Puppies and Candy- The Doctor’s Orders


Yes. I will YELL that.

It was a long week, kids. Long.

Let’s not do that again.

Instead, let’s focus on happy things.

Like how the weekend has arrived and sleeping in will be a priority. Even if “sleeping in” for me is maybe 8:30. To each their own.

Or how it’s Halloween weekend and I’m all excited and giggly about how much fun it’ll be to dress up once again with all the girls

Or let’s talk about how therapeutic it was to see these two familiar faces once again:

Doggies! For those of you who have been around for a while (like a year and a half or so- omg how long have we known each other now?!?!), you may remember Princess and Hazel. I’m friends with their owner, Jaime, who seems to think I’m responsible enough to watch over them on occasion when she’s out of town. She didn’t request another two-week dogsitting gig from me, but I was  happy to drive by her place to feed and walk them last night.

Rarely do I get such animated excitement when I walk through the door. They were over the moon.

This could be because they had not seen another human being all day, but I like to think it’s because they miss me specifically.

After taking Princess and Hazel outside to play a bit and do their biz, we all came in out of the rain and ate.

They had their dog food. And I had this:Yes, I raided their Halloween candy. And maybe this means they’ll run low on Halloween and the children will be sad and I ruined it all.

But it was sitting there. What else was I supposed to do?

Exactly. You would have taken more than one piece, too.


Delicious chocolate and crispies in perfect harmony (hey Nestle Crunch, I’m looking at you), as fantastic as it is, does not a healthy dinner make. BAM. That totally cancels out the candy craze, right? Right.

After getting home from checking up on the pups and whatnot, there was no time to do anything but inhale the salad and watch the Cardinals vs. the Rangers in Game 6 of the World Series.

You know, no big deal, just a game they’re calling absolutely historic… Whatev.

11 innings of back and forth play. It was ridiculous. And I was a glass case of emotion.

A tired glass case of emotion. But still… Totally worth it.

So what is one more happy thing for the weekend?

In approximately 11 hours, I will be chillaxin’ on my couch and completely focused on the screen in front of me. GO CARDINALS!!!!!

Have a great weekend, kids!

Veggin’ Out

Ok, from yesterday’s post and wonderful comments, I think we can conclude no one likes Nicholas Cage due to the creep factor.  How is he still around?  Probably because idiots like me take a chance on his movies… fail.  We really need to stop supporting NC and his mediocre acting skills.  A movement should be started.

It felt nice to get to go to MY place after work tonight for the first time in two weeks!  Jaime said the dogs are doing great– and Hazel seems to even miss me a little!  Apparently now Hazel sits and watches the door everyday.  We’re pretending that she’s waiting for me to walk through.  ;)

And I’m cooking in MY kitchen again.  It’s always awkward cooking in someone else’s kitchen, right?  I don’t know where anything is and I just feel like I’m stepping into someone else’s territory…  Because I was all about the chicken yesterday, I balanced out my meals today with LOTS of veggies.Spinach and mushroom sammy with broccoli.  And cottage cheese for good measure.  Not sure why that craving came about, but I just went with it.  I also put some humus on the sandwich thin.  Yeah… don’t do that.  It really wasn’t that great.  Like the cottage cheese, I don’t know where that idea came from.  I just went with it.  Even though I knew that sandwich combo was good before I messed with it.  That’s just what I get for trying to be over the top…

I’ve been seeing PB&Co brand on every other blog out there, and I could never find it!  I was intrigued.  And determined.  And then I hit a random Super Target to do a return while I was out on Sunday and hot damn if I didn’t find the last container of it on the shelf!  Swipe…It’s much sweeter than what I’m used to since it has all the additives to make the “white chocolate” part of it.  But if that’s what you’re craving, it’s goooood.  Like eat with a spoon throughout the day, right out of the container until you realize you’ve eaten more than just a serving or two. Or three.  Oops…  Probably going to add this to the list of things to have “on occasion” in the house.  Because keeping it around on a regular basis would just be craziness.  And honestly, I like my regular lineup of Trader Joe’s stuff a little better because there’s not sweet overload.

