Thank You For Being a Friend…

Cowabunga, dudes.

Oh… and happy halloween! A bunch of us girls decided to dress up as a group once again. With some turtle power!

And by turtle power, I mean the name of the shots Annie made for us. Along with the vodka-infused gummy bears.The combo of sugar and vodka is a delicious one. And perfect for a night of rocking out with the Golden Girls.

Yeah, you heard me. The Golden Girls.

Rod Tuffcurls took their costumes to amazing new levels at Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville this year.I’m seriously curious how they kept their wigs on while rocking out.

The night was a major success. Our desire to find costumes that incorporated gym shoes was a genius move once again. Because 3 hours of dancing is rough in heels. And is to be avoided if at all possible. It’s important to be nice to your feet, ya know?

It’s also important to properly fuel when incorporating a night of dancing into your routine.

Beforehand with pizza:As the typical teenage mutant ninja turtle would do.

And afterwards with a big pancake and cinnamon roll breakfast. Cooked by yours truly and the roommate for all the peeps who crashed at our place for a giant sleepover. Because who doesn’t love carbs???

After everyone left, I retreated to the couch. The Bears weren’t playing, so I had no choice but to get through 8 more episodes of Daria on DVD. Eventually, to be a more productive member of society, I hit the gym for a stairs workout and a short stroll on the treadmill.

Key word is “short”. Let’s not get too crazy. Lazy Sundays are meant to be lazy (duh). So then I decided to retreat back to the couch with leftover breakfast and a few more episodes of Daria.Just the way as a Sunday was intended to be…

Another successful weekend. Good work, girls!

Some Things Never Change

They just don’t.

My favorite thing to do on Friday nights is to stay in with a few red box movies and my good friend Mon.

Lame? Maybe. Necessary? Very.

Anyway, it’s officially fall up in here and as we start our descent into the doom and gloom of Chicago winter, you know I’m stocking up on one important thing.Argyle socks!

I’m so sexy.

Don’t mind the bra on the floor in the background… perv…

My mild obsession with them is not only fashionable, but functional. Score!

Don’t tell me otherwise.

Even though it’s the weekend and I do what I want, there are still rules to follow. Like how weekend breakfasts should always include pancakes.I missed National Pancake Day this last week. It was tragic and I was devastated. But better late than never, right?

Pancakes are one thing I just use a mix for and add whatever I feel like. This particular batch had pumpkin and chocolate chips. Holla’.

T’was delicious.

Another rule is that, after you have a restful night in, the next night should always be reserved for good times out with friends.

And going to see our favorite Chicagoland band.It never gets old. Neither does staring at their legs…

…what? You’re totally doing it, too.

And neither does staying out on Saturday nights until waaaaaaaay past my bed time. My last text says I was up unti 4:02. No wonder I slept in until 11:00.

Yeah, I KNOW.

Because of the fatigue this produced, I let my crockpot, Cristiano, cook dinner.Aaaahhhhh steak chili. It would have also included onion and whatnot. But that would have required actually getting off my couch. And that, my friends, was not happening.

At one point, a visit to the gym was attempted. I looked at the treadmill and laughed. Retired to the stairmill for 20 minutes and called it a day.

And that was my one shining moment of productivity yesterday. Nevermind the laundry. Or the bathroom that needs to be cleaned.

Oh- at some point, my roommate and I decided on Halloween costumes for this year. So that’s considered productive… right?

Slow Sunday. Some things never change…

Maybe I was saving the little energy I had to cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals while I feasted on chili?

Maybe. Heaven knows I needed it. My Cards have been exhausting to watch. They seem to be a wild card in every sense of the word. My heart can’t take the stress.

But anyway, this weekend proved to be yet another typical weekend in Amyland. I like it that way. Just wish it were a little longer. Because work is not going to be a walk in the park this week. More. Coffee. Please.

Oh and before I leave you, just wanted to say there is still time to sign up for the Blogger Sweet Swap Round 2! If you haven’t yet, let Jess or myself know! It’s Fall-themed and you know you want some comfort food to curl up on the couch with… just sayin’… ;)

Everywhere and Back Again

I’m going to be cheap and use a shot of Jake Gyllenhaal naked to catch your attention:I’m not ashamed.  He is quite the handsome man.  And has come a long way from his Bubble Boy days. ;)

But yes, I just made this late breakfast. Yesterday was a whirlwind and I’m all out of whack it seems.

That can sometimes be a good thing. 

I got up early for a coffee date at O’Hare with my fantabulous friend Ashlee.  She had a 4-hour layover and we were determined to take advantage of it.Hey girl… heeeeeeyyyy!

 O’Hare is a huge place.  And I have no sense of direction.  So it took a bit to finally come together.  Which is sad, because I had a plan.  And a sign for when she walked out from the gate:Totally didn’t get to use it.  But it’s the thought that counts, right?

And yeah- we have nicknames.  I call her monkey and she calls me penguin.

You can try to understand our crazy if you want to.  But I don’t really even know how we became so weird…I already had breakfast, and Ashlee’s not a big breakfast person, so we split a cookie from Starbucks.  The white chocolate icing was fab.  But we both said the same thing.  Crunchy sugar cookies are not nearly as good as soft ones.  Truth.

After a couple hours, she had to leave for her flight home.  I’m being mischievous and am already coming up with ways to sabotage her next layover so she’ll have no choice but to stay in Chicago.  For good.  Muhahahaha…

I also had another friend who was in the area for the weekend from Philly.  We went to college together and there was an MU game on last night, so it only seemed natural that we made our way to The Spread (my favorite Mizzou bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood).The three of us slowly and randomly worked our way around the city. It would have been faster had we not had a cab driver who hated life and decided to tell us why and then the other cab driver who seemed more lost than we were. 

My favorite spot of the night was at Cubby Bear just outside of Wrigleyville.  The big Northwestern vs. Illinios game was played inside of Wrigley field yesterday and ESPN College Game Day had been there.  Needless to say, the streets were packed.  The bars were full.  The drinks were flowing.

The pizza was also ordered.  And demolished.

We crashed at a friend’s house (drinking and driving should never be mixed, kids!) and I woke up with a bit of a headache.  Which is somewhat surprising considering how much we ate at the end of the night.  I’m not a big believer in Advil (seriously- I’ve only stashed one or two sample packets of Advil at home from work for worst-case scenarios), so my cure came in the form of this: They should really come up with a bigger size for their iced teas.  Like a pony keg.  I’d dig it. Because this was obviously not enough (refer to coffee in the first picture that was immediately consumed after my tea was gone).

I think I have a caffeine addiction.

I also think that is not a surprising revelation.

I also think it may be time to lounge some more.  It’s Sunday.  Sundays are lazy.  Truth.


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