For The Love Of Salad…

It’s Tuesday.  Maybe we can pretend it doesn’t exist if I only talk about Monday?  ;)

I’ve started to attempt early morning workouts when I go into the office later (9:00 vs. 7:30).  The schedule rotates every week, so I”m crossing my fingers that I’ll stay good to my 5:15 wakeup call all this week.  I am one of those crazies who enjoys her workout, but it really is nice to get home and not be rushed to fit everything in before sleepytime needs to happen (or in my case, starts to become ignored).

Yesterday was a success in that department.  I got up and was at the gym by 5:20.  It’s upsetting to me that you can already tell the days are shorter and it’s still very much dark at that time.  I walked in and it was me and another lady I see there often when I get up to go at this time.  She ignored me completely.  As usual.  Granted, no one is ever chipper at that time, but really, I’m just trying to make eye contact and say “good morning!”  But you just go ahead and pretend like you didn’t hear me come in… that’s fine.  I can’t imagine that the newest story about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can be THAT attention absorbing, but maybe I don’t know power of being a diehard Twilight fan, either.  I just wanted to crack a smile and give you a wave. Whatevs- I’ll let you do your thing. 

Obviously, I’ve already gotten off subject.  Sorry.  My run… oh yeah… I was noticeably a bit sluggish at first.  Could have been the two glasses of wine I felt the need to have the night before.  Or the lack of sleep.  Or the fact that I was still only half awake.  But I won’t try to make up excuses.  ;)  I did 4 miles- and by the last one I was picking up some speed to make up for my lead feet in the first one.  My first mile is always horrible, but I’ve accepted this and moved on.  End stats were 4 miles at 8:25 pace.  I’ll take it.

I also did some resistance band work.  Which proved to be challenging being as how I spent the day before slinging cinder blocks into a dumpster.  I think every time I use the bands, I always go through the same mental process.  First I think, “oh this really isn’t doing that much… not really challenging me…. oh wait, there it is… yep, I feel that…. ooooowwww!”

If you haven’t tried using resistance bands, I definitely think you should at least give it a whirl. 

On to dinner… Meal planning is something I struggle with.  I usually get a general idea of what I need in my head, but I see a sale and somehow I end up with spinach and lettuce coming out of my ass.  I apologize in advance for all my creative attempts at meals that are “leaf” heavy this week.  Little ol’ me forgets how daunting it can be to have salad a million days in a row.  At least I’m only on day one and so this random salad was pretty fabulous-looking.I could talk about the cauliflower, mushrooms, chick peas, and green peas that I threw in on the salad.  I can talk about the mushrooms being sauteed in curry powder beforehand.  But I know we really just want to talk about that dressing.

I made a peanut butter-based salad dressing.  Partially because I’ve always wanted to try it, but mostly because I am running a little low on salad dressing.  So I searched out a recipe.  My pantry isn’t quite as stocked as what some of the websites would like for it to be, so after a while I gave up on finding an exact recipe and just winged it from what I had read. 

Basically, I heated extra virgin olive oil and peanut butter on top of the stove.  Then I squirted in a little honey and – here’s the key- added red chili pepper flakes.  It sounds really weird.  But it turned out soooo well!  If I could change one thing, I would have used a little more olive oil.  The end product was really thick and I would have preferred it a little thinner.

This makes me realize I need to make my own dressing much more often.  For real.

Do you cook by recipe or wing it?  I will only bake by the rules (aka the cookbook), but when it comes to cooking, I rarely use exact recipes.  I’m more of a “dump it all in” kind of person…

Gotta run- time to get busy!


Did you know that today is a holiday?  It’s “Stupid Guy Thing Day”.  I was unaware we’d have to set aside an entire day to observe such a thing.  Typical…  ;)

Just kidding, guys.  I still heart you.  Most of the time.

The afternoon and evening was not full of thunderstorms like originally predicted.  Typical.  But because the air was just “heavy”, muggy, and gross, I decided to go with my original plan to take the workout inside.  Climate control is sometimes my friend.

