Old Habits

As adventurous and random as I try to be, there are certain habits that just don’t stop.

The serious caffeine addiction. (I am not looking to fix this one anytime in the near future.)

Cracking my knuckles.

Awkward jokes at even more awkward moments. (Do NOT let me near a funeral home.)

Unexplained/unneccessary purchases at Target. (Stupid endcaps.)

Letting my nail polish chip to embarrassing levels before doing anything about it.

Finding one new food to make and eating it over…

and over…and over again…Well… at least brussels sprouts are good for you. And I added something new- it has been quite some time since an asparagus wrap has graced my plate. So that’s not SO monotonous… right?

Moving on… more old habits:

Letting my competitive side get the best of me. The male friend of mine and I are in our third week of a little mileage challenge. He won the first week. I won the second week. And if you think I’m going to let him win again anytime soon, you’re just as crazy as I am. After last night’s 6.5-mile run (I even pushed it with a sub-8:20 pace!), I’m currently at 8 for the week. He’s at 5. Bring it.

And finally, letting my frugal ways beat out common sense. I used to get my hair dyed on the regular in college (how did I afford that???). Then I did it once on my own a few years ago because surely it’s not that difficult…

Yeah. I looked emo for a few weeks. Oops.

The blackish/dark brown combo finally grew/faded out and I’ve pretty much let it go to my natural color ever since. I swore to never attempt it on my own again. NEVER!

Well. I was bored with it. My color seemed flat. And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jaime, a friend/coworker/former stylist, convinced me it was possible to succeed at the do-it-yourself. So after her taking me to a professional beauty supply store, walking me through the steps, then walking me through them again, I’ve attempted the impossible. She believed in me. I could do this.Crossing my fingers and praying the entire time…

You’ll see pics eventually. It’s not expected to be a drastic change either way (more just getting rid of the highlights I acquired in the summa’ sun), and there’s something about not washing my hair for at least 48 hours that has me not feeling sexy enough to be postin’ pics all up on the interwebz.


My oily hair and I are gonna check out now. Laters!


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