30 Degree Swings

Seriously kids… how gorgeous was it where you were this weekend?

Yesterday, November 10th, it was almost 70 degrees.

And here I thought I wouldn’t get to run outside again until March.

After passing out on the sofa at maybe 10pm Saturday night (party animal!), my neck was completely screwed, but the rest of me felt more refreshed than I’ve felt in a long time on a Sunday morning.

Out the door I went.

Running through the neighborhoods and the lakefront is way better than my routine during the week in the winter months when I usually take to the treadmill. Because instead of just staring stupidly at the crappy videos playing on one of the generic music stations at the gym, I’m actually thinking about stuff.

Important stuff. Like recent news headlines. Or what to wear next weekend.

Or today, where I did think about the two things mentioned above (I’m so indecisive on boot decisions…), but also what I’ll miss as it slowly becomes frozen and buried under snow.

Ok… so I won’t miss the random homeless guy peeing in a bush at an intersection. But the other things- like how pretty the lake is, the amazing skyline that slowly unfolds before me, or the random art that shows up around every other turn.

Ooooohhhhhh prettttyyy colorrrrsssss….

4 miles done. 4 miles that reminded me I’ve slacked since the last half marathon and I’m already somewhat ruined by my lazy treadmill runs. But 4 miles, nonetheless.

Today is supposed to be approximately 30 degrees cooler than the weekend. I’ve prepared by breaking out the extra comforter and sexy sweatpants. The roommate and I have reclaimed our crock pot after it being held hostage for 8 months at a friend’s house (still bitter). We’ve stocked up on pasta and wine.

We’ve entered hibernation mode. But that’s ok. I’m ready for it. There’s always the liquor store down the street in case I run out of wine.

Bring it on, Chicago.

Two At A Time

It’s hot out there, kids.

I’m not saying this to state the obvious. I’m saying this as a warning to those of you who may hit the lakefront (or any popular running path) to run during peak times.

The body odor out there is horrendous.

You’ve been warned. And you’re welcome.

I waited way too long to run outside on Sunday morning. After a low key Saturday night, I was feeling decently energetic. Which was good. Because here I am, supposedly in training for the Chicago Half Marathon at the beginning of September, and I haven’t done a long run over 5 miles.

Yesterday should have been 6. But I topped out again at 5. Again.

It was all going well until the lakefront. Should have stayed under the shade of the trees in the neighborhood. There was still a breeze, but I was running in the sun on the blacktop. It was too much. Drained, I cut into the neighborhoods again. But it was too late. 5 it was.

I’m ok with that. With not having to work on the 4th of July, I get a chance to redeem myself in the middle of the week. Huzzah!

This is ideal. Training really needs to be stepped up.

Because now there’s not just one long race in my future.

There’s two.

I was approached with the honor of being a race embassador for the Zooma Women’s Race Series and will be running the Great Lakes Half Marathon for them!

I’m really excited about a chance to run one last long race before the winter yuckiness sets in. And I’ve never been to Lake Geneva- so it’ll be a fun little trip into Wisconsin. I’m so well-traveled…

Anyway, expect me to talk a wee bit more about getting in shape for a *hopefully* new personal record this fall.

Also, if you’re in the midwest area, or you just feel the need for a trip to Lake Geneva this fall, you may want to take a gander at the Zooma Great Lakes Half Marathon (and 5k!!!).

If the thrill of finishing a big race isn’t enough, there is a specially designed finisher’s necklace and massage that await you after the finish line.

Jewelry and spa time. Now THAT is how you run a women’s race series.

As an ambassador, I get to pass on savings to YOU. If you decide to run this race, you can get $10 off the half marathon or $5 off the 5k by using the promo “GLAMB1″ when you register. Fabulous!

So let’s hit the pavement.

Just make sure to hydrate first. And maybe throw on some extra deodorant.

Happy Monday!

What I Don’t Do Well

No one’s perfect.

I’m pretty close, of course. But not quite.

Because sometimes there are things I just don’t do well.

Like making running plans.  A coworker of mine and I tried to make plans for a second run together along the lakefront over the weekend. But naturally, there was a breakdown in communication and he and I never found each other. Turns out we both thought the other had slept in and gone on our way. 

So I had to go solo- which worried me. Hoping to have someone pushing me, I wanted to run at least 5 miles with him. It’s been a few weeks hitting the higher mileage runs and there was serious dependence on him to keep me going.

Running solo hasn’t been overly motivating recently and it’s considered lucky to make it much more than 3 or 3.5 miles.

However… 5.75 miles later?

It wasn’t easy. Catching my breath was difficult being as how I was cursing out runners floating by with ease. Not so much sweating, but glowing as they whipped their perfect ponytails from side to side. Really? Who looks like that at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday? It’s not natural and I do not approve.


I, on the other hand, came home soaked and slightly sunburnt. Should probably work on that whole wearing sunscreen thing, too… oops.

What else do I not do well?

Ummm… lemme think…

I have issues containing my excitement when it comes to street fests.Mon and I hit up the Taste of Lincoln Avenue on Sunday- the 5th or 6th street fest I’ve been to this summer.

So many of my friends make comments about how we seem to go to a new street fest every weekend.

There’s a reason for that. Winter sucks- I hole myself up in my apartment and whine until spring. It’s necessary to get all my crazy out before the first snowfall.

And we’re working on it. No worries.

We sweated it out through various bands- all ending with Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press’s version of “All I Want for Christmas”. Because nothing says summer street fest like a throwback from Mariah Carey’s holiday album.

I’m also needing work on my hydration skills while spending the day dancing out in 90-degree weather. The guy who took our order thought I was kidding when I requested 2 cups. Safety first, my man.

At least I don’t have a problem with knowing when to refuel. My stomach would never let that happen.It’s not gourmet Mexican by any means. But it’s fast. It’s cheap. And it makes me happy.

Patience and traffic are two things I cannot combine well. It’s asking a lot for me to have patience to sit in traffic caused by a Paul McCartney concert at Wrigley Field. Paul, buddy, I love ya. But you wreaked serious havoc on my normal rush hour commute home. You brought in all these drivers who have no clue what they’re doing or where they’re going. And if I hit them, I’m sending you the bill. Yes, you. Thanks in advance.

With that, I’m just going to end this list. Because it’s starting to get a bit long and I’d like to still claim my title of “close to perfection”.

Try and have a good one, kids. Which may be hard to do- it’s Tuesday (yuck) and the weather man isn’t even trying to sugar coat how miserable today’s humidity/heat/thunderstorms are going to be. Weeeeee!


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