Is it just me or has it been a slow work week? Let’s blame the rainy weather. Because, let’s face it, we can blame everything on the weather somehow or another. Think about it.

At least there are a few things I’ve got going on that keep me slightly upbeat. Which isn’t hard. I’m excitable over the littlest things:

1. The schedule of the rain. It’s been conveniently starting after my commute home and ending before my early morning walk to the gym. That means I’ve only noticed how much it’s helped me sleep through the night. I never have this kind of luck.

2. Our boss took staff (three of us) out for lunch this week as a form of Staff Appreciation Day from last week. Which means free lunch that doesn’t consist of salad or deli. As a girl of serious deli/salad routine during the work week, that’s a welcome change.

3. My plate at lunch being so big that I stuffed myself and still had plenty leftover for dinner.

Oh hellooooo blurry pic of semi-free food!

I did add a few more roasted veggies to the side of my salmon that were laying around for extra bulk. Then gave myself a pat on the back for being healthy and well-rounded. What? Do you not have roasted brussels sprouts just hanging around in the refrigerator at any given time?

That’s weird.

4. My morning workout motivation has not failed me yet. To be truthful, Tuesday was a little iffy (damn Tuesdays), but since my roommate swore up and down she would get up that day, I had no choice but to go. And didn’t regret it once I got there. Every other day? Jumping up with the alarm.

5. Colored skinny jeans. Considering how apprehensive I was about skinny jeans when they first came out, it’s hilarious I can’t stop buying them in every shade under the sun.

Ok fine, “every shade” is actually just two pair. On sale. At Target. Mint green and sky blue. They’re so bright and fun and give me the urge to do cartwheels.

Oh… that’s just me again? Crap.

6. God Bless “Candy Wednesday”.Because if there is anything from this list that will get me through the slow-moving week, that would be it.

Refer to #3 to discuss the importance of a “well-rounded” diet.

7. After being sad about not being able to track down the 50 Shades trilogy, a friend helped me out and let me borrow all three! With the help of my rest weekend, I’ve been able to almost finish all three of the poorly written yet addicting trashy romance novels. And my opinion is just that. Poorly written. But an addicting storyline. 

There’s a good chance this may be one of those rare cases where the movie that is supposedly in the works may actually be better than the book…

Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got for you this Thursday morning. Let’s get to it!

Princess Kate

This post is brought to you by inspiration of a royal nature.(Source)

Oh Kate Middleton. You are fabulous. And I kind of want your life. Call me if you’re willing to discuss a swap for a week or weekend or day or minute… or whatever…

But anyway, it’s true. I sort of idolize her. She’s elegant. She has a classic sense of fashion. She gets to travel the world. She’s sporty. And, oh yeah, she’s a princess.

To be honest, I’d be satisfied with just 3 of the 5. Maybe even 2 of the 5…

I’m not picky.

But anyway, as a fan of hers, I feel it necessary to say “happy belated anniversary” to her and Will. Especially since I made a point of watching the nuptials last year.

It’s one of my favorite “Mon and Amy” stories. Because we got up and hit the gym at 4:00 in the morning to watch the ceremonies start and ended the day with champagne to watch all the post-wedding coverage we had already seen 3 times that day.

I mean, we were going to get up to watch anyway, might as well be doing something during, right?

This was still sort of in that period where I was getting used to the morning workout- attempting to make it at least 3 days a week and calling it a win.

Now, it’s a set habit. And I’m at the gym/running no less than 4 mornings out of the week (when I work 9-6 in the office- it’s always changing). Sometimes cursing happens while getting dressed (not very princess-like of me, I’m sure), but I get there.

It feels awesome to sleep in. But it feels so much better to have my workout done and out of the way. When I do get home after work, all I have to do is take off my jacket and throw myself back into the dent in my couch for the evening.

