A Good Eye Roll

Everyone loves a good eye roll. Especially me. It’s possibly become an involuntary “tick” of some sort. Because some things (ok- a lot of things) deserve it.

Like the weather being predictably unpredictable. From 95 to 65 degrees in one day,  huh? Guess I’ll roll with the punches, Mother Nature. Even though you’re playing dirty again and I don’t like it.

Like how I’ll own 3 or 4 umbrellas and cannot find even one before heading out into the rain for work.

Like how I’ll have no AC on 2 of the hottest days of the week. But it’s working fabulously by the time the temperature actually reaches that 65 degrees… Really helpful…

Like how I’ll spend a good majority of my time complaining about weather-related things… (my bad)

Like when Taylor Swift plays over the speakers in my office. Without me even acknowledging it, my boss will say “oh here’s your friend”. He knows I hate Taylor Swift. She’s got probably 5 songs on this current playlist. He says it every time. Every day. Is this a form of tourettes?

(in all seriousness- I heart my boss)

Like when I wear a skirt to work, and being as how my office is 90% guys, no matter what, I always get “oh… hot date tonight?”  No. It’s hot. Skirts feel better. And I have good legs. That’s all.

Or how I’ll crave something sweet everyday. No matter what- gimme my sugar!

Or like how I can eat and crave soup/chili all year round. It seems everyone else has switched over to their summer meal plans. Whereas I’m looking into the freezer and going, “oh yeah, the soup I made when I went home sick from work earlier this year… that actually sounds sort of good right now!”Clearly, eating seasonally is not my thing.

And my taste buds must have been close to dead during my little illness, because this stuff was still very much ON FIRE with seasoning… whew!

But those things are ok. As long as the air conditioning holds up as I reheat and eat my wintery comfort food, there are no issues here.

Because really, food just makes me happy. Go ahead- say “duh, we know this” and gimme a good eye roll. I deserve it.


That’s how I was all day on Monday.

I mentioned going home sick from work. And yes, I napped for around 2 hours. Like any person who’s sick probably should. 

But then what? This was my first “sick day” in 3 years and I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Sure, I felt crappy. But was I really expected to lay down ALL day?

Even when I’m feeling low, I’m not completely down with that.

But I tried. Really really hard…

Multiple people instructed me to go pick up soup somewhere. I considered it. Some even offered to get it for me (thanks Mon!). I considered that. 

Who doesn’t love Panera? But geez… I had the time… why not make my own?

Even in my fever-ridden head, cost efficiency is a priority.

It’s a problem. I’d have it looked into, but that would probably cost money, too. No bueno.

I took it as an opportunity to use up some things collecting dust in my pantry.After that, it was just a matter of throwing in what I had around the apartment. In this case, it was sweet potatoes, mushrooms, half an onion, peas, broccoli, corn and carrots. Also known as half the garden.I love having a slow cooker. My only problem is timing. I’m awful at timing it out perfectly. After 2 hours (traditionally I make stuff that should be done more in 3-4 hours), I was hungry and the sweet potatoes still weren’t as “done” as I like them.

Patience is not my strong suit.

I waited a bit longer (ahem… 30 minutes), and was happy with the end result!However, I could have laid back just a wee bit on the taco seasoning thrown in for kicks…

You live and you learn…

On other notes:

Thanks to everyone with your comments about my half marathon. I’m still happy to have finished. Especially in the given circumstances- it is true (for those of you who followed) that it got hot enough for them to cut the marathon short. Those who hadn’t gotten to the 9-mile mark by a certain time were diverted to finish only the half instead of the full marathon. I totally understand this. I was only running the half, but saw so many people down on the course or off to the sides with medical volunteers. One guy was in the middle of the road not responding (around mile 7?). I blocked it out as best as I could and since I haven’t heard of anything serious other than overheating and dehydration, I’m going to assume he was ok.

Seriously guys… I know I push myself sometimes, but be CAREFUL. Please know your limits. And keep drinking the H20. It’s good for you.

I’m done with the seriousness now.

Unless you want to discuss the pain of chaffing. The shirt I wore was new (I know, I know- rookie mistake). But I’ve never had issues with chaffing before, so I didn’t think that much of wearing a new top I had bought “just in case it’s warm”. Oops. The reality of my mistake was brought to my attention after the excitement of finishing wore off. And as the sweat started to sting on my side where the arm hole was. Owwwww…

One lovely commenter asked where my boy Cecil has been.

Remember Cecil?

Well- he hasn’t been brought up for a reason. Cecil and I had a long discussion and he really wanted to spend some of his golden years traveling. We agreed about a month ago that maybe he needed some warm weather in his life and so he was off to visit Tiffany in Charlotte!

He had a great time and Tiffany mentioned his next destination is Boston! That old man gets around.  ;)

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Enjoy the hump day!


Have I ever mentioned my love/hate relationship with Microsoft Excel?

As in, I think it’s an amazing program.

But because it’s an amazing program, there are downfalls.

Like how overwhelmed you can get when cross-referencing three different worksheets of hundreds of lines of data on each one.

Over your head?  Yeah… mine, too.

I made sure to toast Excel when my second glass of vino was poured.

