Up To This Point

Hellooooo!  I’m glad everyone likes the “voice of Mon”.  Good to know for when I’m out of town next… (Hey Mon- I’m putting you to work.)

So my road trip out went well.  Or at least as well as it could.  Construction plagues me every where I go.  As does Christian Rock stations in the middle of Illinois.  Nothing against it, I just don’t prefer it.  I got a little tired of listening to Enrique every 20 minutes.  I did like it, Enrique.  But after hearing about how you “like it” that often, I stopped.  Sorry.  I will now save that tune only for when I’m fist pumping in the club with Pauly D.  In the end, I compromised with the smooth sounds of Ryan Seacrest.  Apparently he’s quite popular in mid-Illinois.

Anyways, I thought I’d just give you a quick recap of the highlights of my little trip so far…Bad Idea #1.  When you go to Subway and say “large iced tea”, and they ask if you’d prefer the 32 oz or the 44 oz, do not say “hell yeah, let’s go with the 44 oz!”  when you are at the beginning of your 8-hour journey.  It was as big as my head.  My bladder is not as big as my head.  Simple math, Amy…

More simple math?  Add another one that size and that’s how much iced tea I had the entire trip.  I don’t learn from mistakes- which is a trait I seem to carry on throughout all aspects of my life.  Sigh…

And how freaky does my neck vain look?  Ew.Bad Idea #2- adding red onions to your sandwich.  It’s not that I’m concerned about my breath so much (I’ve gotten out of the habit of making out with truckers at trucker stops- it only ends in heartbreak), but they’ll pile them on.  Which means I pick alot of them out.  And just crumple the bag and toss it to the side.  And they sit.  And sit.  And sit.  And pretty soon your car will reek of onions.  Gross.  I think it still smells.Finally made it to St. Louis!  Hooray!

During rush hour.  Booo….

But it’s cool.  The rush hour I experienced is child’s play compared to my mess I deal with on a regular basis…I heart Wrigley Field, but I miss my Cardinals.

I also miss getting into the playoffs.  (What is the deal, Cards?!?!)Stopped and met up with one of my lovely ladies, Laura, for dinner.  Mistake #3- pace yourself well on roadtrips.  I ate way too early and had the shakes by the time my food came (probably partially due to the tub of iced tea I put down earlier).  No good.  This wrap vanished as quickly as it came.

Since our dear Mary was down and out with a serious head cold, and because Laura picked up some more hours for work for the next day, I made the last minute executive decision to finish the entire drive (versus spending the night in St. Louis like originally planned) and go the last 3 hours that night.  Because I’m a champ.And with the help of my good friends caffeine and sugar (Swedish Fish?  How’d you get in there??!?!), I did it.  I only regretted the decision to finish the drive for about 15 minutes in a downpour outside of Jefferson City.  My window wipers don’t seem to be up to par. 

I rolled into good ol’ St. E around 11:45.  Both of my parents were up when I got home.  I’m suspicious that they were actually sleeping and set their alarm, but I won’t say anything…I also woke up to rain.  Considering the wedding this weekend is supposed to be an outdoor affair, this is no bueno.  The sun later came out, but we need this rain business to go away completely!

By the way, if you look in the upper most left corner in the picture above, you can see some of our closest neighbors.  Say howdy!The cat also is not amused.  I’m not 100%, but I’m thinking this is the cat my mom endearingly calls “puke cat”.  Because it likes to eat grass.  A lot of it.  And then I’m sure you can guess what it does next.  On our new patio.  Regularly.

I believe I’d have stronger words for the little stinker, but my mom’s much more of a lady than I ever claim to be.After a walk with my mom and some working out with my resistance bands (Yes, I travel with them.  No, I’m not ashamed.), much of my day looked like this.  Reference my Subway drink of choice and then the picture above and you’ll get an idea of how much I love iced tea.  I love it at home the most.  I’m aware my mom uses an iced tea maker (is that cheating?), but it’s still some of the best ever.