Luckily, I secured the treadmill without too much of a problem.  I guess one good thing I will say about it is that I control and can see the pace.  I kept it hovering around 8:35 the majority of the time and just zoned out.  This worked pretty well until about the last half mile, which seemed to last forever and a day because I was just tired of being on the ‘mill.  The one thing I did miss (and usually complain about) is a breeze.  Imagine that…

Avatar came in near the end of my cool down.  I made a quick exit off the treadmill because he was in close proximity and his horrific cologne was starting to burn my nose hair.  And I heard you need nose hair for hygiene reasons.

Stretching was taken seriously last night- I’m feeling some stress in my right hip.  And in order to not feel like a grandma today, I decided there should be some focus on that.

Once I got home and was ready to eat, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  Usually, I crave carbs.  This was not the case.  Not typical.  I was,  however, indecisive.  Typical.It’s like a veggie bar.  I also had hummus for the cauliflower- because I’m not a fan of it plain. 

After, in order to avoid library dues (it’s like I TRY to get them on purpose), I rushed to the library to drop off a book.  Then I decided to browse the aisles for a bit.  Everything I want to read is on hold, so I didn’t have anything I was really looking for.  But I looked in the new fiction aisles and then the fitness/health section.  Because I’m a healthy living nerd.  And after reading about 100 titles about how I can cheat on my diet and still lose weight, I found this book:French Women Don’t Get Fat.  I picked it up because the subject of intuitive eating has always been a rough one for me (not to understand, but to actually do).  And because I’m a nerd and I just really like reading more about different cultures and their eating habits.  Being as how I have an opinion on just about everything, expect me to come back to this book at a later time.  :)  Has anyone read this already?  I want to know your thoughts!

Off to work I go.  Day two of the crazies.  Tomorrow is the last day and then I have two events in a row.  Should (hopefully) make the week go by quick and painless.  Kind of like how I want this Tuesday to go…



I’m glad you all enjoyed my love letter/intervention/tribute to nut butter.  When I made myself aware of measuring it out and only getting one serving of it, I realized how much I actually did eat it.  Even after I made dinner, I wasn’t hungry, but had the serious urge to go for another spoonful (I didn’t).

Instead, I dusted.  Exciting life I lead- I know.  Because that was my one cleaning-related thing I was doing last night.  I feel like I’m treating my cleaning habits like I would of those of a child.  “Just pick up 10 things before you get to have dessert, sweetie…”  Did any of you get that?  I think my mom tried it a few times.  But then she realized we’d just sneak dessert anyways if we got to 10 or not… Damn sweet tooth.

What was my satisfying dinner you ask?  I’ve had an avocado I’ve been patiently waiting to ripen, and tonight was the night (insert happy dance here when I got home and realized this).  I had a southwestern themed (one of my favorites!) wrap.Corn, black beans, avocado, and a bit of hot salsa to give it a kick.  Soooo good.  I considered adding cheese, but I didn’t even miss it.  Would have been a waste.  And it may have not even fit anyways.The wrap stayed together for about two bites before it exploded into a southwestern mess.  Eh.  I didn’t care.  I already got the bloggie shot.  ;)

Another good thing?  My workout… I did 28 on the elliptical (at least it’s an even number- still no idea why I didn’t just stop at 25 or go to 30), a mile-and-a-half on the treadmill, and 15 on the stairmill.  Arm weights and abs in between the cardio.  Weight slammer came in near the end of my workout, but I made it out before he got too crazy with the weight machines.  Whew.

On the note of unusual gym characters, Mon messaged me with a good one.  It might even rival the guy that kisses his biceps!  She said that the two newbies to the weights area of the gym were there when she was on Monday night.  After each heavy set, one would grunt and yell “Avatar!!!’  What?

Can someone please explain this to me?  Avatar?  Really?

All in all, yesterday was a good day.  Can you believe it was even a Tuesday Suckday?  My world just got turned upside-down…

Today it stopped raining (yesterday was just gray and rainy) and I have four miles to do tonight.  Hopefully traffic won’t suck all the life out of me.  Did I mention that because of all the construction, my commute to and from are almost twice as long?  It’s fantastic.  I feel like I’m in gridlock  Whatever.  I keep reminding myself that getting angry won’t do a damn thing about it.  So I’m trying not to… trying being the operative word.  :)

Happy Hump Day!

