Heidi-ho Winslows!

Bailey and I sure have been doing a lot of wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly. We’re really trying to get our bearings and find some fun spots. The kids of 90210 have The Peach Pit. I want a place like that. With beer and killer chicken tenders. I’ll pass on the milkshakes.

But last night we had a mission. A serious one. Thanks to a little birdie who informed me about this house:Do you recognize it?


Not even with this very obvious title?

How about a hint? You’re gonna have to click HERE because YouTube is dead set against letting it be embedded into my post. Meh.

Raise your hand if you’re having flashbacks to TGIF.

Now put it down before anyone notices.

I had forgotten about Family Matters being set in Chicago. Sure, there’s the Home Alone house (which I’m still waiting to go to!) in the ‘burbs. But how could I have forgotten this classic?Sadly, it looks as if Steve Urkel’s home has since been torn down and rebuilt.

Maybe Stefan did it after making all that cash from modeling?

Man… TGIF was awesome. It was a really big deal around my house. My brother and I would get to break out the popcorn and soda (we really didn’t have soda but once a week growing up). And yes, it was a 2-liter.

And yes, it’s “soda”. Not “pop”.


The trek to and from (about a 45-minute walk if you don’t include the run and pit stop we made in a grocery store due to a sudden downpour) was my workout for the night. My booty and arms were still aching from my Jillian Michaels workout from Tuesday, so I decided to postpone anything more intense until after work tonight.

Why is it that day two sometimes is so much worse than day one after a strength workout? I’m such a wus.

I should probably run. MapMyRun.com sent me an email today that didn’t quite say it, but subtly hinted “wow, you’ve really ran hardly anything compared to last week- step it up, you baby!”

You don’t have to tell me twice…

Well, I know a lot of you are getting out early. Or not even at work today.  I hate you people.

Just kidding. Sort of.

Either way, have a great weekend, ya’ll. Cross your fingers I get to leave early (for sanity reasons more than anything else).




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