Going for it!

Well it was yet another crazy productive Sunday.  I’m hoping maybe next week I’ll get a lazy one.  ;)  Because, quite frankly, I prefer them!

I got a dog walk in before all the rain hit, but I did not get out on the road before hand… so sitting in traffic was quite reminiscent of my commute to work- blah!  I got to my apartment shortly before noon and peeked in to say hello and that I missed it!  Even though I’m still staying somewhat close with my dogsitting duties- it seems like I’ve been gone from home for so long!

Last week they came in and painted my bathroom finally- after having to wait and then having it rescheduled (seriously- does everything having to do with decorating have to take FOREVER?).  The paint job was part of my negotiating a new lease for next year, and I’m pretty satisfied.  Very much so, actually- who knew how giddy I’d get over painting a bathroom?The color is just beige, but it really softened it up.  I’m not a huge fan of stark white walls and try to stay away from them if at all possible.  Yea!  :)

Then I hit the furniture store.  Again.  And looked at the sectional.  Again.  And looked at another one we had discussed.  Again.  And then got a little anxious.  Mon ended up not being able to make it to give a second opinion, but my lovely friend Annie stepped in and I’m so happy she did!  I ended up getting the couch I figured I’d end up with, but it’s nice to have reassurance.

And I was able to negotiate a little without too  much of a problem.  After the delivery disaster, we worked it out to I wouldn’t have to pay any delivery charges of any sort for when they brought my table or for when this couch comes (on Saturday!).  Since this one comes in pieces, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem… relief!  Also, we worked out a deal on the fabric care as well.  So I saved about $150 all together.  That’s a solid win in my book.

After the furniture shenanigans, Annie mentioned seeing a movie.  I hadn’t planned on it, but it sounded like a GREAT idea.  We went and saw Date Night.  It was good.  Not as fantastic as I had hoped- but I have somewhat high standards for anything with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.

The eats were a little out of the ordinary for me today.  I had planned to hit the grocery store and return the Red Box movies from last night, but by the time I got back to the dogs, I really had no desire to leave them or the apartment.  Even with an empty refrigerator (I didn’t plan well enough for a two-week stay away from home obviously).  I love Pockets, and started to customize a salad online, but then the estimated delivery time was an hour.  It was already getting pretty late, and the stomach was not having it.  So what did I do?  I repeated my breakfast.  I think that makes me a bad food blogger…  oops!See all those carry out menus to choose from?  The cornucopia of food options?  And yeah, that’s an oatmeal/peanut butter/Kashi mess in a bowl.  Which is what I eat most days of the week.  I’m a creature of habit…  Did I have the most balanced eats today?  Hell no.  Carbs all the way.  But was it good?  Very much so.  Sometimes that just has to happen.  I miss my veggies, but you gotta just roll with the punches.  Even if it means paying an extra $2 for unreturned Red Box movies.

Anyone ever have those days where you just eat the same thing all day?  I think I sort of got a little guilty pleasure out of it… ;)

Have a good Monday everyone!  I’m a little sleep deprived again.  I think Hazel is missing her mom and dad and taking out her passive aggressive behavior on me.  It was another night of her trying to sit right on top of my head and almost smothering me.  No worries Haze- they’ll be back this weekend and you’ll be rid of me as your temporary legal guardian.  :p 

Wish me luck- today is the first day I’ll be driving back to Wrigleyville with a Cubs game going on.  A test of patience for sure…  If you’ve never been to Wrigleyville to see where the baseball field is located, just imagine a professional baseball team’s field being randomly placed a few streets down in your neighborhood.  And then imagine all the inconveniences of what kind of a mess that would cause… and that’s what I’m dealing with today.  :)  I love the area, but this is gonna suck.

I’m Boring Sometimes.

I got home from the blogger meet up and knocked out a little of Level 3 of The Shred.  And no Jillian- I still refuse to do jumping lunges.  It’s a safety issue.  Being as how my schedule was a little off, my Red Box Friday turned into a Red Box Saturday!  One great thing about being in the city for a couple weeks?  I’m literally a few blocks away from almost anything.  My car barely moves- except for during the awful commute to work- but I guess it barely moves then, either… ha.

Why Red Box last night?  Because I felt just like these two:Yaaaawwwwwnnnnnn….

