One more thing…

I know, I know- a second post?!?  On a Tuesday, Amy’s most hated day, of all days?!?!

I was totally going to add this in my morning post, but I was still in the process of caffeinating myself and it slipped my mind.  I apologize.

Anyhoo, random story.  And as my blog title suggests, I enjoy random things…

So I was standing (shaking in the cold) in my start corral waiting to be herded across the start line at the Shamrock Shuffle and I was standing next to a guy who was video taping.  I looked over and said, “hmmm… why does he look familiar? I feel like I’ve seen him before…”  I shrugged it off and hoped he didn’t span my way (not because I don’t appreciate the spotlight every once in awhile, but because I was literally right next to him and he would have gotten a shot solely of my face- on my bad side of all things- ha ha). 

After the race, I was doing my regular surfing/stalking blogs and I was right.  It was phampants!  And he did a video blog of the race if any of you are interested in checking it out.  It’s quite entertaining, and so is his blog.  So take a peek.  Or not.  I’m not holding a gun to your head.  But he is fun.  So yeah…


Plus, then you can see the madness I endured.  I kid, I kid- it was fun.  :)

And here’s a pic I found on the website.  I thought I’d show you where I was:Now wasn’t that fun?  I just broke up the awfulness known as Tuesday afternoon for you.  :)  Let’s tough the rest of the day through!

Can’t think today.

I’m drawing a  blank on a good title.  Sorry dudes.

First off, I just want to say THANKS SO MUCH for all the awesome motivation and kind words having to do with the Shuffle last weekend!  I truly appreciate it and love that I have a support system to keep me going!  You all are fantastic!

Secondly, look at this little treat I have chillin’ in my freezer now:When Annie invited me over for dinner, it was last minute, so I had nothing that I could quickly whip up to bring over.  So I went the ice cream route.  Because really, who doesn’t love this stuff?  And I really wanted to try the Girl Scout-inspired Samoa ice cream.  So I run to my friendly neighborhood grocery store and start to peruse the frozen aisles for yummy frozen treats.  There was a sale on Edy’s- buy one get TWO free.  What the…???  Are you serious?  Now, my first reaction was obvious- “omg, what an awesome deal!”  Then I started thinking.  I live by myself.  What am I going to do with three cartons of ice cream?  I know it keeps well, but isn’t that overkill?  Maybe I could give one to Annie?  Let’s call and see if she wants one… Ok, no answer.  Hmmm…. What to do?

I ended up only getting one carton.  This could start the argument that I am being wasteful and inefficient with my money.  But hear me out.  I don’t eat that much ice cream.  And I know that if I had three cartons in my possession, I would start eating it and not stop until it was completely gone.  Which would take about 32.67 hours.  Give or take an hour.  I know myself enough to tell you this is based on truth.  That’s why I just don’t keep it around.  I have no problems with ice cream- let’s be clear.  My problem is I love it too much.  And can’t keep my servings in moderation.  I’ll start with a bowl, finish it, and then be standing by the freezer getting “just a few more spoonfuls”.  So now, when I want it, I have to go out of my way to track down an ice cream place and pay more to have it.  That way, I have to sit and think if I really want it that badly.  Anyone else do this?  Or am I just crazy? Would you have bought the ice cream?  And if you did, seriously- how do you keep that level of self control?  Because when I keep any form of processed sugar in the house, it doesn’t stick around for long…

When I went to check out, the girls asked me if I knew about the sale and just couldn’t believe I didn’t want to go back and get two more- since they were free and all.  No thanks miss, I would rather not be waddling by the end of the week.  Because that would happen.  For real.

But now, I just have the one.  And because I only have one, I’m really going to try and make it last.  Because it’s sooooo good.  And now I feel like I didn’t make myself completely miss out on the Girl Scout cookies.  Score!

And on a final note, after doing some tag surfing/google reading/commenting/stalking/etc, I noticed that a few people are mentioning the Race to Wrigley on April 24th.  I’m planning on doing it, and if I can’t (knock on wood), I will still be there (spending part of the weekend in that area for random reasons).  SO, I am suggesting a meetup afterwards for any bloggers that are doing the run or are going to be in the area.  I’ll bring it up again closer to the actual day, but if you’re interested, give me a shout out.  I’m excited at the chance to meet some people!  You know you want to.  So yeah, let’s do it! 

Short leg report: feeling a little better.  Still staying off of it more than normal.  Did arm weights last night so I wouldn’t feel like a complete bum. :)

Let’s pretend it’s not the crappiest day of the week and have a good one!

