Blame It On The Rain

Gotta blame it on something…

Nothing like starting your day with getting Milli Vanilli lyrics stuck in your head… am I right?

That’s what I said yesterday when my boss asked if I ran yesterday morning (we often compare workouts and such- this isn’t weird by any means).

The alarm went off. I did not get up. And fell back asleep to the lull of steady rainfall…. ahhhhh…

Looks like someone switched up their rest day… ;)

It didn’t help that it was just so cold and gloomy. The whole day. 

I thought it was spring?

This seems to be the complaint of the week.  I’ll hush up about it now. And try to bring a little color into your life.Better? Just a little? Fine. Be that way.

It made me feel better…

Anyway, the idea for the pepper and onion combo came from when my dear friend Mon gave me some focaccia flatbread to try. She wasn’t too hot on the garlicy butter flavoring it had.  And since I’ll try almost anything once (*almost* anything), I accepted the challenge!

After sautéing the peppers and onions in olive oil and balsamic, I piled them as high as I could on the focaccia flatbread. And covered them with mozzerella.And snuck in some chicken sausage I had leftover from a few days ago. Why not?

My mistake here was forgetting to toast the focaccia a wee bit before piling the sandwich. Why do I always do that???

At least I broke out the big guns to warm it up and smash it together like a panini.In case you forgot or don’t know, this is what a George Foreman knockoff looks like. With a sandwich in it. Woot.Melty cheese. It’s a beautiful thing.

And that would be organic broccoli from the Trader Joe’s freezer section peeking out from behind my panini. Yes, organic. What happened to their regular frozen broccoli? This has been causing me stress for weeks.

Seriously. It has. I love that people make a point of eating organic. But until there is a little more spending cash in my wallet (ie a little less debt in student loans), I don’t make a big deal out of eating either way. We’ll reassess this viewpoint in maybe a few more years… mmmk?

Until then, I’ll just have to remember to put it on the list of things I get at my local grocery store. Whatev.

And before we leave, I feel there are a few notes on yesterday’s post:

– I’m such a nerd for not even thinking to call them “taco cupcakes”. But I like it. So go make some…

– I followed up with my friend on if he was feeling better yesterday during the day. He did (because I know you were concerned). He also asked, “did I mention the whopper I had like an hour or two before the wings?”.

Damn metabolism.

Happy Hump Day, everybody! Unlike the night before, last night didn’t include much sleep. There’s a little stress. No worries- it’s good stress. But stress nonetheless.

What else does one expect? No one said growing up was easy. ;)

Sandwiches and Runways

It all started when I decided to buy a 2-lb bag of asparagus at Trader Joe’s over the weekend.

This is a good idea, Amy.  Surely you can breeze through 2 whole pounds of asparagus.  No problem.

To give you an idea of how much asparagus I usually go through, a 10-oz pack of it will be used randomly here and there over a week before it starts to get a bad.

Needless to say, I’ve been working on getting creative.  :) 

Enter a new favorite veggie sandwich…Every good sandwich needs good bread.  (thanks for the coupons, Brownberry…)Layer One= Zucchini roasted with greek seasoning in the oven-a-roo (technical term the professionals use).Layer Two= the star of the show.  Also roasted with the slices of zucchini.  (I think they took about 5 or 6 minutes at 350 degrees?)Layer Three = death to your breath.  Onions sautéed in a pan with balsamic vinaigrette.

Plan to make this for dinner.  At a time you’re not doing anything afterwards.  Just a thought.Cheese!!!  Because everything else was warm, it melted pretty easily.  Otherwise, you could probably pop it all in the oven-a-roo that is still warm from roasting the zucchini and asparagus.  It’s totally necessary to use the cheese to bind it all together.

Don’t tell me it’s not.  I won’t believe you.  Cheese is a must.Baller. 

Moving on…

Guess what’s on tonight? (Source)

Now here’s my question…  Do you like watching?  Don’t care?  Appalled beyond belief? I know the issue of body image is brought up often.  I’m just curious of your thoughts?

I think I’ve watched it almost every year.  Other than seeing really cute lingerie that I probably can’t afford and will never buy, I love how these chicks strut their shiznit on the runway.  There’s something to be said about the confidence they exude.  Not that I don’t see the other side of the argument.  As a mother, maybe I would view it differently. If I were a little more self-conscious about my body (ahem- my teeny tiny boobs might be something to discuss here), maybe it would bug me. 

I guess I just don’t take the show in such a serious light.  But that’s why I want to here YOUR thoughts.  :)

Because that’s just my opinion.

I’m glad one thing that isn’t just my own opinion is my feeling towards T-Swizzle and my man, Jake.  It’s just weird.  And doesn’t make sense.  Maybe I’m just saying these things because I’m not jumping on the Taylor Swift fan bus.  Who knows…

Either way, it’s a rainy Tuesday here.  Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of how the day will turn out.  Fingers crossed!


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