Power Hour

Anyone else ever play “Power Hour” in college?  Did anyone ever actually make it through?  I feel like I never lasted long.  Usually I’d say “screw it” at some point and drink when I felt like it.  Even early on I wasn’t a big fan of structure… go figure.  :p

However, I had my power hour at the gym last night.  28 minutes on the elliptical.  Why 28?  Who knows… it just felt like a good number to end on.  Weights.  More weights.  Stairmill (or as Mon would say, “stair demon”) for 16.  And then ending with the ab work.  Normally I like to throw a mile or so on the treadmill in there as well, but the gym was strangely crowded and I didn’t feel participating in the “who’s gonna jump on the good ‘mill first when this dude gets off” game that was being played.

Plus I had a Thirsty Thursday date with Mon.  We gossiped as we drank a couple Goose Islands… what’s new?

I honestly don’t have much to say today.  Knowing me and my mouth, that’s kind of strange.  It’s my rest day.  Hopefully work will fly.  And I’ll be staying with a friend in Wrigleyville so we can drive together to the Girls on the Run 5k early tomorrow morning because we’re both volunteering.

We may be getting up early tomorrow, but we’re still planning to go out for a drink or two to watch the Hawks game somewhere- gotta show Chicago pride, right?  ;)

So with that, happy Friday!  Here’s how I started mine out:I once again broke out the dessert oatmeal!  A little Special K underneath, coconut, peanut butter, and white chocolate chips.  And this is how it made me feel:I hope this is how I continue to feel about my breakfast.  I think the milk might be starting to get bad.  Ok, it could have been bad… but lets not dwell on that fact.  I clearly need to go grocery shopping.

Have a good weekend, kids!

Weight Slammer Strikes Again

So I did my cross training last night at the work out room in my complex.  And got stuck at the end of my workout with the dude that slams the weights down.  Ugh.  UGH. 

Like I’ve said before, I understand weight lifting is not a quiet activity.  But seriously- I’m terrified he’s going to break the weight machine.  And I swear that everyone jumps every time it happens.  And then we all shoot him an evil look.  But he’s too busy rocking out to his music that even I can even hear over my music to notice. 

I have choice words.

Let me know if you have any good characters at the gym.  I’ve got a few I know I’ve mentioned from time to time…

Other than that, the work out was good.  25 minute on the elliptical.  15 minutes on the stairmill.  Some weight time before weight slammer took over.  And a quick mile on the ‘mill.  Then I got the f out of there because he was still going strong.  And I’m concerned about premature hearing loss.

Plus, The Hills was going to be on.  And I’m finally in that place where I can admit it’s my guilty pleasure.  I got sucked in a little over a year ago- or whenever it was Lauren’s last season on.  I don’t even like Kristen at all.  I can’t stand Spencer and Heidi.  Why do I watch this show?!?! 

At least I had good eats.  It was a protein-a-riffic dinna’.Spinach and mushroom scramble with cottage cheese.  I’m not sure if I was really feeling the cottage cheese, but it’s nearing it’s cutoff date.  And you know how I hate to be wasteful…

Because there is always a need for some new reads at the gy, I was excited this mag came to my door:I flipped through it a little during breakfast this morning as I made Oats in a Jar with the last of my White Chocolate Wonderful.  Originally, I couldn’t get enough of this stuff, but my interest faded quickly.  I think the WCW is just a little too sweet for me and my regular consumption of peanut butter.  Still not bad- just not my favorite…

Oh and back to my Elle magazine that I still don’t know where the subscription came from- Kristen Stewart is the cover story.  Ugh.  When I saw that as I pulled it out of my mailbox, I almost threw it away right then and there.  I don’t care what people say- she can’t act.  She’s got one dimension.  It’s called “teenage angst”.  That’s all I’ve ever seen her play.  Except for when she was younger.  Then it was “preteen angst”.  But whatev- I noticed the cover also said it was the “Body Issue” so I’ve found a few good reads to keep me entertained as I do work on the stairmill.  So that’s good- because I don’t know how many times I’ve flipped through the two or three People magazines there that are four months old…

Anyways, in honor of National Running Day (yeah, it’s real- put your sneaks on and head out the door!), I’ll be doing 3.5 miles today.  Let’s cross the fingers it’ll be on the trail and not the treadmill.  :)

Happy Hump Day!