The three of us watched The Lovely Bones and The Blind Side.  I had been wanting to watch The Lovely Bones for a while because I had read the book and absolutely loved it!  And I love Stanley Tucci as an actor- I think he’s fantastic.  And he creeped the hell out of me in this movie.  So he did an awesome job.  But that’s really the only good thing about the movie.  It was kinda slow.  I’d rather spend the time reading the book again… much better.

And for some reason, I never really had a desire to see The Blind Side, but it seems everyone and their mom has seen it and loved it- so what the hell?

Yes, I loved it.  It was great.  I have a  new appreciation for Sandra Bullock.  The story was fantastic.  Good work.  I sheepishly admit that everyone loved this movie for a reason and I wish I had seen it sooner…

I slept until I felt like it this morning.  Yeah… I was up by 8:00.  Lame.  But I still got a decent amount of sleep.  Even if Jaime and Scott’s neighbors were having a party and every time people walked up or down the stairs, either Hazel or Princess would throw a little fit.  And then Hazel tried to settle herself right on top of my face.  “No Haze, you can’t do that”- and sit her down beside me.  Hazel does it again.  Lovely…  But finally, things died down outside and Hazel stopped trying to smother me.  And we were back to happy cuddling and lots of sleep.  :)

Now I’m off to the ‘burbs to run by my place (I miss my apartment!) to do a load of laundry and check out the supposed paint job in the bathroom that was to happen last week.  And deal with the furniture store and try to get everything resolved.  Here’s my game face:Grrr….

Wish me luck!

A Half Mile

That’s all I did after work today.  Bummer.  After walking Princess and Hazel, I was ready to stretch my legs and go.  So I got myself ready, did a little warm up walk, and started my run through the neighborhood.

Nope.  It was almost instant that I knew I wasn’t ready yet.  Stupid twinge.  Sure, I ran through the feeling during the Shamrock Shuffle and Run for the Cheetah.  But I also spent days after both runs not feeling so hot.  So I stopped.  Stupid leg.  I don’t understand why you are doing this!  We’re in a fight.  I’ll be back to talk to you next week.

The thing I don’t understand is that it’s all during running.  I reluctantly walked the rest of the way home (it’s not like I got that far anyways).  And popped in The Shred.  The cardio portions of the workout don’t seem to stress it the same way.  So in theory, it’s good that I can do that with no problems.  In my head that means it can’t be nearly as bad as it was.  So I’ll rest some more.  Next week maybe.  Hopefully.  It better be.

After shredding, it was time for eats.  I bought an avocado and waited patiently for it to be ripe enough to use.  Tonight was the night!  Avocado and mushroom sandwich time!!!And oh yeah… the zucchini was awesome, too.  But not the star of the show.  Clearly.So to address the commute.  I don’t mind going to work everyday.  Wrigleyville is seriously so quiet when I’m on the road.  Maybe it’s just because I’m always up way too early.  But still, it’s a nice and calm drive.  And I get to say hello to this legendary building:Rough start, huh boys?  Keep your chin up!

So the drive TO work isn’t bad.  The drive from work?  Gah.  I’ve tried a couple different ways home.  They all blow.  Which makes me not look forward to next week when the Cubbies are actually in town. I am stalked by red lights.  Hounded by other vehicles cutting into my lane.  Cursed by random construction.  Why, Chicago?  Why?!?!

Oh and an update on the furniture front.  Looks like I might be trying to work out a deal with that sectional I showed you guys earlier.  Of course, I’m getting one last good look at it.  And getting an in-store second opinion from Mon over the weekend.  I’m also appreciative of all the comments that you guys liked it.  This could be the one.  Cross your fingers.  I’m in it for the long haul.  Hey sectional- let’s get to know each other better…  (play sexy music if you so desire)

Because I’m in a funny mood today, I’ll show you a cartoon I happened to crack up at because I absolutely LOVE Reese’s candy in any shape or form.  Mini reese’s pb cups are by far the best, but I’m flexible.Ok kids, have a good one.  The weekend’s almost here!

This is not any given Sunday.

Thanks so much for all the great comments everyone!  Seriously, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking I was being unreasonable.  And- let me just confirm- I was f-ing angry on Saturday.  That’s why I didn’t deal with them longer that day.  I knew I needed some cool down time.  Otherwise I was going to flip some shit.  And if I’m wanting them to bend a little in price on a replacement, I figured that over the top nice (yet assertive) would be the best way to go.

