Race to Wrigley 5k

My Friday night consisted of cuddling with the pups and this:Even making this was a stretch.  I was tired.  And the dogs had to actually wake me at some point during The Soup to tell me it was time to go to bed.  Ok kids, I’m fine with that.  Why?  Because I was up early to head down the street and watch the Race to Wrigley!John and I met up a little before the race to check out the action.  When we emailed each other back and forth before meeting up, he said he was bringing the cowbells.  I thought that was funny and said “ok sure, see you there.” Alright, hand one over.  I’m down.  Soon enough, the first runner came through.  Followed by the rest of the pack.  Not sure  how many times I actually heard shouts from the runners for “more cowbell!!!!” and then cheering.  It was great!  Nikki thought John was kidding as well.  Nope.  After people started finishing, she walked up and said “I don’t even have to text you- I just followed the cowbell!”

This was my first mini blogger meetup, so it was weird to actually just start talking to someone I’ve never met.  But at the same time, we know what each one has been up to.  So that was kind of crazy…

We ended up going to Julius Meinl after the race for post-race breakfast.  Even though I wasn’t running the race, I still felt the need to partake in one of my favorite traditions after a race…  Give me an excuse to get baked eggs and I’ll take it.  You weren’t kidding Nikki– this place was goooood!Chicago bloggers unite!  Don’t be jealous, Michelle– I know you wish you could be here… :p  Anyways, that is me, Phampants, and Tales of My Second City.  Enjoy the eye candy…

Now the dogs are looking at me like it’s their turn to go play, so we’re going to go for a walk before more rain comes.  And at some point, I plan to get my lazy ass up and do some more Shredding with Jillian.

Enjoy the weekend, kids!

Happy Hour Shenanigans

*Edited this to uh… add a title.  Seriously, who forgets to add a title?  Obviously this chick needs more sleep.  Or needs to drink less coffee and slow down my roll…

Friday is here!  And I don’t know about you, but I feel like it got here much quicker than I expected it to!  Maybe being a little out of my element makes me feel like I’m busier than usual? Or I’m just having so much fun dogsitting that time really flies?  ;)

Work has been somewhat calm the whole week.  Although I am looking forward to Jaime’s return from her destination wedding.  Even if work has been calm, being short-staffed is still no fun!

Yesterday our boss bought us lunch from The Ram in honor of ‘Staff Appreciation’ Day.  My salad I had brought in to eat quickly took a backseat.  I’m a huge fan of The Ram and haven’t been there since an extremely awkward date involving a kid I met on Halloween dressed up as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.  He didn’t wear the space suit to the date.  Honestly, if he had, that might have warranted enough reason to go on a second date.  *sigh.  True story.

Either way, I was looking over the menu on what to get and was seriously torn.  I ended up with the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Turkey Burger and sweet potato fries:My craving for BBQ was really getting out of hand.  So I just had to go for it.  But it was a MASSIVE meal.  And when they say “bacon”, they mean five large strips draped over your sandwich to where you almost forget what is under it all!  I got rid of a lot of that.  And managed to eat about 2/3 of it and the shown fries.  They came in their own bag and I was a popular kid once I started handing out the extras.  The turkey burger itself was fantastic.  I feel like when I order them, it’s always hit or miss.  This time it was a hit!

The other thing I looked at?  My curiosity almost got the best of me with the Peanut Butter Burger.  I mean, seriously?  Has anyone ever tried this?  My BBQ craving won out simply because I eat peanut butter every day.  But I really want to know what that one tastes like!  Especially because it also had cheese.  Peanut butter and cheese?  What?  That being said, what’s the weirdest burger/sandwich combo you’ve ever had?

After I got home and hung out with Princess and Hazel for a bit, I was off to meet up with my friend Nicole for Happy Hour.  She lives a street down from my temporary residence, so we both made the short walk to Clark Street and hit up Rebel for $3 cocktails and a light dinner.  I haven’t seen her for a while, so we had plenty of catching up to do.  And, of course, Chicago sports to watch.  It’s not often you get the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, and Sox all in one night.  Along with the draft.  Whew!

