It’s possible I’m being a little dramatic…


Since we last talked, the high I was riding on wore down significantly.

Mizzou football disappointed once again and the Cardinals game was evidence that this will be a long and trying series.

My heart really can’t take this, guys. I’m losing years with every game I watch.

At least this means comfort food is involved.Sort of. Pulled pork nachos are an awesome idea. However, having an entire jar of jalapenos on top may make my stomach want to give out before my heart does…

The nachos were enjoyed and deserved. Not just to make a girl with shattered dreams feel a lil’ better, but also because my running friend and I knocked out a solid 6 miles Saturday morning without any issues at all.

It was his idea. I was just along for the ride. Not quite sure if he’d even show up at 9:00 that morning like he said he would. But he did. And off we went.

The neighborhood was still pretty quiet at that point (really, how many crazies are actually out doing stuff at 9:00 on a saturday morning?). It was mostly just us and the people who own dogs. The fun people (aka- not me) were clearly still sleeping in from the night before.

Normally I stick to running in the Lakeview neighborhood. I know that area relatively well and prefer running through residential streets. This time, we ventured to Bucktown/Wicker Park. Along with the few hipsters doing the walk of shame here and there, I noted about 20 bars/restaurants I have yet to try. This was clearly counterproductive in our efforts of health and fitness.

Anyway… this was yet another run that he claimed to be unprepared for and then ended up sprinting the end. Only to leave me in the dust. Jerk.

There was one trip downtown yesterday. I had errands to run. Unfortunately, my errands had to coincide with the Chicago Marathon.

No spectating for me this year. But I still dealt with the masses of people spilling into the downtown streets.

Even that wasn’t so much of an issue until the ride on the el back home.

I was exhausted and not quite at 100% (Mizzou day games spent at the bars really do a number on this girl). There are people packed into the train like animals. These people ran the marathon. They ran 26 miles in unseasonably warm weather. Not showered. Or even changed.

It was hot. It was smelly. And I was approximately two stops away from nausea getting the better of me.


However, I did eventually perk up. And seeing all the runners made me want to get my carcass up and off of my couch. Nothing like guilting my way into a workout.

Whatever works.

The pleasant surprise was that the gym was ridiculously empty on a Sunday night. Not have to wait for a stairmill? Ok… awesome.  20 minutes- check! Watch a little football during a quick 1.5 miles on the treadmill? Check!

Saying I did something more productive than spend the whole day on the couch like the week before?


And now it’s time to get this show on the road. I’ve got a busy but short week of work before peacin’ out of Illinois for an extended weekend.

Don’t get too excited. It’s not anywhere exotic. Unless you consider St. Louis, Missouri to be “exotic”.

If you do, I may laugh.

No offense to St. Louis…


Weekend Essentials

Oh hi there.

Happy Friday!

I’m getting through a short day and am off to catch a flight to St. Louis for the weekend!

Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary, so to celebrate, the fam is congregating in STL for quality family time. And good food. And baseball. Because how else would you celebrate? Duh.

Also, I’m going to be spending one night with a few good friends. Otherwise known as a good time to fit some shenanigans into my trip.

It’s an all-around fun-filled weekend, folks.

And although it’s a short trip, there’s a lot to remember when packing. Such as:

1. My St. Louis Cardinals hoodie. Not quite sure if anyone else is paying attention (oh heeeeeey football season!), but my boys have suddenly decided to get their act together for quite the wild card race. Which makes our trip to the game this Saturday that much more exciting! Go Cards!

2. Mizzou shirt. This is an important one, too. Because after the Cardinals game with the fam, I’m trekking over to see my BFF’s and watch the Mizzou vs. Oklahoma game. I get that we’re sorta not ranked and Oklahoma is sorta in 1st place. So what? Can we talk about last year’s upset win against them? Because I will if you want to…

Another reason why this is a big deal is I have a little bet going against Kacy. We’ve been trash talking the last two weeks and things are getting heated. Someone’s going to end up getting an awesome gift in the mail. And that someone better be ME!

3. Bears gear. This is where I’m frustrated. Who schedules a flight in the middle of the big game against our rival, the Packers? Apparently this girl. Shame. However, I will be hunting down the game in an airport bar and hopefully catching the end of it by the time I get back (short flight).

Either way, I should have known better.

And geez- talk about a big weekend of sports!

One thing I’m not bringing?

Running shoes.

We’re too busy this weekend. And it’s like a mini-vacation. We’re calling it a rest weekend and my regularly scheduled routine will resume on Monday.

Or Sunday night- if we’re being honest. Because I’m weird like that.


When A Friend Comes to Visit

I have a lot of people come in from out-of-town to visit.

It’s hilarious. I became a much more interesting person once I moved to a cool place like Chicago. Who can blame them? It’s a cool place.

