Why am I watching this?

Hello friends!

Day five of the first full work week since the holidays.  Is it safe to say we’ve made it?

Thanks for letting me know I’m not *completely* crazy for my obsessive ways with General Tsao.  Sounds like quite a few of you are getting hot and heavy in the kitchen these days… ;)

Being so wrapped up in my latest food craze, I was not able to mention my little adventure the other night when the electricity went off in my apartment. The entire building, actually.  Of course we would be the only building out of the whole complex to deal with the issue.

This has happened before in the summer (things got heated real quick), but I was a little nervous as the lights flickered and finally everything went dark right before bed. 

Plus, I was midstream in the bathroom. 

Lucky girl, let me tell ya.

I’ve dealt with heat going out in my apartment before in college.  Some of my roommates had space heaters and we made it work.  For two weeks (grrrr).

But to lose everything?  How long is it going to be like this?  How long will my apartment stay warm? These are all valid questions because I’m oblivious to how such things go. Guess I should have called Leah for such advice considering her landlords sound horrific.

Instead, I called the electric company and they gave me an estimated time of 2 hours.  This really meant nothing.  All I knew was it was cold and my heat was not working.  So I texted Mon for assurance.

Me: I just called and they said 2 hours. It won’t get that cold, right?  I have blankets…

Mon: Crimony. Well if you get too cold then come on over.  Don’t worry about waking me up, k?

Me: Ok thanks! I guess I’m going to bed now out of sheer boredom. Goodnight- I’m gonna go grab a hoodie!

Mon: Yeah right, you’re probably going to the gym.

Me: Ok, that’s actually not a bad idea if I wake up and my toes are freezing off. It’ll be warm there.

Mon: Oh holy moses. You would. That or the grocery store.

Me: Ahahaha… me and the late night crazies at Walmart!

Mon:  Ewww.  I’d have to be drunk.

Me: Well if you wait long enough, the bottle of wine in my pantry will be chilled soon…

Mon: That isn’t comforting.

Luckily, power was restored in a little over an hour. A sigh of relief. Because this was something that would not make me pleasant to deal with.

Another thing I don’t do well with?

Pistachios. (Like that transition?  Yeah, me too.)

I never ate them until maybe a year or two ago.  What’s the point?  It’s like shelled peanuts.  You have to work way too hard.  A serving is a little less than 50 pistachios.  Do you know how long it would take to actually eat that many?  Ugh.

One of the last gifts staff received and hoarded was a whole tin of them.Yep. Hoarding.  And eating daily.

To justify this, I fired up the Google.  According to Lance Armstrong’s humble little website, pistachios help decrease bad cholesterol and are rich in antioxidants. 

Hoarding justified.

However, even as one of the lower calorie nuts, they’re still a nut.  Which still means they’re somewhat high in calorie and fat content.  Eat in moderation.  And possibly share.

You know who else likes pistachios?(Source)

Well at least I know I’m in good company.

Although I bet I’m more willing to share my pistachios than she is.

Speaking of, I hung out with my neighbor Bailey last night.  We hadn’t caught up with each other since New Years, so she invited me over to do that and… wait for it…

Watch the first episode of the new season of Jersey Shore.

Yep.  Please don’t judge.  It’s the one reality show I’m semi-hooked to.  Last night was an hour-long train wreck.  For real. 

Every Thursday is spent watching and saying, “I have no idea why I am watching this”. 

But then again, I do feel pretty good about myself after the show is over.

Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

Gym Tan Laundry. Sort of.

Thanks for not making me feel so grandma-ish.  Or at least letting me know I’m not alone.  ;)

Look what my mom sent to me at work:he he he- just when I thought I was done with cookies for the week!

They got a little stuck together during the transport, but I assure you that had no effect on the taste.  :)  I think a few others in my office would agree with that one.

Because this week wasn’t a standard week (mostly the day off threw me), my current food situation is interesting.  It leads to dumping a whole bunch of things in one bowl and seeing what happens:It worked out this time.  But I’ve had some nasty combos in the past…  I won’t go in detail, but I’d mention the eggplant incident without hesitation right about now.

