Do you know what today is?

No? Well. It’s a big day for my lil’ blog. I don’t celebrate “blogversaries” and such because, well, I don’t really have one. Sure, there’s the first post ever. But the focus changed. I took a hiatus or two. The focus changed yet again. Another hiatus.

My point is I don’t have an exact “date” as to when the Second City Randomness you know (and love- obvi) came to be.


I’m all about celebrating milestones and such. And today is my 800th post. Which seems like a SUPER big number.

It’s a good time to say thank you. Thank you for coming back on a regular basis. Thank you for understanding my crazy. Thank you for every comment, email, tweet, and even to a few of you who have stopped me in the streets. It’s awesome and I am so happy to have this outlet to share and discuss things with every one of you.

But because I break out in hives when things get overly emotional, I should probably stop now. I just want you to know I mean it- THANK YOU.

Anyway, how ironic that today’s celebratory post will include what I did on a Tuesday.

I still hate Tuesdays. And it turns out I’m not alone. Look at the top search terms for my blog yesterday:

Not sure what that 6-inch difference thing is all about (and maybe I don’t want to know?), but when I see the top terms are about Tuesdays, I know you guys totally understand me. :)

Anyway, this Tuesday I found myself out in the ‘burbs dealing with some car maintenance. No biggie, but it left me with some time to kill afterwards to avoid the evening rush hour traffic back IN to the city.

Rush hour is no joke, guys.

Luckily, I have friends who also occasionally have time to kill.

Mon and I took to a path along the lake near our old apartment complex and went on a run that lasted about 1.5 miles before we succumbed to slowing down to a quick walk and gossiping for the rest of the 4-mile adventure.

Funny thing- this wass the first time we’ve ever ran together. Sure, we’ve been friends for almost three years now. And yes, we both like to workout. And we both really like running. We just never have together. Strange.

Afterwards, I insisted on going to Jason’s Deli. It’s quick. It’s delicious. And there’s not a location near my new place, so I really miss it.

It’s like the salad I make at home. But better because croutons are involved. And a lil’ pasta salad on the side… and hummus… So really, it’s just better.

Some of the reason I miss it may be because there’s free soft serve with the salad bar. If you so choose…

My car got a spa treatment. I got a gossip fest with a side of exercise. My stomach was happily fed. And, most importantly, I missed rush hour traffic when heading back into the city.

It may have not been a super exciting Tuesday, but hey- it wasn’t completely awful, either.


A Better Day

Yes, I’m still gonna talk about it two days later.

You know I don’t like Tuesdays to begin with, but this one was killer.

So unenjoyable that all I could think of doing when I got home was to lay motionless for about an hour in front of the telly (yes, I think I’m British now) and then drag my worthless and defeated carcass upstairs to bed.

You would have done the same. We were short-staffed at work all day before a major convention. Usually lunch hour provides me a break from the crazy. But, to be honest, I don’t even remember when that should have been. And I wouldn’t even remember what I ate if I didn’t bring salad to work 80% of the time.


I didn’t even get to check the Cards game before leaving the office and driving out to the ‘burbs for my haircut.

My friend Mon and I were going together, so I picked up some food for myself and drove to her place. I beat her there. Instead of waiting patiently, I just did what I felt like.Dug in while sitting in my car. Probably creepin’ the neighbors out.

Oh well. I’ve probably done worse things.

It was a delicious turkey sandwich with a side of steamed veggies. There are now two-day-old carrots on the floor of my car somewhere.

But like I mentioned earlier, after the haircut and realization the Cards lost, I was of no use to anyone.

But never fear! Yesterday was better!

Mostly in part because it wasn’t Tuesday anymore.

But let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we?

Yep. A birthday cupcake from the break room. That’s all it takes. I’m cheap like that.

