Champagne Brunch Rules For Newbies

Us Champagne Brunch kids. We’re an eclectic group. We enjoy sports. We enjoy good food and a lil’ alcohol. We have fun. Whether that be staying in all night at the designated brunch house for the week or traipsing around the city when we know we probably shouldn’t be.

We’re a fun group of people. A little weird. But fun.

Fun enough to where my friends from far away places (or St. Louis) ask to join in.

Enter Laura’s visit.

Granted, I hope she really came to see me, but if she came solely for the party… well… I can’t really blame her.

However, before she dives into the madness that is Champagne Brunch (and yes, it is capitalized on purpose because it is a proper name of an event), I thought maybe I should go over a few things to prep her mentally and physically.

1. Get sleep. You will need it because there is a really good chance Saturday night end at 4:00 or 5:00 am and Sunday morning starts at 9:00 am.

Laura didn’t get to my place until 10ish after a 5-hour drive AFTER an 8-hour work day. So we decided it was in our best interest to settle in for the night with some dvr and wine.

*The boys in this group often do not follow this rule. Apparently something in the male anatomy makes them sort of dumb and think they can come out victorious after all is said and done. Again, this is dumb because that never happens.

2. Get in a workout the morning of. Usually, Saturday mornings are reserved for my half marathon training long runs. I switched it up a bit because I wasn’t about to drag Laura along on a 9-mile trek (that’s being a rude hostess). So I did the long run the night before (it got cut to 7.3 instead of 9- eh) and we opted for a mile jog and a long walk around the neighborhood.

Hellooooo Wrigley. See you sooooon!


We also incorporated weights into the workout by carrying bottles of champagne home from the grocery store.

Workout of champions.

3. Dependent on the start time of champagne brunch that week, eat a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ after your workout and before the party. You need to refuel and boys are never on time. So plan to eat an hour or two later than they say you will.

4. Be a good host. This doesn’t just allude to the food and drinks served at game time. This also includes, but is not limited to, enforcing the no drinking and driving rule. Which means there will be people scattered about your living room on a Sunday morning. Offer them coffee and pancakes (because you’d look selfish just stuffing your face in front of them). Also, a nice spread of bottled water and advil works  nicely.

*This rule really isn’t for out-of-town guests. I don’t know why I said it.

5. Start slow. It’s a long day. Sip the champagne, don’t tip the bottle.

If you do fault on this rule, however, us brunchers don’t judge. We’ve all made the rookie mistake. It’s ok. But we do reserve the right to shove a bottle of water in your face.

6. Fourth meal is a MUST. Timing of when it happens also is dependent on timing of the start of brunch. Expect it to be somewhere in the span of midnight to 4:00 am. Expect it to be necessary and don’t expect it to be healthy. My personal favorites include pizza and/or chicken enchiladas.

7. Wear cute socks and comfy shoes. Cute socks for if the weather is bad and you have to roam the brunch house without shoes. No one appreciates your big toe saying hello out of the massive hole in your sock.

Comfy shoes are often for the Champagne Brunch “after party”. Again, this could happen at the brunch house or out in public (strongly advise against this last option). You will most likely be dancing. In a large group. You don’t know how to dance. But again, we don’t judge. Let your freak flag fly. What happens during Champagne Brunch stays in Champagne Brunch.

And I think that’s about it. Have fun. Be careful. Enjoy your Saturday!

Mizzou Cookies

Today started just like every other Saturday I’ve had in the last month or two.

Get up a little before I naturally would. Coffee. Oatmeal. DVR.


Scratch that.

Work up some nerves.

THEN run.

No wait… let me download another song (Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes).

THEN run.

Obviously I’m a little weary. Meh.

Sugar and butter. What will it not make better? Seriously.

But all went well. To be on the safe side, I took two breaks to drink some water and assess the situation. But everything seemed well. And I ended up running 6.2 miles in total.

We’re approximately 2 miles behind according to my training plan. But whatever. Does anything really ever go to plan?

Moving on…

After that whole thing, my morning isn’t over. Oh no.

Searched out a candy botique to score the yellow-only M&M's. Yes. I'm a Mizzou nerd.

There’s champagne brunch to think about. Well. It’s champagne “whatever”. The game is at 3:00. People start to arrive at 2:00. Clearly this is past the brunch window.

But it’s a big rivalry game (Screw KU!). And things are still going down.

Plus it’s too late to start changing the name now, don’t you think?

Two things I have never put in standard chocolate chip cookies before. I was nervous. And read the recipe 5 times before actually doing it. Just in case I was seeing things...

And also, we’re still drinking the ‘pagne.

We can’t completely mess with tradition. ;)

The recipe called for refrigeration of the cookie dough overnight. Yeah. A whole bowl of cookie dough. Chillin'. In front of me. For a whole day. THIS was rough.

