Keeping Busy

Aaaahhh… sleep.  You’re just so illusive, aren’t you?

I’m catching up slowly.  A lot of yesterday was spent with some seriously droopy eyes.  Which was a bit annoying because I was extremely busy.

With what you ask (besides work of course)?

Well… I finished Love the One You’re With by Emily Griffin over lunch.  This was the first Emily Griffin book I’ve read (I hear she’s quite popular).  I really liked it.  Even though the main character entertains the idea of having an affair (tsk tsk), you really feel for her and the dilemna she’s faced with.  Oooohhhhhh… drama!  Anyone else have any thoughts to add on this one?

I also had cross training to get in.  Which proved to be difficult since I didn’t get done running errands and back to my place ready to work out  until 7:30.  :(  I really hate going that late (because I didn’t get done until 8:45), but I wanted to go!  I don’t think it messed with me too bad last night (I was THAT tired), but sometimes working out that close to bed time will keep me from sleeping.  Oh how times have changed- I used to be the late night gym rat while I was still in college at Mizzou.  Often, my roommates and I wouldn’t even get to the gym until 9:30 or 10:00.  But to be fair, I didn’t go to bed until closer to 1:00 or 1:30 every night, either.  No wonder I refused to sign up for classes that started before 9:30 in the morning…

Does anyone ever work out that late?  Or late-ish?  Do you like it?  Do you find it affects your sleep?  Do you think I could ask any more questions right now?  :)  I’m just curious in case I ever start doing longer training during the week…

I was also busy cleaning out some leftovers from the refrigerator:I guess you would call this bbq nachos?  I took some leftover chips, baked bbq chicken, corn, and mozzarella to make a mean post-workout meal.  Late night dining at it’s finest.  Clearly.

I’ve been revisiting the steel cut oats again.The trick really is to soak them overnight.  Like overnight oats.  But not eaten cold.  I can only do hot oatmeal.  So I have to warm them up and cook them for a few minutes.  Any other way just gives me the heebie jeebies.  *shudder*

Yes, I’m weird.

But I prefer to call it quirky.

Well, Tuesday is here and is going to start getting away from me if I don’t keep this short and get on it!  It’s another day that I need to be productive, so let’s hope it goes by quickly…  ;)


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