Keeping that in mind, I did a pretty standard 22 minutes on the stairmill (to achieve that Middleton booty) before retreating to the elliptical for another 16 (why not 15? who knows- I like weird numbers) and finally to the weight room to mess around with free weights and that weird hip adduction machine I’ve started to like so much.

There’s no doubt that morning workouts are much more productive for me than evenings ones. Especially in intensity.

Which is a good thing. If I want to get in princess shape, this will surely help.

Please excuse me… now that I have that crossed off the list, I must track down a stylist to help me on my quest to become the next Kate Middleton.


Weird and Boring Places

That’s where this post is going. You’ve been warned.

You know what people say about if you spend enough time around someone, they’ll start rubbing off on you?

It’s true.

Because it’s happening. To my friends. I fear for them.

Some things are innocent enough. Mon, during her hospital stay this week, found it a good idea to snap a pic of her balanced breakfast for me to see. This was the day I had White Castle for breakfast, so I felt a bit shameful on that front.

My friend Annie texted to let me know she was the girl with the stinky lunch yesterday and it made her think of me.

I’m glad we’ve made that association.

Then there’s my roommate, Bailey. She’s still going strong with joining me on occasion in my morning adventures to the gym. She said it’s inspirational to see all the people there at 5:30 in the morning because of the dedication it displays.

I like that she thinks that. Personally, I would have called it “crazy obsession”, but dedication is a much nicer word.

Either way, we both go and do our thing for an little less than an hour or so and come out feeling much better about the start of our days. This morning I chose to pull out the elliptical/stairmill combo. Last night was spent doing the pyramid push up challenge and ab work, so the concentration on the legs was more than appreciated. Sore is a good word to describe the rest of my limbs.

Which is fine. I’m trying to get in all the activity I can before heading back to Missouri for the holidays.

Baking is to be done. Turkey is to be consumed. Relaxing is to be priority.

That’s my justification for kicking it up a notch or two for the next week.

That and all this cardio is surely to help with endurance over the weekend as I stand in line to finish my shopping. Yeah. I’m still not done.

Procrastination. It’s a killer.

With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy your Friday! It’s my last  one to work of the REST OF THE YEAR!

Too bad there’s not much excitement to be had. Really, the only thing that’s getting my heart racing today is wondering if my phone will make it through the day or not. Turns out my car charger no longer works and the battery strength is red. No bueno. Especially since I’m not getting home until later. And especially since my Blackberry is ancient and the only chargers people have at work are for the newer version. Lame.

Looks like I won’t be receiving any booty calls tonight.

Just kidding.

Mostly because I wouldn’t be receiving them anyway. The phone is just the final nail in the coffin to confirm it.

Wow, this post really took a turn for the worse, didn’t it?

I’m just gonna go ahead and cut myself off now. Enjoy your weekend!

PS- Remember to enter my White Castle Giveaway! And for those of you who aren’t close to one? Hey- you still get a sweet t-shirt, right? :)


Thanks for all the encouragement to keep up the morning workouts, guys!

So far it hasn’t been that much of an issue. Granted, I’m usually not at 100% mental capacity until maybe 30 minutes or so after waking up. And by that point, I’m either mid-run or mid-ellip (I guess?), so there’s no turning back. Pure trickery. Muahahahaha.

Plus, the nice thing is, since I’m getting home later, I can collapse onto the couch with no hesitation.

Or, in last night’s case, other things get done…Like get into the holiday spirit!

Or at least pretend. Still not there yet. But the roomie and I both happened to have free time. Seemed like the efficient thing to do.

This is the third year I’ve had this Christmas tree and I tend to make it look the same every year. Why fix it if it’s not broken?

My lovely friend Annie got this tree for me a few years back. She said she knew I’d never get one on my own like I kept saying I would, so she just bought it for me.

Annie was totally right. I kept saying I’d get a nice tree on sale after Christmas, but I’m cheap as bleep and would have had a hard time parting with cash for something that wasn’t happening for another year anyway.

