The Perfect Fit

Yesterday was lazy.  Very lazy.  I did hit the gym to do weights, and worked on my Core Challenge.  But I also spent an unusaul amount of time on the couch.  Have you ever had one of those days where you moved around even slower than usual because you got way too much sleep?  That was me yesterday.  I blame my crazy Friday night.  I fell asleep on my college couch.  Somewhere during the Conan show.  Woke up completely thrown off as to where I was at 1:00 in the morning, walked myself to bed, and then fell asleep for another 8ish hours.  Ahhhhh….

I did have things to do, though.  Annie and I had a date to hit the mall after she got off of work.  She enlisted me as her second opinion while searching for a good pair of jeans.  I have never met someone who likes to go out and buy jeans.  Buying jeans just REALLY sucks actually.  So it’s nice to have someone to go with you for several reasons: to entertain, to help carry, and to (most importantly) tell you if you look like you’re shoving your ass into a pair and have the muffin top exploding out or not.  You just have to.  Those mirrors LIE.  Plus, she was looking for a new pair of shoes.  And I heart shoes.  Even if I’m not allowed to buy any for myself right now.

It didn’t take nearly as long as we thought.  I believe she fell in love with the third pair she tried on.  They were some Joe’s jeans that made her ass look perfect.  I really think I need to start putting a little more investment in my jeans- because these were so well made.  And Annie made a good point- it’s not like we wear them as much as we used to.  I haven’t bought a pair in two years actually.  So I’m pretty sure if I’m only buying a pair every few years, I could splurge and not feel too bad about it.  Thinking that one through still…  And shoe shopping only took 30 minutes- and that was with a busy store.  Success!  We also snagged her a top and some jewelry to wear out that night.  I didn’t find anything for myself.  I wasn’t even seriously looking- just going as her personal shopper.  What can I say?  I’m that good.  I should probably have some business cards made…  I could use the extra $$$.

We grabbed a really late meal at Panera (I still Call it St. Louis Bread Co- gotta stick to those Missouri roots- holla’).  I ate half the sandwich (Turkey Bravo) because I knew how much I’d looooove having the other half after a night out.  Annie and I had plans to meet up with a lot of my guy friends down in Lincoln Square at a bar called The Rail.  Apparently it’s become a nice regular spot for my friends who moved to that area of the city.  And I don’t blame them- $4 calls and $2 domestic drafts is not bad for a Saturday night…

Being as how we were with a bunch of twenty-something guys, the night was full of beer, sports, and Jersey Shore references.  Yep.  Of course, none of my guy friends look a damn thing like Paulie or The Situation, but they’ll sure as hell try to dance like them.  Yep…  Needless to say, we  had a fun night!  I stuck to vodka clubs- and only two throughout the night.  I played the part of sober driver because I wasn’t wanting to overdo the drinking (like I seemed to do the last couple weekends) and wanted to be somewhat productive today.  I don’t know about the productivity thing, but I didn’t feel like crap when I woke up.  So that’s something!

I did not get nearly as much sleep last night (the 4:30 bed time didn’t help).  So today will make for an interesting day.  And unfortunately, today is just one of those days when my body required mass amounts of chocolate (where my girls at?!?!).  So instead of regular oatmeal, I pretty much had dessert for breakfast.  It included much more peanut butter than usual and a pouring of chocolate chips.  I wish I would have slowed down and thought about it a little more… I could have made chocolate chip pancakes.  Daaaammmnnnnn… 

Well, there’s always the possibility of pancakes for dinner.  I guess it depends how my stomach feels after it processes the current overload of peanut butter and chocolate.

Yoga today.  And Pilates if I’m up to it.  But a nap might trump Pilates if I’m being completely honest with myself.

Core Challenge Updates:

Friday- 125                 Saturday- 180

And Thursday’s sneaking up!  We’re in the home stretch- fingers crossed, people.  FINGERS CROSSED!

Hello Couch.

