Oh Fall… how I love thee.

The changing of the leaves… the crisp cool mornings… seasonal comfort foods… development of colds during the weather changes… the warm colors… wait- what?

Yeah.  I’m not feeling my usual self (ie fabulous) today.  Or yesterday for that matter.  I don’t even remember my “workout alarm” going off yesterday morning.  I do remember waking up at 6:30 feeling more groggy than I did before I went to bed. 

You can imagine how this would cause most of my day to be in a semi-daze. With the exception of a super hot burrito I salvaged from the back of my freezer that I had for lunch- helllloooo sinuses.  Often it seems people go for blander foods when they’ve got a cold- for the reason they really can’t taste it anyways.  I tend to do the opposite.  I like super hot and spicy- hoping to give the dulled taste buds a little flava’.  Even if that means burning a hole through my steel pit of a stomach.

Other than the obvious (chicken noodle), what’s your go-to sick food?

I assumed any serious, high impact workout would leave me snotty, sweaty, and in a generally bad mood.  So I kept it pretty low key with the core workout from my resistance bands dvd. I know the jury’s still out for a lot of people about working out when you’re sick.  But not getting to move around and do something would just make my one-person pity party last longer.  And you don’t want that, either.

Since there was less time spent on the workout, I had more time to spend on other things.  Like salvaging the remainder of the pumpkin I picked out last Saturday- the seeds.After letting them dry for a day, I shook them up in a mixture of olive oil, paprika, red chili pepper flakes and a bbq seasoning.  They cooked for a little over 20 minutes at 350 degrees.They may have been better if I had baked them for a little less than 20 minutes.  But it’s ok- they still have the crunch I was looking for.  So you can bet they’ll be making an appearance in my salads sometime soon…

This morning I woke up feeling a little better all-around.  After staring at the clock and weighing my options, I trudged to the gym for a little low-impact cardio (elliptical).  Surely spending 25 minutes on the elliptical while somewhat congested will help with my endurance, right???  ;) 

In the spirit of the times, let’s discuss your tried and true cold remedies.  I’ve been swapping out my regular morning coffee at work for green tea.  I’m missing the rush of the caffeine, but I like to think it’s a little more soothing.

I’m going to cut myself off now before my whining reaches an all-time high. 

And yes, I would like some cheese with my whiiiiinnnnnneeeee…

Sorry.  I prefer to make fun of myself before anyone else gets a chance to.

And before I forget, do you remember how I discussed using post-its to cover my boss’s office?  Jaime was kind enough to post the end results if you care to take a gander.  Our boss came back to work yesterday- and actually loved it.  WHEW.  Sometimes it’s hard to read his sense of humor, so this one easily could have gone either way.  But believe it or not, he kept those post-its up all day.  What a good sport.  :)

Have a good one!

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Rarely do I gush, but after the comments on yesterday’s post, I would like to humbly and sincerely say thank you.  I blushed a little.  You kids are all fabulous. 

And I also loved the reasons why you guys started your blogs.  Rock on!

To completely switch up the mood, wanna know one of my top google searches people used to get to my blog this week?  The term “sweaty girl”.


It’s cool I guess.  I work up a sweat often.  In the gym.  And sometimes in my apartment.  Heads out of the gutter, please.  I’m talking about my workout dvds.  Let’s focus…

Yesterday morning was more of the regular.  I woke up at 5:10.  Because of the cooldown (I will discuss this more later in the post) it takes a little more than usual to talk myself into getting out from under my two comforters.  Yes- two.  There’s supposed to be one last warmup this week and I’m bound and determined to keep that heater off until we’re seen the last of the 70-degree weather.  Being a recessionista isn’t always glamorous.  So if you come visit me in the next couple of days, dress in layers.

And then I saw something shiny…

Where was I?

Oh yeah, back to the early workout…  Jillian and I met on the battlefield and took down Level 2 of The Shred.  I think it’s about time I upgrade on the weights.  I’ve said it before, but I actually mean it this time (I think).  5-lb is still a challenge on some of the moves.  But I like to think I’m ready to for some 7’s in my life.  I never claimed to be the strongest chick ever, but I’m sure as hell trying!  I also did the core circuit with my resistance bands.  It’s not my favorite circuit that is offered, but because I’m also slacking on the yoga, my core has felt a little left out as of late.  It seems the legs have gotten all the attention and the core is starting to develop the middle child syndrome.  (I totally just made a funny there.  Get it?  Because it’s my middle?  No?  Shoot….)