Her thoughtfulness is always much appreciated at this time of year.

Hilariously enough, we did not play holiday music while trimming the tree. Nor did we watch a Christmas movie.

Instead, we watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Clearly we’re not the most traditional household out there.

But hey- that show is probably what powered me through my 4-mile run this morning.

Health is important and I won’t discount it as a reason to stay physically fit. Let’s make that very clear.

But let’s also get real. Vanity, whether we like to admit it or not, is a fantastic motivator.

Don’t think I’ll be strutting my stuff down any runways in my skivvies anytime soon, but whatev. I can pretend if it’s gonna make me run that much faster…

I Missed You

It was over 5 months ago since we said good-bye.

5 months.

I’ve often thought about you. About how wonderful our time together was. About how much I missed you.

It was special- me and you. Doing our thing. Keeping each other happy. Keeping each other healthy. Through the best of times. Through the worst of times. You were always there for me. Encouraging me to be the best person I could possibly be. Thank you.

You always knew what I needed and how I needed it. Knew how to get me all in a tizzy. How to make me smile. How to make me fall in a heap of exhaustion every day…

Then, because of circumstances out of my control, we had to part.

At first, I thought about you every day. How I missed you. How I wanted you back. 

But slowly, I forgot about you. About how strongly I once felt. Until you completely faded into the background.


Just as circumstances changed the first time, they did once again. And all of a sudden you crept back onto my radar.

Funny how those feelings come back so strongly and so quickly after all this time.

When we reunited, it was like you never left me. I realized once again how much I needed you and all that you do for me.

But a few things need to be cleared up before we start this relationship over. A few ground rules…

1. Just because I’m a morning person, that does not mean you’re allowed to wake me up before 5:00 in the morning. Don’t go filling your head with ideas because I know how energetic you can be. I like my sleep. Don’t bug me before then.

2. I’m not always going to be beautiful when I wake up. My face isn’t going to be washed every day and my hair is gross. This I cannot do anything about. Take me as I am.

3. My eating habits are going to once again be completely rearranged because of you. After the sweat we work up? No skipping breakfast. Like… ever.

4. We need to learn to be considerate of my roommate. She can hear us when we’re the floor above her. So the activity will have to be taken elsewhere or we’ll have to wait until later in the day when it comes to some things

5. We need an open relationship. Due to my career, we won’t always have time for each other. I may stray and have a late night fling every once it a while. I may not call at all one day. But remember, this doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. Please don’t be mad.

So there you have it. Things are different now. But I believe in us. We can do this together.

Morning workouts.

They rock.

And I’ve missed them. Getting to work early and leaving early all the time was nice, but sitting in traffic trying to hype myself up for the gym after a long day of work and commuting is a daunting task. So now that my hours are shifting around again? I can actually get an hour or so of exercise in at my gym with little to no crowds.

It’s fabulous.

Oh morning workouts… I’m glad you’re back in my life.

Stacking Sandwiches

Ah sleeping in… glad I’m not the only one who enjoys it every once in a while (whether it be on purpose or accident!).

But this morning I was finally victorious over the alarm clock.

Sure, there may have been a 5-minute snooze, but once those 5 minutes were up? I’ll show YOU, Mr. Alarm Clock!

The alarm clock doesn’t care. I know. But whatever. It got me out the door.

The last week has been spent fretting over when I’d run again. Would the leg hurt again? What if it does? What should I do? It just seemed easier to not run. When you ignore things long enough, they’ll go away, right?

I apply that rule to many things: guys… bills…

Juuuuust kidding on that one part. I always pay my bills on time.

Anyway, it’s not like this morning’s workout was spectacular. I ran 2 miles. Nice and easy. 8:45 pace. And then followed it up with 12 minutes on the elliptical. Add a little walky walky and it was a rather quick but well-rounded session at the gym.

