Short-Lived Victory

So last night was my first softball game. In how many years?

Too many to count.

But my coworker insisted they needed me. So I went.

They really didn’t. But I still got to play. And am happy to report I didn’t die of heat stroke or break my face.

I actually got a few decent hits in. Woot woot!

And, oh yeah, we won 10-1 in the 5th. So it was the shortest game of all time.

However, feelings of sweet victory were short-lived. When my power went out. For the whole night.

I promptly made my way downstairs to the couch in order to not melt in my bedroom in the attic (I’m like Cinderella!).

When we called to report the outage, the estimated time of when it would come back on was 3:30.

Thank god for semi-showering last night after the softball game (i.e. quick rinse, didn’t wash hair) because it definitely was not back on when I got up for work.

So I grabbed my flashlight and started the process as best I could sans shower. This morning was pretty overcast, so even my breakfast of a cold pancake (silly microwave and its uselessness at the moment) leftover from last weekend was enjoyed in semi-darkness. Without coffee.

Thank goodness there’s coffee and air conditioning at work, because otherwise I’d just be overheated and raging.

Happy Friday! I’m crossing my fingers the power is restored sooner than later. Because I have this little birthday of mine to celebrate. And that’s hard to do without a shower. And cold adult beverages in the refrigerator.



Because I’m just sort of spazzing…

– Google search term used to get to my blog that totally freaked me out? “Office Girl Feet”.  Foot fetish, anyone?

– My favorite alternative rock station went off the air. Granted, I don’t need a daily fix of Nine Inch Nails (although in rush hour it is helpful), but the constant overload of U2 and Bon Jovi is starting to make me batty. Calling all Chicago kids for rock stations I’m unaware of- help a sister out!

– On the topic of music, I happen to love the new Britney song “I Wanna Go” (weird how  Nine Inch Nails was just being discussed, right?). And I will stand by that statement. Pretty sure it’s that catchy newfangled auto tune that keeps the station from being changed.

– I get to visit the HOME ALONE house soon! You know what that means- my brother (and the rest of my fam) must be coming soon. I refused to go see it without the lil’ bro. And it’s been killing me. 2 weeks. Woot woot!

– One of my favorite things about living in the city now is that after coming home on Friday, my car pretty much stays put until Monday morning. I like to brag about it. Because it’s awesome. However, when you take off a random work day when friends are visiting, make sure you at least make a point of walking by your car at some point during that span of time. Because then you’d realize street cleaning would be happening and you should move it. And avoid getting a parking ticket. So much for saving money on transportation this month…

– My 26th birthday is coming up on the 25th and I’m not nearly as anxiety-ridden about it as I was for my 25th. Probably because I haven’t really given it much thought other than telling my boss what kind of cake he is to order. Yes, I’m sort of planning my own break room cake. At least it’ll be what I want. Sigh…

– Summer television will be the death of me. I need Community and Parks and Rec back in my life. Help!

– The lil’ heat wave we’ve got going on is killing my workout routine. The last few days I’ve had plans to run a little later in the evening, but the heat never broke to anything below 97. So I gave up and just walked with my water bottle. Not that there weren’t other runners out there. Idiots. Ok fine- there was a jealous bone in me that said “I’m mad I’ll never be that bad ass”. But then I called them idiots again and continued to get my walk on. Sulking the rest of the way home. Like a child.

– Somehow I was convinced to play rec league softball tonight. Since running isn’t really happening, time has to be occupied somehow. So um, standing around in the outfield in raging heat is apparently “ok” in my book. No idea why I agreed to this. It’s been an embarrassingly long time since this girl played in an actual game. Whatev. I’m sort of excited to see if maybe this could be a new regular thing. However, if any nails break… someone’s butt is getting kicked.



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