And that’s a  new library book.  I finished I Know I Am, But What Are You? by Samantha Bee (love her now), and picked this one up because they finally had it waiting on the hold shelf for me.  I still have a whole stack that I checked out last time, but I’ve been waiting forever (or two months- same difference) for this one to become available and wasn’t gonna miss my chance to read it!  I love Sloane Crosley.  And like to think I’m like her.  But in Chicago instead of New York and with less disposable income.

So yeah.  That’s the last 24 hours in a nutshell.  Just so you know, I haven’t been commenting on the blogs, but I’m still very much stalking you quietly.  Not to creep you out or anything…

I hope you all have a great weekend- I’m off to the rehearsal dinner!

Not Ideal

I’m not happy with the way the weekend has been going.  Sure, I’ve been relaxing.  I enjoyed going to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Friday night in the city at LaSalle Power Company.  Didn’t really drink, but still had fun catching up with some lovely ladies I hadn’t seen in awhile.

I made a point of making it a one-drink night.  Why?  Because I had a long run scheduled for Saturday morning.

That didn’t so much happen…

This is what did:

I haven’t had a pain the last week, but it was an “off” feeling.  Then, on Friday night while doing my cross training session, I decided to include a mile on the treadmill between weights.  It didn’t feel so hot.  So I made an executive decision to pass up my long run and push it to a different day.  I cross trained again yesterday.  No running.  I think what almost bugged me more was that my training plan is all thrown out of whack- after two solid months of following it religiously!  Ahhh… the ocd in me kicks in…

It was fine that I didn’t do the long run for another reason- I was tired.  Friday night did not include much sleep.

Sure, I got a nap in.  But apparently I was looking rough during my trip to Trader Joe’s.  I’ve noticed they always like to carry a conversation- usually about food choice and what you’re making.  After a brief and vague conversation, the cashier adds, “oh yeah, asparagus is definitely one of the best things for a hangover.”

What?  It’s 7:00.  On Saturday night.  Do I still look that rough? I had one drink.  I’m just sleepy, I swear! Ouch…

Clearly I need a little pick-me-up.I don’t know how many times I’ve used McDonald’s $1.00 large iced tea as my go-to beverage.  Starbucks needs to recognize…How… um… classy.  The salad was amazing- topped with green beans, edamame, orange pepper, mushrooms and peanuts.  Or in other words, everything but the kitchen sink.

So yeah… I’m freaking out just a bit.  I’m nervous that I have the beginnings of shin splints.  High impact is really the only thing I’m having trouble with.  I can ellipticize (is that a word?  if not, I’m claiming it as my own) all day.  I can climb stairs forever.  But the running might take a backseat.  Being as how we’re exactly three weeks away from the Rock ‘n Roll Half, I’m not happy about this.  But I guess there’s not much I can do.  It’s not severe, so we’ll just keep testing the waters out until I’m back on the trail…

If you’ve got any helpful advice, I’m all ears.  Seriously.  I don’t want the schedule being thrown off to completely take down my motivation for the race.

On a happy note- Sarena The Non-Dairy Queen passed along the Sugar Doll Award to me the other day!  I love Sarena, by the way- she’s got a sense of humor that keeps me cracking up every day!  So here’s a few more random things for my peeps to ponder:

1. Heath Ledger was my most prominent celeb crush I had in high school after I watched 10 Things I Hate About You.  I adored him enough to even sport the big poster of him from A Knight’s Tale through my freshman year.  I believe my roommate and my boyfriend at the time both despised it.  Brandon Boyd from Incubus was a close 2nd in this category.  What can I say?  I went through a phase of digging the shaggy hair…  Who was your high school celeb crush?  No judgements will be made… or at least not out loud…

2. My favorite Bath & Body Works scent is WarmVanilla Sugar.  Because that was the scent of the lotion my aunt gave me for Christmas before she passed away.  It still reminds me of her every time I smell it.  And I search it out if I happen to come upon one of their regular clearance sales. 