Yes, I got up, but not as early as I had been weeks prior – when the race training stops, my crazy slows down.

Besides, with another weekend trip on the horizon, and the fact that I spent (wasted?) valuable time watching Lifetime earlier in the week, I’ve been busy and will take what I can get on the exercise front (when I’m not sleeping in, of course).

There’s more apartment hunting being done in the next two nights after work. The new roommate and I are trying to fit it in when we can and finalize plans as soon as possible. Can you believe I’m even giving up watching Modern Family for this? Being homeless in two months doesn’t so much work for me. My couch isn’t water-repellent. And where would I plug in my coffee maker?

Last night was also one of the last times I’d have a chance at making a homecooked meal all week. I stared in the refrigerator for a while. If something wasn’t done with all that zucchini I impulsively bought at Trader Joe’s last weekend, it’d easily go bad before there would be a chance to use it again.

There’s also this bread that needs to be used up sooner than later.

One of the few downfalls I’ve found about living by myself? I’m always in a race against the food clock. Wasting good food is just as bad as overpaying for it.

Let the building begin.Roasted strips of zucchini on toast. Good on it’s own for sure. But I’m a dreamer.Marinara and sautéed onions. One of these days I’m gonna have to lay off the onions.

However, I do promise my teeth are brushed often and I’m an avid user of mouthwash. Plus, since my last dentist trip, I also attempt to floss regularly. So you know my mouth is so fresh and so clean clean… ;)Rarely is a sandwich I make complete without cheese. That’s not so much an opinion, but fact.If you throw the whole thing in the toaster oven for another minute or two, the cheese and the sandwich gets more melty and toasty bonding time. Feel free to also smash it together a little.

It’s important for everyone involved to get to know each other. :)

I have no idea what I did before my friend Mary introduced zucchini into my life in college. SO good.

The end.

Sometimes I have happy thoughts…

I’m aware the last couple of posts have been nothing short of snarky.

It’s just been a weird and “off” two weeks. My apologies. 

I laughed at some of the comments about the retail girl incident. I worked retail, too. And am a firm believer that everyone should have at least one summer in customer service of some sort as to appreciate what customer service should and should not be. 

But that’s a discussion for another time. Along with some of you, I definitely did the “oh hello- oh oops, I’ve already greeted you” thing. So that’s why I wasn’t bothered until the 3rd or 4th round of her approaching me. She really did seem to not remember me from each prior greeting.

It was just really really odd. Or the best prank ever. Was I on candid camera?!?!

Anyway, as the title of today’s post suggests, I do have things I”m happy about right now.

Like the fact that I’m only working half a day on Friday to leave for St. Louis! This trip isn’t just about my half marathon. I’m also getting to see some of my best girls from college tomorrow night and spending time with my fam on Saturday and Sunday. Awesomesauce!

I’m also happy because even though I haven’t been able to run as much as I’d like (or hardly at all if we’re being specific), I still am happy on mornings like this when a solid workout at the gym happens. It was like a little tour of the workout machines- 20 minutes on the elliptical, 12 on the stairs, and a mile on the tread. Weeeee!

Not sure about you, but I become a huge ball of stress if I can’t use cardio as a release.


Sorta like this.  So you can assume I feel exponentially better at the moment. And no longer feel the need to rage at any moment. You’re safe. And you’re welcome.

There’s a rumor that tonight will be involving baking and chocolate. Together.

My snarkiness has decreased immensely. It’s all good. :)

Also, if you don’t know Phampants, you should check him out! He’s up for a major award in the blogger world… partially due to all the race videos he’s done in the past. One of which I appeared in as a hot sweaty mess for all of 10 seconds. So I’m also up for this award. By proxy. Don’t tell me differently. 

If you feel like giving him some runnin’ love, head over and give him a shout!

Gotta get head to work so I can get paid (happy!). And also need to get my hands on some coffee (caffeine = happy!!!!).

Later kids!


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