I had no intentions of traveling farther than the five-minute walk, but my friend Chuck was in Lincoln Park at Kendal’s, so we also ended up stopping in there.  Being the grandma that I am, when 10:00 rolled around, I graciously peaced out.  They gave me a hard time, but all I had to say was “uh… 5:10 wake-up call, bitches” to quiet them down.  Do any of you do regular happy hours?  HOW do you manage?  I think doing them any more regularly than every once in a while would exhaust me!

At the apartment, the dogs and I checked facebook and scrolled through a few wedding pictures that Scott and Jaime posted.  They got married at sunset yesterday, so I wanted to make sure the doggies got a peek at their mama and papa!Clearly Hazel is overjoyed.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s glad it’s Friday.  As I was eating breakfast this morning and catching up with emails, the dogs looked at me like this:“Seriously woman.  Why are you waking us up at this hour?!?!  Go back to bed!”  I wish I could kids… I wish I could.  No worries girls… we’re going to have plenty of chill time tonight being as how I’m just BEAT.

Hopefully they won’t care that I’ll be getting up somewhat early again to go out and watch the Race to Wrigley!  Good luck to anyone running!  And hopefully I’ll see a few peeps out there… ;)

This is not any given Sunday.

Thanks so much for all the great comments everyone!  Seriously, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking I was being unreasonable.  And- let me just confirm- I was f-ing angry on Saturday.  That’s why I didn’t deal with them longer that day.  I knew I needed some cool down time.  Otherwise I was going to flip some shit.  And if I’m wanting them to bend a little in price on a replacement, I figured that over the top nice (yet assertive) would be the best way to go.

I went in to the store Sunday and talked to a sales guy about my situation.  He was really great.  He also informed me the lady that helped me had since “left the store”.  I assume that’s nice speak for “got canned”.  Because when I mentioned her on Saturday, eyes were rolling.  I didn’t ask questions.  So anyways, this guy introduced me to “modular” sectionals.  That way, each 3-foot (approx.) segment of it would easily be moved in.  And I can still get the length I want.  Perfect, right?

Yes.  But expensive.  A little more expensive than what I planned.  And a little more expensive than me being able to try and talk them into an even trade.  So I’m undecided.  Here’s the one in particular that we’re pondering (via Blackberry pic):Now this is the one with leather- there is also one I can get that is ALL microfiber.  I like the leather ok, but I really had an all microfiber couch in mind.  It’s also a little darker than the planned color I had in my head.  It would still look good (in my opinion) against the blue wall, but I’m just not sure yet.  I’m calling in some friends to look with me and get a second opinion.  Thoughts?  Like I said, the four pieces together would be a bit pricier.  And the warranty on it (because it’s a bit bigger after all is said and done) is also more.  I’m hoping to talk that one down.  And the guy said he’d see what he could do about waiving the delivery fee.  On that one I am like, “hell yeah you’re waiving the delivery fee.  This is a mess.”

Either way, I have thinking to do.  There’s also another one he showed me that I just adore, but it’s twice as much as I was originally going to spend… and yeah- not happening.  I cannot pull money out of my ass, sir.  As cool as that would be.

I am also looking elsewhere, just so everyone knows.  But I’d still prefer to go here- being as how (in theory) they should be a little flexible and I’d be getting the delivery waived.  We shall see.  I’m still very bitter and resentful about it.  But I figure I have this week to talk to them some more and make a final decision so that I can have it delivered the weekend I get back.

Moving on- I also ran by the mall for a bit to pick up a birthday present for a friend and use a free panty coupon at Victoria’s Secret (yeah, you know what I’m talking ’bout).  I think I’ve gotten more free panties there than ones I’ve actually paid for.  Don’t tell them that…  But the mall is never just a “quick trip”.  Woodfield is actually one of the largest malls in the United States and it is ridiculous to navigate through all the stores, kiosks, and sassy little junior high kids with too much makeup and more expensive outfits than I will ever wear.  Headache unavoidable.  This is why I prefer grocery shopping over going to the mall for clothes shopping.  Except for when a little kid at Trader Joe’s decides to repeatedly ram me with their “future shopper” mini grocery cart as their mom looks at me and then turns back to what she was doing.  Then it would be a tie…

After all that running around, I came home to finish start packing for my little gig in Wrigleyville.Does it look like I’m forgetting anything?  ha ha.  Because I almost did!  I tucked my Shred video and threw my hand weights into the car… gotta keep shredding!  :)

I also had to run by a guy friend’s house to drop off my extra set of keys.  In case disaster happens, he’s close by.  Hopefully he doesn’t abuse the power.  If I come home to a raided pantry and all my alcohol is gone, I’m hunting him down…

Am I forgetting anything?  Oh- I also did The Shred and got in some more elliptical time.  Right after church this morning.  I contemplated yoga last night, but was just beat by the time I was done running around.

