100 Words Saturday: Rest Day Edition

Friday nights dancing with the girls are fun.Friday nights spent dancing to the tunes of these dudes with the girls are even better:By default, I’m making this a rest day. Dancing is exhausting.

At some point, I’ll be joining the land of the living again. Mostly to pick up a red box and return to my cave.

I have, however, been productive in getting productive for my move next month.

As in, I’ve weeded out my closet a little and have a bag of clothes waiting to be dragged to Goodwill.

Baby steps.

Happy weekend!

100 Words Saturday- Anti-Social Edition

Happy Weekend! I hope your Saturday morning is going well!

I’m about to go climb some stairwells with Megan to prepare for Hustle Up the Hancock (oh yeah- remember that stair climb I’m gonna do? I almost forgot, too.).

Last night it snowed.

It was Mon and my justification for being anti-social. And watching a crappy movie.Knight and Day. We knew it wouldn’t be the greatest going into it. 

We were so right.

After a couple of vodka clubs, we didn’t even pay attention.

And gossiped instead. Sounds about right.

What’s the last bad movie you’ve seen?

Sunday Shut-In

Ugh.  I’m going to assume that most of us are either at work right now or heading there.

I share your pain.

It was a great vacation/holiday/weekend, wasn’t it?  I had tons of food, a good race, and plenty of down time.  I couldn’t ask for too much more…

Well- except for my mouse friend Stuart.  A lot of you commented on how calm I am about the situation.  It’s true- but mostly because I have no reason to believe that he only resided in the cabinets he had access to and is now stuck in the walls somewhere.  And the building management is sending the exterminator. 

If he doesn’t leave because of lack of access to food, he’ll be leaving soon enough. 

I’m still without any baking supplies.  I guess that’s one thing that bugs me- resupplying all at once seems expensive.  And yes- storage containers will be used from now on.  I’ve often looked at them when going through home goods departments.  Just never wanted to break down and spend the cash.  Now I know better.

Do you think I’ll be able to get my management company to comp some of the damage?  Maybe if I bribe them with baked goods?  I’m sort of serious.

Anyway, I treated this Sunday like any other Sunday.

Relaxed.  And very much anti-social.

Seriously- why am I such a shut-in on Sundays???

And lazy.  Soup for lunch.  Yes, it’s from a can.  But there’s a chance I just might make it from scratch at some point this week.  CRAZY, I know.And salad for dinner.

You don’t get much easier than that.  No brain power involved.

I was even the loner at the gym until Mon walked in about half way through.  Good thing she stopped in.  I’ve read all the magazines at the gym at least three times, so I was happy to have someone to talk to and distract me while I chugged along on the elliptical.

While at the gym, we decided we should do something to be a little less lame.

Like get out of our apartments.  And see a movie!(Source)

We saw Love and Other Drugs. It’s taking me a while to figure out how I feel about this movie.  It’s sort of depressing. But it was a decent story and kept me paying attention the entire time (nothing to scoff about being as how I can get fidgety easily).  Oh and Jake is pretty cute.  And often is found not fully dressed.

I’ll call it a win.  ;)

And I’m really having issues with him and Taylor being together. I don’t approve.  Doesn’t he know her routine?  They’re going to break up and we’re going to hear all about it on her next cd.

Oh Jake… you should know better.

Well let’s get to it, shall we?  This is my week of work where I go in and leave a little later.  Which means I’m hoping to get in a few morning workouts.  Didn’t happen today.  :(  Shall we call it the last of the holiday hangover? 

Do your workouts change over the holidays?  I’ve been a little thrown off already.  And it’s only just beginning!

I Do What I Want

There’s something to be said about a lazy weekend morning.  It’s fantastic.

Because I do what I want.

I can get up at 7:30 if I so choose- only to end up laying back down on the couch.

I can get up again when I feel like it to make breakfast.  Then lay and stretch out on the floor afterwards.

After being bored on the floor, I can get up again and refill my coffee.  Then run and belly flop back into bed for a while longer.

Like stated earlier- I can do what I want. And that all happened.

Eventually- clear my throat- at noon, I can decide to once again become a productive member of society.  And because it’s the weekend, “becoming productive” is still very much up for interpretation.

After watching about four hours of Thanksgiving specials on Food Network, I was getting close to acquiring a food coma through the tv.  Don’t think it’s possible?  You’re wrong.

All that Food Network and I still don’t know how to stuff a turkey.  Fail…

Anyways, since it’s the weekend, I do what I want.  And I wanted to run.  Five miles to be exact.  At 8:40 pace.  Which reminds me- I’m definitely signing up for one more race before the end of the season.  There are two in question.  A four-mile and a 5-mile.  My comfort zone is still the shorter runs.  Which is fine for me.  Cause I do what I want.