After work, I hit the cardio with a little elliptical time.  It was an all-around, well-balanced workout.  :)

But I won’t lie.  I was done-zo for the night.  And had no issues curling up under my blanket and chillaxin’ here:I’m pretty sure I’m thankful everyday for this couch that replaced the crappiest fouton ever.  Instead of hearing it creak every time I sit down, I just sink in and sigh a happy sigh.  :)  And yeah, even though I have a nice table, I still enjoy eating off of my coffee table in front of the tv.  No one’s perfect… 

The food can be, though.Hello broccoli.  You needed special attention, too.  And I was happy to oblige.  Along with finishing off the rest of the baked BBQ chicken I made last Friday by throwing it into a sandwich- it seemed to last forever!

And so here we are this fine Wednesday morning… I slept well last night.  How do I know?  Because somehow I totally slept past my alarm.  I was frustrated.  I didn’t mind the sleep (who would?), but I’ve really started to enjoy getting in a good part of my workout in the morning.  Apparently the two comforters convinced me to stay in bed this time around.  It’s no biggie.  I just don’t enjoy the “rushed” feeling I get when I get home late and still want to hit the gym before relaxing for the evening.  Ick. 

Thank goodness Modern Family doesn’t start until 8:00 around here.  Clearly I have priorities.  :)

Question of the day- Does the weather affect your workouts?  Are you a hard ass that keeps running through the winter (I salute you)?  Do you stop morning workouts because you don’t want to get out of bed?  Do you do more/less in your workout?  Are you going to just answer already so I can stop asking questions?  Seriously… why can’t I stop?

Happy Wednesday!

Better Now

Sorry guys.  I’ve been ranting a lot as of late.

But it seems I’m not the only one with traffic issues.  Seems that we all deal with some frustrations when it comes to such things.  Even when I still lived back in Mid-MO I was quick to get frustrated.  In high school, when driving from my hometown to my summer job, you have no idea how frustrating it was to get behind a dude on a tractor. 

Yeah, that really happens.  And I’m pretty sure my friends from home who read this can definitely back me on this one.

Anyways.  I’m chilled out.  I got home (we shall not discuss the traffic again after this point) and ran quickly to the gym.  I wanted to get my lounge on, and that was not happening until I worked up a little sweat first.  So I did.  Not with ease, though.  There was a birthday in the office- happy birthday, Jaime!!!  I had a really really big piece of this:(The pics are here two little lovely dogs that I absolutely adore and even doggysat for back in the Spring!)

I giggled a little as we sang because Jaime  doesn’t embarrass easily.  BUT, she does turn extremely red in the face when a break room full of guys start to sing to her.  Don’t worry Jaime- it happened to me, too.  :)

The cake was chocolate and buttercream and delicious.  It also gave me a bit of a sugar rush that didn’t help me out one bit mid-workout.  You can’t sustain energy with butter and sugar?  Really?  Huh.  Whew knew?  :)

Either way, I did 2 miles at an 8:35 pace and finished off with 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I had wanted to do The Shred, but took the intensity down a notch and did the resistance bands instead.  They’re still a really good workout for my arms.  Plus, the circuit I like to do ends with sets of planks.  And I love me some workouts that trim the tummy!

After congratulating myself for getting through a decent cross training session, I showered and started my wild and crazy night in.  Yes. Wild. 

My cravings recently have really headed the direction of comfort foods- but not one certain one in particular.  Last night, it was BBQ.  Aaaahhh!  Naked chicken!  Well- almost.  It’s covered with a bbq seasoning and frozen peppers from Trader Joe’s.  I’ve used the peppers before, and everyone else who tried them agreed- they’re handy to have for mixing in to something.  Because they don’t have that crisp that make them good on their own.

I also add mucho red chili pepper flakes.  Because it’s delicious that way.  No other reason.Ah much better.  Sassy lookin’ chicken.  Just because summer’s over, it doesn’t mean I’m retiring the sauce… A little cheddar and ranch go a long way. 

That’s life advice, folks.  You should write that down.

And who doesn’t have a Friday night dinner without a glass of wine?Beer may have been a better choice, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  Wine got it done.

I spent the rest of the night catching up on shows I had missed during the week thanks to OnDemand. 

Does anyone watch Community?  Drew Carey was a guest star.  But I spent the first minute or two trying to figure out if it was really him- he’s lost 70 pounds!  Seriously- he’s barely recognizable…

Clearly I haven’t been watching enough of The Price Is Right to notice.