I did The Shred Level 3 last night (no surprise there, right?).  I really can’t decide what my favorite level is.  The decision becomes hard because I’m pretty sure there’s a strength circuit in each one that I absolutely despise.  That being said, I love what it’s done to my arms.  Now I just want to focus on the middle a little more… ;)

Thanks for the supportive words about my slow return to running (again).  I’m doing a little more outdoor running tonight and just need to remember that I’ve gotta keep pushing through!  I’m hoping the run will make this Tuesday NOT suck.  And I can’t believe I start half marathon training soon!  I’m looking over a couple plans right now and am trying to figure out how to best incorporate the training into my schedule.  Long runs will probably be on Saturday- I know this for sure, considering how antisocial I am on Friday nights.  But that’s about all I’ve got right now.  Any tips you have for when you were doing half training?

And here’s the question of the day… how often do you go to the grocery store?  I feel like I’m always finding excuses to go… way more than I should.  I probably go at least two or three times a week the way it is for random things here and there.  I’m really glad this urge to shop doesn’t translate into every other aspect of my life- I truly dislike trips to the mall and try to make them as far and few between as possible (sad, right?).

Here’s hoping you don’t have a crappy Tuesday!  ;)

Last Girl’s Night In

Tonight I’m going to be on my way back home to the ‘burbs to my little nook I call home outside the city.  I’m a little homesick, but would be lying if I didn’t say I’m gonna miss those little ladies welcoming me home every day!  I will not, however, miss scooping poop.  This would include inside the apartment when I was greeted with surprise gifts in the morning…

When I got home last night, I just really wanted to relax and get a run in.  It was another short one- still a little nervous to test my legs out.  As windy as it was, I pulled out approximately a mile and a half.  Which was something- I felt like I was always running against it and debris made its way into my mouth and nose more than once.  Yuck.  Even with all that- I wouldn’t have minded going longer, but I’m trying to be responsible about this.  I hate being responsible.

After that and a little more of Level 3 of The Shred (and a collapse onto the floor for about five minutes due to complete exhaustion), I made sure the dogs got their food and I got mine.  Theirs came out of a can.  So did mine…  Well, the tuna did.The asparagus was something I picked up over lunch.  Much to my dismay, it still isn’t cheap (which is weird, because isn’t it in season???).  I need to take a trip to the farmer’s market ASAP.  I also finished out a bag of spinach and threw it all together with the sautéed tuna to make one hell of a sandwich. Oh and feta was involved.  Which is not surprising.  I find feta is involved in making most of my dishes just over the top good.  I wasn’t sure how it was gonna work, but it all came together fabulously.  Tuna-riffic you might even say… ;)

Then it was time to veg in front of the tv.We all agreed Grey’s was decent last night.  Maybe because there was plenty of McSteamy to go around… rarr.  I know it’s not the storyline that keeps me coming back- what is the deal?  I used to NOT MOVE for that hour every Thursday.  Now as long as I can hear what they’re saying while I’m in the other room, I’m ok with it.  Come on Grey’s… we want to still love you.  Make it happen.

One more day of being shortstaffed at work and Jaime will return.  Last week wasn’t bad.  This week has been pretty swamped. We’ve handled it, but it has been taxing to say the least.

That being sad, tonight I’m wrapping up my dogsitting duties and disappearing into the night (err… suburbs). Good bye for now, Wrigleyville!  I love you, but I think we’re better off as just friends with benefits.  The daily commute is killing our relationship. And I have a long term relationship with the Cardinals that I would like to see through.  I think it’s best that we occasionally visit each other for a weekend fling.  I’ll buy the first round of drinks.  Promise.  :)

On that note, what is your commute like?  I know some of you have quite a long one. Katie I’m looking at you on this one… When I’m coming from my place (sans construction), I can get to work in 25 or 30 minutes.  This is a win in my book.  When I’m coming from Jaime’s, I expect at least 45 minutes to work and even more on the way home.  Rush hour blows.Tell everyone bye, Hazel!  (Needless to say, the dogs are not anywhere near as chipper as I am at 6:30 in the morning…)

Have a good weekend!

Return of the Veggies

After my day of carb-infestation, I was thinking about food cravings.  I like to think the body craves what it needs.  Of course, the exception here being chocolate- unless you’re telling me my body needs it 24/7 to properly function.  And in that case, I have no problems at all.

So today all I could think about was green… and more green… and so on.  I took a lunch to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some more things to get me through the rest of the week of dogsitting in the city.  Then, I got back and was able to make this delicious mix:Mushrooms, broccoli, chick peas and lettuce.  Vegetables?  Check!

