suck it up, put on my big girl pants, and then take them off next year during the annual ride.

Expect me to talk myself in and out of it for the next 364 days…

Oh and fun fact- Aziz Ansari is an “agent” and participated in Improv Everywhere back in the day.  Neat.

Moving on…

I’m glad you guys sort of agree with my decision to chill out a wee bit on the running front this week.  Don’t think this means I’m not working out- just switching it up.

Last night, I did another round of The Shred with 5-lb and 8-lb weights.  Level 1.  I tried mixing in the 8-lb weights with Level 2 over the weekend.  Needless to say, there’s a reason why I went back down to 1.

This morning, I trudged through the mini snowstorm we’re having to the workout room at 5:15.  There was another girl in there and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting to see anyone.  Because she looked started.

Maybe it was because I looked like a bit of a hobo in snow-covered sweats and massive winter coat. Because I was well aware of my appearance, there was no need to be offended by her reaction.

It was a little slow getting started (maybe from a night of tossing and turning?), but soon I was chugging away.  25 minutes on the elliptical. 10 on the stairmill.

Wish I could have had a few more minutes on the stairmill, but time was not on my side.  Whatever, though- it was a rough 10 minutes.  As a lot of you know, the stairmill puts you up pretty high.  In a workout room at an apartment complex, expect for the ceiling to not be that far away from your head.  Expect the air/heating vents to be poorly placed in said room.  Expect to be sweating that tookus of yours off twice as quickly because the air will be blowing directly at you.

Clearly, whoever helped set up the workout room does not actually use the workout room.

I like to think this helps prepare me for enduring the elements once I start taking my workout back outside. Right?  When it’s hot- not cold.  Because I’m sort of a wus in the cold…

Be careful today, kids!  According to the news, there’s snow falling pretty much everywhere.

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Rarely do I gush, but after the comments on yesterday’s post, I would like to humbly and sincerely say thank you.  I blushed a little.  You kids are all fabulous. 

And I also loved the reasons why you guys started your blogs.  Rock on!

To completely switch up the mood, wanna know one of my top google searches people used to get to my blog this week?  The term “sweaty girl”.


It’s cool I guess.  I work up a sweat often.  In the gym.  And sometimes in my apartment.  Heads out of the gutter, please.  I’m talking about my workout dvds.  Let’s focus…

Yesterday morning was more of the regular.  I woke up at 5:10.  Because of the cooldown (I will discuss this more later in the post) it takes a little more than usual to talk myself into getting out from under my two comforters.  Yes- two.  There’s supposed to be one last warmup this week and I’m bound and determined to keep that heater off until we’re seen the last of the 70-degree weather.  Being a recessionista isn’t always glamorous.  So if you come visit me in the next couple of days, dress in layers.

And then I saw something shiny…

Where was I?

Oh yeah, back to the early workout…  Jillian and I met on the battlefield and took down Level 2 of The Shred.  I think it’s about time I upgrade on the weights.  I’ve said it before, but I actually mean it this time (I think).  5-lb is still a challenge on some of the moves.  But I like to think I’m ready to for some 7’s in my life.  I never claimed to be the strongest chick ever, but I’m sure as hell trying!  I also did the core circuit with my resistance bands.  It’s not my favorite circuit that is offered, but because I’m also slacking on the yoga, my core has felt a little left out as of late.  It seems the legs have gotten all the attention and the core is starting to develop the middle child syndrome.  (I totally just made a funny there.  Get it?  Because it’s my middle?  No?  Shoot….)

After work, I hit the cardio with a little elliptical time.  It was an all-around, well-balanced workout.  :)

But I won’t lie.  I was done-zo for the night.  And had no issues curling up under my blanket and chillaxin’ here:I’m pretty sure I’m thankful everyday for this couch that replaced the crappiest fouton ever.  Instead of hearing it creak every time I sit down, I just sink in and sigh a happy sigh.  :)  And yeah, even though I have a nice table, I still enjoy eating off of my coffee table in front of the tv.  No one’s perfect… 

The food can be, though.Hello broccoli.  You needed special attention, too.  And I was happy to oblige.  Along with finishing off the rest of the baked BBQ chicken I made last Friday by throwing it into a sandwich- it seemed to last forever!