Ok I’m off.  I’m pushing it with my free time this morning.  Gotta get a long run in before heading to a food and wine fest with Mon.  Not sure how long the “long run” is actually going to be. Somewhere between 6 and 8.  That’s the plan.  Wish me luck!  :)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Bulking Up

So I’m not the only one who hoards leftover office food, huh?  Good thing we don’t all work together- I’d hate to fight you guys for it.

Because I fight dirty.  And I’m not scared.  Bring it.

Don’t believe me?  You should.  I’ve been working on my guns.  Well- sort of.  I’ve been loving using resistance bands during my workout as part of my cross training routine.  I may have mentioned it already- but doing the front body circuit is my favorite.  So I spend some time doing work on the arms, shoulders, and even the core.  Loves it.

So I did that, but also hit the gym beforehand for some elliptical and stairmill time.  Kept myself entertained in the workout room this time by playing “where is that cheap cologne smell coming from?” 

I still don’t know.

Then I did some more bulking up.  With my dinner.90 calories a serving?  Sweet… that’ll keep me full for like a whole 15 minutes!  Like oh my god! I actually took two pics of the same thing- because I caught myself doing a sweet hitchhiker’s thumb and was kinda embarrassed.  Then I laughed.  Try and beat that one, people!  I think my thumbnail makes it look that much longer… Awesome.

But yes, we can take a minute to talk about my soup in a can.  I love playing in the kitchen, and I know soup isn’t hard, but I’m just not “there” yet.  I still only keep a few cans of it around as an easy option.  I know it’s a bit high on the sodium end, but I don’t know what to say- I just don’t like making soup from scratch.

Anyhoo, I took the can and used it as a “base”.  Then I added the goods.  Like broccoli, black beans, and corn.  And red chili pepper flakes.  And pepper (because we know how almost all “lite” soups are pretty freakin’ bland).  I must have gotten a little out of control because it was exploding out of the pot…I SLOWLY stirred it until it was all heated up and ready to go.  And then toasted an Arnold’s thin (still living on coupons from the Healthy Living Summit– holla’) with cheese on top.  Because soup isn’t comfort food without cheesy bread.  I don’t care what you say.  I need my cheesy bread.Voila.  Just in time for Modern Family. 

I have fantastic timing.

Being as how it’s Thursday, today is an official rest day for me.  Again- probably for the better.  I still haven’t figured out that “weird” feeling in my left leg.  It doesn’t hurt.  It’s just annoying me.  Grrr.  My real frustration comes from the fact that I’m a little over a month away from my 15k, and have yet to really log much over a 6-mile distance as of late.  Gah.

Here’s something funny…

Has anyone heard of the Happy Meal Project?  An artist out of New York, Sally Davies, photographed a McDonald’s happy meal every single day over a period of MONTHS.  Results?  I believe she’s still doing it, but they had pictures of Day 1 compared to Day 137- with very little change of appearance.  What?? (Click on the picture to be taken to the article and slideshow) 

Now- let me be clear.  I’m a kid who runs through the drive thru every now and then.  I see nothing wrong with that.  But um… I’m concerned about people who eat this every day.  I mean, it looks like you could still eat the bread- which seems to be mold free after 137 days (another reason why I’m frustrated my lastest wraps purchase didn’t even last but a week!).  Yikes.


A Little Improv

So you liked the baked goods, huh?  Yeah- me too.  And before I forget, the recipe said it would make approximately 24 if you fill the cupcake liners 2/3 of the way.  I filled them much more than that and still ended up with 30.  So clearly there is no reason why you shouldn’t make these.  Unless, of course, you’re allergic to pumpkin, chocolate, or wheat.  If that’s the case, please don’t.

I’m covering my bases with that one. 

Since we’re back into the swing of the work week where I’m the later shift, I did my standard get up early to workout thing.  After getting 9-10 hours of sleep each night over this weekend, it was pretty much non-negotiable.

I did The Shred with Jillian and resistance bands.  Within the last month, I’ve acquired neighbors who live beneath me.  For the longest time, the apartment below me was empty, so I stomped and jumped as much as I wanted.  Now there’s someone there.  I still did it, but in spots where it’s not quite as loud (I assume there are beams there?).  This girl’s gotta get her sweat on.  So I did so as politely as possible.

That took care of my strength training.  I also needed to get in cardio, which I did after work.  I stuck to the elliptical.  I know this isn’t part of the training plan and I’m straying from it, but for now that works for me.  If I don’t feel like running, it’s ok- I can just improvise with the elliptical.  Weee…. living on the edge….