What’s the worst combo you’ve had as of late?

I spent the rest of the night doing a little GTL (thank you Jersey Shore- I’ll forever be screwed with all the ridic catchphrases I’ve incorporated into my daily vocabulary). 

Anyways, I’ve gotta be prepped for Halloween, right?  Except my GTL was a little different.  Gym was a light walk on the treadmill to meet up with Mon and gossip about the last few days.  Tan came out of a bottle.  And I’m not even sure if it worked (Natural Glo knock off- maybe I should have known better?).  And laundry included not only doing my regular laundry, but working a little on my costume.  We’ll just say the “woman’s fit” t-shirt was a load of crap.  I don’t sew often (which was obvious when the only color of thread I own is green), but I did a little tucking where it was necessary.  Hopefully the green thread isn’t THAT obvious on the sides of my white tee (I’m only saying that to fool myself). I’m so excited for tonight- can’t wait until it’s T-SHIRT TIME! 

And yes, I will sing it like Pauly D when the moment arrives.

What’s the plan for the weekend, kids?  Costume party?  Bar hopping?  Handing out candy?  Our big girl’s night is tonight. Holla’…Have a great holiday weekend!

Ode to my favorite workout shirt…

I have a favorite workout shirt.  It’s not super nice- it’s not lulemon, under armour, or nike.  It’s not a special tech shirt that wicks away sweat like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s not a super cute tight workout top.  It’s not one of my race shirts that boasts my accomplishments.  It’s actually quite old.  And probably ready to hit the dust.  But I wouldn’t dare throw it away.  I like it too much.  Even if I do look like a scrub.It’s a seven-year old Mizzou shirt with the sleeves cut off.  Sassy, right?  I took the pic in the mirror- sorry it’s backwards.

It’s not even mine.  An ex-boyfriend left it at my house.  He’s the one who had cut off the sleeves.  The holes in the side of the shirt are horribly uneven.  But I don’t care.

I don’t wear it because I miss him or anything (let’s get this straight- we only dated for a few months and it wasn’t a good situation for either of us).  I wear it because I like it.  And to be quite honest, I look better in it anyways.  This shirt needs me.  Hence the reason I never cared to return it.  Or really even tell him I had it.  I’m not a bad person for doing this.  I consider it a way of calling us even.  Trust me on this one.

I love it because it’s so old, that it’s thin and comfy.  And it’s a shirt from when Mizzou beat #3 Nebraska in 2003- my freshman year of college.  That was a game that they took the goal post down and marched it through campus.  I lived in a dorm that was on the route, so we were all hanging out off the balcony cheering as it went past.  Good times.

Yep, my fave workout shirt.  It gets me through tough workouts.  Like yesterday.  I waited to hit the trail because it was crazy hot (90 degrees?  what?  I was unaware we were skipping May and June and just jumping right into July).  And it was still pretty crazy when I decided I couldn’t wait anymore.  But I did my 3.5 miles and walked another two.  Hence the reason I look like a sweaty hot mess in the above picture…  :p

Anyone else have a favorite workout top/outfit?

I also did yoga meltdown again.  Because I’m random and crazy like that…. woooo….  I think next time I’m attempting Level 2.  No lies- I’m a little nervous about it.

Oh and from yesterday’s post, I think it’s safe to say we’re all closet Jersey Shore addicts.  Sure we may not actually like it, but we feel the need to still watch everyone on that show slowly crash and burn… what a guilty pleasure…

And I’m totally not kidding about Target.  It’s the last place I bought a piece of clothing.  $20 dress.  Still needs to be worn.  I’m hoping this weekend.  I’ve got friends coming to town.  Perfect occasion…

I have another food presentation that I’m attending today.  Let’s hope they bring cookies…. :)

Seriously.  It’s Panera.  And they’re coming on a Tuesday.  And we all know my feelings towards Tuesdays.  There better be cookies.