3. I can still rap Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez’s rap intersession in “Waterfalls” by TLC.  I learned it around the age of 10 and had no idea what it meant.  Ah the young and clueless.  But I can still do it… holla’.

Anyhoo, I’ve just had breakfast this morning.  I’m waking up a little and hopefully hitting the trail.  We’re going to test it out.  So I’ll either be doing a solid run or a warm-up walk followed by some gym time.  Wish me luck!  :)

All The Small Things…

I spent pretty much all day yesterday thinking it was Friday.  Yes, some of it had to do with I have today off, but I really think a lot of it had to do with the weather.  80’s?  And I’m leaving for the weekend?  I say that’s just crap. 

The day went pretty fast and I went to TJ’s over lunch after talking to my mom to see if it would be ok if I cooked dinner on Friday night.  I stocked up on the good stuff- including almond butter.  I used the almond butter in my oatmeal this morning.  My parents won’t even touch the jar.  Fail…

Anyways, because I had completely cleaned out my refrigerator at home in preparation for this trip, I didn’t have much of a selection and brought one of my Lean Cuisine standbys for lunch.  This was a new one I decided to try.  Roasted Garlic Chicken and spinach:I think when I eat them, my favorite Lean Cuisines are the pita wraps.  And butternut squash ravioli is pretty good- no lies.  But I saw this one with all of it’s 180 calories and said “hey, why not?”.  Well I’ll tell you why not.  I can’t tell if the 180 calories is the whole meal or what you think you’ll actually eat.  Or maybe there was a shortage of spinach and they dug into the baby food reserves to compensate?  Hey magic eight ball- should I eat this?  All signs point to “no”.

I ate the chicken.  I think it was about the same as eating one and half chicken tenders.  Bullshit.  I’m sticking to the pita wraps from now on…  had to dig into the snack drawer for some pretzels and a Clif Z Bar.  My boss felt sorry for me.  He tried bringing up some chocolate from the cafeteria, but had decided to sit outside for awhile and enjoy the sun- so the chocolate melted in his pocket.  So nice that he tried, though… 

I was out of that office and changing into “driving gear” at 4:30 on the dot.  Hooray for hitting the road!  So excited to go… so excited to go… so excited to SIT IN TRAFFIC.  I knew that traffic report earlier in the morning was only reporting badness.  But once I got about an hour or so out, traffic was moving pretty steadily and my view turned to this:So I’m not sure which is actually worse- the traffic or the nothingness?  Did I mention I dislike this drive?  At this point I was tired of the rush hour music (I like Lady GaGa, but after the 10th playing of “Telephone”, I’m kind of over it).  After a couple of you mentioned throwback music, I decided to try and find some.  Which was a task because the middle of Illinois seems to enjoy country music.  Blah…  But I did!

Meatloaf told me he would do anything for love.  But he won’t do THAT.  Now all I can think about what “that” really could be.  Does anyone know?  I’m a fan of the song- but know absolutely no history behind it.  So maybe I’m just a poser… I really need to read up on my Meatloaf history.

Then I found a station that played some Sophie B. Hawkins.  And was singing “damn… I wish I was your lover”.  I was getting really vocal, too.  Then decided to lower the voice a little bit because I was on a stop for food and people were starting to stare.I won’t lie- I wondered a little off the beaten path for this one.  The entire week I had pretty much just figured I’d have Subway and call it a day.  Subway is seriously ok and I still eat it, but I’m still a little shaken up by that “something crunchy that shouldn’t be in my chicken” from one of my drives out during the Christmas holidays.  Because really, it’s not like Panera is the uber healthy option (I’m sure my Sierra Turkey had just as many if not more calories than the option at Subway I would have gone with).  But when it comes to quality of some of the food, I like to think it wins out.  And I’m pretty sure my panini I had was THE BOMB.  So I’m totally happy with my choice to drive an extra mile or two off the highway into unknown territory for it. This stop is about three hours into the trip.  Still a bit of daylight.  Still smiling- even though my makeup had melted off because the air was kind of thick and humid and gross but I still wanted to keep the windows down because it was obviously that instead of 20 degrees (which I am thankful for every day until November).  See the problem in this picture, though?  It would be the obnoxiously large iced tea I have in my hands.  What was I thinking???