Who’s Going?

I’m talking about the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago this August… Registration is this Wednesday and I’m trying to decide if I want to go!  Supposedly the tickets go pretty fast- so I’ll have to be on the ball if I do.  My only concern is it comes at a time in the middle of my friend’s wedding festivities, attempts at a family vacay, and my half marathon.  So I’ll be busy busy busy- which is fine, I just don’t want to double book myself on accident!  Thoughts?  Did anyone go to the one last year?  Anyone else coming to this one?  Wanna hang out?  ;)

Monday was pretty standard in many ways.  I did some more reading over lunch. Say good bye to the turkey sandwiches! I’m getting close to the end of We Thought You’d Be Prettier by Laurie Notaro.  I just never got into it like I thought I would.  *sigh*  But I feel like I’ve invested this much time, might as well finish it out.  Have you ever just not finished a book?  I’d be the one to stop reading a page or two before it got good… so knowing that, I always finish them.

Training got switched up.  Not like it’s that big of a deal, though.  After spending waaaaay too much time on, I decided to switch yesterday’s run with today’s cross training.  It’s supposed to be nicer, aka the sun will be out at some point.  So running on the trail will be much more enjoyable today.  Hopefully. 

Cross training isn’t as much fun as running, but it’s not bad.  It’s not so much what I’m doing, it’s where I’m doing it.  There was always a list of characters that used my workout room in my apartment complex.  But I feel they’ve slowly rotated out.  Maybe moved.  Either way, the old suspects have now been replaced with one silent guy who does some sort of interval training (which may or may not be comical to watch) and a few gym bunnies who more or less just pose at their designated machine to say they worked out for the day.  And then there’s me and Mon.  Looking like deadbeats next to them.  Sweaty… gross, 5-year-old tshirts… hair slicked back with a headband and sweat.  So far I haven’t minded the bunnies.  They won’t annoy me as much as weights guy does.  He’s a puffer for sure… and one to let the weights SLAM down.  In a smaller area, this is quite a disturbance.  Almost worthy of a good swift kick in the knee while he’s in the middle of a set.  Almost…

So here’s what I did- 23 minutes on the elliptical (why 23?  No clue.  It seemed like a nice random number.).  A mile-and-a-half on the treadmill.  And 14 minutes on the stairmill at an easy level (Again with the random number?).  With a few weights and crunches on the exercise ball inbetween. 

I wore my new shirt I just recently got in the mail from a giveaway Beth did along with the company Thriv.  I really love the shirt- it’s soooo soft.  And it’s 50% bamboo.  How neat is that?  It’s great to work out in- same feeling as the tech shirts, but a little softer with no uncomfortable twisting or anything when I was mid-run.  Love it!  :)Still looking a little SWEAT-TAY after I got home.  Yet I’m still rocking out to the tunes… Katy Perry’s new single “California Gurls” is my new repeat song.  Yes, I take new songs and ruin them for myself that way- even before the radio can do it for me.  Old habits die hard…

Oh and I’m really self-conscious about the ring I am wearing in the picture- don’t think I work out in jewelry.  I never do.  And sometimes have a hard time taking someone seriously if they go all blinged out.  (see “gym bunny” description above)  But I didn’t realize it was still on until I got there and I’ll be damned if I take that off and set it down only to lose it.  It used to be my aunt’s before she died of cancer when I was in high school.  It’s my fav piece of jewelry- which may or may not say alot because I don’t wear alot of it.  Hence the reason why I feel really weird working out with it on.  But I digress.

I was gonna do a southwestern wrap thing.  But then I realized I was out of black beans- what the?!?!  So I switched it up.  I broke out a can of tuna instead.  And threw in some cheeeeeeese!  I hesitate to call it a tuna “melt” because that just never sounds delicious.  But in all reality, that’s what it was.  And it looks so bland with some frozen sweet corn my mama sent home with me a while ago.Soooo bland looking, right?  But it wasn’t.  I broke out the seasoning.  It may have been seasoning for chicken- but I like to mess around like that.  I’m crazy.  Clearly.

Anyways…it’s Tuesday and we all know I’m not a fan of Tuesdays.  Let’s cross our fingers and get through it together… see ya!  ;)


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