I went in to the store Sunday and talked to a sales guy about my situation.  He was really great.  He also informed me the lady that helped me had since “left the store”.  I assume that’s nice speak for “got canned”.  Because when I mentioned her on Saturday, eyes were rolling.  I didn’t ask questions.  So anyways, this guy introduced me to “modular” sectionals.  That way, each 3-foot (approx.) segment of it would easily be moved in.  And I can still get the length I want.  Perfect, right?

Yes.  But expensive.  A little more expensive than what I planned.  And a little more expensive than me being able to try and talk them into an even trade.  So I’m undecided.  Here’s the one in particular that we’re pondering (via Blackberry pic):Now this is the one with leather- there is also one I can get that is ALL microfiber.  I like the leather ok, but I really had an all microfiber couch in mind.  It’s also a little darker than the planned color I had in my head.  It would still look good (in my opinion) against the blue wall, but I’m just not sure yet.  I’m calling in some friends to look with me and get a second opinion.  Thoughts?  Like I said, the four pieces together would be a bit pricier.  And the warranty on it (because it’s a bit bigger after all is said and done) is also more.  I’m hoping to talk that one down.  And the guy said he’d see what he could do about waiving the delivery fee.  On that one I am like, “hell yeah you’re waiving the delivery fee.  This is a mess.”

Either way, I have thinking to do.  There’s also another one he showed me that I just adore, but it’s twice as much as I was originally going to spend… and yeah- not happening.  I cannot pull money out of my ass, sir.  As cool as that would be.

I am also looking elsewhere, just so everyone knows.  But I’d still prefer to go here- being as how (in theory) they should be a little flexible and I’d be getting the delivery waived.  We shall see.  I’m still very bitter and resentful about it.  But I figure I have this week to talk to them some more and make a final decision so that I can have it delivered the weekend I get back.

Moving on- I also ran by the mall for a bit to pick up a birthday present for a friend and use a free panty coupon at Victoria’s Secret (yeah, you know what I’m talking ’bout).  I think I’ve gotten more free panties there than ones I’ve actually paid for.  Don’t tell them that…  But the mall is never just a “quick trip”.  Woodfield is actually one of the largest malls in the United States and it is ridiculous to navigate through all the stores, kiosks, and sassy little junior high kids with too much makeup and more expensive outfits than I will ever wear.  Headache unavoidable.  This is why I prefer grocery shopping over going to the mall for clothes shopping.  Except for when a little kid at Trader Joe’s decides to repeatedly ram me with their “future shopper” mini grocery cart as their mom looks at me and then turns back to what she was doing.  Then it would be a tie…

After all that running around, I came home to finish start packing for my little gig in Wrigleyville.Does it look like I’m forgetting anything?  ha ha.  Because I almost did!  I tucked my Shred video and threw my hand weights into the car… gotta keep shredding!  :)

I also had to run by a guy friend’s house to drop off my extra set of keys.  In case disaster happens, he’s close by.  Hopefully he doesn’t abuse the power.  If I come home to a raided pantry and all my alcohol is gone, I’m hunting him down…

Am I forgetting anything?  Oh- I also did The Shred and got in some more elliptical time.  Right after church this morning.  I contemplated yoga last night, but was just beat by the time I was done running around.

Whew!  Usually Sundays are my laziest.  This was not the case.

Oh and CALLING ALL CHICAGO RUNNERS/BLOGGERS- still thinking about the meetup after Race to Wrigley on Saturday.  If you’ve let me know you’re interested or might be able to go, I’ll be emailing you.  If you think you’re interested and I haven’t heard from you- just let me know!  Maybe a little breakfast after that 7:30 race?  I think it’s ideal… :)  If you can’t do breakfast, just let me know if you’ll be at the race- I would love to say hello at the very least!

Ok seriously, I almost started this post with “this is going to be a short one”.  Clearly that didn’t happen.  Enjoy your Monday!  And you’ll be seeing me tomorrow with two little doggies who can’t wait to say hello!  :)

New Things

Well Saturday was fun. 