Shamrock Shuffle 2010

The weekend with the fam was a good one! We stayed downtown Saturday night, and had some good eats at Giordano’s.  There was over an hour wait, but my dad loves deep dish when he comes to visit, so we toughed it out.  As we were waiting, we watched the end of the Kansas game- LOVE that they got knocked out.  (Can I hear an amen?)There were actually quite a few cheers in the bar at about this time… so that’s awesome!  Yes, while we’re on the subject, Mizzou lost yesterday.  We didn’t really even show up for the game at all.  But we also weren’t ranked number one in the tournament and our name isn’t “The University of Kansas”.  That would just be unfortunate.

The next morning, we were at Grant Park bright and early…  It rained/snowed/was crappy all Saturday, so I was so happy that there was only a little something in the air that actually stopped before the race.  We met up with my cousin Niki and then my parents headed their way and we headed ours.  I was actually in a different corral than Niki, so we ended up going our seperate ways as well. 

I was in Corral C of the first wave.  I had never been in a race this big (I believe there were approximately 26,000 who actually ran), and couldn’t believe how crowded together we all were.  Finally, we started to move.  I swear, it was like we were being herded through like cattle…  It was a little ridiculous!

And we were off.  My leg wasn’t feeling 100%, but I wasn’t about to back out (we’ll see if this was a detrimental decision later).  My first two miles were not good.  I was close to a 9-minute mile for both of them.  I couldn’t find my pace and as crowded as we all were, it was not working out well.  Passing was quite an issue.  And apologize for those few people I accidently elbowed.  But it was rough- swerving every which way to get around everyone…

Into the third mile, I started feeling good about the pace I set.  I knew I was making up a little time and I rode it out for the rest of the race.  I wish I knew my exact splits while racing, but again forgot to set the sportsband when I started.  It’s too small.  I forget I have it on!  Lame.

Yeah, that’s me with a handful of snacks.  It may look somewhat selfish.  But that was hardly the case- they were actually handing out boxes for people to stuff as much food as possible in them.  I thought that was a little much… plus we were going to breakfast afterwards.

My official time was 42:36.  I’m ok with that.  I just wish those first two miles could have gotten a do over!  And that my leg would be feeling better than it was at the time of the race.  Right now it’s not feeling so hot.  Did I push my luck?  Yes.  Am I going to pay for it?  Maybe.  I’m a little nervous about it.  I planned to take a few days off after the race (I knew that there would be some kind of soreness/stiffness going on), but I didn’t think it would be as rough as it is.  So yeah… I’m gonna have to figure that one out.

All in all, a good weekend and experience!  I’m so glad my parents were able to come up to see me and watch.  I know that they (and a lot of my friends) don’t always get my love of running, but at least it’s good to know they support it.  That’s all I ask!

We went to a place called Eleven City Diner after the race for breakfast.  Niki had found a few spots, but Yolk was completely packed with racers, so we hit the next one on the list.  In true racer form, I had the “protein omelette” which was egg whites, chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli.  It was yummy!  After I got back home and my parents left, I snacked around all day- won’t lie about that one.  Human garbage disposal.  And Annie was kind enough to offer to fix dinner and wanted to catch up and also get a “race recap”.

After the long day and all the food, I had the best night’s sleep of all time.  There’s no better way to kick off your Monday than being refreshed and ready to go!


I’m exhausted.  Long weekend.  And Mizzou’s just getting started in the NCAA tournament.  So I need to focus my attention on that and eating my weight in food because I am seriously a garbage disposal right now.  So… I’ll be posting a full recap of the race later (it went pretty well!).

Until then- Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and GO MIZZOU!!!!! 

Anyone see that KU loss last night?  They’re our biggest rival, so it was a double sweet game for us to catch the end of as we were waiting for our table.

Here’s a teaser photo after I picked up my race packet at the Expo being held at Navy Pier:I was pretty giddy with excitement at that point.  This race meant a lot to me because it’s a huge event in Chicago (my semi-new home), my parents were here, and it was my first race since I spent two months away from running because of my stupid injury in my leg.

Ok, more later.  Enjoy the end of the weekend!  :)

My parents are coming! My parents are coming!

So excited, I had to say it twice.

Friday went by so quickly!  We were short-staffed, so I kept busy the whole day without too much of a problem.  Although a chocolate fix to get through the afternoon was necessary:I’m a Clif bar kind of girl, but a little departure never hurt anyone.  (And the Luna White Chocolate bar is even better than this one!)