TGIF.  For reals, yo.

The weather isn’t as nice as it has been the last couple of days, but I’m looking forward to a decent weekend.  Maybe even a long run… outside? Fingers crossed because the forecast is calling for rain.  Another chick and I discussed it as we were on our respective treadmills on Wednesday. It’s time to get outside. Because I die a little on the inside every time I do anything more than 5 miles on the treadmill…

Because I was so busy waxing poetic about baked oatmeal yesterday, I didn’t actually have a chance to tell you about that awesome run on Wednesday. I got in 4 miles at 8:27 pace! The plan called for strength, too. Usually this means I meet up with Jillian for a little of The Shred, but a scheduled haircut kept me to just doing a few sets with free weights instead. 

What?  I really needed a trim.

Plus I just haven’t been feelin’ the weights this week.  Abs of steel will have to wait.

And just so you think I haven’t just been eating toast and oatmeal all day…Gotta get those veggies in… This is the last of my sweet potato and black bean stew for the week. It’s good, but there’s no way you’re going to get me to finish all of it this week. Into the freezer it goes. After all was said and done, it stretched out into about 7 meals.  Not bad. And now I have something to grab when I’m feeling too lazy in the PM for cooking. Which, if we’re honest, happens more often than not on the weeks I work later.

Before we go, thanks for all the comments yesterday– it seems “moist” and “panties” are the two winners of worst words of all time. I couldn’t agree more.  Just having them both listed in the same sentence is really weirding me out.

So… who hates Excel more than I do right now?

Off To St. Louis…


It’s been a whirlwind of family, friends and food.  After yesterday being a long day of running around and visiting family, I pulled an old school move and invited some of the kids over the ‘rents’ house.Yes- this time even a baby was involved!  :) 

M is a pretty awesome little kid.  And got even more awesome when she decided it was time to celebrate No Pants Saturday.

Who can blame her?  I don’t like pants much, either.

The last two mornings, I got smart and did my workout when everyone was sleeping.  Jillian Michaels and her dvd “No More Trouble Zones” were waiting for me under the tree this year, so I broke that one out first.

It’s a much longer dvd than The Shred.  Yikes.  But I loved it because I now have some new circuit training to add into my life.

She’s a fan of squats.  I am not.  But I feel like this is going to benefit me. 

Actually, I know it will- my butt is crazy sore.

Jillian wasn’t my only awesome gift.  My family really knows me way too well.You can never go wrong with baking or running gear.  Fact.

My aunt even said when I opened the bag with the mixing bowl, “well I saw on your blog that you had to use a pot to mix something in and figured I should help you out”.

Thanks RB.  ;)

And yes, those were 8-pound weights.  No, I haven’t tried them with my dvds yet.  I’ve been talking big game.  But now that they’re actually in my possession, I’m a wee bit scared.

When putting my new Jillian dvd in to get started yesterday, I noticed the copy of P90X my brother had sitting there.

I’ve heard horror stories about how difficult it can be. Even my bro warned me about it.

Naturally, I wanted to dominate.

The abs section.  Or, what it’s so unassumingly called “Ab Ripper”.

15 minutes.  It was a solid workout.  People weren’t kidding.  I’m nervous as to how I’ll feel tomorrow.

Hurts so good… riiiight?  Yikes.

My last meal in Mid-MO was a mixture of new and leftover.Can’t beat soup and salad. 

And I told you that wasn’t the last of my overnight salad fixation.  If I only get it once or twice a year, I totally make it count… :)

Time to sneak in a cat nap before I head off to my next adventure on my Mid-MO Holiday Road Trip- St. Louis!

Are you done with the holiday travel?  Get anything good?  What are your general thoughts on pants?  :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Tuesday started out normal enough.  I pulled out a 4-miler at the gym with an 8:48 pace.  Getting up for my workout when I slept in the day before?  WIN.

Got back to my apartment to take a shower.  Slipped while stepping into the shower and proceeded to forcefully drive my leg into the side of the bathtub.  My shin is looking lovely as ever with the purplish hue it has taken on.  FAIL.

I sorta look good in purple.  WIN (?).

After that, went through my normal morning routine without a hitch until I got to the office and realized I forgot deodorant.  FAIL.

But it’s December and freezing in my office, so I don’t think I sweat one drop.  WIN.

The vendors are also going crazy and coming in already to drop off “Holiday Cheer”, aka cookies and candy and what not.  Win?  Fail?  I’ll call this one a toss up.

And extra 10-15 minutes or so in the gym for the rest of the month probably isn’t going to kill me.  I really like cookies.

I finally made homemade soup.  Woo hoo!  WIN.

While on a regular trip to Trader Joe’s at some point last week, I picked up some basic broth with no real plan other than I figured I’d find a use for it at some point.Since I had a random assortment of veggies that I’ve collected from the last few grocery trips, I just decided to make the pot a dump yard of sorts.Asparagus (hey duh), corn, onion, broccoli, black beans, peas and carrots.  It’s like a party in a bowl.

First time making soup from scratch and it actually tasted good. DOUBLE WIN.