The Perfect Fit

Yesterday was lazy.  Very lazy.  I did hit the gym to do weights, and worked on my Core Challenge.  But I also spent an unusaul amount of time on the couch.  Have you ever had one of those days where you moved around even slower than usual because you got way too much sleep?  That was me yesterday.  I blame my crazy Friday night.  I fell asleep on my college couch.  Somewhere during the Conan show.  Woke up completely thrown off as to where I was at 1:00 in the morning, walked myself to bed, and then fell asleep for another 8ish hours.  Ahhhhh….

I did have things to do, though.  Annie and I had a date to hit the mall after she got off of work.  She enlisted me as her second opinion while searching for a good pair of jeans.  I have never met someone who likes to go out and buy jeans.  Buying jeans just REALLY sucks actually.  So it’s nice to have someone to go with you for several reasons: to entertain, to help carry, and to (most importantly) tell you if you look like you’re shoving your ass into a pair and have the muffin top exploding out or not.  You just have to.  Those mirrors LIE.  Plus, she was looking for a new pair of shoes.  And I heart shoes.  Even if I’m not allowed to buy any for myself right now.

It didn’t take nearly as long as we thought.  I believe she fell in love with the third pair she tried on.  They were some Joe’s jeans that made her ass look perfect.  I really think I need to start putting a little more investment in my jeans- because these were so well made.  And Annie made a good point- it’s not like we wear them as much as we used to.  I haven’t bought a pair in two years actually.  So I’m pretty sure if I’m only buying a pair every few years, I could splurge and not feel too bad about it.  Thinking that one through still…  And shoe shopping only took 30 minutes- and that was with a busy store.  Success!  We also snagged her a top and some jewelry to wear out that night.  I didn’t find anything for myself.  I wasn’t even seriously looking- just going as her personal shopper.  What can I say?  I’m that good.  I should probably have some business cards made…  I could use the extra $$$.

We grabbed a really late meal at Panera (I still Call it St. Louis Bread Co- gotta stick to those Missouri roots- holla’).  I ate half the sandwich (Turkey Bravo) because I knew how much I’d looooove having the other half after a night out.  Annie and I had plans to meet up with a lot of my guy friends down in Lincoln Square at a bar called The Rail.  Apparently it’s become a nice regular spot for my friends who moved to that area of the city.  And I don’t blame them- $4 calls and $2 domestic drafts is not bad for a Saturday night…

Being as how we were with a bunch of twenty-something guys, the night was full of beer, sports, and Jersey Shore references.  Yep.  Of course, none of my guy friends look a damn thing like Paulie or The Situation, but they’ll sure as hell try to dance like them.  Yep…  Needless to say, we  had a fun night!  I stuck to vodka clubs- and only two throughout the night.  I played the part of sober driver because I wasn’t wanting to overdo the drinking (like I seemed to do the last couple weekends) and wanted to be somewhat productive today.  I don’t know about the productivity thing, but I didn’t feel like crap when I woke up.  So that’s something!

I did not get nearly as much sleep last night (the 4:30 bed time didn’t help).  So today will make for an interesting day.  And unfortunately, today is just one of those days when my body required mass amounts of chocolate (where my girls at?!?!).  So instead of regular oatmeal, I pretty much had dessert for breakfast.  It included much more peanut butter than usual and a pouring of chocolate chips.  I wish I would have slowed down and thought about it a little more… I could have made chocolate chip pancakes.  Daaaammmnnnnn… 

Well, there’s always the possibility of pancakes for dinner.  I guess it depends how my stomach feels after it processes the current overload of peanut butter and chocolate.

Yoga today.  And Pilates if I’m up to it.  But a nap might trump Pilates if I’m being completely honest with myself.

Core Challenge Updates:

Friday- 125                 Saturday- 180

And Thursday’s sneaking up!  We’re in the home stretch- fingers crossed, people.  FINGERS CROSSED!


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