Like I said previously, this was a scheduled RedBox night.  I was even organized enough to do an online reservation.  I’m THAT big of a nerd.  :)  And I’m totally ok with that.  What did I end up with?  In The Air and 2012.  Not sure why I picked either one, I was just clicking through and went, “huh.  That looks alright. Hopefully it will work out better than the last time I pulled a RedBox night.”

And it was.  Up in the Air was so much better than The Invention of Lying.  If that wouldn’t be obvious enough.  I watched and confirmed. 2012 on the other hand?  Eh.  I feel like they got two 14-year-old boys hyped up on Red Bull and possibly crack and asked, “what would look really cool in an action movie?”  And that’s how this movie came about…

During Up in the Air, I enjoyed another egg souffle creation courtesy of Low.And I traded my usual wine for a cup of green tea.  Aren’t I so responsible?  ;)  Not that I really have any absolute reason to not have a glass.  But sometimes a week of complete sobriety can be a good thing.  Besides, I’m out of TJ wine.  So yeah…

During 2012, when I wasn’t glued to the overly obnoxious special effects and “close calls” that happened every two minutes, I was all over google and yelp.  Looking up the logistics of today and tomorrow to make it a little easier for my parents and I as we do our thing in the city.  That’s the planner in me.  Besides, I think it’s reassuring to my parents.  When you’re not used to navigating a city as big as Chicago on a regular basis (or even half as big for that matter), it can be extremely overwhelming.  I still get a little out of sorts after a well laid out plan from time to time (hence my bus ride in the wrong direction just this week!).

So I’ve got notes.  With several options.  In case they don’t like my first general idea of how the day should go.  I’m flexible like that.  :)  Anyone else a little OCD about stuff like this???

I woke up this morning and apparently it snowed last night.  I didn’t realize that was coming so early?  Great.  Now the forecast at least says it’ll be 10 degrees warmer than originally anticipated, but the snow and rain will be an ongoing thing the entire day.  Oh dear.

Anyways, in true Saturday form, I have errands to run and things to do before my parents get here.  As soon as they get here, we’re out for a quick bite and then heading to the Shamrock Shuffle Expo.  I’m starting to get anxious, but I know I’ll feel better as soon as I get there and have my bib number in my hands!  Hooray!  It’s finally here. And I’m happy my parents made the final decision to come up to watch.  Don’t you love it when they’re around for a little extra support?

Have a good Saturday!  I’ll catch you tomorrow after the race!  Cross your fingers that my little leg sticks with me through it all without too much of a problem!

Cereal Confessions

After a long day of work, with no serious workout planned, what’s a girl to do? 

Retail therapy.

First stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I needed to acquire clothing for the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday.  Why? Because I need another layer of warmth that isn’t cotton and won’t weigh me down and be quite miserably cold if it’s rainy.  So after many laps around the women’s apparel area, this is what I ended up coming home with:My fav part is the zip pocket on the side.  And it was on sale.  Double awesome!

So now I have one layer of clothing secured.  According to the forecast, it’s going to be mostly cloudy with a chance of mixed rain and snow and a high later in the day of 38 degrees.  So now I only have about 342 more layers to figure out.  Nice…

Then, I decided to also hit Target to see if I could find any cheap(er) layers before I settled on just using the kind of bulky windbreaker I have.  No luck with the clothing options.  But I did find other things to spend money on.  Why do you always do this to me, Target?!?!  Aaaahhhh… such a love/hate relationship we have. 

I walked by the food aisles and popped my head into the cereal section.  My weakness…  for some reason, I can always justify buying cereal.  I don’t go through it NEARLY as fast as I used to.  Because really, I just throw it in my oatmeal and use it for snacking on occasion.  But it’s still a staple in my pantry.  And there it was.  A deal on Special K.  I know Special K isn’t the best.  It’s got a long ingredient list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients (insert Michael Pollan shaking his head in shame) and a lovely sugar count most people don’t notice because they’re too busy focusing on the 100 calorie claim.  I know this.  But I can’t help but love it.  Aaaahhhh!

So there it sat.  Heaven shining a light down onto all the glorious manufactured flavors (ok the flourescent lighting might just really suck in that particular store, who knows?).  $2.99 a box.  And if you buy 4 boxes, you get a $5 gift card.  I already had a random candle in my hand (that smells like cinnabuns!) and some tissue paper on clearance (75 cents!- Don’t ask.) that was just over $6.  It was fate.  You may say, “Amy, 4 boxes is a little unneccessary, don’t you think?”.  I say, “that’s what a pantry is for”.  I also realize that I’ll have to go through another pantry slim down at some point if I keep this up.  Geez.