I am sitting my little booty on the couch all day.  This is why:

1. Grey Goose.  It’s obvious- I went out for New Years, it was bound to happen.  $50 got us top shelf all we wanted to drink.  In all honesty- it could have been worse.  I could have been drinking wells (which I will do) and drinking much more. We had fun.  But it wasn’t one of our crazy random nights out.  We ducked out a little early.  We both agreed New Years is a little overrated.  The actual countdown wasn’t really that exciting.  We kind of looked at each other, said “yeah…. one more drink and let’s get out of here”.  We were lucky enough to catch a Kathy Griffen special once we got back to her place (hell yeah!).  Even if I was in bed earlier than planned, I am not a college student anymore.  I still hurt a little today.  Awesome.  I’m old.

2. My leg.  I still stay off of it more than usual.  Even when I’m standing, I take support off of it.  But last night I wanted to dance.  And I did. Not a lot, but I still feel a little ache today.  No bueno.  If the doctor tries to get me to use crutches again, I’ll throw a hissy fit. Awesome.  I’m childish.

3. Carb coma.  We took a little trip to Ann Sather’s for our traditional breakfast we always get when I stay with Cathryn.  Here’s where the confession comes in.  Supposedly, Ann Sather Restaurants are famous for their cinnamon rolls.  Cathryn swears by them- says they’re to die for.  And they made a guest appearance on Food Network’s show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  So did I eat one?  Yes.  And they come in two’s as a side to your meal.  So I have one sitting on my counter and staring me in the face.  Now- this is a sweet thing.  Does it count against my No Sweets Week?  Probably.  When I originally started the thing- I kind of meant more towards desserts and chocolate/candy things as such.  This was technically breakfast.  But I’m not going to try to justify it.  I think I failed.  On the last day.  BUT, I went strong for six days.  And I’m starting over tomorrow.  Damnit.  I could have pretended it didn’t happen.  Lied… but what good would that do?  Then I’d be a failure and a liar.  And what good is that?  By the way, I also had a breakfast wrap.  But compared to the cinnamon roll, it’s not worth mentioning.  Awesome.  I have no self control.

So yes, the couch it is.  I’ve been here for a couple hours… plan to be here for a couple more.  Until I have to get up and shower.  Because I smell like “bar” and have some neat raccoon eyes going on right now (washing the face hasn’t happened yet- yes, I’m gross) and I’m going to a movie later tonight with Mon (my fav from the workout room!).  Perfect way to spend the supposed National Hangover Day… letting my brain rot in front of a screen for hours on end.  Oh look, there’s a Jennifer Aniston marathon on Lifetime… And when I’m not actually watching tv, I’ve been doing research on buying a new one.  A flatscreen is my little Christmas present to myself… I just haven’t bought one yet. Partially because I’m trying to keep my eye on sales and partially because I’m terrified of spending so much money at once on something like this.  I think I’m going to look away and wince as they scan my debit card.  But I really really want one…

After we got out of breakfast, Cathryn was excited to hit the gym.  I frowned.  I knew my destiny of spending the day on the couch.  And as much as I enjoy relaxing (I really have loved this half asleep/half awake thing I’ve been doing the last few hours), I’d rather be running.  Which reminds me… where the hell are my vitamins?  I need my calcium pill…  I hate you, leg.

Ladies Night and No Sweets Week- Bad Combination?

Oh boy… it’s New Year’s Eve.  A time for friends, drinks, more drinks, dancing, more drinks and bad decisions.  Well… hopefully not that last part.  A girlie from work and I are stepping out together to bring in the New Years.  Our plans are set.  We’re rested up.  We’ve made sure to plan big meals (for energy, of course).

Hopefully I don’t freeze to death.  It’s gonna be cold.  I got talked out of wearing the red mini I really wanted to break out.  Probably for the best.  I don’t want to be that lady in red on one of the supposedly biggest nights of the year… and my legs could possibly freeze off, which would further delay my running efforts…  Jeans it is.  Damn Chicago winter…

I jumped the gun a little on my 2010 New Years resolutions, so to review them again if you would so care to do so, click here.  It’s not like I haven’t already started them anyways, but whatever.  I made them a month ago.  It seemed silly to wait that long on things I realized I should work on…  I think the crock pot I secured over Christmas will really help with item 2.  Although it is excessively huge for one person (I assumed I’d be getting a smaller size)- apparently my mom thinks every time I use it, I’ll be feeding 20 people or stocking up my freezer for the end of the world?  I guess you can never be overly prepared for such things…