And so here we are this fine Wednesday morning… I slept well last night.  How do I know?  Because somehow I totally slept past my alarm.  I was frustrated.  I didn’t mind the sleep (who would?), but I’ve really started to enjoy getting in a good part of my workout in the morning.  Apparently the two comforters convinced me to stay in bed this time around.  It’s no biggie.  I just don’t enjoy the “rushed” feeling I get when I get home late and still want to hit the gym before relaxing for the evening.  Ick. 

Thank goodness Modern Family doesn’t start until 8:00 around here.  Clearly I have priorities.  :)

Question of the day- Does the weather affect your workouts?  Are you a hard ass that keeps running through the winter (I salute you)?  Do you stop morning workouts because you don’t want to get out of bed?  Do you do more/less in your workout?  Are you going to just answer already so I can stop asking questions?  Seriously… why can’t I stop?

Happy Wednesday!

My parents are coming! My parents are coming!

So excited, I had to say it twice.

Friday went by so quickly!  We were short-staffed, so I kept busy the whole day without too much of a problem.  Although a chocolate fix to get through the afternoon was necessary:I’m a Clif bar kind of girl, but a little departure never hurt anyone.  (And the Luna White Chocolate bar is even better than this one!)

Like I said previously, this was a scheduled RedBox night.  I was even organized enough to do an online reservation.  I’m THAT big of a nerd.  :)  And I’m totally ok with that.  What did I end up with?  In The Air and 2012.  Not sure why I picked either one, I was just clicking through and went, “huh.  That looks alright. Hopefully it will work out better than the last time I pulled a RedBox night.”

And it was.  Up in the Air was so much better than The Invention of Lying.  If that wouldn’t be obvious enough.  I watched and confirmed. 2012 on the other hand?  Eh.  I feel like they got two 14-year-old boys hyped up on Red Bull and possibly crack and asked, “what would look really cool in an action movie?”  And that’s how this movie came about…

During Up in the Air, I enjoyed another egg souffle creation courtesy of Low.And I traded my usual wine for a cup of green tea.  Aren’t I so responsible?  ;)  Not that I really have any absolute reason to not have a glass.  But sometimes a week of complete sobriety can be a good thing.  Besides, I’m out of TJ wine.  So yeah…

During 2012, when I wasn’t glued to the overly obnoxious special effects and “close calls” that happened every two minutes, I was all over google and yelp.  Looking up the logistics of today and tomorrow to make it a little easier for my parents and I as we do our thing in the city.  That’s the planner in me.  Besides, I think it’s reassuring to my parents.  When you’re not used to navigating a city as big as Chicago on a regular basis (or even half as big for that matter), it can be extremely overwhelming.  I still get a little out of sorts after a well laid out plan from time to time (hence my bus ride in the wrong direction just this week!).

So I’ve got notes.  With several options.  In case they don’t like my first general idea of how the day should go.  I’m flexible like that.  :)  Anyone else a little OCD about stuff like this???

I woke up this morning and apparently it snowed last night.  I didn’t realize that was coming so early?  Great.  Now the forecast at least says it’ll be 10 degrees warmer than originally anticipated, but the snow and rain will be an ongoing thing the entire day.  Oh dear.

Anyways, in true Saturday form, I have errands to run and things to do before my parents get here.  As soon as they get here, we’re out for a quick bite and then heading to the Shamrock Shuffle Expo.  I’m starting to get anxious, but I know I’ll feel better as soon as I get there and have my bib number in my hands!  Hooray!  It’s finally here. And I’m happy my parents made the final decision to come up to watch.  Don’t you love it when they’re around for a little extra support?

