And then I disappeared…

… or at least it feels like I did for a bit.  In my defense, I’ve been very very busy with fabulous friends and crazy amounts of things to do.  Let’s rewind a bit, shall we?

After work, we got together and headed into the city towards Papacito’s for a solid BYOB experience in the Lakeview neighborhood.  I had been there before.  It’s nothing fancy, but if you like some decent Mexican food and have an adoration for cheesy deliciousness, it’s the place you want to be.See? Needless to say, they approved.We were full and ready for the next adventure: Annoyance Theater in Uptown Chicago.  We considered Second City, but I thought it’d be fun to give them a little bit more of an intimate experience.  We looked at the show list.  And were intrigued by one of the shows- lovingly called Co-Ed Prison Sluts.  It wasn’t just one of us that pushed to see it.  We were ALL intrigued and decided to go.  And giggled about the name of the show every time it was mentioned.  Because we’re really 12-year-old girls at heart.

The show was raunchy fo’ sho’.  But what can you expect with a name like that?  And it was hilarious.  A bit juevnile, but hilarious.  Fun fact- it’s the longest running musical comedy in Chicago.  So obviously they’re doing something right.  Even if it had a creepster clown… because really, who’s not scared of clowns?  They’re just awful.

A hundred laughs, two bars, and five hours of sleep later, we were up and ready to hit the city again!Large coffee mug and an ice pack.  Sorry this is “pre-makeup”.  If your eyes have started to burn, I suggest you scroll down immediately… aaaahhhh!

How else would I want to start the weekend?  Oh yeah… with a solid breakfast for me and my guests:Everyone loves a baked pancake.Once we were safe and sound on the metra, I started to plan our assault on Michigan Avenue.  We started out in Millenium Park:We cooled off in Crowne Plaza and headed to Park Grill Cafe in Millenium Park to eat.  If you haven’t been- think twice.  It’s overpriced.  We knew this, but said screw it because we happened to be hungry right then and there and the view was pretty. 

How did the stalking Shia tracking down of the movie set go?  Eh.  We didn’t get nearly as close as we wanted.  And after a few failed attempts at different routes toward the blocked off area, we just settled for the random props being shipped in and out and overall excitement of what was going on.

We also checked out the recently installed Eye Sculpture in Pritzker Park in the Loop by the artist Tony Tasset.  It’s hanging out there until some time in October.

It was eye-opening to say the least…

All we could really think about is what would happen if it got loose and started rolling down the street… Being as how it’s 30-foot tall, it would be traumatizing!  And most likely quite dangerous.

After all that walking around for 4 or 5 hours, I was cool with saying no to yoga.  And saying yes to Lou Malnati’s deep dish with the hometown girls and my suburb ladies. 

Oh and if you haven’t noticed, I wore a romper all day in the city.  I finally broke down and went with the trend- they just looked so comfy!  And it totally was… But I do warn you- if you like to stay well-hydrahted like I do (which means going to the bathroom often), be prepared for feeling awkward.  It’s like you undress every time you have to go.  Sort of  a pain.  And I’m pretty sure they don’t make jumpers with snaps in the crotch for anyone over the age of 6.  But it’d be pretty cool if they did…

Life is good…

Fleet Feet Women’s 10k race recap tomorrow (it went well!).  I’ve GOT to take a nap.  I haven’t had more than five hours of sleep in any night for the last three days.  It’s nap time.

My Feet Hurt. Part One.

I was a little nervous about Laura’s visit.  Mostly because I’m quite the planner.  And I had no idea until pretty much the day before when she was coming, if anyone was coming with her, etc.  I figured, if anything, we could just take the metra into the city Friday night and wander for awhile.  It’s pretty easy to keep yourself entertained while doing that.  So Laura found her way to my humble little apartment.  Hugs.  And we got ready and were off.  We made it downtown before 7:30.  Originally, I had hoped to get to a spot to catch the sunset over the skyline.  Of course, we were surrounded by buildings and it was cloudy- so that happened at some point as we were walking toward Millenium Park.  We weren’t going to stop at the Bean, but when we saw it, we figured we might as well.  And I got to see the two temporary Pavilion sculptures.Pavilion Sculpture, Millenium Park  One was being worked on and gated off.  The one that was open was kind of neat.  We took pictures and were going to walk away.  Then the colors changed to pink and we jumped back in to try and catch it.  I was amused for a little while with that one.  Unfortunately when I pulled out my camera, I realized it was dead.  Crap! I have absolutely no idea how I let that happen.  I’m the one person who always has the camera within reach and fully charged.  It was a mystery.  Laura had hers, though.  No worries!

We walked up Michigan and then I realized we had gone a little too far and already passed up Navy Pier.  So back we went.  We made it.  After quite a lot of walking.  But we were both ok with it.  That was my exercise of the day and Laura got to see a little bit of the fabulous Magnificent Mile and Northwestern University.  I actually remember randomly walking past it once when I was lost with Annie.  Weird how random things pop back into my head from a couple years ago.  Deja Vu.

Once we got to Navy Pier, we had to make a quick decision about if we wanted to see the view by starlight boat tour or ferris wheel.  We took the cheaper option- and I couldn’t remember the last time I had been in a ferris wheel…  Apparently Laura and I interrupted date night down there.  And I learned, from the couple waiting in  line in front of us, pink fishnet is not a fashion statement.  It’s just down right trashy.  Oh wait… I already knew that.  The $6 single-rotation ride was fun.  You go up much higher than you first realize.  The lights along the pier and lake were gorgeous.  Laura took enough pics for the both of us… :) City View from the top!

We had walked a really long time.  And it had been a long day.  We needed a cocktail.  Badly.  I was on the verge of getting cranky otherwise…  So we looked around the pier.  I really wanted to check out Harry Caray’s.  But it’s not opening until later this fall.  Damn.  So we settled on Charlie’s Ale House.  Cocktail numero uno.  It felt pretty good.  Probably because we were slightly dehydrated from walking for so long without eating or drinking anything.  We looked at the time and decided to slowly walk back to the train station.  The plan was to stop in a couple places and wherever we were at midnight, we were going to take a cab the rest of the way.

We ended up making it to one spot.  PJ Clarke’s on Illinois Street.  I liked it.  Another one of those places where you couldn’t see much of the wall because it was lined with crappy headshots from the 80’s and 90’s.  Quaint.  Laura and I sat and drank and took some shots.  We got to catch up and get a little silly.  We stayed longer than planned.  So that was the only stop.  But it was a good one!

We took the cab at midnight (it’s like we’re Cinderella, really…).  And got to the train station reasonably early.  Early enough, actually, to take a soco lime shot in The News Room at the station.  I doubt the bartender there liked us.  I showed my unsatisfaction when he said he didn’t make red-headed sluts.  I thought by now that was a staple in the shot lists of any bars that serve women?  Not quite…  We got on the train kind of early.  Unhappy about the overwhelming smell of Arby’s surrounding us.  I swear half the people on the train had it.  And we wanted it.  Damn curly fries… how I love you so! 

We both woke up the next day still tired from all the walking we had done the night before.  It’s what we spent half of our night doing!  I was concerned about my planned outting to the city that night… we were exhausted…


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