I also wanted pancakes at some point yesterday.  It’s the weekend.  Pancakes are always perfect for the weekend.  And at that point I was already an hour or so into Food Network.  And eating microwaved oatmeal while watching Giada create something glorious just seemed strange.

So I finally broke out the recipe Jaime gave me for German pancakes.  Jaime got it from her dad- so I don’t feel I’m at liberty to share secret family recipes.  It seems a little wrong.  But anyways, Jaime explained them to me once at work and I didn’t understand.  It puffs up on the sides?  I don’t understand.  This is crazy talk, Jaime.Either way, there’s butter.  So something good is about to happen, right?The egg to flour ratio is much different than regular pancakes… so it was a little more difficult to mix.  At some point, I said “screw it” and decided it wasn’t going to be smooth.  Turns out that’s ok.Puff puff puff…

Weee!  It worked! Jaime swears by powdered sugar and lemon juice.  I don’t have any lemon juice, so honey it was.  Lemon juice and honey are clearly so close in taste, right?  Either way, it worked and they were fab.  Let cake-y than I originally imagined.  But that’s not a bad thing- they’re totally getting made again. Because I want to.  And I do what I want.

I should end this now.  Because I have things to do and even though it was fantastic, I think another repeat of yesterday’s laying around all morning would be excessive.

Enjoy the end of your weekend!

Better Now

Sorry guys.  I’ve been ranting a lot as of late.

But it seems I’m not the only one with traffic issues.  Seems that we all deal with some frustrations when it comes to such things.  Even when I still lived back in Mid-MO I was quick to get frustrated.  In high school, when driving from my hometown to my summer job, you have no idea how frustrating it was to get behind a dude on a tractor. 

Yeah, that really happens.  And I’m pretty sure my friends from home who read this can definitely back me on this one.

Anyways.  I’m chilled out.  I got home (we shall not discuss the traffic again after this point) and ran quickly to the gym.  I wanted to get my lounge on, and that was not happening until I worked up a little sweat first.  So I did.  Not with ease, though.  There was a birthday in the office- happy birthday, Jaime!!!  I had a really really big piece of this:(The pics are here two little lovely dogs that I absolutely adore and even doggysat for back in the Spring!)

I giggled a little as we sang because Jaime  doesn’t embarrass easily.  BUT, she does turn extremely red in the face when a break room full of guys start to sing to her.  Don’t worry Jaime- it happened to me, too.  :)

The cake was chocolate and buttercream and delicious.  It also gave me a bit of a sugar rush that didn’t help me out one bit mid-workout.  You can’t sustain energy with butter and sugar?  Really?  Huh.  Whew knew?  :)

Either way, I did 2 miles at an 8:35 pace and finished off with 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I had wanted to do The Shred, but took the intensity down a notch and did the resistance bands instead.  They’re still a really good workout for my arms.  Plus, the circuit I like to do ends with sets of planks.  And I love me some workouts that trim the tummy!

After congratulating myself for getting through a decent cross training session, I showered and started my wild and crazy night in.  Yes. Wild. 

My cravings recently have really headed the direction of comfort foods- but not one certain one in particular.  Last night, it was BBQ.  Aaaahhh!  Naked chicken!  Well- almost.  It’s covered with a bbq seasoning and frozen peppers from Trader Joe’s.  I’ve used the peppers before, and everyone else who tried them agreed- they’re handy to have for mixing in to something.  Because they don’t have that crisp that make them good on their own.

I also add mucho red chili pepper flakes.  Because it’s delicious that way.  No other reason.Ah much better.  Sassy lookin’ chicken.  Just because summer’s over, it doesn’t mean I’m retiring the sauce… A little cheddar and ranch go a long way. 

That’s life advice, folks.  You should write that down.

And who doesn’t have a Friday night dinner without a glass of wine?Beer may have been a better choice, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Wine got it done.

I spent the rest of the night catching up on shows I had missed during the week thanks to OnDemand. 

Does anyone watch Community?  Drew Carey was a guest star.  But I spent the first minute or two trying to figure out if it was really him- he’s lost 70 pounds!  Seriously- he’s barely recognizable…

Clearly I haven’t been watching enough of The Price Is Right to notice.

Ok I’m off.  I’m pushing it with my free time this morning.  Gotta get a long run in before heading to a food and wine fest with Mon.  Not sure how long the “long run” is actually going to be. Somewhere between 6 and 8.  That’s the plan.  Wish me luck!  :)

Enjoy your Saturday!


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