I Didn’t Celebrate

Did you know yesterday was National Junk Food Day?

I found that one out half way through the day.  How did I celebrate?  Um…  I didn’t.  Unless you think celebrating with salad counts?Had someone told me it was National Junk Food Day, I may have planned appropriately.  Oh well…

Over lunch I started my new book- Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous by Esther Blum.  The title caught my eye.  Because seriously- who doesn’t want to do all three?  We’ll see how it goes, though.  As many “lifestyle” books as I’ve read, it’s starting to fall into the typical category.  Especially the beginning, which is a rah rah rah warmup telling me about how you can eat and drink whatever you want and never to restrict yourself and this isn’t your typical diet book (which I find to be an ironic statement since they all seem to claim this).  But whatever, it seems like it’ll be a fast read and maybe I’ll pick up a couple things from it.  I’m not counting it out just yet. 

Was supposed to run last night, but didn’t.  Instead, I ran a mile and then cross trained the rest of the time with the elliptical, some free weights and a session on the stairmill.  Nothing much else exciting to report there.  Still being careful.  Still icing the leggie-poo.  (I call it that now being as how much I baby it.)

I didn’t celebrate at dinner either.  Sorry guys.  I’m being a health nerd up in here.Huge.  Fantastic.  Salad.

Yeah, I had salad twice today.  Because I was feeling uninspired it the cooking department.  And I happen to actually like salad.  So yeah… there ya go.  :)  I don’t feel like I slighted myself at all. 

I did, however, have a spoonful of almond butter and handful of chocolate chips.  Is that getting closer to celebrating a national junk food day?  ;)  I’m counting it.  Especially because then I went back for an encore with another spoonful.  And even more chocolate chips.  I tried to cool things down with you, nut butter.  But I can’t help but love taking this casual dating to the next level every once in a while.  ;)

So my big excitement of the day (clearly there wasn’t much going on yesterday)?  I got a call from the library that one of the books I’ve been on hold for came in.  I’ve been really digging Russell Brand as of late.  I loved his standup on Comedy Central, loved him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and most recently loved him in Get Him to the Greek.  So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this:You can’t read it because I took the pic in a mirror.  Fail.  But it’s Russell Brand’s autobiography, My Booky Wook.  I like to mix it up with quirky reads like this bad boy.  Hooray! So maybe if I get bored with learning how to eat, drink, and be gorgeous, I’ll take this one for a spin. 

I also refuse to show you the sheer excitement on my face because I’m a gross mess in this picture and happen to currently be sporting a zit the size of Missouri on my face.  Seriously- where the f did you come from?!?!  Needless to say, I’m zap-zitting it up right now.  Because it is soooo not invited to my birthday party this weekend.

I’m thinking I might take a rest day today.  Firstly, because my shin is  a little sore (the reason why I decided to keep it to cross training last night).  Secondly, because I have my second round of girls coming up to visit!  Last week was some good friends from high school, this week is two of my best girls from college!  So, needless to say, I’ve got quite a few things to take care of after work.  Plus, my long run is being rescheduled to tomorrow morning (instead of the  usual Saturday), so I need to be ready for it.  I decided to take a spontaneous day off tomorrow (hey it’s my birthday- I’ll do what I want!) and I’m sneaking the run in before everyone gets here.  Weeee!

Now the question is- will I be up early enough to do the whole 10-maybe-11-mile run outside?

Have a good Thursday everyone!


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