Hoarding Tendencies

This is a subject I’ve brought up a few times before over the lifetime of this here little bloggity blog, but I feel it needs to be addressed again.

It’s very serious, you know.

Hello. My name is Amy. And I hoard cereal.

It’s true. I try to make myself feel better by justifying it.

“What a great sale! And I only have to buy a minimum of 5 boxes!”

Doesn’t matter if I’ve already got 5 or 6 in the pantry.Or seven. Or that my allotted shelf space in the pantry is full and that I actually have to store cereal elsewhere. That’s right- if you stay with me and get hungry in the middle of the night, food is only steps away from where your head hits the pillow.

Who wants to guess if I’m kidding or not?

Point of the story is, I’m full up. And this will most certainly be the case through the holiday season.

Again- am I kidding?  It’s hard to tell. ;)

But when I was contacted by Love Grown Foods about trying out some of their granola, did I politely decline and say, “oh no thank you, I’ve got plenty of dry cereal and granola laying around”?

Of course not. Use your head.

I said OF COURSE I would LOVE to try some! Send it my way!So she did. And I was excited. Because so many other bloggers have raved about this stuff.

And yes, this picture was taken a week after the fact. And yes, that is an empty bag and another half empty bag. Ummm…

However, there was one WEE little thing I forgot to mention to her.

I don’t like fruit. And yes, that includes dried fruit.Aw man…

My views on fruit and how much I dislike it puts me in the minority, so I’ve learned to adapt the best I know how. By picking it out when the situation calls for it.

Which worked well. Plus, it’s clearly all about the actual granola anyway…

This stuff is addicting. It’s not overbearingly sweet, but still takes care of a craving if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me. Also, if you just eat a handful out of the bag, it’s not hard enough to break teeth. An issue that I feel is often overlooked.

I ate it once on its own with milk, which is great, but like my other cereals, my preference is to use it as an “extra”.

There was a small pack of the “Cocoa Goodness” flavor. It was chocolatey. Clearly my favorite.

I also tore through the bag of Raisin Almond Crunch. The first appearance was on some pancakes a few weeks ago.One of my favorites things about all the granola they sent is the coconut flakes. They don’t skimp at all!

The one bag I was a little weary of was the Apple Walnut Delight. The dried apple chips were a little too much for me, so I sent it home with my friend Laura after she visited for the weekend. The next day, she messaged me about how obsessed she had become.

Sounds about right. So clearly, if you’re not weird like me, you’ll like that one, too.

With most granola, the calorie count is a little high. Just to be expected with such things, so I really don’t consider that a negative. Instead of sugar, they use agave and honey to sweeten, which is nice because you get the same sweetness with less (in my opinion).

Would I buy it on a regular basis? Sure. It’s delicious. But as a girl on a budget, I think I’d still be inclined to first check out sales on other cereals before coming back to it.

I’m a recessionista, yo.

Your turn!  What is something you tend to hoard?

I have a thing about cereal and gum. When it’s on sale, I buy it. I mean, it’s gonna be used eventually, right?


I feel like I spent the majority of it staring into cardboard boxes.

Luckily this means I’m pretty well established in the new place. Sadly, this means I’m saying good bye to the old place.

The only place I’ve stayed more than one year at since starting college. I’m like a gypsy. With shoes.

The movers came bright and early on Saturday morning. Like everything else with this transition from one place to the other, our start time was changed and things were thrown off. In this case, from 9:00 to 7:00 in the morning. Yes, that means I was up by 5:00 getting as much done as I could before they arrived.

If my neighbors didn’t hate me already, they do now- those guys were fast but NOISY. And at that time in the morning, I’m truly surprised someone didn’t walk out of their apartment and start throwing things at me. Oh well.

The good thing about bumping up their arrival time by two hours means we were done two hours earlier. Well, not done so much as we were able to collapse on the couch about two hours earlier.

Look what Bailey’s boyfriend sent both of us as a housewarming gift:An Edible Arrangement!

So cute! And so thoughtful! It’s just really unfortunate I don’t  like fruit… :(

It’s ok- I lived vicariously through Bailey as she ate part of it for dinner.

Eats have been strange over moving weekend. But then again, so has everything else.

The bathroom on the main level (mine) is being completely renovated and won’t be done until tonight. This means I have to go to the basement level to use my roommate’s. And I live upstairs on the second level/attic. Just this morning I think I climbed up and down the stairs 15 times as I don’t have a new routine in place.

Guess I won’t miss the gym’s stairmill that much afterall?

Other things worth noting:

– We have a gas stove. This will take some getting used to once again. Not really complaining. Just adding it to the list of changes.

– We have no ice maker. After dealing with this twice before, how did I not check for this??? Not that it would have broken the deal. I would have just known sooner. So really, maybe this isn’t worth mentioning?

– My face has not seen makeup since Friday. The skin has no clue what’s going on right now.

– Since I live in the “attic” level (I have slanted ceilings and everything), I live directly under the roof (duh). When laying in bed awake but not “up” on Sunday morning, I heard critters. A stream of inappropriate words went through my mind as I pictured mice taking over my bedroom. Turns out, I just have a very social group of squirrels living in the trees around me. I’m fine with this as of now. They’re not IN the house. They haven’t woken me up yet. They don’t terrify me. So far so good. 

– When it comes to mileage, the commute is almost half of what I am used to. HOWEVER, it takes just as if not 10-15 minutes longer. So that’s neat.

– When walking around the neighborhood, I noticed pub/tavern signs for specials throughout the week. I should really stop noticing those…

And speaking of sweetness, check out what my friend Annie did:Her new favorite hobby includes the use of a breadmaker. So not only did she help to move a pantry (forgot to have the movers grab it- grrrr!) and other odds and ends that didn’t make the cut on Saturday, she also baked bread for me. My friends are too wonderful.

Seriously- I have no idea how people do this moving thing by themselves.

Annie also made and painted those two mugs herself. She was an Art major in college and could not believe I still didn’t have some of her stuff. I couldn’t either. It’s cute and I secretly really wanted some. ;)  

Alright everyone, it’s time to stop messin’ around and get to work. It’s the one thing in my routine that has stayed the same. Laters!


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