After a much dreaded commute (that really wasn’t that bad), I got home and took the doggies around the street to do their business before the crowds got too heavy.  After giving them their workout, I did mine- another round of The Shred on Level 3.

Hazel is no longer afraid of my yoga mat:Namaste, Hazel.  But they do respect my Shred time.  Once the music on the dvd starts, they take position on the couch and stay put until it’s over.  Good girls!

Vegetables were the star of dinner as well:A spinach mushroom mix with a bit of sauce and feta… and yellow squash on the side!  I really wanted asparagus- but there was none to be found at TJ’s!!!  What was the deal?!?!  Grrr….  Either way- this was fantastic.  But really, it’s just different amounts of the same ingredients that I’ve been using to make the pizza.  Shhhh… don’t tell anyone.

So yeah- my point is: do you lack one day and find yourself craving it the next?

This morning I had oats in a jar!Turns out the kids aren’t as hot on OAIJ as I am.  Totally fine- more for me!

On a side note, my guy friend checked out my apartment today for me (we’re just not going to tell him I stopped by there yesterday).  Apparently he got into my refrigerator (I told you he’d go after my precious Goose Island beer!!!).  He didn’t take the beer, but he did have a few observations about my obnoxious collection of nut butter… Silly boy- you just don’t get it.

That or maybe I am just out of control…

Going for it!

Well it was yet another crazy productive Sunday.  I’m hoping maybe next week I’ll get a lazy one.  ;)  Because, quite frankly, I prefer them!

I got a dog walk in before all the rain hit, but I did not get out on the road before hand… so sitting in traffic was quite reminiscent of my commute to work- blah!  I got to my apartment shortly before noon and peeked in to say hello and that I missed it!  Even though I’m still staying somewhat close with my dogsitting duties- it seems like I’ve been gone from home for so long!

Last week they came in and painted my bathroom finally- after having to wait and then having it rescheduled (seriously- does everything having to do with decorating have to take FOREVER?).  The paint job was part of my negotiating a new lease for next year, and I’m pretty satisfied.  Very much so, actually- who knew how giddy I’d get over painting a bathroom?The color is just beige, but it really softened it up.  I’m not a huge fan of stark white walls and try to stay away from them if at all possible.  Yea!  :)

Then I hit the furniture store.  Again.  And looked at the sectional.  Again.  And looked at another one we had discussed.  Again.  And then got a little anxious.  Mon ended up not being able to make it to give a second opinion, but my lovely friend Annie stepped in and I’m so happy she did!  I ended up getting the couch I figured I’d end up with, but it’s nice to have reassurance.

And I was able to negotiate a little without too  much of a problem.  After the delivery disaster, we worked it out to I wouldn’t have to pay any delivery charges of any sort for when they brought my table or for when this couch comes (on Saturday!).  Since this one comes in pieces, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem… relief!  Also, we worked out a deal on the fabric care as well.  So I saved about $150 all together.  That’s a solid win in my book.

After the furniture shenanigans, Annie mentioned seeing a movie.  I hadn’t planned on it, but it sounded like a GREAT idea.  We went and saw Date Night.  It was good.  Not as fantastic as I had hoped- but I have somewhat high standards for anything with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.

The eats were a little out of the ordinary for me today.  I had planned to hit the grocery store and return the Red Box movies from last night, but by the time I got back to the dogs, I really had no desire to leave them or the apartment.  Even with an empty refrigerator (I didn’t plan well enough for a two-week stay away from home obviously).  I love Pockets, and started to customize a salad online, but then the estimated delivery time was an hour.  It was already getting pretty late, and the stomach was not having it.  So what did I do?  I repeated my breakfast.  I think that makes me a bad food blogger…  oops!See all those carry out menus to choose from?  The cornucopia of food options?  And yeah, that’s an oatmeal/peanut butter/Kashi mess in a bowl.  Which is what I eat most days of the week.  I’m a creature of habit…  Did I have the most balanced eats today?  Hell no.  Carbs all the way.  But was it good?  Very much so.  Sometimes that just has to happen.  I miss my veggies, but you gotta just roll with the punches.  Even if it means paying an extra $2 for unreturned Red Box movies.

