Michelob Ultra 13.1 Chicago

Well. We did it.

Somehow, my friend Laura and I managed to finish that little half marathon I was talking about earlier this year.

How? I’m not sure.

Here is a list of obstacles we experienced during training: Double-booked weekends, upper respiratory infection, knee issues (both of us), shin splints and food poisoning.

I was the one with food poisoning one weekend. Needless to say, it will be quite some time before I choose to eat shrimp again. Or ever. I may also elect to stay away from seafood-focused restaurants for a bit. It was that terrible, kids.

But let’s focus on the task at hand.

So after a morning of “I’m going to go run 10 miles” that turned into a morning of a million phone calls and tracking down paperwork because we were about to lose the house we found and so very much wanted and needed to put an offer in that very afternoon (we came out victorious, no worries), I called Laura in total despair. I told her I was going to downgrade to the 5k because I just cannot seem to find more than an hour at a time to myself for training.

She was having knee issues, so I assumed she felt the same way.

Nope. Instead, she proposed a new plan. We knew we wouldn’t run a personal best. Or even have a good run. But we signed up for a reason and we were going to finish this thing no matter what. So she suggested we do it together, take it slow and just have a really super long fun run. We were allowed to slow the pace whenever we needed to, stop and stretch or take a breather when necessary, and perhaps just crawl across that finish line.


So we did. And  you know what?

Because when the shuttle insists dropping you at the race over an hour beforehand, you have to pass the time... PHOTO MONTAGE!

Because when the shuttle insists dropping you at the race over an hour beforehand, you have to pass the time… PHOTO MONTAGE!

It was actually fun.

We ran much slower than normal. But we only required 2 stops for a quick stretch and a few short walks through the water stations.

Miles 9-11 were pretty hellish, as in I didn’t want to talk or be happy, but by the time we were in Mile 12, we picked up the pace and finished quite strong.

Like, we were even smiling. And singing. And taking some pics for funsies.

photo 4

Granted, this is not my normal behavior during a race. I typically run it to RUN it. Why half ass when you should be hauling it, instead?

But, when the situation calls for it, I adapt. And there was no way I could have raced a half marathon without hitting a serious wall. Insert all that “I know my body” crap we always talk about. Instead, I got to experience the ups and downs of 13 long miles with a bestie.

michelob ultra 13.1 Chicago

Seventh half marathon DONE. Shower NEEDED.

We finished together at 2:18:51. A little more than 20 minutes over my average. And yes, I did have a brief moment of being hard on myself, and really wanting a do-over. But a finish is still a finish and you really can’t complain about being rewarded with a medal that doubles as a beer bottle opener.

coolest finisher medal ever

Pretty AND functional. Just like my boyfriend.

We really don’t need to discuss the rest of the weekend because we basically ate all the fried things and drank all the alcoholic things.

photo 1

The End.

Next up in the world of Amy? Becoming a homeowner. Which right now seems just like I’m autographing a lot of things and becoming really poor. I hear it’s supposed to be great, though. So stay tuned.

Friday Facts About The ZOOMA Half

Facts revolving around my upcoming half marathon weekend:

1. My ZOOMA Women’s half marathon is tomorrow. I have not trained adequately for it. My hopes are that the efforts put into the Chicago Half Marathon in September will at least halfway carry over. Or just a smidge.

But in the meantime, I’m packed and super excited!

Sometimes it pays to raid your mom and dad’s house over holidays for all the good stuff.

That’s where I got my old jenga game from middle school, not the wine. I can buy that myself now…

2. I am riding with the lovely Meghan to Wisconsin for said race. We have met once and ran into each other while running on the lakefront once. If I disappear for an extended number of days, you know what happened. SEND HELP.

Just kidding, Meghan. I totally trust you.

But just in case, guys…

3. My parents are meeting up with me in Wisconsin to watch the race and take their first official trip to Wisconsin. I’m going to introduce them to cheese curds the same way I was almost two years ago. With good beer in a bar. This may be disastrous.

4. The state of my nails are atrocious about 90% of the time. However, for the time being, they are rocking the blue. Not ZOOMA blue, but close enough.

I really love that it’s time to break out the dark polish again. Makes me feel so bad ass for no good reason at all.

Even if I’m really awful at giving myself manicures. Points for trying?

5. Some of us girls are staying together to make it a super fun, estrogen-filled weekend. We decided to potluck it out. I made cookies.

You’ll hear more about those later. But feel free to drool. They are delicious. I should know. I had no less than four last night and intend to have one with my second cup of coffee later on.

I have a sugar addiction problem. Send more help.

6. There are no set goals for the race itself. Just to finish. Which is technically a goal, but stop getting so technical on me. This is mostly due to all that hill training I planned to do never happening (shame), the furthest I’ve ran since my last race was 8 miles (shame), and my cold apparently got a second wind and lingered until about two days ago (not my fault).

This is just not going to be “my race”.

But whatever. The weather seems like it’ll pull through, Wisconsin is supposedly quite pretty at this time of year, a lot of great girls are running it, and I get a necklace at the end.

And wine. Lots of wine.

My parents should probably find me at the finish sooner than later.

Did I mention there’s wine?

Where was I?

Oh yeah… so that’s my projected weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all have an equally fun time. Or at least get to drink equal amounts of wine.

Did I mention there’s going to be wine?

Wait… where was I again…?

Half Marathon Happenings

Just a quick check-in…

I did it!

We can talk more about the race soon. There are still thoughts to be harnessed. But the day was definitely a good one. I even had a little cheering section:

That Mizzou flag has been to every race my mom has attended. It’s nice because I have something to watch for among the crowds. Oh and there’s nothing she loves more than for people running by to give her a “M-I-Z!” shout. So if you happen to ever see her cheering at a race, keep that in mind.

After the race, my cheering section and I headed to Ann Sathers for some post race awesomeness. Because come on- you know that’s one of the best parts about signing up for races.All that food was MINE.

I picked Ann Sather specifically for the cinnamon rolls. There’s a reason they were featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. Can you believe the two monster rolls are just a simple side to the rest of my meal? Glorious. And probably one of the reasons why the place was PACKED.They may have also stuck us in the very tight corner because I was gross.

I’m not offended because it’s true.

After a necessary shower and the departure of my parents, I went out to have a celebratory drink with this girl and this girl.Parental visit. Half marathon. Cinnamon rolls. Delicious beverages.

Solid weekend.


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