Thank you so much for all the advice about shin splints.  Like I said, it’s really never been a painful issue, just an “off” feeling setting in.  And I’m glad that I’ve had the common sense to chill out a few days and even move my long run day as to not press the issue.

Sounds like more stretching and ice will be involved in my regular routine…

That being said… I made the decision to do the long run yesterday.  I’m just going to throw that out there…

I hesitated a bit in the morning.  I really couldn’t decide what to do.  Everything felt ok.  It felt better than the 3-4 previous days.  So I decided just to go to the trail.  And told myself if I had any issues, I’d just walk the rest of the loop that I was on, and maybe go do the bike or elliptical for a little low impact workout.

I had  no issues!  And ran the whole 9 miles I had set out to do.  Now, before you think I’m completely up the wall nuts, I will say I did take a few extended breaks for water and walking around to make sure everything was still “doing ok”.  The only thing that made the last mile and a half really hard for me (and I seriously had an argument in my head about if I should finish it) was because it was starting to get ridiculously hot and because I had taken walk breaks, it had only extended my run that much further into warmer temps.  Ick.

Final stats?  (breaks not included)  9 miles at an 8:38 pace.  Like I said, usually, I just keep the time going because I take super short water breaks, but had stopped my Nike+ this time because the breaks were much longer.  Either way, I’m happy with it.  And I made sure to ice myself down after I got home.  :)  So far we’re all good and back in business…  I’m just being really good at icing down after workouts now just to be safe.  Yea!

I also ran some errands.  Which included a trip to Fleet Feet!  I have been due for a new pair of shoes and was yet to get my stride analyzed and be properly fitted.  And since I want to make sure to have enough time to break them in before the half marathon, I figured this was as good of a day as any to go.

They are just AWESOME at the store.  The guy helping me was so nice and answered every little dumb question I had.  After having me put on a pair of test shoes and jog a little, he concluded I was with a good number of runners who overpronate, which basically means the feet roll a little too much inward when I take a step. Any other overpronaters out there?  Holla’!  So to neutralize the issue, we looked for a shoe with moderate support.  He also asked me what kind of running I do, how often, etc.  After trying on about four pair, I came out with these bad boys:I wish there’d be more of a selection of styles/colors (because I’m girly like that).  But they’re comfy.  And as long as they do their job, you won’t here any complaints from me!

Speaking of Fleet Feet, I’m actually doing a race they’re sponsoring next week:

I’m running the 10k- which will be my second one this month.  Since I just recently did the Frontier Days 10k Stampede, I’m hoping I’ll have a better feel for the race going into it.  Plus it’s going to be much bigger, so I’m pretty excited about it!  Friends are going to be here this weekend (no worries- they knew I was doing the race before they scheduled the visit) and I’m hoping that we’ll get to go out for a fun breakfast afterwards if they decide to come along to spectate.  Because, let’s face it, going out to breakfast after a race is half the fun!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Let’s do this thing!


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