I went out furniture shopping (browsing) again.  After measuring the beloved table in the store, and going back home to assess the situation, I realized it may still be too big.  It would work logistically, but I don’t think I’d be happy with it because it would still look “crowded”.  That being said, I’m going to keep you guessing until the furniture I selected are in my apartment, but I will tell you I am in love.  ;)  I’m sure you can’t wait…

After I got home, I was out on my balcony to enjoy the sun and chit chat on the phone.  I spied my hottie neighbor.  I’m pretty sure he’s somewhat new to the complex.  Either that or I’m just horribly unobservant.  Which, in this case would be a shame.  I’ll have to make a point of introducing myself.  I suck at that.  But whatever- it needs to happen.  It’s springtime and I want to be twitterpated (anyone catch that Bambi reference?).

Another new thing?  Dinner… I decided to break out more chicken and try a new recipe.  I found a simple white cheddar sauce to go with my chicken I seasoned with TJ’s 21 Seasoning Salute.  I now consider this seasoning to be a staple in my spice rack.  Seriously.  Don’t have it?  Go get some now.  And use it on almost anything you cook on your stove top.  See what happens.  Appreciate it.  Love it.I wasn’t, however, so hot on the white cheddar sauce.  I was really excited to try it.  Cheesy wonderfulness on chicken?  Sign me up!  But it was pretty basic and bland.  :(  It needed some more kick- hence the reason I won’t post the recipe and tell you to try it immediately.  I’m going to start looking for something similar in the cheesiness, but way better.  I’ll let you know when I find it…

Oh, and the above chicken started out as one chicken breast.  But I’m one of those people who totally freaks out about cooking meat and have to make sure it’s completely done.  So usually, the one piece turns into strips by the time I’m through with it.  No chance of pinkness inside- something I’m soooo anal about!  Is that just me?  Probably…

I watched a new tv show- Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution.  He’s tackling the diet issues of a town in Virginia and the first two episodes have revolved mostly on the school he’s been working with.  My hands seriously went up to my face when he showed the family what their diet was by piling it all on the kitchen table.  Holy fried crap and cheese!  I’ve started to become very intrigued by all the school lunch program reform that has been going on and support it completely!  I know you remember just as I do what kind of crap ended up on your school tray at lunch.  What’s the worst one that you’ve got?  Mine was stromboli (I still don’t really know what that’s supposed to be)- I hated the smell of the cafeteria on those days.  Sometimes, I’d eat the bread part of it if I was hungry enough- but wouldn’t touch that thick and fatty slice of “meat” wrapped in.  I’m gagging a little just thinking about it.

In my nerdy weekend fashion, I totally enjoyed my breakfast out of one of my NEW bowls. It’s also another solid steel cut oats attempt.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of it…  And I know it’s funny to get excited about something as silly as a bowl, but it just made my meal seem so pretty!

Who needs another cup of coffee?  I do!  I do!I haven’t had enough coffee until my eyes are completely bugging out… clearly, I’m close.  Have a good Sunday, kids!


As the title suggests, I’m freakin’.  Don’t get any ideas- let’s keep this clean folks.  Oh… was that just me with the wandering mind?  My bad…

My “eh” day continued on through the afternoon.  It was a nice break when Christy came to claim her cupcakes- all us ladies got to chat and catch up.  It made the afternoon creep a little less.  Good deal…

I watched those last minutes pass on the clock.  Tick tock tick tock… I got freakin’ impatient.  I had places to go!  Like the grocery store… to pick up my movies I reserved on Red Box.  Yep.  I did it again.  I’m a nerd.  But uh, I spent a whole $2 as of right now on my weekend fun.  Hells yeah. 

On the way to pick up said movies, there’s a furniture warehouse discount store.  On a whim, I decided to peek in.  I know I reserved my furniture shopping fun for tomorrow, but why not? I’m just too freakin’ excited!  I might as well check out one store while I’m out and about… right?  And I fell in love.  I found a table that I just absolutely cannot pass up.  It’s almost exactly what I was looking for, with one of the best prices I found yet!  Here’s something similar, but it isn’t at the same time:This is the color I’m looking for.  And the gorgeous chairs with microsuede cushions.  Love.  But this is not the set- this is an eight-chair set.  Way too big.  They had a maple and smaller version (four-chair) of this next to it.  I inquired if it came in a darker stain.  And it did!  Score…  Of course, I will be heading out to check out three more stores in a bit.  I’m impulsive, but not with this kind of stuff- like I said, I want table shopping last fall and came home empty-handed.  But now I’m finally ready for my big-girl furniture.