Don’t tell my man friend I said that…

Actually, there are quite a few other things. Like we weren’t AS short-staffed. I actually got a lunch. Traffic didn’t suck so bad. I got to run 6.1 miles like a bad ass. The Cards won and forced a Game 5. Modern Family was on. I’m now over the hump of the work week (humpa humpa!).

You know… the usual.

Even the weather! We are having unseasonably gorgeous weather. Like really- high 70’s through this coming weekend. Amazing! We all feel so lucky.

Wait… what’s that you say? As I’m enjoying my coffee, waking up out of my haze, you’re going to run a report about how it has been predicted that Chicago will have one of the worst winters they’ve had since God knows when and we need to be prepared because it’ll be the worst winter weather in the nation this year.


What a buzzkill.

I think I need another cupcake…

Whomp Whomp.

Oh hey there.

I didn’t drop dead yesterday (in case you were wondering- and I do appreciate the concern). However, it was a pretty close call. It’s been a pretty lame couple of days.

Here’s what’s been up:

I ran 2 terrifically hot and humid miles on Wednesday over lunch with my friend. The weatherman had said it would be a high of 82. Pretty sure he was a liar. The guy friend was still struggling a little from a weekend of overextending himself (ahem) and so when he wanted to call it quits after about 2, there were no complaints. 

However, we got just as sweaty walking back as we would have running. The sun was a beast. Our workout was lackluster. Whomp whomp.

I got my haircut in the ‘burbs. The plan was to hack a couple of inches off as to get rid of any and all dead ends. I freaked out last-minute and just cut off one inch. No one cares. Whomp Whomp.

Because my haircut was later in the night, I went to Mon’s to chill for a bit beforehand. However, about an hour before leaving work, the onsets of a migraine were starting to kick in.

Seeing spots right in front of your face makes driving difficult. If you didn’t know that already. 

Mon and I still had a pleasant chat. However, instead of hanging out on the couch, I was sprawled out on her floor for an hour with my hands pressed against my forehead and eyes closed. Her cats were sniffing me. I pretended they were concerned. Pretty sure they just wanted me out of their way. Whomp whomp.

Once the throbbing and nausea subsided, hunger pains kicked in. So we got salad at Jason’s Deli thanks to some online “deli dollars” I had accumulated one way or another.Free dinner. Score!

However it’s pretty much a variation on the same basic thing I make for lunch every day. Whomp whomp.

I’ve been a total stress ball lately, so instead of yesterday being a date with Jillian and my weights, I took it outside after work in attempts to “run it out”. And to possibly make up for my poor running the day before. And to also make up for the two massive cookies I snuck from the leftover catering at work yesterday (if we’re really being honest).

The route is never the same when neighborhood running. But I often find myself gravitating towards a specific street for this:This was a picture from last week-  it was much smaller than weeks past, but the concept is still the same. Someone actually takes the time to draw a new little piece of artwork in front of their apartment every week. Ah the little things in life that I get joy out of…

Anyway, I did feel a little better after running myself in circles around the neighborhood a few times to come up with a grand total of 4.4 miles. This was satisfactory because I wanted to make sure to hit the 4-mile mark at a minimum. Not much to say other than I do not enjoy owners who take their dogs off of leashes. 

Followed this up with a walk to Trader Joe’s with the roomie to pick up some random things. And wine. Obviously.

This close proximity is amazing.

Yet devastating for my wallet.

Whomp whomp.

Now it’s your turn to give me a “whoomp whoomp” from your week. Please. Make me feel better about being lame. It’d be really nice of you…

One thing I cannot “whomp” about is the start of the weekend! I’m just as busy as ever, but this time with activities that are mostly much more low-key.  Whew… :)

Hey Ma…

Happy weekend everyone!  Was it just me or was that one of the slowest work weeks of all time?

Either way, I’m excited to finally have some rest and relaxation.  And most importantly, get some quality time in with the parental unit who came up to visit while my cousin runs the Chicago Marathon:Hey ma!