I did, however, burn the crap out of my arm on the toaster oven.  I really do think I may be self-destructive.  FAIL.

Your turn.  Post a win or fail.  Either one.  Or both.  I’m not picky.

Bulking Up

So I’m not the only one who hoards leftover office food, huh?  Good thing we don’t all work together- I’d hate to fight you guys for it.

Because I fight dirty.  And I’m not scared.  Bring it.

Don’t believe me?  You should.  I’ve been working on my guns.  Well- sort of.  I’ve been loving using resistance bands during my workout as part of my cross training routine.  I may have mentioned it already- but doing the front body circuit is my favorite.  So I spend some time doing work on the arms, shoulders, and even the core.  Loves it.

So I did that, but also hit the gym beforehand for some elliptical and stairmill time.  Kept myself entertained in the workout room this time by playing “where is that cheap cologne smell coming from?” 

I still don’t know.

Then I did some more bulking up.  With my dinner.90 calories a serving?  Sweet… that’ll keep me full for like a whole 15 minutes!  Like oh my god! I actually took two pics of the same thing- because I caught myself doing a sweet hitchhiker’s thumb and was kinda embarrassed.  Then I laughed.  Try and beat that one, people!  I think my thumbnail makes it look that much longer… Awesome.

But yes, we can take a minute to talk about my soup in a can.  I love playing in the kitchen, and I know soup isn’t hard, but I’m just not “there” yet.  I still only keep a few cans of it around as an easy option.  I know it’s a bit high on the sodium end, but I don’t know what to say- I just don’t like making soup from scratch.

Anyhoo, I took the can and used it as a “base”.  Then I added the goods.  Like broccoli, black beans, and corn.  And red chili pepper flakes.  And pepper (because we know how almost all “lite” soups are pretty freakin’ bland).  I must have gotten a little out of control because it was exploding out of the pot…I SLOWLY stirred it until it was all heated up and ready to go.  And then toasted an Arnold’s thin (still living on coupons from the Healthy Living Summit– holla’) with cheese on top.  Because soup isn’t comfort food without cheesy bread.  I don’t care what you say.  I need my cheesy bread.Voila.  Just in time for Modern Family. 

I have fantastic timing.

Being as how it’s Thursday, today is an official rest day for me.  Again- probably for the better.  I still haven’t figured out that “weird” feeling in my left leg.  It doesn’t hurt.  It’s just annoying me.  Grrr.  My real frustration comes from the fact that I’m a little over a month away from my 15k, and have yet to really log much over a 6-mile distance as of late.  Gah.

Here’s something funny…

Has anyone heard of the Happy Meal Project?  An artist out of New York, Sally Davies, photographed a McDonald’s happy meal every single day over a period of MONTHS.  Results?  I believe she’s still doing it, but they had pictures of Day 1 compared to Day 137- with very little change of appearance.  What?? (Click on the picture to be taken to the article and slideshow) 

Now- let me be clear.  I’m a kid who runs through the drive thru every now and then.  I see nothing wrong with that.  But um… I’m concerned about people who eat this every day.  I mean, it looks like you could still eat the bread- which seems to be mold free after 137 days (another reason why I’m frustrated my lastest wraps purchase didn’t even last but a week!).  Yikes.


Sugar and Butter

That’s the bulk of what was in the cart when Mon and I went grocery shopping last night.Looking directly at this picture will most likely cause food coma.  Probably should have posted that warning before I showed you the picture, but better late than never, right?  :)

After seeing my work with Jaime’s wedding cake, and Annie’s birthday cake, Mon has asked me to make a little somethin’ somethin’  for the upcoming baby shower she’s throwing.  I was more than happy to oblige being as how I love all things that end in sweet sugar bliss.  So expect to see me rolling up the sleeves and getting to work over the next few days. 

Excited?  Me too.

Along with the workout of carrying multiple bags of sugar and flour up three flights of stairs to my apartment, I did get in a morning run yesterday.  I like random numbers at times, and this morning was no different.  4.6 miles at 8:36.  Not that my workout is changing a whole lot in the near, but my “official” training for the Hot Chocolate 15k starts this weekend.  It scares me that I’m training for something in November.  Is winter really that close already?  Balls…

Because I have no real desire to post another picture of a salad that looks eerily similar to the night before’s creation, I won’t.  But it was definitely my lunch.  Dinner was a stretch to the back of the pantry.  I think I’m constantly trying to clean it out.  But my obsession with grocery shopping stunts my progress in that department.  I actually like grocery shopping.  I think it’s sort of therapuetic for me.  I hate the mall.  Shopping for clothes sucks.  But grocery shopping?  Love it.  What about you?  Love or hate the grocery store?Yeah- that’s some serious Campbell’s potato soup I’ve got there.  And I decided to throw asparagus in for good measure.  Because my pee hasn’t smelled funny for a while. 

Actually, it’s because I decided to try out asparagus from the freezer section.  And have had the worst time getting through the bag.  Most frozen veggies I don’t mind.  But asparagus?  It’s soft and no good.  I’ll pass next time.

And now that I’m aware I’ve possibly ruined your appetite… I apologize.  And wish you a happy Thursday!  Peace out… :)


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