Anyone ever have those days where you just eat the same thing all day?  I think I sort of got a little guilty pleasure out of it… ;)

Have a good Monday everyone!  I’m a little sleep deprived again.  I think Hazel is missing her mom and dad and taking out her passive aggressive behavior on me.  It was another night of her trying to sit right on top of my head and almost smothering me.  No worries Haze- they’ll be back this weekend and you’ll be rid of me as your temporary legal guardian.  :p 

Wish me luck- today is the first day I’ll be driving back to Wrigleyville with a Cubs game going on.  A test of patience for sure…  If you’ve never been to Wrigleyville to see where the baseball field is located, just imagine a professional baseball team’s field being randomly placed a few streets down in your neighborhood.  And then imagine all the inconveniences of what kind of a mess that would cause… and that’s what I’m dealing with today.  :)  I love the area, but this is gonna suck.

I’m Boring Sometimes.

I got home from the blogger meet up and knocked out a little of Level 3 of The Shred.  And no Jillian- I still refuse to do jumping lunges.  It’s a safety issue.  Being as how my schedule was a little off, my Red Box Friday turned into a Red Box Saturday!  One great thing about being in the city for a couple weeks?  I’m literally a few blocks away from almost anything.  My car barely moves- except for during the awful commute to work- but I guess it barely moves then, either… ha.

Why Red Box last night?  Because I felt just like these two:Yaaaawwwwwnnnnnn….

The three of us watched The Lovely Bones and The Blind Side.  I had been wanting to watch The Lovely Bones for a while because I had read the book and absolutely loved it!  And I love Stanley Tucci as an actor- I think he’s fantastic.  And he creeped the hell out of me in this movie.  So he did an awesome job.  But that’s really the only good thing about the movie.  It was kinda slow.  I’d rather spend the time reading the book again… much better.

And for some reason, I never really had a desire to see The Blind Side, but it seems everyone and their mom has seen it and loved it- so what the hell?

Yes, I loved it.  It was great.  I have a  new appreciation for Sandra Bullock.  The story was fantastic.  Good work.  I sheepishly admit that everyone loved this movie for a reason and I wish I had seen it sooner…

I slept until I felt like it this morning.  Yeah… I was up by 8:00.  Lame.  But I still got a decent amount of sleep.  Even if Jaime and Scott’s neighbors were having a party and every time people walked up or down the stairs, either Hazel or Princess would throw a little fit.  And then Hazel tried to settle herself right on top of my face.  “No Haze, you can’t do that”- and sit her down beside me.  Hazel does it again.  Lovely…  But finally, things died down outside and Hazel stopped trying to smother me.  And we were back to happy cuddling and lots of sleep.  :)

Now I’m off to the ‘burbs to run by my place (I miss my apartment!) to do a load of laundry and check out the supposed paint job in the bathroom that was to happen last week.  And deal with the furniture store and try to get everything resolved.  Here’s my game face:Grrr….

Wish me luck!

Race to Wrigley 5k

My Friday night consisted of cuddling with the pups and this:Even making this was a stretch.  I was tired.  And the dogs had to actually wake me at some point during The Soup to tell me it was time to go to bed.  Ok kids, I’m fine with that.  Why?  Because I was up early to head down the street and watch the Race to Wrigley!John and I met up a little before the race to check out the action.  When we emailed each other back and forth before meeting up, he said he was bringing the cowbells.  I thought that was funny and said “ok sure, see you there.” Alright, hand one over.  I’m down.  Soon enough, the first runner came through.  Followed by the rest of the pack.  Not sure  how many times I actually heard shouts from the runners for “more cowbell!!!!” and then cheering.  It was great!  Nikki thought John was kidding as well.  Nope.  After people started finishing, she walked up and said “I don’t even have to text you- I just followed the cowbell!”

This was my first mini blogger meetup, so it was weird to actually just start talking to someone I’ve never met.  But at the same time, we know what each one has been up to.  So that was kind of crazy…

We ended up going to Julius Meinl after the race for post-race breakfast.  Even though I wasn’t running the race, I still felt the need to partake in one of my favorite traditions after a race…  Give me an excuse to get baked eggs and I’ll take it.  You weren’t kidding Nikki– this place was goooood!Chicago bloggers unite!  Don’t be jealous, Michelle– I know you wish you could be here… :p  Anyways, that is me, Phampants, and Tales of My Second City.  Enjoy the eye candy…

Now the dogs are looking at me like it’s their turn to go play, so we’re going to go for a walk before more rain comes.  And at some point, I plan to get my lazy ass up and do some more Shredding with Jillian.

Enjoy the weekend, kids!


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