As I was uploading this pic, I said, “hey mom, I like this picture.  It turned out well.”

She inspected it (after pulling out her glasses of course) and said, “eh.  I guess I look alright for an old lady.”

Psht.  Now I know where I get my critical eye from…

She and two of my aunts roadtripped their way up yesterday (living on almond joys and gossip- or so I’ve been told) and my mom was waiting for me at my place by the time I got home from work.  So then it came time for our turn at catching up until I finally said I’d need something to eat or an arm would go missing.

Originally we had planned to go out to eat somewhere that at least had real silverware, but I wasn’t in the mood for anything too heavy and she had eaten a later lunch.  Solution?

Why Jason’s Deli, of course. I was craving deli.  This has happened a lot as of late.  Not sure why.  My mom did soup and a salad, while I tried something new to me from the “Lighter Side” part of the menu:I had the turkey wrap- which was filled with turkey, sprouts and guacamole (yes!).  Sans tomato because I’m crazy and don’t like tomatoes in my sandwich.  Also, it came with chips and guac (double yes!) on the side.

Sadly, the Goose Island beer didn’t come with it.  I supplied that on my own.  This was my first time trying the Harvest Ale and I have to say it’s not my favorite.  I still like Goose Island’s Summertime much better.  Maybe it’s just because I prefer lighter beer and not so much the malts, or maybe it’s because that’s me being in denial that summer’s over.  Either/or.

Quick- name your favorite beer!  Or if you don’t like beer- your favorite beverage to relax with?

Anyhoo, this is a quick one because clearly us girls have shopping to do.  With very little time to do it before we travel downtown to meet up with the rest of the gene pool for an evening out. 

Have a great Saturday!  And for all you kids running, GOOD LUCK!  I’ll be in the crowd.  Most likely with a bright yellow scarf.  If I see you, don’t be surprised if I’m jumping up and down like a maniac.  It’s sorta what I do.

Perks of the job…

Without getting too into detail about everything I do under the title of “marketing coordinator” (which seems to be the go-to if there’s a random thing in the office that needs to be done), one of my favorite things to do is to help plan things that go on around here.  Events and promotions are my thing.  So I have a lot of fun even doing the silly things like the catering of meetings.  Mostly because I enjoy dealing (flirting?) with the catering managers and vendors.  Don’t judge.  And scoring free food.  Like yesterday for lunch (and yes, I get a little more Chelsea Handler reading done):If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my obsession with Jason’s Deli.  And since we use them for a lot of catering (a decision I really pushed for instead of the standard Jimmy John’s- which I can’t stand for numerous reasons), I get my Jason’s fix often.  I paired it with some veggie goodness from home- going off an assumption that it would be a better balanced meal than with tortilla chips. 

Ok now it’s time to name your favorite perk of your job.  Aaaaannnnnnnddddddd GO! 

Is it sad I get such great joy out of the free food and unclaimed magazines I snag (ESPN magazine- holla’!)?

Oh and don’t pat me on the back for my healthy lunch just yet.  I baked another round of Car Bomb Cupcakes for a girl who ordered them from work… needless to say I tasted my way through every step of the process… including the final product.  Went to bed with a tummy ache.  Ugh.  This is why I can’t be a baker on a regular basis.  My nickname would go from the more sophisticated “Miss Bax” (yes, my guy friends are soooo original with that one- but I like it all the same) to Roly Poly Amy.  No good can come from that. 