I also looked at sofas.  Not impressed with the standard sofas they had.  But then I found this two-piece sectional.  But I don’t think it’s going to work out between us.  It’s too large and in charge for my apartment.  Sadly enough…

So, before I go- do you have any negotiation skills to thrown my way?  Mostly to find a way to snag free delivery… I’m horrible at that kind of thing!

I’m also freakin’ out because I watched the creepiest movie I’ve seen in awhile.  Anyone seen The Box yet with Cameron Diaz and the yummy James Marsden?  I’m still trying to decide if I actually liked the movie.  Or if it just straight up disturbed me on a different level.  Cameron- I love you.  But you kind of suck at drama.  I’m sorry.  You tried in The Other Sister.  You tried in this one.  It just didn’t work.  Please stop.  You’re way better at slap stick.  Remember when you combed cum through your hair?  That was hilarious.  But that also should have kept you from ever making any attempt at a serious movie ever.  Just sayin’.  Sometimes the truth hurts.

Steel cut oats attempt #2 was attempted- and success!  So that’s freakin’ awesome!  I think- I’ve never done steel cut on the stove.  But, like all of you said, it takes patience.  Totally worth it.  And since I skipped my “dessert oatmeal” yesterday, I was cool with making it today.  Lovely.  So freakin’ delish.  :)

And now I can start my day.  After I’m done with furniture shopping, I’m doing more concentrating on arms and abs.  Gotta keep semi active, right?  :) 

And can we talk about The Hills getting canceled?!?!  There goes my guilty pleasure… daaaaaannnnnggggg.  Freakin’ disappointing!

Ok, so I’m off to get stuff done…

Perks of the job…

Without getting too into detail about everything I do under the title of “marketing coordinator” (which seems to be the go-to if there’s a random thing in the office that needs to be done), one of my favorite things to do is to help plan things that go on around here.  Events and promotions are my thing.  So I have a lot of fun even doing the silly things like the catering of meetings.  Mostly because I enjoy dealing (flirting?) with the catering managers and vendors.  Don’t judge.  And scoring free food.  Like yesterday for lunch (and yes, I get a little more Chelsea Handler reading done):If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my obsession with Jason’s Deli.  And since we use them for a lot of catering (a decision I really pushed for instead of the standard Jimmy John’s- which I can’t stand for numerous reasons), I get my Jason’s fix often.  I paired it with some veggie goodness from home- going off an assumption that it would be a better balanced meal than with tortilla chips. 

Ok now it’s time to name your favorite perk of your job.  Aaaaannnnnnnddddddd GO! 

Is it sad I get such great joy out of the free food and unclaimed magazines I snag (ESPN magazine- holla’!)?

Oh and don’t pat me on the back for my healthy lunch just yet.  I baked another round of Car Bomb Cupcakes for a girl who ordered them from work… needless to say I tasted my way through every step of the process… including the final product.  Went to bed with a tummy ache.  Ugh.  This is why I can’t be a baker on a regular basis.  My nickname would go from the more sophisticated “Miss Bax” (yes, my guy friends are soooo original with that one- but I like it all the same) to Roly Poly Amy.  No good can come from that. 

So this morning, my taste for my regular Friday “dessert oatmeal” was a no go.  Feeling more savory… just sunflower seed butter, flax, and pumpkin seeds (won them in a giveaway, felt like throwing them in for kicks).  Oh and black tea- where did that one come from?!?!  My green and various herbal teas took a backseat today.Hello weekend!  I’m not sure what it has in store for me just yet.  I had plans to attend a drink special downtown benefiting an upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness walk (I’m representing the small titty committee- we’re still just as important!), but I’m thinking I might pass.  The leg is kind of my reason/excuse- I’m feeling a little “off” (saying I’m “down” is kind of overdramatizing, I’m just not my usual chipper self at the moment and it’s most likely the reason to blame).  And if I’m feeling not so excited and my usual self, I just feel like it may be better to stay in and not be a downer to others around me.  “Off” is just an icky way to feel in a social setting, you know?  Again, I cannot stress enough that I’m not “down”, I’m just not “myself”.  If that makes sense.  Does anyone else ever get that way?  And how do you snap out of it?

Besides, if I’m planning to buy furniture in my near future, a weekend off would justify the expense of delivery.  Cause I’m sure not about to get something stuck in the stairwell like I did with my futon in the last move- click here to read my post about that one.  Good times…

Ok kids, I’m out.  Let’s have a good weekend.  Happy Friday!


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