It’s MY Kitchen

Hola kids!

How’s the lazy Sunday going?

Mine is fab. As usual.Any day that starts with alphabet pancakes is fab in my book. (And yes- I heart Sheldon)

Hannah was the friend who usually crashed at our house in college and would break out her breakfast-making skills amongst the beer bottles and cocktail glasses from the night before.

Turns out she’s still got it. :)

In this instance, I mixed the pancakes and turned over the batter to her. She makes a pretty awesome mickey mouse pancake, too…

This is really saying something about her skillz. My roommate hardly cooks, so it’s pretty much considered MY kitchen. Letting other people mess around and use it takes a lot for me. It’s mine. Don’t touch.

Like on Friday night- I had complete control of the kitchen and made chicken artichoke calzones!I’m not overly exciting when it comes to cooking (since I’m more of a baker). So when I break this out, you know it’s a big deal.

Or actually, I guess it was more “assembling”. Because really, it’s all the ingredients I put on a pizza. Just instead, I put it IN the dough.And made it all pretty. The braiding thing was learned from my obsessive browsing of Pinterest. I like it because it’s super easy but looks way impressive.

When boys come a callin’ again, guess what I’m serving?  ;)

Check out that cheeeeese…. yeah buddy.

Hannah also had really good timing with  her trip up to see me. She was my fill-in date for a Second City comedy show.

Yes. I had bought the tickets. And not all the people they were intended for were going to be able to use them.

I also haven’t made mention of the man friend.

I’ll let you piece together that puzzle.

But no worries! We had a fantastic time watching one of my friends perform in a skit for the Second City Training Center. Who knew my friends were so talented???

After a few good laughs at the show and a nice cocktail or two, I can say, without any hesitation, it was a successful weekend.Now if only I could get more people to relocate to Chicago…

Burgers and Brussels

Monday night.

It’s the first night back from the weekend. A night that’s usually more relaxed than most because you are either playing catchup around the house, exhausted, or just really love chillin’ out with Monday night tv.

In our case, we used it as a good time to squeeze in a family dinner.

Jersey Shore does family dinner on Sundays. We do it on Mondays.

So at 7:30 on the dot, my roommate Bailey and I showed up at Megan‘s door, once again with food a’ plenty.

Megan, as she is the bigger cook out of the three of us, had decided on a spicy green chili burger with white cheddar. I helped out by bringing the ground beef (thanks to my parents and our humble lil’ farm in Mid-MO!) and shaping the burgers.

Every little bit counts, right?As I spent 5 whole minutes doing this, Megan prepared brussel sprouts and potatoes. The brussels were my request- I’ve been wanting to cook them on my own, but have no real point of reference of how it should be done and what the final result should be like.

What? I never had brussel sprouts as a kid!

Which is understandable. As children (and even as adults) we’re wired to hate them. It’s like a rule or something.

But since when do I ever follow the rules?Megan did a really simple seasoning on the brussel sprouts- just olive oil, salt, pepper, and a wee bit of garlic powder (or I’m pretty sure that’s close enough to what she said).

Now… the real question is… when do I work up the nerve to try them myself?

I know they’re simple. Hush. It’s like cooking fish. I’m just unnaturally terrified of it.

Also, even though the general rule is nothing goes better with a burger than beer, there were no adult beverages for us this time around. Straight water- I’m sitting pretty in the middle of two very long/busy weekends. Hydration is a priority.After heavy contemplation over gchat yeseterday morning (we’re not the best at planning ahead), Megan decided to top the burgers with green chiles and white cheddar.

It’s like she can read my mind. White cheddar takes me to my happy place. Possibly one of my favorite kinds of cheese.

And the dinner went just as expected. No phonecalls. No tv distractions (except to occasionally check the score of the football game). Discussion about how school work went that day. You know… the norm.

After our delicious dinner, Bailey and I headed home and stayed up a wee bit late to sneak in the new episode of Two and a Half Men. DVR is a wonderful thing.

As is the addition of Ashton Kutcher. I’ll say it. I liked the season opener a lot. I was totally sucked into the hype for it- because it was a show that had fallen by the wayside for me. Don’t lie- things had gotten weird.

They could have found a more graceful way to rid themselves of good ol’ Charlie. But whaddayagonnado?

Anyway, time to hunker down and get through this Tuesday. Luckily, I’ve got a few more Monday shows on dvr as to keep me distracted from the suckiness of how Tuesday normally goes. Oh how I love premiere week…

Cooking With Friends

From time to time, I find myself living in excess.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Usually it’s in the form of credit card receipts. Shoes. Chocolate. Wine…

However, this week it’s more of the garden fresh variety.

Thanks to the generosity of my parents, along with my roomie’s mom, we’re accidentally running a farmer’s market out of our kitchen.

So before business zoning becomes an issue, along with the overabundance of food all going bad, B and I decided to do something about it.

Have Megan cook for us!Just kidding. Sort of.

The roomie doesn’t cook often, and I’m a much better baker than cook (let’s be honest), so I told Megan about our hoarding of fresh food and asked if she could help out.

Plus, I offered to bring wine. I think that could be why she agreed.

And that’s how we had a little dinner party on our hands!

Megan showed us a few tricks in the kitchen when it comes to breaded eggplant.For the record, I’ve attempted eggplant on two different occasions. Neither of them were overly spectacular. It must be because I didn’t have the 8-lb weights at the time…

As Megan slaved away in the kitchen, Bailey and I took to the outdoors to shuck some corn.When I was a wee little lass, we used to shuck corn from the family garden on my grandma’s front porch steps. It overlooked the pasture (remember that whole thing where I told you I grew up on a cattle farm?).

Things have clearly changed. I now shuck corn on a balcony overlooking downtown Chicago. With a delicious cabernet sauvignon sitting beside me. Weird.

And for the record, I totally made my wine selection on what would be paired well with eggplant. This made me feel very adult-like.

Because usually I just ask the question, “white or red?”

Ok fine, it’s usually “well let’s see what I’ve got in the cabinet.”

Anyway, earlier in the day while chatting about a second side (yes, this is interesting conversation to us), I told Megan we also had a ridiculous amount of green beans and potatoes.

But she stopped me right there and said maybe we should consider a non-veggie side.

Oh yeah… balanced eating… that’s smart.She may not admit it, but I’m pretty sure Megan just wanted to make a cheese sauce.


All in all, everything turned out amazing. And Bailey and I made our way home with full tummies and leftovers. Success!

And now our attentions turn to the massive bag of green beans and overflowing grocery bags of potatoes….


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