I can’t pass up a good cereal sale.  It’s my kryptonite.  If you think I’m excited now, wait until you see me all worked up over a Kashi sale.  Get out of my way!

Quite famished by the time I got home and lugged all my goodies up the stairs, I was quick to make dinner.  Salad loaded with broccoli, edamame, and mushrooms- complimented with a quarter of a pita and hummus.  Lovely- it’s dinner by candlelight!Even Taylor was eyeing my fierce salad.  And complimenting me on my saavy candle scent choice.  Btw, I have no idea why I started receiving Elle.  I just did. Wouldn’t have picked Elle if I was deciding on magazines to start subscribing to (no offense to any die hard Elle readers).  But it came out of nowhere.  Never received a bill.  Never showed up on any banking statements.  No clue…

Well at least today is another gorgeous one that is supposed to be 60 and sunny.  The bad weather had the decency to wait completely until the weekend to blast us with winter craziness.  My family is actually supposed to come up tomorrow for a visit (and the shuffle), but have been very noncommital due to the weather.  So we’ll see if they join me tomorrow at the Shuffle Expo or not. 

Have a good weekend!  You know my Friday ritual… ;)  I don’t expect tonight to be any different.  Except I might hit a RedBox on the way home because I don’t have any new episodes of Grey’s or Modern Family to catch up on.  So yeah- really getting wild and spontaneous tonight!  Weeeeee!

*One of these days, I’m actually going to do something on a Friday and you guys will be completely beside yourself!  Ha… Or not really care.  One or the other…

Have a good one!

Normalcy setting in

Because I took Monday off, this feels like it’s only Tuesday.  So the fact that it’s Wednesday already is just wonderful.  And since today is also a holiday, how much more could I ask for?  Oh… there’s going to be cake in the breakroom because my boss is a leprechaun and his birthday is on St. Patty’s.  It does get better!  And it wouldn’t be so funny, but he’s kinda short and full of energy.  So he really is kind of like an excited leprechaun. 

As long as I don’t dive head first into it and inhale buttercream icing until a sugar coma or the sugar shakes set it, I should be good.  Good times.

I think I am done with the “weekend hangover” of exhaustion and sleep deprivation.  Small confession when it comes to that topic- didn’t do anything after work last night.  I worked later hours and by the time I got home, I was a pile of worthlessness.  Ugh.  Either way, I brought clothes to change into after work today and will be heading to a nearby trail after work.  So excited!  It’s supposed to get dangerously hot today- 60+ degrees… nice.  Anyone else going to try and enjoy the weather?

While Ashlee was here, she noticed my love of nut butter.  Specifically the almond butter.  She told me about this comic she gets daily emails from and had me read this one: Awesome, right?  It makes me giggle.  She had never heard of almond butter until she saw this comic and visited me.  I told her it’s very possible it could change her life.  She seemed skeptical.

The Shamrock Shuffle is officially 4 days away.  I haven’t done the full 5 miles since I got a little nervous about my leg, but I’m ready for it.  I think it means more to me than it originally did because it’s my first race since my stint on crutches in December.  And the fact that it’s the first race of the season gets me pretty giddy.  I’m not so  happy that it’s almost 60 degrees today and supposed to be in the 40’s and rainy/snowy on Sunday.  Knowing Chicago weather, this could change the day before.  Which leaves me clueless as to what the hell I’m going to wear.  It’s always the small details that get me…

If you’ve ran the Shuffle before, suggestions/warnings would be greatly appreciated.  March weather is such a crap shoot here!

One thing that is not completely back to normal is my morning routine.  It may be the sleepiness or daylight savings, but I’ve been choosing the coffee over the green tea for my morning wakeup call.  Hmmm… Yesterday I was out of control.  I wasn’t using coffee breaks as an excuse to get up and walk across the office to the break room, but as a way to survive the workday.  I’m pretty sure if I had actually worked out, I would have sweat out skinny latte creamer.  Which may have made me smell better than what I usually do after a work out… hmmm… But I’m wondering if maybe this explained part of my afternoon crash into worthlessness?  Too much caffeine?  Maybe?

Alright kids, I’ll just end it here today being as how this is the most random post I’ve written in quite some time.  Super exciting stuff, I know.  Obviously I have no awesome workout recap.  Nor do I have super exciting eats to share- leftovers from the weekend still getting me through…  Crazy, right?  I wasn’t kidding.  Burrito the size of my head.  I’m still astounded.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I have no plans to drink green beer or eat corned beef, but uh… let’s just pretend I do…  :)


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