So this morning, my taste for my regular Friday “dessert oatmeal” was a no go.  Feeling more savory… just sunflower seed butter, flax, and pumpkin seeds (won them in a giveaway, felt like throwing them in for kicks).  Oh and black tea- where did that one come from?!?!  My green and various herbal teas took a backseat today.Hello weekend!  I’m not sure what it has in store for me just yet.  I had plans to attend a drink special downtown benefiting an upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness walk (I’m representing the small titty committee- we’re still just as important!), but I’m thinking I might pass.  The leg is kind of my reason/excuse- I’m feeling a little “off” (saying I’m “down” is kind of overdramatizing, I’m just not my usual chipper self at the moment and it’s most likely the reason to blame).  And if I’m feeling not so excited and my usual self, I just feel like it may be better to stay in and not be a downer to others around me.  “Off” is just an icky way to feel in a social setting, you know?  Again, I cannot stress enough that I’m not “down”, I’m just not “myself”.  If that makes sense.  Does anyone else ever get that way?  And how do you snap out of it?

Besides, if I’m planning to buy furniture in my near future, a weekend off would justify the expense of delivery.  Cause I’m sure not about to get something stuck in the stairwell like I did with my futon in the last move- click here to read my post about that one.  Good times…

Ok kids, I’m out.  Let’s have a good weekend.  Happy Friday!

Hey Joel- Call me!

Hello weekend- I’ve missed you.  Not many set plans yet (I’m one to just go with the flow, and honestly a weekend of staying in may do me some good!).  But I do have plans tomorrow during the day- it’s another lunch club weekend.  So my friends and I get to be pretend foodies again tomorrow!  Destination unknown…

Jill over at Quarter Life Wellness has been an absolute doll and passed this along to me: I would just like to say THANK YOU JILL because it made me blush a little.  ;)  I’m glad to know people are staying entertained enough to come back!  And that I haven’t scared anyone off with my posts of poo and other shenanigans.  I know the traditional thing to do is to pass it along, but quite a few of the kids I’d mention have already gotten it, and my Google Reader is always overflowing with people I consistently blog stalk (yeah, that’s right- I’m watching you), so I wouldn’t even know where to start?  Consider yourselves tagged?  :)

Down to the usual business… I pulled a Tread and Shred last night.  It’s my favorite combination of workouts because I feel pretty much invincible after I’m done.  Like I could go fight crime afterwards.  Totally kick some ass.  All I need is a cape and some hooker boots.  I’ll start bedazzling a bra tonight.  Some of the boots I used to wear in college may be considered hooker boots, so maybe I just need the cape.  Wheels in my head are starting to turn…

Anyhoo- the 5 miles was fantastic.  I have no idea why, but it seemed to go by so fast!  My friend Mon said a guy she talks to from the gym said he saw me doing work on the treadmill and said I was a “monster runner”.  I kinda liked that.  :)  Because it was much better than how he referred to me when we first all started to get to know each other.  I was “Broken Leg Amy from Mizzou“. (Just so we’re clear, I was injured, the leg was not broken.)  I assume the “from Mizzou” part came from the fact that every other shirt I wear to the gym are old college t-shirts and shorts.  I think I have one in almost every color.  I’m just going to throw out a little “Go Tigers!” here. :)  But yeah, I’m not sexy at the gym.  At all.  Is that a sweat stain?  Time to cut off the sleeves… this shirt still has a good year or two left in it.  That’s how I roll.  Maybe, while I’m at it, I should bedazzle a sports bra or two?  That would be cool… but I bet the gemstones would chafe… Nevermind. 

What do you usually work out in?  I totally understand the “look good, feel good” mentality, but that’s not me.  My favorite workout tee is one an ex accidently left at my house.  It’s a Mizzou vs. Nebraska football t-shirt with the sleeves cutoff.  And he really sucked at the cutting job because one side is cut way lower than the other.  So I’m lopsided when I wear it.  It’s a little big, but I love it (the tee- the ex on the other hand… not so much).  And I don’t think he knows I still have it.  Shhhhh….

In between the tread and the shred, I caught some of the Thursday night lineup.  Anyone watch Community with Joel McHale?  HELLO.  He stripped down a bit and I had no idea that is what was under his sexy suit as he stands around on The Soup all the time… I have a little crush!  :)  Sorry, had to say it- I was seriously distracted.