As excited as I got for the stops at Subway and Panera during my roadtrip to Mid-Missouri last weekend, I decided to just go ahead and buy my own deli at the grocery store. 

And it was on sale.  So yeah…

I don’t have bacon, but came as close to my favorite sandwich at Panera as I could get by improvising with the basics I had. Turkey, spinach, cheddar, avocado and a little ranch in a spinach tortilla.  I didn’t really miss the bacon anyways.

I don’t know about where you live, but today we’re supposed to be receiving a mini heat wave at hit 90 degrees again today.  Which is hilarious because I just talked about how I finally accepted all things Fall being a part of my life.  Originally, I was upset.  Because summer seemed to have left without saying goodbye.  I guess it wanted to come back to give me a hug before going away for the rest of the year.  Goodbyes are never easy.

And because it’s Tuesday (clearly a downer in my book), here’s a fun little video for you that, if anything, is a good indicator of my sense of humor.

I absolutely love that people do this- it makes me smile…  :)  It was put on by this group called Improv Everywhere and they do random “pranks” like the black tie beach day in New York.  Has anyone ever heard of them?

Ok kids, here’s hoping Tuesday doesn’t suck!

Off My Game


It can really ruin plans if you let it.

After a long weekend in my hometown, Monday was a rough one.  I didn’t get to bed until too late, the alarm went off way too early, and I was just not ready to go back to work yet.  (But really, who is on a Monday morning?)

But I stuck it through.  Even after my disastrous lunch:I almost always bring my own.  You know this.  But I didn’t get home until around 8:00 on Sunday night and there was no way in hell you were going to get me back into my car- even to grocery shop (which I generally enjoy).  So I just bought lunch at the cafeteria.  Which was fine because I never eat it and they have a lot of good stuff.

When I saw they had mushroom bisque as the soup of the day, the decision was easy.  So I did that and the half salad.

Ugh.  It was my bad on the salad- I accidently drowned it all (the carrots, chick peas, green peas, red onion, feta and chicken) in balsamic.  Oopsies.

The bisque, however, was not on me- that was someone else’s wrongdoing.  Way too salty.  It’s like they ran out of stuff to throw in, shrugged and said, “well, why not?” and dumped the rest of the salt canister in.  Even the mushrooms were nasty- almost rubbery.  And I never complain about mushrooms.

I learned my lesson.  And thanked god I had a Luna bar in my desk.

Dinner last night was thanks to my mom and pops.  :)We have a somewhat large garden back in Mid-MO, and there was plenty for me to snag and take back with me.  This included sweet potatoes (YES!), canned green beans, canned tomatoes (for the chili I like to make) and unpictured frozen corn (obviously it’s in the freezer now).

Thanks mom and dad for helping a girl save a dime here and there.  I’m still working on my recessionista ways… ;)

Naturally, I went for the sweet potatoes first.  Mostly because they’re easy to roast while I’m doing other things and I have leftovers to last the whole week.Totally boring, but I decided to go ahead and take a pic because I heart white cheddar.  Or just cheese in general.  I just wanted you to know that.

This meal came after a lackluster workout.  I’m not mad about the speed- I kept an 8:15 average pace.  I’m mad that I wore crappy socks.  Please learn from my mistakes.  Halfway through the run, one of the socks slipped down and I started to feel discomfort.  Then pain.  Probably why I ran the last half mile much quicker than planned- I wanted the hurt to GO AWAY.  I stopped at 4 miles instead of 5 or 6 because of it.

The rest of the gym-goers were probably pretty grossed out as I ripped off my shoe to reveal a blood-stained sock and shoe.  Ew.  I hobbled back home with the shoe in my hand.  Huge blister.  Head hung in shame.  Again- learn from my mistakes- it’s all about good socks, people!

But it’s ok.  I have Disney Princess band aids that haven’t been put to use as of late.  They’ll take care of my sad heel.  Cinderella always knows how to help a girl out.  She knows about running around with one shoe.  And glass stilettos are sure to cause a blister or two.

Because I cut the run short, I did the back body workout with resistance bands.  And decided that I really don’t enjoy the back body like I do the front body circuit.

Lunch fail?  Workout fail?  A sad Monday, indeed!  Not good considering I don’t usually enjoy Tuesdays, either.

Probably would have been a good idea to chill a bottle of wine.  Too bad I didn’t. 

Wow… I’m really off my game this week…

Up To This Point

Hellooooo!  I’m glad everyone likes the “voice of Mon”.  Good to know for when I’m out of town next… (Hey Mon- I’m putting you to work.)