Along with our tradition is food. Lots and lots of food. My roomie B and I took care of the chicken artichoke dip, a massive amount of mac and cheese, some drinks, and these:

Cookies and Cups is a new blog obsession of mine and she writes in the post that these are Her Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies cookies of all time. Or at least up until that point. I haven’t contacted her to get an update, though. So they may be named incorrectly.

But she was right. They were pretty freakin’ good. And may even be the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve personally made up until this point.

Like WOAH.

The lemon juice made me scratch my head. The cinnamon made me a bit weary. The refrigerating overnight made me nutty.

But this was no lie. They were over the top. I had been sneaking cookie dough like there was no tomorrow, but my roommate was the first to try out the finished product. A little crispy on the outside. But soft and chewy on the inside.

Everything to look for in a cookie.

Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as hers. It’s possibly because I didn’t have shortening, which makes the cookie a bit lighter in texture, and had to substitute butter.

There hasn’t been a complaint yet. So let’s just keep that secret between me and you…

I found a way to combine baking and mizzou pride. Dangerous.

Seriously. Somebody needs to stop me.

But until then, excuse me, I need to go cheer my team on to victory.


A Pattern

It seems I’ve fallen into a bit of a pattern on the weekends.

This could be a good or bad thing. Depending on how you look at it, I guess.Brunch and basketball. It’s a beautiful thing.

You know me. So you know I baked the donuts myself. ;)

They were a recipe from Prevention RD. I’ve seen her make one fabulous donut after another, so when the ‘rents gave me a donut pan for Christmas, I stalked her blog. I hope she’s ok with me admitting that…

I went with the basic cake donut with chocolate glaze. However, this girl doesn’t have cake flour on hand and used all-purpose flour instead. They came out a little imperfect, but it’s ok- that just means they need to be better covered in chocolate glaze. And possibly that I need to practice by making more… Holla’.

The ones with sprinkles were the first to go. Either the boys don’t like coconut/nuts on their donuts, or they happen to love sprinkles just as much as I do…

By the end of our Saturday shenanigans, they were all gone. As was the champagne.Someone didn’t get the memo about it being an Andre kind of party.

I must say, it really is an enjoyable pattern. We have champagne brunch. We watch Mizzou win. We celebrate. We eat pizza. And we’re still home at a decent hour which makes Sunday morning that much more bearable.

One thing done differently this week from last week is the workout happened on Saturday instead of getting pushed to Sunday. This was definitely a better decision on my part. 6 miles today would have been rough.

It was actually a little rough yesterday anyway. To be completely honest.

Not since the Hot Chocolate 15k have I gone that long. 6 miles is in the plan for next week’s long run, too, so this week was just a matter of getting the distance in and not worrying about pace. Pace comes next week. So I kept it at 8:41 the entire time.

Now my butt is sore. I swear it’s getting bigger and feel like this just confirms it. Totally fine. It makes up for the lack of curve elsewhere. Just as long as I don’t have to buy new pants. It’s not in the budget.

And now that we’ve covered a wide array of topics, it’s time to stop talking about myself so you can actually go and enjoy your Sunday. And it’s time for me to go browse recipes for Slowcooker Sunday.

It’s another part of the pattern that we don’t plan on changing around here.

Weekend Essentials

Oh hi there.

Happy Friday!

I’m getting through a short day and am off to catch a flight to St. Louis for the weekend!

Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary, so to celebrate, the fam is congregating in STL for quality family time. And good food. And baseball. Because how else would you celebrate? Duh.

Also, I’m going to be spending one night with a few good friends. Otherwise known as a good time to fit some shenanigans into my trip.

It’s an all-around fun-filled weekend, folks.

And although it’s a short trip, there’s a lot to remember when packing. Such as:

1. My St. Louis Cardinals hoodie. Not quite sure if anyone else is paying attention (oh heeeeeey football season!), but my boys have suddenly decided to get their act together for quite the wild card race. Which makes our trip to the game this Saturday that much more exciting! Go Cards!

2. Mizzou shirt. This is an important one, too. Because after the Cardinals game with the fam, I’m trekking over to see my BFF’s and watch the Mizzou vs. Oklahoma game. I get that we’re sorta not ranked and Oklahoma is sorta in 1st place. So what? Can we talk about last year’s upset win against them? Because I will if you want to…

Another reason why this is a big deal is I have a little bet going against Kacy. We’ve been trash talking the last two weeks and things are getting heated. Someone’s going to end up getting an awesome gift in the mail. And that someone better be ME!

3. Bears gear. This is where I’m frustrated. Who schedules a flight in the middle of the big game against our rival, the Packers? Apparently this girl. Shame. However, I will be hunting down the game in an airport bar and hopefully catching the end of it by the time I get back (short flight).

Either way, I should have known better.

And geez- talk about a big weekend of sports!

One thing I’m not bringing?

Running shoes.

We’re too busy this weekend. And it’s like a mini-vacation. We’re calling it a rest weekend and my regularly scheduled routine will resume on Monday.

Or Sunday night- if we’re being honest. Because I’m weird like that.



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