No Sweets Week Update…. Extended?  I’m considering pushing along with my no sweets challenge.  Crazy?  Yes.  But it really wasn’t even half as hard as I thought it would be.  Seriously.  I would say you should try it.  I thought I’d be a mess… patrolling the halls of work for the first piece of chocolate (or bag of it) I could get my grubby little hands on…  Not so much.  I think my dedication (ok, dedication is a strong word- half-assed attempt is more like it) at intuitive eating is starting to help out.  And, I think my eating habits sans work out are starting to slowly feel normal and my body has accepted the fact that cutting back on the junk is part of this process.  Not bad, Amy…. not bad at all…

But yeah, so this is Day 6.  After tomorrow I’ll have completed it, but I think I’m just going to keep resisting and see how much further I’ll make it.  Just for the hell of it.  But, if I had to guess (and be completely honest with myself), I’ll make it until lunchtime on Monday- one of the first days all of us girls will be back at work together.  We aren’t nearly as bad of influences on each other divided (aka on vacation).  But together, I predict us taking down the first couple squares of the Trader Joe’s peppermint bark Christy bought.  I still believe this will make me high as a kite.  That afternoon at work is gonna get wild…

Have a fantastic holiday!  Happy New Years!

M-I-Z…. Z-O-U! Good Ending To a Great Holiday Weekend

Earlier in the week, I had mentioned to Chuck that we should try to watch the MU vs. KU game somewhere. So we chose The Spread, which is one of the biggest Mizzou bars in the city. I had also scored a $25 gift certificate on for food there, so we were good to go!  They had some decent bar food.  I had “The Banker”, which was a chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce.  Very hot and spicy- just the way I like it.  ;)  I had the sweet potato fries as well, which I didn’t realize was an acquired taste.  I had plenty leftover, but only Kyle was willing to even try one.  Maybe boys are just picky. 

The game was a long one. And intense. The entire bar was going crazy for most of the fourth quarter and erupted with cheers as we ended up winning with a field goal, four seconds before the end of the game.  We all danced around a little to the fight song when the game was over.

The game was good- but there are problems with a long game when you watch it at a bar. We set the foundation for a solid night of drinking when we took out quite a few $3 stadium cups of beer as we watched. We went back to Chuck’s and took a break before we headed out to Wild Goose to eat a late dinner and start the party again. $6 Bud Light pitchers helped us out (I had more beer last night than what I probably drink in an entire month!)  I had spent some time at the gym in the morning before we went to Chuck’s (elliptical still- no running yet), and I don’t eat bar food nearly as much as I used to, so I had no problems with chowing down on the cheesy greasy awesomeness.  But, the chicken quesadillas at Wild Goose kind of sucked.  I still ate them (girl’s gotta eat!), but had plenty left over.  They could have been thicker.  And they didn’t come with guacamole (HUGE gasp).  Who serves quesadillas without guac?!?!  Or sour cream for that matter?!?!  Shame… 

On a side note, I am simply amazed at how many wings and fries my guy friends can go through.  Simply amazed.

We weren’t into the band playing at Wild Goose that night (you can only take listening to Dave Matthews acoustic covers so many times…) so we headed to Wrigleyville (my favorite!). We hit Moe’s Cantina first. It was ok. There was alot of us just standing around looking at people, so we took a few shots to get things rolling.

Maybe that was a bad idea.

Casey Moran’s was next on our trek up Clark. I always get deja vu when I got there now because it was the first bar we went to in the city when Jessica and I first moved up last year when a bunch of my friends were in town. Chuck knew one of the waitresses there and she really hooked us up. This includes a round of tequila. I don’t do well with tequila. Apparently, neither does anyone else in our little group.  We were all pretty simple by the time we got back to Chuck’s to crash.  Chuck and Abel extended their night a little longer and were quite entertaining when they returned at 5:30 in the morning.

I think the 5:30 wake-up really disrupted my good night of sleep.  Crashing on a futon really didn’t help much either.  Nor did drinking for a 12-hour period.  I sense that a trip to Redbox and a nap are in my near future.  Question is when I’ll get my butt up to hit the gym.  It won’t be pretty, but I feel like all the cheese and grease are still sitting in my stomach like a brick.  And as good as it was, it needs to go…

I really have sucked it up at taking pictures these days.  Something I am sure to fix in the near future.  Promise!


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