So my road trip out went well.  Or at least as well as it could.  Construction plagues me every where I go.  As does Christian Rock stations in the middle of Illinois.  Nothing against it, I just don’t prefer it.  I got a little tired of listening to Enrique every 20 minutes.  I did like it, Enrique.  But after hearing about how you “like it” that often, I stopped.  Sorry.  I will now save that tune only for when I’m fist pumping in the club with Pauly D.  In the end, I compromised with the smooth sounds of Ryan Seacrest.  Apparently he’s quite popular in mid-Illinois.

Anyways, I thought I’d just give you a quick recap of the highlights of my little trip so far…Bad Idea #1.  When you go to Subway and say “large iced tea”, and they ask if you’d prefer the 32 oz or the 44 oz, do not say “hell yeah, let’s go with the 44 oz!”  when you are at the beginning of your 8-hour journey.  It was as big as my head.  My bladder is not as big as my head.  Simple math, Amy…

More simple math?  Add another one that size and that’s how much iced tea I had the entire trip.  I don’t learn from mistakes- which is a trait I seem to carry on throughout all aspects of my life.  Sigh…

And how freaky does my neck vain look?  Ew.Bad Idea #2- adding red onions to your sandwich.  It’s not that I’m concerned about my breath so much (I’ve gotten out of the habit of making out with truckers at trucker stops- it only ends in heartbreak), but they’ll pile them on.  Which means I pick alot of them out.  And just crumple the bag and toss it to the side.  And they sit.  And sit.  And sit.  And pretty soon your car will reek of onions.  Gross.  I think it still smells.Finally made it to St. Louis!  Hooray!

During rush hour.  Booo….

But it’s cool.  The rush hour I experienced is child’s play compared to my mess I deal with on a regular basis…I heart Wrigley Field, but I miss my Cardinals.

I also miss getting into the playoffs.  (What is the deal, Cards?!?!)Stopped and met up with one of my lovely ladies, Laura, for dinner.  Mistake #3- pace yourself well on roadtrips.  I ate way too early and had the shakes by the time my food came (probably partially due to the tub of iced tea I put down earlier).  No good.  This wrap vanished as quickly as it came.

Since our dear Mary was down and out with a serious head cold, and because Laura picked up some more hours for work for the next day, I made the last minute executive decision to finish the entire drive (versus spending the night in St. Louis like originally planned) and go the last 3 hours that night.  Because I’m a champ.And with the help of my good friends caffeine and sugar (Swedish Fish?  How’d you get in there??!?!), I did it.  I only regretted the decision to finish the drive for about 15 minutes in a downpour outside of Jefferson City.  My window wipers don’t seem to be up to par. 

I rolled into good ol’ St. E around 11:45.  Both of my parents were up when I got home.  I’m suspicious that they were actually sleeping and set their alarm, but I won’t say anything…I also woke up to rain.  Considering the wedding this weekend is supposed to be an outdoor affair, this is no bueno.  The sun later came out, but we need this rain business to go away completely!

By the way, if you look in the upper most left corner in the picture above, you can see some of our closest neighbors.  Say howdy!The cat also is not amused.  I’m not 100%, but I’m thinking this is the cat my mom endearingly calls “puke cat”.  Because it likes to eat grass.  A lot of it.  And then I’m sure you can guess what it does next.  On our new patio.  Regularly.

I believe I’d have stronger words for the little stinker, but my mom’s much more of a lady than I ever claim to be.After a walk with my mom and some working out with my resistance bands (Yes, I travel with them.  No, I’m not ashamed.), much of my day looked like this.  Reference my Subway drink of choice and then the picture above and you’ll get an idea of how much I love iced tea.  I love it at home the most.  I’m aware my mom uses an iced tea maker (is that cheating?), but it’s still some of the best ever.

And that’s a  new library book.  I finished I Know I Am, But What Are You? by Samantha Bee (love her now), and picked this one up because they finally had it waiting on the hold shelf for me.  I still have a whole stack that I checked out last time, but I’ve been waiting forever (or two months- same difference) for this one to become available and wasn’t gonna miss my chance to read it!  I love Sloane Crosley.  And like to think I’m like her.  But in Chicago instead of New York and with less disposable income.

So yeah.  That’s the last 24 hours in a nutshell.  Just so you know, I haven’t been commenting on the blogs, but I’m still very much stalking you quietly.  Not to creep you out or anything…

I hope you all have a great weekend- I’m off to the rehearsal dinner!


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