Into about the third chorus of “na na na na na na na na na na na na na” from Blink 182’s “All the Small Things” is when I crossed the state line into Missouri.  It was lovely seeing St. Louis- I was so over those cornfields… and I had to pee and was not about to stop on one of the smaller exits outside of STL.  Last time I did that late at night, there was only one teeny tiny gas station and two farmers in overalls with no teeth stared unapologetically at me the entire time.  Deliverance, anyone?  (cue creepy background music)

As I was pulling into the gas station in St. Charles, MO, I stumbled onto a junior high dance favorite- KC and JoJo.  You know the song- sing it with me “I will never find another lover sweeter than you, sweeter than you…”  To this day I remember how intense it would get at the dance as soon as a slow song came on.  You were one nervous little child until you saw a boy walking your way…  I still have issues.  Thanks 8th grade.

I put a little more gas in the tank and bought some ice for the cooler of TJ’s wonderfulness:Are you curious as to what I’m making tonight yet?  Hmmm… nothing too fancy, but I’m still very excited.  :) 

I also picked up some coffee.  Yes, it was pretty late, but I had reached six hours of traveling and needed a pick me up.And in St. Louis style, I found a station that was playing some J Kwon.  Deja vu to freshman year in the dorms… One, here comes to two to the three to the four…

Once I got off the actual interstate and hit the “backroads” all the way home, fatigue starting setting in.  I rolled up to my parent’s house around 1:00.  Said hello.  Passed out.  And here I am.This is part of the back yard.  I’m waiting for the sun to come out to play.  Until then, I’ll be catching up on my google reader.  Which will take longer than usual because this internet connection blows.  And surfing for a new pasta sauce recipe.  Anyone got anything kind of light?  No creamy stuff preferably- I got kind of turned off by the cheese sauce I made last week…

Enjoy the rest of the day!  And drive safe if you’re traveling!  I’m off the road, so overall safety of the roads just improved.  You’re welcome.

Sluggish Saturday

I look like this often.  Unwashed hair.  Drinking the largest iced tea I can get my hands on.  Shades on.  Not because it’s sunny, but because I don’t have any makeup on and my eyes give off the look of severe exhaustion.  They stayed  on today pretty much the entire time I was out.  It would have been nice to keep them on while in the mall. I wasn’t sure which would attract more attention- shades or my disturbing glazed over look that might make children cry.  Either way, I got everything done.  And then some.  I should be under supervision when shopping hungover.

I made myself a sort of southwestern omelette for dinner.  I used a little of this stuff on top:

It’s my latest obsession from Trader Joe’s.  So good!  I’ve found an excuse to break it out every night this week since I got it.  And sneak a few pita crisps in it on occasion…  I love it because there’s no added salt- I’m a huge advocate of cutting back on the sodium, but it’s still got a little bit of a kick!  Weeee!  Now I have another excuse to go to TJ’s- salsa, peanut butter and wine.  The diet of champions…

I took a nap later this afternoon.  I woke up to the theme song of “Cops”.  It was a special Cops, too- Bad Girls edition.  Sounds about right…  I’m such a bad ass.

My workout was not in the gym, but a thorough ab workout in front of my fantastic tv.  That’s where you’ll be able to find me the rest of the evening- I redboxed it up tonight.  Try not to bother me while I’m drooling over Johnny Depp in Public Enemies.  Thanks…


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