While I Was Gone…

I’m baaacccckkk!

Did you miss me? Did you even realize I was gone? Pretty sure people at my office yesterday didn’t. But whatev…

It was a great holiday weekend with the fam. And while I could probably go on for DAYS about my weekend, we’ll just be nice and give you a bulleted list instead.

You’re welcome.

1. My drive down to Missouri on Friday went swimmingly. I stopped in St. Louis for the night on Friday to break up the trip. And to also see a few of my college girls.Turns out we’re getting to that point where we can’t read the menu by candlelight anymore. This saddened and scared us all.

2. I offered to make a side for dinner on “Easter Eve”. Since asparagus is very much in season and is a good healthy addition, that’s what I went with.Yes, holiday weekends with my family often include lasagna. I don’t eat ham and my parents always fret about having enough of “the main”. So we got ham AND lasagna. Don’t mock it. We’re making it the new “thing”. Tell your friends.

3. Candy coma happens after half a bag of mini Robin’s Eggs. You know the ones with the whopper in the middle? Yeah- those.  Half a bag. Give or take about 20. I wasn’t counting.

4. I am now sick of said candy. This surely won’t last long. But in the mean time, I could really go for a salad… Or really, anything green by nature and not with a chocolate center.

5. It’s not a trip back to the hometown without a stop in the one and only bar in town to catch up with some old friends.Ashlee and I wanted to best try to communicate the atmosphere of the bar for you peeps. We decided the hunting scenes on wood paneling in one part of the bar/restaurant would be the most accurate description.

We also really just liked the cougar sign on wall.We’re weird.

One day someone will find it sexy. One day…

6. Someone needs to create an app that tells you the best-rated stops along interstates. The factors would include best gas prices, bathroom cleanliness, and best selection of fast food.

Someone steal this idea from me. I’m technologically inadequate but really need this app. I’ve failed at picking good exits more often than not.

It’s nothing short of a miracle I haven’t contracted a virus by stepping into some of those restrooms.

7. I didn’t end up doing the Jillian dvds like I thought I would. Mostly because of the candy coma (discussed above). However, because the weather was so nice, I ventured out for short runs twice over the weekend. One of which ended with a walk with my parents.

It takes about 3 laps around the town to get in 2 miles. Not kidding.

I also learned people will slow down and try to figure out who you are as you’re running if you haven’t come back often over the last 4(ish) years. Awkward waving was involved. They probably still haven’t figured out who I am.

8. I learned to never wash my car before going home again. If it wasn’t the alternative route home taken due to construction (I chose the narrow/curvy/scary route vs the county gravel roads where it is completely possible to get lost for days), it was the large puddle I slammed into as soon as I pulled into the driveway. Crap.

With that, I hope you all also had a great weekend with friends and family.

Like my dress? I found it super cheap at Kohl's, but it still makes me feel like Kate Middleton. The single, refined-but-not-quite-there, "Wait-y Katie" version- not the classy, super elegant married princess we all know and love now. I've got a lot of work to do. Clearly.


A Typical Easter

Hello all! As you read this, I am most likely on a highway somewhere between Mid-Missouri and Chicago. Again.

I could probably drive the route with my eyes closed. Which may or may not be any different than driving it in thunderstorms and tornado warnings

Anyhoo, it was a great couple days back in my humble little hometown.

There were workouts with Jillian (The Shred was picked both times over Yoga Meltdown and No More Trouble Zones- mostly because I wanted the cardio factor). There was an afternoon walk with my mom. The sun did decide to peek around the clouds for a couple of hours and we jumped on the chance to get a little vitamin D in our otherwise cloudy weekend. And then there was the workout of lifting the Easter basket.Over and over again.

And yes, my contribution to the Easter festivities was Goose Island. Typical.

At least my dad enjoyed it.

There was also the food.

Oh my goodness the food.

Have I ever mentioned how I don’t like ham? It’s weird- I’m a fan of everything pork (hellooooo bacon!) but ham is not my thing. So my mom decided it also made sense to make a full turkey. With the ham.It’s like Thanksgiving and Easter all rolled into one!

No complaints. Except from my stomach when it was about to burst at the seams after dessert.Remember how we talked about our dessert “go-to”? These are my mom’s. Coconut Cream Crunch and Almond Joy Cake. Obviously I needed multiple servings of both this weekend.

Screw the candy. This is where it’s at…

Actually, I take that back. I’ll take the candy, too. 

Don’t think I just sat back and let my mom feed me the ENTIRE time. For Easter brunch, we all seem to join in on the fun.

My brother didn’t really lend a hand to the cooking like everyone else did, but someone needed to take the blurry pictures. Typical.

Anyhoo, after three solid days of catching up with various hometown friends and family, I’m a happy girl. With a happy tummy. And happy yoga pants. Happy yoga pants that should probably be worn for the next few days.

Can we classify them as business casual?

I’m not just being sent home with candy (weeeee!) and leftovers (yay!), either. As a product of a farming family, I’m also being sent home with a couple of pounds of sausage, ground beef, steak and pork loin.


This is why there is a cooler in the trunk of my car 24/7.

And also why I’ll be firing up the Google in the next few weeks to find recipes and, um, how to properly cook a pork loin.

What? I think this is why I end up having so many meatless days- not only am I too cheap to buy meat, I’m also too lazy to learn how to prepare it…

Whoops. What a dapper bunch we are.

I insisted on taking pictures outside this time. My brother and I never stop to make fun of how many pictures we have in front of the family room entertainment center. I could create an album. It would be a hundred pictures of various outfits and slow height growth (or in my brother’s case, rapid height growth).

But then it started to rain. Again.Typical.

Have a great Monday! Wish me luck that this drive back to the Chi isn’t nearly as treacherous as the drive out


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