Have a good Saturday!  I’ll catch you tomorrow after the race!  Cross your fingers that my little leg sticks with me through it all without too much of a problem!

Cereal Confessions

After a long day of work, with no serious workout planned, what’s a girl to do? 

Retail therapy.

First stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I needed to acquire clothing for the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday.  Why? Because I need another layer of warmth that isn’t cotton and won’t weigh me down and be quite miserably cold if it’s rainy.  So after many laps around the women’s apparel area, this is what I ended up coming home with:My fav part is the zip pocket on the side.  And it was on sale.  Double awesome!

So now I have one layer of clothing secured.  According to the forecast, it’s going to be mostly cloudy with a chance of mixed rain and snow and a high later in the day of 38 degrees.  So now I only have about 342 more layers to figure out.  Nice…

Then, I decided to also hit Target to see if I could find any cheap(er) layers before I settled on just using the kind of bulky windbreaker I have.  No luck with the clothing options.  But I did find other things to spend money on.  Why do you always do this to me, Target?!?!  Aaaahhhh… such a love/hate relationship we have. 

I walked by the food aisles and popped my head into the cereal section.  My weakness…  for some reason, I can always justify buying cereal.  I don’t go through it NEARLY as fast as I used to.  Because really, I just throw it in my oatmeal and use it for snacking on occasion.  But it’s still a staple in my pantry.  And there it was.  A deal on Special K.  I know Special K isn’t the best.  It’s got a long ingredient list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients (insert Michael Pollan shaking his head in shame) and a lovely sugar count most people don’t notice because they’re too busy focusing on the 100 calorie claim.  I know this.  But I can’t help but love it.  Aaaahhhh!

So there it sat.  Heaven shining a light down onto all the glorious manufactured flavors (ok the flourescent lighting might just really suck in that particular store, who knows?).  $2.99 a box.  And if you buy 4 boxes, you get a $5 gift card.  I already had a random candle in my hand (that smells like cinnabuns!) and some tissue paper on clearance (75 cents!- Don’t ask.) that was just over $6.  It was fate.  You may say, “Amy, 4 boxes is a little unneccessary, don’t you think?”.  I say, “that’s what a pantry is for”.  I also realize that I’ll have to go through another pantry slim down at some point if I keep this up.  Geez.

I can’t pass up a good cereal sale.  It’s my kryptonite.  If you think I’m excited now, wait until you see me all worked up over a Kashi sale.  Get out of my way!

Quite famished by the time I got home and lugged all my goodies up the stairs, I was quick to make dinner.  Salad loaded with broccoli, edamame, and mushrooms- complimented with a quarter of a pita and hummus.  Lovely- it’s dinner by candlelight!Even Taylor was eyeing my fierce salad.  And complimenting me on my saavy candle scent choice.  Btw, I have no idea why I started receiving Elle.  I just did. Wouldn’t have picked Elle if I was deciding on magazines to start subscribing to (no offense to any die hard Elle readers).  But it came out of nowhere.  Never received a bill.  Never showed up on any banking statements.  No clue…

Well at least today is another gorgeous one that is supposed to be 60 and sunny.  The bad weather had the decency to wait completely until the weekend to blast us with winter craziness.  My family is actually supposed to come up tomorrow for a visit (and the shuffle), but have been very noncommital due to the weather.  So we’ll see if they join me tomorrow at the Shuffle Expo or not. 

Have a good weekend!  You know my Friday ritual… ;)  I don’t expect tonight to be any different.  Except I might hit a RedBox on the way home because I don’t have any new episodes of Grey’s or Modern Family to catch up on.  So yeah- really getting wild and spontaneous tonight!  Weeeeee!

*One of these days, I’m actually going to do something on a Friday and you guys will be completely beside yourself!  Ha… Or not really care.  One or the other…

Have a good one!


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