Breakfast First-Timers

When friends come into town, the one thing I’m always set on is making at least one big breakfast.

Not only is it the  most important meal of the day, it’s my favorite and, as my friend, you have to deal with it.

As soon as Laura planned her trip for last weekend, I started planning meals. Yes. I’m a nerd. But it’s a characteristic I’ve embraced.

Not sure why, but frittatas always make me a little nervous. Maybe because there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it. And if I screw it up, there’s wasted time and a hungry houseguest to deal with.

No pressure.

Given that Laura is one of my best friends and has to love me no matter what, along with the fact that I’m a cereal hoarder (as backup), it was the perfect time to give the frittata a shot.

And also time to break out the heavy skillet that used to be my grandma’s.I like to think it helped the meal be a success- quite a few meals have gone through this pan. Lots of love. Patience. And lard.

Laura, conveniently sedated with coffee, gave me free reign on the mix-ins for the frittata. So onions, olives, ground sausage, spinach, and mushrooms were thrown in. My standards.Along with 6 eggs (instead of the instructed 5 from the recipe). Because I added A LOT of stuff.

Later on, decide to add a 7th one after you pour the egg mixture in and realize it’s still a little packed all up in the pan…See? Packed.

Cover the dish while on the stove top??? Oh crap! This pan was probably purchased during the Great Depression. Did they make lids back then???I’m so clever.

Another 20 minutes in the oven and I took this baby out to test.Or, in my case, cut a million times because I’m terrified of not having it bake all the way through.

Because the sausage had been heavily seasoned with taco seasoning (it was thawed from a previous use) and I salt and pepper were in the eggs, no other seasoning was required. And we were both pleased. The eggs were perfectly baked and fluffy.And the cheese was nice and melty. Breakfast of champions who are about to take down some serious shopping… ;)

That cake-like bread next to my frittata in that sad-looking picture is sprouted bread from Manna Organics. They were so kind to send some my way to try out.Who am I to pass down carbs?

I’m not. And last week there was a shipment at my door of 4 loaves of this stuff!

Anyway, the first day I had them coincided with a day where I was chillin’ with Mon, so we tried out the Sunny Sourdough with our turkey sandwiches:Yes, there’s turkey under that slice of provolone. I swear to it.

I really liked the pairing- mostly because I prefer dense breads with the whole grains and all the good stuff vs fluffy/airy. It crumbled a little easier than most, but it was a good change up.

So my opinion was already favorable when breaking into the sprouted bread during Laura’s stay.

The Sunseed was the first to be opened.The texture really is like cake and the poppy flavor is dominant and very evident in the first bite.

Even though it seems like cake, the ingredient list makes me feel about 10x less guilty about eating it for breakfast- no salt, oil or sweeteners. It’s also packed with fiber and protein. An all around win.Even if you spread a lil’ cream cheese on top… ;)

Or peanut butter.

Or just eat it plain.

I’m knowledgeable on all these options. Which is why the sunseed bread is no longer. :(

There are two more loaves of this stuff chillin’ (literally) in my freezer. Waiting to be had.

Move over oatmeal. I’m having an affair with Manna Organics for the next week or two…


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