Juuuuust kidding, ya’ll. I know they love seeing me, too. Not just my awesome city.

Don’t tell me otherwise.

Anyway, when friends come, there are a few things I always make sure to do.

Like have them meet my Chicago buddies…Megan, Laura and I attended Festiv-Ale on Friday night- a benefit featuring some of the best breweries in the Midwest. My highlight of the night was one of the pumpkin ales being offered. And also anything Half Acre had to offer me. Because it’s delicious.

I’m not a beer snob by any means. But this event makes it a little rough to go back to the Bud Light chillaxin’ in my refrigerator. Le sigh.

There was also food:We saw everyone walking around with this pastry-like concoction and HAD to track them down. Stuffed with kung-pao chicken and pulled pork. They look kinda bland, but I promise it was a party in my mouth.

Insert joke here.

Also, what’s a girls weekend without shopping?I’m not a huge fan of malls. They make me overly anxious. But I’ll take a stroll down Michigan from time to time. Of course, my stroll includes stops at H&M and Charming Charlies. Not Gucci.

One day…

And because my friend is a college friend, I ALWAYS insist on making a trip to the Mizzou bar for college game time.True Tiger for life.

Someone please tell me why my head looks so huge in that picture. Sigh… I’m so awkward…Oh and I always make sure my girls get their fill of Mexican food. Even if it’s just guac and salsa at a bar. We’re not picky.

I also force my love of the Chicago Bears on them. That’s a non-negotiable. But she doesn’t know that’s happening yet. Not until 1:00 this afternoon… ;)

And because we’re both advocates of fitness, we’re off to the Burdeen’s Diamond Dash 5k this morning!

That beer we had Friday night isn’t going to run itself off….

On The Couch

That’s where I am and where I shall stay. All day.

Last night was rough.

On multiple levels. But I was talking specifically about watching the Mizzou game.

It was ugly. Really ugly.

As in, I should probably continue to hide in shame for the rest of the day.

Not that I am looking for an excuse to stay in all day. I have one.

It’s called dehydration.

But at least I’ve got my ol’ backup plan.

Granola pancakes. BAM.

And coffee. Duh.

Because my ego’s still a bit bruised from the poorly played game last night, I am boycotting football all day and breaking out this new purchase:Best purchase ever. Thank you, Katie, for giving me the heads up on the deal on Amazon after I expressed my undying love for the old MTV show.

It was one of those shows I’d have on in the living room, but as soon as I heard one of my parents coming, I’d switch the station to something else. Pretty sure they knew I was pulling the ol’ switheroo, but whatev- it made me feel scandalous.

It’s also how I watched Dawson’s Creek and South Park.

And kinda like how I broke the parental code on the movie channels. Repetitively.

Soooooo scandalous.

Hi mom.

But anyway, I clearly have no attention span today, so I’m gonna retreat back to the couch now and immerse myself in everything that is 1997.

La la la la laaaaa….

The Nothing Goal

Running around is all I’ve been doing as of late.

It’s not so bad I guess. Today is Friday and there’s a pretty relaxed weekend ahead of me. And when I say “pretty relaxed”, I really mean there are only plans for one night.

As of right now. The planner seems to magically fill itself faster than I can keep up. There are worse things, I’m sure. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy the thought of a partially empty weekend.

I’m tired.


Several runs happened during lunch with my guy friend. Who is not getting any slower (like what I’m doing). Instead, he seems to thrive off of no sleep and staying out until 2:30 the night before. Stupid boys.

A 5k run with my girl Miss Annie. Which was also our chance to go over the race course for the Burdeen’s Diamond Dash 5k run/2k walk coming up in a little over a week!And yes- there’s still time to register or donate- all proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation and would be greatly appreciated!

Back on track- after all this cardio, Jillian Michaels reminded me how important it is to continue strength training on a regular basis or she’ll kick my butt. She did this as the plumber was 10 feet away from me fixing the sink (yes, yet another thing we’ve had leak in this house). I used to feel funny about the roommate watching me do workout videos. This was a whole new level of weird.

 I also hit the elliptical for 20 minutes on top of that because I just didn’t feel “done”. Blame the coffee at 3pm. Whoopsies. Thankfully, it’s easy now to walk down to the gym for just 20 minutes if I feel like it. Starting to slowly love that. And sorta take back how angry I was the first time I visited

Clearly I was a rockstar with the workouts this week (or at least I think so, don’t tell me any different!). And the laundry. And the grocery shopping. As to free up my weekend even more. So I can, that’s right, do nothing at some point. That is the goal.

However, it will not be tonight. Because tonight is a nationally televised Mizzou football game- my alma mater.

The bar has been chosen. The Bud Light has been chilled. I am READY.

Have a good weekend, kids!



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