My lunch yesterday with Jon was fabulous.  He was a friend from grad school (for the two semesters I was there), so we always like to meet up and see what the other person is up to and catch up on what all our other friends are doing post-grad.  And of course ate delish food at Jason’s.  I ordered my usual Chicken Santa Fe- ate half there and ate half at home for dinner with- what else- broccoli. Deliciousness.  You can’t really tell, but Jason’s makes a habit of overstuffing their sandwiches.  So it looks small here, but it filled me up more than you think!

We’re hitting the mid-40’s all weekend.  I’m calling this a heat wave and will be outside enjoying it!  Peace out homies!  ;)

A Contradiction

Yesterday I took a solo lunch for a little mental break.  Sometimes a girl just doesn’t feel social, ya know?  Maybe not- this is a blogging community- we thrive on social.  But whatev- bare with me!  So I snuck off to catch up on In Defense of Food.  The book has made an appearance or two on this blog, and yes, it’s taking me forever to read it.  I find it extremely entertaining and informative, but there’s  a lot of talk about studies and research.  And I think, as interesting as I find it, I revert to my old college self and my eyes start to glaze over after so long.  You know the feeling…

Either way, this is what happened: Yeah, that’s a Lean Cuisine.  Salmon basil to be exact.  Yeah, I question if it’s real salmon, too.  But I keep them on hand.  Especially for when I have crazy mornings.  I have no idea how, but time slipped away from me and it was five minutes before I had to get out the door and I’m still running around half-dressed with a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth.  I didn’t have time to get anything together, so I opened the freezer, closed my eyes, and grabbed.  This problem would most likely be avoided if I better prepare myself the night before.  But I don’t.  Ever.

I’m pretty sure Michael Pollan wouldn’t exactly approve of my lunch selection.  Especially as I was reading about the evils of processed foods.  But it’s better than what it could have been.  And it kept my tummy happy.  :)   What is everyone elses’ go-to quick lunch?  I need ideas!!!!

I redeemed myself with this little number when I got home: Welcome back, broccoli!  It’s been… three days… oh dear!

I made it to the bridal shop for the dress measurements and such.  I had to register to be able to order from them.  I’m sure I’ll be getting calls and mailers from them now on a weekly basis.  Sweetness.  Just what a chronically single girl wants… ha.  Either way, I want to make it clear, I am not trying to get into the smallest size I possibly can with my next little rant.  I know my frame, I know my body, and I know how I fit into things.  That’s all.  So when the girl tells me she thinks I should order one size- and I straight up disagreed- there’s a reason.  Because last time I ordered that size, I spent more money altering the dress than what I paid for it. Not a joke.  Yes, I’m aware you’re the bridal shop expert, but I’ve been in enough weddings to have an idea of what’s going on with sizing.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything but a size that fit me about as good as a snuggie, so she said she’d measure me just in case (said with a skeptical eyebrow raise because we were still disagreeing).  Then she measured me and bit her tongue and her words were, “oh lucky you, you fit into a (enter size here)”.  Of course, I’m too old to point and sing “told ya so, told ya so”.  But I wanted to.  I just don’t understand why you have to make it such an unpleasant experience.  My friend is getting married.  I’m happy.  Don’t bring me down! Ah… adventures in wedding land!

I got home relieved to have that whole thing over.  That’s when I chilled out with above salad.  And relaxed… I didn’t run last night- my legs were feeling a little fatigued, but still did yoga so I’d feel like I got a little activity in for the day.  It was a nice session considering I hadn’t done it in a while.  The elliptical was contemplated for a bit- I could have if I wanted to.  But I really wanted to call it an official “rest day”.  It’s just as necessary to have one of these as much as a good workout.  I know.  Grrr…

I’m excited because I’m having lunch with my friend Jon today (who works near me) and he’s letting me pick where to go.  It’s not a sure thing, but I’m leaning towards Jason’s Deli!  My fave deli spot!


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