Whew!  Usually Sundays are my laziest.  This was not the case.

Oh and CALLING ALL CHICAGO RUNNERS/BLOGGERS- still thinking about the meetup after Race to Wrigley on Saturday.  If you’ve let me know you’re interested or might be able to go, I’ll be emailing you.  If you think you’re interested and I haven’t heard from you- just let me know!  Maybe a little breakfast after that 7:30 race?  I think it’s ideal… :)  If you can’t do breakfast, just let me know if you’ll be at the race- I would love to say hello at the very least!

Ok seriously, I almost started this post with “this is going to be a short one”.  Clearly that didn’t happen.  Enjoy your Monday!  And you’ll be seeing me tomorrow with two little doggies who can’t wait to say hello!  :)

Can’t think today.

I’m drawing a  blank on a good title.  Sorry dudes.

First off, I just want to say THANKS SO MUCH for all the awesome motivation and kind words having to do with the Shuffle last weekend!  I truly appreciate it and love that I have a support system to keep me going!  You all are fantastic!

Secondly, look at this little treat I have chillin’ in my freezer now:When Annie invited me over for dinner, it was last minute, so I had nothing that I could quickly whip up to bring over.  So I went the ice cream route.  Because really, who doesn’t love this stuff?  And I really wanted to try the Girl Scout-inspired Samoa ice cream.  So I run to my friendly neighborhood grocery store and start to peruse the frozen aisles for yummy frozen treats.  There was a sale on Edy’s- buy one get TWO free.  What the…???  Are you serious?  Now, my first reaction was obvious- “omg, what an awesome deal!”  Then I started thinking.  I live by myself.  What am I going to do with three cartons of ice cream?  I know it keeps well, but isn’t that overkill?  Maybe I could give one to Annie?  Let’s call and see if she wants one… Ok, no answer.  Hmmm…. What to do?

I ended up only getting one carton.  This could start the argument that I am being wasteful and inefficient with my money.  But hear me out.  I don’t eat that much ice cream.  And I know that if I had three cartons in my possession, I would start eating it and not stop until it was completely gone.  Which would take about 32.67 hours.  Give or take an hour.  I know myself enough to tell you this is based on truth.  That’s why I just don’t keep it around.  I have no problems with ice cream- let’s be clear.  My problem is I love it too much.  And can’t keep my servings in moderation.  I’ll start with a bowl, finish it, and then be standing by the freezer getting “just a few more spoonfuls”.  So now, when I want it, I have to go out of my way to track down an ice cream place and pay more to have it.  That way, I have to sit and think if I really want it that badly.  Anyone else do this?  Or am I just crazy? Would you have bought the ice cream?  And if you did, seriously- how do you keep that level of self control?  Because when I keep any form of processed sugar in the house, it doesn’t stick around for long…

When I went to check out, the girls asked me if I knew about the sale and just couldn’t believe I didn’t want to go back and get two more- since they were free and all.  No thanks miss, I would rather not be waddling by the end of the week.  Because that would happen.  For real.

But now, I just have the one.  And because I only have one, I’m really going to try and make it last.  Because it’s sooooo good.  And now I feel like I didn’t make myself completely miss out on the Girl Scout cookies.  Score!

And on a final note, after doing some tag surfing/google reading/commenting/stalking/etc, I noticed that a few people are mentioning the Race to Wrigley on April 24th.  I’m planning on doing it, and if I can’t (knock on wood), I will still be there (spending part of the weekend in that area for random reasons).  SO, I am suggesting a meetup afterwards for any bloggers that are doing the run or are going to be in the area.  I’ll bring it up again closer to the actual day, but if you’re interested, give me a shout out.  I’m excited at the chance to meet some people!  You know you want to.  So yeah, let’s do it! 

Short leg report: feeling a little better.  Still staying off of it more than normal.  Did arm weights last night so I wouldn’t feel like a complete bum. :)

Let’s pretend it’s not the crappiest day of the week and have a good one!


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